green fingers

Good morning on this wonderful day.  The forecast today is lots of sun with a high of 11 degrees, lets hope that is the case.

Monday and Tuesday flew by, we did gardening, mending a fence, sorting out a street sign

as well as a little shopping, a lot of laughing and listening to some wonderful songs on the radio.

Then yesterday it was back to work and an afternoon of chatting to my daughters, friends and Paul. Before I knew it, the day was gone and it was time for bed.

The craft room is nearly ready, lots of empty boxes, lots of rubbish in the bin and a lot of sorting out has been done.  Another couple of hours and it will be ready to use again.

Here are a couple of photos that I promised of the greenhouse

The amarylis that didnt flower.  I have been told to water it each week, keep it in the sunshine and then in October put it to bed for 8 weeks.  When I take it out at the beginning of December, it should flower.

The other pot which contains, something that has just slipped my mind, are supposed to be watered until the leaves die.  Then this has to go to bed until 8 weeks before I want flowers...

The water butt has been sorted out and I am watering the plants with fresh rain water, get me *giggling*

 Here are the two sacks that contain potatoes, fingers crossed

 My lettuces, or I hope that they will be

 Then the tomatoes, two kinds, normal and tumblling
Today is the very last day of the Stampin' Up! Sale a Bration.  Your last chance to get £160 worth of Stampin' Up! Craft products for £99.  The last time you can place an order and get one of the Sale a Bration items, free of charge.  I am home all afternoon from 3pm and  this evening if you would like to get any of the above offers, I shall be very happy to help you with these.

Right now I have to hit that shower and get myself off to work for the morning.  Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful day x


Happy Easter Wishes

Happy Easter wishes to everyone  from a damp Derby.  The forecast is for showers and a top temperature of 10 degrees so I guess I will be working in doors today. 

No Merry Monday today as it's Easter.  Above is my little tree that is decorated with Easter Eggs, and  I try to purchase a new one each year.

These are the little curvy boxes we make every Crafty Week and last week we made Easter ones, although you cant see all the eggs in mine.

Yesterday was another smashing day home with hubby.  After a lie in, yes I had a lie in and a few chores, it was onwards and upwards sorting out the craft room.  In between coffee with friends, cooking a Sunday lunch etc, we also managed to plant up the normal tomatoes, some tumbling tomatoes, a little rocket and lettuce leaves.  The potatoes are in so that just leaves some herbs and the spring onions.  Photos will be taken soon but it got so dark that we had to stop.  I have to go out and buy a few more 'growing' bits such as earth, a couple of large trays etc.

Here is one of the cards I managed to get finished yesterday among the chaos of the craft room, oh its very untidy.....

This is from a kit I purchased some time ago and I still have a lot of bits left to make with it.

I need to get a very large hamper in the craft room, hence the sorting, creating more space but I make such a mess while I sort it out.  I know I am not the only one and I always so pleased when it is finished.

I have a few 'Close your eyes make a wish' stamps still for sale. 

They are £1.13 each (the .13 is the postage cost split between all the stamps I ordered).  If you would like one, could you let me know and I will put it to one side for you.

Well, off to make a start, thank you for having a read and I hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday Easter Monday x


Bank Holiday Saturday

Good morning from a fairly warm Derby.  Today it is supposed to be around 3 degrees with rain coming in at 1ish.  That will be okay for me I guess.

Yesterday was a wonderful day weather wise, it really does feel like Spring.  We managed to cut the lawn and scarify it. 

The lawn is more moss than grass so we purchased a scraifier which rakes out the moss.  It will take quite a few months to get it sorted but Paul has always wanted a lovely lawn, so we shall try.

We  went and purchased some seeds and some earth for the greenhouse and we plan on starting those off, when the rain arrives later today.  A very exciting time for me.

I managed to get in the craft room for a while too.  Sorted out quite a few bits for sale

Plus lots of stamp sets too.  If you would like to grab a bargain or two, please pop round this afternoon to have a bit of a rummage and a cuppa, kettle will be on.

The flowers are all starting to come out now that the weather is nice

Just 5 days left for the Stampin' Up! sale a bration.  Dont miss out on getting £61 worth of stampin up goodies for FREE.  Lots of stamp sets, papers and other wonderful goodies are FREE when you place an order of £45.  For the next 5 days, FREE postage on all orders delivered straight to your door when you place an order of £50 or more.  Get in touch if you would like more information.

