Some more finished cards

I went to a class at Rachaels a couple of months ago but had to leave half way through as I was so poorly. I took the bits and pieces to make a card with me but can I find the project sheet? I have searched high and low but in the end decided to do my own thing and these are what I came up with. I must go and purchase this paper as its so cute, well I think so.

A couple more to add to my box ready for the weekend craft fair I have coming up in July.



This is just one stamp of a set I purchased at the NEC. I needed something for young girls so had a bit of a play with these. I have done them in pink, blue, purple and green.Lots of glitter on the wings but you cant really see it in the picture.

I hope that everyone who visits has a great weekend. All your comments are appreciated as I love to read them


Another week gone

and just where has it gone?

I was asked to make a 40th birthday card for a guy who will be climbing kilimanjaro on his birthday and this is what I have come up with.

I hear that the weather is going to be nice this weekend so I hope to tidy garden up. The birds have left bird seed everywhere


With and without

sparkle that is.


Cant make up my mind. These were some stamps I purchased recently from Reams in Derby. I have not been very imaginative with them, I should try a bit harder but I just had to have a play.


For the boys

I love this cute footballer, he is a cuddly buddly guy. Again I made quite a few of these, not sure if he needs a bit of grass under his feet, will try it later.

Another busy day at work but its best to be busy. As I did most of my chores last night just a bit of ironing after tea and then I can go and play. Got lots of ideas to try out.


For the girls


some cards. I have done 10 of these all in different colours, all with inserts and ready in the box.

And in a bit more detail

Yesterday I managed to complete 89 cards, not from scratch I may add. They had all been started but needed a bit of glitter, a sparkle or a ribbon and of course, the insert, envelope and cello bag. I thought I did really well but phew, what a task. I really really really ought to do them as I go along. Always full of good intention but never actually get it done.

Got an evening of cleaning up once I have had tea and doing some paperwork. No crafting tonight but I do have to clean my craft room.


Sunny Blackpool

.... okay so it wasnt quite sunny, in fact it was rather gray and wet but I had a great weekend

Here is a picture of blackpool tower and the grey skies

During an early morning walk, which I presumed would be a stroll along the sea front (how wrong was I, Jayne took me on a two mile hike) we bumped into Lesley

We spent Friday evening and Saturday morning crafting away

and then braved the weather to catch a tram into Fleetwood to visit a craft shop. It was well worth getting wet for.

Saturday afternoon and evening more crafting with Becky showing us the latest crafting fashion

Sunday morning another crafting session and then we drove to a Marsh Mills where we visited a lovely craft shop, twice.

No wonder Jayne and Paula are smiling, they knew what we were going to be served.

Tea and lunch

The perfect end to a perfect weekend

What a fantastic weekend and thanks to everyone for making it special

At last

the computer is sorted. For some reason I have been unable to access my blog and other sites that I visit. I am told that it has something to do with cookies. I promise not to eat any more cookies whilst sitting at the computer with my coffee. It could have been worse, I could have spilt my coffee over the computer.

So I have got lots of catching up to do

Firstly a bit thank you to all the lovely handmade cards I received for my birthday. Here are pictures of them

Tracey Hutchinson and Tracy Parker

Viv, Jackie and Maggie

P.Ann, Jayne and unknown (it wasnt signed)

Pam, Elvie and Pam

Di and Anne

Denise, Pauline, Linda and Sue


Sun is shining today

lets hope that it stays.

Got a busy day at work today and cant wait to get home and finish craft room that is. I have realised that things are not quite set out the way I want them to be so having a sort out, to make life a bit easier.

Thought I would share this card with you. I was have a play, which I rarely do, and had to stamp this as I love to colour in. It just needs the sentiment on it.


Another busy day at work but the day soon passed. Cant believe what the weathers like out there, wet, windy and cold, when is the Summer due to arrive.

Here is a card that I made from the fun fast notes set, clean and simple. Not sure if the colours show up on here but it is goldy. I have been shown one of those little portable photo studio boxes from Maplins so I may have to invest in one.


Weekend away

I have just returned from a weekend away.A group of us went to Blackpool and we had a fantastic time. I shall post the photos later on in the week.

I am not sure what happened to yesterdays post as I had it all set up to publish and it didnt. So Sarah, nothing yesterday but here are two cards today to make up for it.

The first one was done at a class I went to with Rachel at Hobby Horse. She has an aladin's cave of a shop in Elvaston. If you havent visited it yet next time you are in the area it is well worth stopping off for a browse around.

The second card is what I created with the stamp set. I have been asked for 4 cards all the same and I do hope that these will be okay.

