This is due to start on 28th April.Not sure what the Stamperettes group is? It is a group of 10 ladies who agree to purchase £15 worth of Stampin' Up! goodies each month, for a period of 10 months.  This will total an order each month of a minimum £150 so each person in turn will be a virtual hostess.  That means that you get to hold a Stampin' Up! party vitually, no cleaning, no preperation, no baking, no visitors, no extra chairs to look for and no tidying up afterwards BUT you do get  hostess benefits and AT LEAST £25 to spend in the catalogue.
If you would like to be a part of the next Stamperettes group, just let me know.  I only have 2 places left


Mid week musings

Good morning from a rather warm Derby.  I havent seen the heron for a couple of days so I am hoping that he has given up on my little pond and my poor fish and realised that there are just too many obsticles that it isnt worth visiting me, fingers crossed.

Voice seems to be a lot better today so at least I will be able to communicate with Katerina, once she gets up.  She is a typical student, up half the night and in bed most of the day.  I tried to get her to go to bed at 10 last night, that is when I went up (a bit late for me) but she wasnt having any of it.  It is just so nice to have her in the house.  Paul is staying off work with me again today, to help me, bless him.  He is now suffering with a sore throat and I just hope that I havent passed on my germs to him.

Yesterday we thought we saw the dreamliner plane in the sky, it was certainly extremely long and very slow so not too sure, but we like to think that is what is what.  

Here is a get well soon card that I made recently.  I had everything out on my table and had a bit of a play. 

There are a mixture of stamps including Bordering on Romance, Hopeful Thoughts and Simply Soft.  I used Neutrals Ivory Card with Marina Mist, hope you like it.

Thanks for having a read and hope you manage to stay dry on what has been forecast a very wet day.


Tuesdays Twitter

Good morning from  a very overcast Derby.   Well I have had the duster out and given the blog a good old dusting down as I couldn't stand the cobwebs on my face when I entered.  It has been so long to post but here I am now.  And just what has Mr. Blogger been up to whilst I was away. The pages have all changed (here behind the scenes that is), I cant find my reading list and goodness knows what else seems to be added but that is progress for you.

Progress is something that I am not making at the moment.  I started with a cold last week and we all know how yakky that is, the runny nose leading the the sore nose.  The aching limbs and being so tired.  Well for me, this has led to a very nasty chest infection.  I have been to see the doc who was in two minds as to whether to admit me or not (due to my health in the past).  Instead I am on numerous tablets including steroids AND antibiotics, told to take things easy, drink lots and lots of fluid and I am off for blood test at the beginning of next week and then to see Doc again at the end of next week.  Fortunately Paul has returned home to look after me he says...bless.  Katerina is on her way home and she is going to look after me too.  I cant talk for too long as this irritates my throat, which starts off a cough so the house is going to be quiet for a few days.

On the positive side, because we just have to stay positive, I dont have a headache today (something I have had for quite a few days). This has kept me off the computer so I shall have a tidy up and a catch up throughout the day. 

To share with you today I have another scrapbook page.  I went out with 3 lovely friends to a class recently and met some new friends.  Here is my page, with a special photograph of Sophia and Katerina.  Now uploading these has taken me a long time as I am not really sure of how to do it now in blogger so please bare with me for a few days whilst I get my head around all the changes.

Here is the whole page.  I want to put a title on the top so will get everything ready and finish it off at the next dabblers meeting.
I am still wondering what it was they were looking at.

And here are some close ups of the elements of the page.

 Thanks for having a read today.


Shattered Sunday

What a week and a weekend it has been. Sadly not a lot of crafting but still busy busy busy. After my daughters left me last week I spent the weekend catching up on chores, washing, ironing and boring stuff. I did try to clean craft room but to no avail, i just made it worse.

I caught a train Friday night and headed to Chester, somewhere I had never been before but met up with Paul and Sophia late Friday night. We went for an Italian and then stayed just outside Chester. Up early for breakfast Saturday morning and and back into Chester center and WOW it is beautiful. I do hope that we can go back there sometime soon. Saturday afternoon we spent at Cheshire Oaks, in the rain lol. Again another lovely place and I must admit, I did manage to find a pair of shoes at a silly price. Sophia got a few little bits and pieces and then we got the bus back to Chester. Goodbyes were said to Sophia and she caught the train back to Preston to Katerina. They went to Church last night as today is Easter Sunder in Cyprus. So homeward bound Paul and I came today and now I am in the middle of more washing...its never ending.