It is the early bird that catches the worm so I shall get myself showered and ready for another wonderful day.  Thanks for having a read x


Bank Holiday Friday

Goodmorning I am a very early bird this morning.  So early, the birds are still sleeping.

I am hoping for a day in the garden today but it will all depend on the weather of course. The forecast is for a cloudy day but temperatures of around 14 degrees, which is fine by me

Yesterday we had lots of birthdays but because my hands were not well, (bigshot itus), I couldnt make the cards that I wanted to and so we purchased cards OH MY.  So I am taking advantage of the fact that hands are well and I will get the April and May cards done over the weekend and I am looking forward to it. I have lots of ideas.

Here is the latest bag that I have made.  I followed the pattern exactly and the tutor said it was one of the worst patterns she has ever seen.

It even has lining.  I hope to make a couple more over this weekend, goodness, I am supposed to be having a rest and I think I am going to be busier than ever, opps.

I shall also have a  SUPER SPRING SALE whereby I shall be selling off lots and lots of crafty goodies.  I shall post these in the Derby Crafting Marketplace on facebook so please, do keep nipping in to see if there is anything that you would like to purchase. If you cant access the page, let me know and I will try to sort it out.  Of course, if you are out and about, please feel free to call in for a cuppa and cake. 

Off to finish my ironing and take hubby a cuppa in bed, he does deserve it.  Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful Bank Holiday Friday x


My nephew is famous

Good morning and today is the last day at work for a few days.  I am so looking forward to spending some quality time with hubby and getting sorted with a few new projects that we have planned.

Yesterday was a much calmer day and its about time.  I finished work on time and made a start cleaning my wonderful crafting room.  It is having a massive Spring clean (lots of things being sold) and a good freshen up over the Easter period. 

The greenhouse staging is all complete, the trays are about ready and I am off to purchase spring onion seeds tomorrow whoop whoop. Of course I will get some other bits too and its all very exciting.

Here is one of the other cards that we made during crafty week

It is using the beautiful blooms set from Stampin' Up! We had lots of colours to choose from and all the cards turned out wonderful.  The card is called a pop out swing card and you can make this to fit any type of image.  If you would like to know a little bit more about the card or the stamps or both, please do feel free to get in touch.

Last night I was at sewing class and I finished another type of bag.  It needs some modifications but the sewing machine will be now be out in my crafty place all over Easter so I can make some more modified bags.....I do love doing them. 

Something totally different, my nephew, who is Cypriot and now working in London, is becoming famous lol.  He is such a character, a right cheeky charlie, a lovely rouge type of guy and always has been, even as a toddler.

 He is in the trailer with no other than Ed for Bridget Jones new film.  I am not sure if he is in the actual film or not...time will tell.

Well I must hit the shower and get into work, it is going to be a long day today, my first full day for a while.  Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful Thursday.


Midweek catch up

Good afternoon from a dull but dry Derby.

After a hectic morning at work I am home to start my afternoon by cleaning the craft room.  We had a wonderful evening last night with the Tuesday Treasures, as usual.

Here is the tool chest card that we made

Real Red for the base card, lovely silver card, the tools are made out of basic black, the wood is the hardwood stamp and the greeting is teeny tiny sentiments with the word window punch.  Embossed silver card at the back.  If you would like to know more about how to make this card, please get in touch.

Stampin' Up! have their weekly deals out today and here they are.

My next order is due to go in on Tuesday and that will probably be the last one for the Sale a Bration period so if there is anything that you would like please do let me know.

Off to get started as todays clean is the start of the SPRING clean.  If you want to grab yourself a bargain or two, nip over to facebook, Derby Crafting Marketplace and see what the ladies are selling.

Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful afternoon


Tuesdays Twitter

This morning did start off with twitters of the feathered kind.  I must discover where they are all chirping from to wake me up each day.  The birds start earlier than the alarm clock and are certainly a lot nicer.  weatherwise it is supposed to be 12 degrees, with cloud but that will do me. 

Yesterday came and went in a blink, after an early start at work it flew by (another bird theme here).  I cant believe how busy I am but without all the support we used to have, it is no wonder.  I then had a quick appointment and went crafting for the afternoon.  I sat and made a start on some watercoloured cards, which I shall share when they are done.  Lovely company, lots of laughter and I certainly learnt a lot as well as chilling out.

It was then an evening of fun with Rob, Nat and the grand girls as we went out for birthdays and Anniversary meal. 