Thanks for having a look and thank you for all the comments I have been receiving.


Picture Card

Here is another card that I made with Gina. I had a lovely day with her and cant wait for the next session.
This is the outside, looking through the window

The image you see when you look through the window

The reverse side of the front of the card

Hope you like the card as much as I liked making it.


Wet and windy

but never mind as the weekend is only a few hours away.

I had a fantastic birthday yesterday and will post some of the wonderful cards I received after the weekend. Thank you for making it a special day

Here is a one of the amazing cards I made at a recent class with the talented Gina at Sir Stampalot. I have already made another 5 very similar as they are just perfect to sending out to my daughters in Cyprus. It just needs a sentiment on it

Hope everyone has a great weekend, I am off to Blackpool and will tell you all about it next week.


Out with the old

and in with the new.

The old being my punto.

I had it for 9 years and in all that time it had 4 new tyres, a new exhaust and just under £200 on repairs but alas, the MOT was due and so was the tax. We found lots of rust and it was time to say goodbye. It took me months to decide on new car that I wanted (not new new but new to me), I really fancied an Audi TT but the practicality side of it was all against me. Okay, so a mini, small economical and fun but it was too small and it wasnt so much fun driving one with big lorries around me. So off we went to look for a newer punto. The depth of the boot space was too much for me to put all my bags and boxes in when out crafting so, the Honda Jazz won. I have had a few weeks now and WOW, I just love it.

So here is a picture of the new car. Note the registration LOL.

Here are a couple of cards I made a while ago. Had fun doing them



I made a card for my uncles birthday so whilst I had the stuff out, I made 4 the same. They just need the greeting on the front, all ready in my box. And, this was the surprising bit, I did all the
inserts too. Those that know me know how much I dislike this bit of cardmaking. On this card I used flock, which I had been after using for some time. I prefer the cream coloured cards to the white ones but hay, it was good to play.

Sarah, please note, day 3 and 3 posts.


I have been set a challange

yes, a challange. Can I post 30 cards in 30 days, phew its a tough one. Does that mean that I havent been very good at keeping up blogging. Well as everyone who has a blog knows, its tough to keep blogging every day. Apart from the time, you run out of news, well I do.

I have taken up the challange so I do hope you will pop back over the next 28 days (I did post yesterday so I am including that as day 1).

Thank you so much for letting me know what the plants are in my garden. I just buy them as the little pictures on the sticks look nice. Perhaps not the correct way but its working so far. All we need now is the decent weather so that I can sit outside and enjoy it.

Paul has finally taken down all his birthday cards so I can show you the one that he got from Karen.

He loved it and cottoned on straight away as to why Karen chose a coffee bean theme. Paul is the best at making cappachinos and lattes. The image is from the loads of love stamp set by Stampin Up. Karen got the paper from Colemans last is that for planning ahead.


In the garden

yes thats where I have been the last few days, apart from going to see a demo in Derby, coffee with friends and catching up on paperwork.

The garden, which isnt a big one, is done now, all I have to do is keep on top of it. I found lots of new plants that are all starting to flower including this beautiful red flower that was hiding under leaves.

It lasted for 3 days and then dropped off which was such a shame.

My 5 year old fucia has also started to flower again. I would love to put it in another pot but am so afraid that if I move it, it will die.

And now for some cards, this is one of the cards that I made when I met up with Chi in New York. Oh it seems so long ago now, I do hope that all the ladies I met are well and have been making some wonderful creations

This is one that I have been playing with, not too keen on it as it isnt my usual thing but I feel as though there is something not quite right .....what do you think.


Happy Birthday Linda

Linda is a friend who lives in Spain. She was in the UK this weekend and came along to the Dabblers on Friday night. Hope that you enjoyed yourself in Derby and that you had a good weekend Linda.

Here is the birthday card that I made for her


Engagement Card

A friend of mine, Pam has recently become engaged to her fella Tommy and this is the card I made for her.

Not my usual style but loved making this.

I went to the Derby Dabblers last night, a craft club that I formed three years ago and had a great time. We had the biggest turn out ever and whilst it was a bit of a squeeze, it was lovely. Thank you to everyone that came and hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.


A card for a change

As you have probably noticed, I seem to have just about caught up with everything now, which is so nice. It means I have a bit more me time to play and create.

Thought I would share this cute card that I made during my recent visit to New York when I met Chi and all her crafting friends for a memorable evening. Thank you to Chi for showing me how to make this card. This cute fella will be having lots of brothers and sisters over the next few days