Here is a scrapbook page that I did some time ago
I loved doing this and look forward to spending another day making scrapbook pages this weekend.

Well it's a quiet week at home for me this week, I need the rest. Thanks for having a read


Monday Monday be da be da da da

so good to me ba daba ba ba ba,
Monday morning,
it was all I hoped it would be

Do you remember that song? I think it was the Mammas and Pappas and I just cant stop singing it? Well its a wet morning here in Derby which is great for the plants and I dont have plans of going out until later when I take the girls and their friends back to the railway station. They are all going back to Preston today, via shopping in Birmingham??

Yesterday it was a bit of a busy Easter starting off at a proper time of day around half 7ish. I got everything ready for lunch, baked two lots of cakes and everyone got up.

Here are the cakes, a St. Clementines (orange and lemon)

And some Chocolate Muffins which the Cypriots think are sweet enough but the grandchildren (and adults) liked them.

Katerina did the toast for everyone which is normally Paul's job but sadly, he had to work.
Then it was lunch
and Nana May came to visit. Then the grandchildren came, Sister and Hubby came, then niece, her hubby and little Ollie. I did tea for all those that were here and before I knew it, the clock said it was 9p.m. ummm where did the day go? So I took myself off to bed and left the crew playing cards. It was a wonderful day and who knows what I will get up to today?
Here is a card that I made in Peterborough. I thought I had shared this with you but I think it was on one of my blog posts that I set up that never appeared, lost forever. ...anyway I am rabbiting on.
It is a lovely stamp and I thoroughly enjoyed the time stamping and colouring, so relaxing and lots of me time but then, that is why we go to Peterborough for the weekend of crafting.

A close up of those flowers

And the inside
All it needs is the greeting to write but can I give this away? Perhaps not.

Thanks for having a read of this long post today, I know that Paul and Christiana will visit to make sure they catch up with all the news. Enjoy your Monday and I really do hope that I can catch up with everyone that I havent seen for so long, very soon


Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and I hope you are having a wonderful day, whatever you may be up to.

Do you like my Easter Goose or Easter Duck...well no matter what he is, he has been christened quacker. A little bit of Spring on what looks like another damp day.
I decided to treat myself when we went to Craft Central as I am no longer buying cigarettes. Can you believe it is 5 and half months ago that I stopped smoking, a good job really as the ones that I used to buy are now £8.56 a packet.
Here are some Easter items on my table this morning....I am sure they wont be there for long though.

Today I am cooking lunch for my visitors and I know that for a certain daughter lunch will actually be her breakfast. Before that though I am baking. I shall do some small cup cakes and a St. Clementines cake as I bet we will have a visitor or two this afternoon.

Yesterday I went to meet my daughters from the train station
And this is what they needed to recover after 4 hours of shopping. I had a tea well I did need it after bright pink shoes, shorts, dresses, trainers etc. etc. were purchased.

I know that Paul is waiting to see these photos as he is missing the girls. He is still working away but next weekend, we shall all be together, bliss.

And now for something a little different for me, a scrapbook page. I dont have the photograph in place yet but I thought I would share with you something that I am really loving
Now I know why I was saving all the buttons

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day


Sunny Saturday

Yes the sun is out but I am not sure how long for. It was very damp when I got up this morning (for Christiana this means that everywhere outside was wet but it didnt rain). Forecast for today is a bit more rain but that is okay, it wont be raining inside Westfield, well I hope it wont. I am collecting Sophia, Katerina and friends from the train station at lunch time and then we are off for a little bit of a shop. So looking forward to today. Then I have them staying with me for a couple of days which is wonderful.
Yesterday I managed to meet up with a few friends and how nice just to sit down, have a cuppa and a chat, then I went to do the food shopping, ummm how long are the shops closed over Easter? The supermarket was packed and people had so much shopping in their trolleys, it was like Christmas. Then the afternoon was spent doing more chores, making beds, putting things away and it finished off lovely with a visitor and coffee.
I did manage to take a photo of the thank you cards for April using the Creative Element Stamp Set which I am in love with. It is a fantastic set and I have lots more ideas to make cards and a scrapbook page using this, when I have time.

And a little close up
They are all the same but different, if you know what I mean.

