GOODBYE to the 2009-2010 Catalogue

Today is the last day that I shall be submitting an order from the Stampin' Up! 2009-2010 Catalogue. It was a lovely book and I shall miss some of my favourite stamp sets but it's out with the old and in with the new. As from Friday we have a wonderful, fantastic, brilliant 2010-2011 Catalogue with so many ideas in it that I cant wait to get my mits on the goodies. I shall be organising lots of shares so watch this space.

STAMPERETTES SERIES 5 starts at the end of October. If you would like to join this group of 10 ladies, spend £15 a month on goodies and be a virtual hostess during one of the months out of the 10 then get in touch. As you can see this is series 5 as the previous 4 have worked so well. Any queries, just give me a call.

I am sorry I dont have any photos to share with you just yet. I have obviously done something to my camera as I cant download anything. Paul is going to have a look at it for me at the weekend.

Have a great day, whatever you are up to



Testing my new paypal button, fingers crossed that it works

Honey I am home

After a rather bumpy flight, we landed safe and sound back in the UK. What an amazing time we have had in Cyprus. I will post more photos throughout the week but today I must get the unpacking and washing done....yaks.

I have just updated the availability of places for the crafty nights, not too many left so if you would like to spend the evening making a couple of cards with lots of laughter, chatter and using Stampin Up products, please get in touch soon.

For all those ladies that have patiently waited for their SU goodies, you are most welcome to nip in for a coffee tomorrow morning and collect your SU bag but be may get roped in to cutting out, colouring and stamping.

Thanks for having a read


Nearly going home time

Here I am again, at the pool in soaring temperatures and it isnt 8.00a.m. yet. Last Sunday we went to a Graffiti contest that was organised by a local collage, saw some lovely works of art, urban dancing, free nibbles and drinks and we all had a lovely evening. You could vote on which pieces of artwork you liked so of course we all did. At the end of the evening there was a prize draw and WAYHAY, I won two bottle of wine. Sophia also won a prize - some olives and olive oil.

Yesterday we went to Larnaca again to see the girls and yet another fantastic day was had by all. Wespent the morning with Christiana doing chores and once the girls finished school and ate lunch, went up to the mountains to Davids parents weekend retreat, ooohh it is in the middle of nowhere, down a dirt track and it was like an oasis in the desert. Here is a of photos. I cant wait to go back again.

I have read up about all the new things happening next week with Stampin Up and there are some wonderful changes. The retirement items are selling out very quickly so if there is anything that you just cant live without, please send me an email as soon as possible. I shall be placing another order this Sunday.

Off for a quick dip before I have to start my own chores, have a lovely day and thanks for having a read


Tuesday Twitterings from Cyprus

Yes I am still here, in the sunshine and chilling. We are at yet another cafe/pub to make this post. The weather is not cooling down at all, in fact it is getting hotter phew.
We have had yet another lovely weekend with family, a lot of travelling about but still lovely. Here is the card that Christiana and myself went off to do last week at a craft shop in Larnaca.

I am trying my best to keep on top of all the exciting news with regards to Stampin Up and whilst I have seen the new catalogue on line....I am told that mum is the word, such a pity but if you would like to get your hands on this, I shall be holding lots of events towards the end of October where there will be a lot of catalogues as well as other goodies available to purchase/order. Just drop me a line and I will give you all the details.

There are still some spaces left on the crafty nights if you havent already booked your space.

Thanks for having a read and enjoy the rest of today


another hostelry

another hostelry and another internet connection. Here I am (not a brilliant picture of me but hay, who cares I am on my hols). The drink this time was a cypriot version of a snowball, I really needed it to cool me down...honest.

Still having a good time and still chilling. We went to bingo a couple of times last week and we won a couple of times.

Thanks for having a read and I will update again when I can find another decent internet connection (and a decent cocktail).




baking inside and out today. Yes as promised Christiana and I spent the morning baking shortbread and sponge cakes. They went down a storm, the shortbread didnt last half an hour. She has taken the iced sponge cakes to her bfs mum this evening, well those that are left that is. We had a lovely time and here are the photos.....scrummy.

SU update, Bridesmaid speciality paper has now sold out....hope that there is somethings left when I return.

Have a lovely evening and thanks for having a read


The weekend arrived

The weekend is here and phew what a scorcher it is. Not got a lot planned for today, still got the usual chores to do, food shopping, washing and ironing. I will be having a house full tonight, the girls, boyfriends and friends so have to cook dinner later and......Christiana wants to learn how to make fairy cakes. In temperatures of 36 degrees its a bit of a chore but I promised to bake with her so that is what we shall do.

We had a lovely evening yesterday and I even managed to make a couple of cards with Christiana in her craft room.

Can you believe that the majority of her crafting items have been sent to her in her monthly boxes. Here are some pictures of her room from earlier this year, and today.



On Monday Christiana and I are off to the local craft shop for a xmas card lesson which we are both looking forward to.

STAMPIN UP UP-DATE- I am told that Very Vanilla 12 x 12 and the Bride 12x12 are now both out of stock.

Thanks for having a read today and I hope that you have a lovely weekend.



Fab Friday

Here I am, sitting outside with a cuppa and I have just watched the sunrise, how lovely. I have had that Friday feeling for quite a while and today wont be any different. I am off to do some crafting with my daughter this afternoon, she has an order for a few wedding cards so we shall see what we can come up with. The order is for a few ladies that work at Debenhams.

We have spent another couple of days visiting craft markets, going to the beach and hunting out places with internet connections....such a chore.

If you havent already checked out the retirement list (in the post below) then please do, already A4 Sage Shadow, Creamy Caramel and Close to Cocoa has sold out. As well as Bold Bright 12x12 and Old Fashioned Christmas stamp set.

I have seen the NEW 2010-2011 Stampin' Up! Catalogue and WOW. I am expecting quite a few of them to be arriving as soon as I am home, if you would like me to post one out to you, let me know....I think I have to try and get myself a paypal option on here. You can get yours at a special offer price of £4.00, including postage during September and October.

Here is a picture of some loyalty cards I made recently and some 6" rulers that I decorated, thanks to Monica showing me how to make them.

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by for a ready.




Hello, at last I have found an internet connection that doesnt cut off after a few minutes, fingers crossed. Weather lovely, chilling and visiting lots of bars in the hopes that I can get internet connection (honestly Lesley).

Stampin Up have released their retiring list and I have already placed one order. I shall be placing another order on 28th September so if there is anything that you would like, just let me know. I am told that sage shadow and choc chip A4 cardstock has already run out and I shall keep you updated as often as I can. The list of retiring items is at the top of this post.

I had a lovely girly day out last week and we ended up having our toe nails painted in Barbie Pink, thank you Zoe.

Hope that everyone has a lovely evening and I will post more as soon as I can


no I didnt vanish, I just got bogged down in housework, work work and lots of other things that took up all my time. Those that blog on a regular basis will appreciate how difficult it is to stay on top of blogging as well as everything else.

But now I have a little more time on my hands so I apologise for the absence and hope too get to get you up to date as soon as I can. Here are a couple of rare photos, me and my sis.

Stampin Up have today released a list of all the lovely goodies that will be retiring. I shall have a look through this tonight and post something tomorrow for everyone to have a look at. I have already seen a few of my favourites that will be leaving, for good. So sad but looking on the bright side, there are lots and lots of new things that we will be able to add to our stash in just a months time. As I am currently on an internet connection in a noisy, dark and hot pub I will say goodnight for now. Thanks for having a read and I hope to post some pictures of cards in the very near future.

Tracey x