Card Neturals Ivory
Ink Lucky Limeade, Melon Mambo
Ribbon-Lucky Limeade Ruffled
Stamp Set - Creative Elements, Oval All
Accessories - Oval and Scalloped Oval punches

Thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a dry Saturday


Just Believe and Friday Feeling

Yeah the weekend started early and I am really looking forward to today. I have been up quite a while already but I dont want to miss a minute of the day....I may have a snooze later though. Just a quick *wave to Paul* as he is away from home this week and I know he sometimes has a read of the blog.

I came home last night to my Camelia on the floor, somehow the whole plant had tipped up? Was it really that windy?

I am off for a coffee with friends around 10ish at craft central so if you are in the area, pop in to say hello. We dont have the craft club tonight, being easter so it will be nice to catch up with whoever can make it. Prior to that though I am off to drop off some crafting goodies and pick up a few bits and pieces so it will be a very busy morning. Oh, and not to forget the food shopping for my visitors this weekend, "what visitors" you may ask, well the twins and their friends will be here tomorrow for a couple of days and I am so looking forward to seeing them.

Here is a card that I made recently.

I have seen this on so many blogs and just loved the colours so I thought, why not have a go, which I did. Then last week a group of us all made the same card, I think its really nice. If you would like to make this or if you want more information about the card, just give me a ring on 01332 721877.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day

Card - Night of Navy, Bashful Blue, Watercolour Card
Stamp - Just Believe
Ink - SU pens Bashful Blue, Old Olive
Accessories - SU Big Buttons, Old Olive Ribbon, Beautiful Wings embossing folding, Word Window Punch and Modern Label Punch (Bone Punch as a lot of ladies call it??).


Sophia is on here way and Katerinas Birth day

I am sure that you are amazed with the weather, just as I am but hay ho, it all makes for a different week and something else to discuss. I couldnt believe it when I opened the curtains this morning brrrrr. I was very tempted to close them again and get back into bed but I didnt. I got ready for work and went and had another busy day. After work I caught up with a crafting friend I havent seen for a while and dropped off this card. I think its a cutey

And here is a close up
I think I have about 20 of these half made in the craft room (craft mess), so, if you would like one of these cards, give me a shout and I will add a name and age for you. Yes, I am back to selling my cards.....Yippee I hear some people shout.

At this very moment in time, Sophia is flying into the UK. She is terrified and I am so worried about her but, she got on the plane. The girl that she is coming with is more afraid than Sophia so goodness knows what type of flight they will have. I am so looking forward to seeing her. Both Sophia and Katerina are coming home for the weekend. We shall miss Christiana but fingers crossed that next time they will all be here together.

Here are some photos of the weekend, not the best of pictures of me but never mind, Christiana has been waiting to see them. The place we visited was a nature reserve and we went for a cuppa, walking in the hard to believe that 3 days later we have snow.
First thing in the morning, with the flowers and vase I got for Rina

Brockholes nature reserve, this is built in a quarry and it floats

It was a wonderful day but Katerina did miss her sisters.

Thanks for having a read and please do nip back in a couple of days, lots more photos to share with you


Let down by Mr. Blogger

Surprise surprise Mr. Blogger has let me down. I had a few posts all ready to go out and they didnt get put on my blog, no wonder everyone thinks I have gone on my holidays to Cyprus....I wish.

Hopefully I can play catch up over the next few days. First of all, here is an unusual card that I made a few weeks ago when we went away to Peterborough for the weekend

I loved making this and though it was really different. You may have to click on it to see it in more detail.

Next was all the details about the April offer from Stampin' Up! Do you want some free 12 x 12 designer papers?
Beyond the Garden

Nusery Nest

Berry Blossoms

Pocketful of Poises

For every order that you place for £45 or more, you can take your pick from one of the above 12 x 12 designer packs....just let me know which one you would like with your order. Dont live too close to me in Derby, not a problem. Give me a call on 01332 721877 and we can arrange to have your items delivered direct to your home or we can meet up for a coffee.

STAMPERETTES SERIES 8 - Yes its due to start on 28th April. Not sure what this is?

There are a maximum of 10 ladies, who place orders to the value of £15 for a period of 10 months. This will give an order amount of £150 every month. Each lady will be a virtual hostess during this time which means that she gets to spend at least £25 in the catalogues, gets her hands on those much sought after hostess gifts and, no invitations to send out, no mess and all the benefits. There are a few places left so, if you would like to join series 8, get in touch soon.

Well thanks for having a read this evening, I hope you are managing to stay warm and, get the wellies back out for the snow.

I had planned to tell you all about my weekend away in Preston, celebrating Katerinas birthday but, I shall wait until later in the week to share those photos with you.