How proud am I to say that I made this bag, filled it with belated birthday gifts and handed it.
 It isnt perfect but it is an original, along with my little card
It is the last night of Crafty Week tonight and I am so looking forward to it.  I have my Tuesday Treasures and everything is all set up and ready.

It will be a bit of baking this afternoon along with the gardening before an evening of catching up with everyone I havent seen for a month.

Thank you so much for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful day, whatever you are up to.


Merry Monday No. 12

Good morning on this Merry Monday and a new week begins.

I am off for an afternoon of crafting today, after a busy morning at work followed by a quick appointment.  My bag is ready and I am really excited by it.  I do fancy an afternoon of watercolouring so that is exactly what I shall do.

Yesterday was another busy one, but we managed to make the staging for the greenhouse whoop whoop.

 I was told a real gardener makes their own, so we did.

I also had to clean up all the moss that the birds are taking from the roof

Two big dustpan loads full, now we have to be careful when we go out of the door.  It seems that the birds collect moss that they want for their nests, disturbing other pieces so that it falls off the roof.  Paul is hoping to go and clean the roof over Easter, depending on the weather of course.

And as it is Merry Monday, here is another stunning card we received.

This was from Liz K and it was lovely, thank you Liz.

Just a reminder that there are only 10 days left of Sale a Bration and getting £160 worth of Stampin' Up! goodies for £99, sorry if I am going on about this but I really dont want you to miss a great offer.

Well I had best get in that shower and get ready for a very busy morning at work.  Thank you for having a read and have a wonderful morning.


Another day at the Anthony's

Good morning from yet another cloudy, dull and cold day in Derby.  I am certainly not going to let the weather spoil my Sunday though.

Yesterday was very busy going here there and everywhere in the morning, tackling those little things that needed to be done, post office, bank, wilkos etc. etc. and then it was home to the greenhouse.  Oh it got scrapped, swept, hoovered (yes hoovered, it created less dust).  Then we gave it a shower.  Discovered a couple of leaks, got a new pane of glass and it had a scrub down to get rid of mold and mildew, phew, I was shattered at the end of it.  Why do these important jobs take hours?  Well it is done now and today the plan is to start making the staging for it.  Paul is going to make the benches along one side and then we shall see how we get on.  As we dont yet know how we want to do all this, we are making up as we go you do.  But it looks lovely, as greenhouses go.

And then I stood for over 3 hours doing to the ironing and I still havent finished it. How do I get hubby to wear t-shirts instead of shirts for work?  As he returned home earlier in the week after working away, he brought 12 shirts home that needed washing/ironing plus the other shirts from the rest of the week.   Its a good job I love him.

I did manage to get some of the jasmine from outside and mix it with a few flowers. My poor photography skills dont show the jasmine at all *sitting here giggling*

I will keep trying.

Today I am cleaning the craft room ready for next weeks Crafty Night on Tuesday.  There is one place available should anyone wish to come along.  Doors open at 7pm for a cuppa and a catch up with other crafters and its a 7.30pm eyes down, ink at the ready.   If you would like to come along, please get in touch.

Only  11 days left of Sale a Bration.  11 days to get FREE stamps/papers/project life goodies.  11 days to get £61 of crafting items (that you choose) FREE when you  sign up.  Dont miss out on some really good offers and if you are in doubt please, do give me a ring or pop in for a cuppa and I can tell you more.

I will go and start my day before it vanishes, who said Sunday was a day of rest?  Thank you for having a read and wishing you a wonderful Sunday.


Saturdays post

So the week whizzed past again, as they do.  I have had a couple of wonderful crafty get togethers, done lots of die cutting (over a long period of time, no more bigshotitus) and trying to do a bit of walking (in the never ending fight of the flab).

I have been baking too, not a good way in the diet scheme of things but when ladies craft, we do like something sweet too


Today we hope to have a day in the garden, despite the chilly weather.  The greenhouse must have its wash now that all the glass is in, fitted and secure. 

We then have to get on with making the staging for it so that I can start to sew my spring onions.  Oh yes, it is spring onions first and then other salad items.  I am reading so much about what I can grow that I just want to get on with it, I have never been known for my patience.

I would also like to try my hand at growing flowers to cut and put in the house.   We have this lovely jasmine growing outside so I shall have a go at cutting a bit of that down today and putting it in my little teacups, just as a trial.

We have lots of bulbs coming through too, so Spring really must be just around that corner.


I must say that I am really proud of my Christmas plant.

It is the first year that I have ever purchased my own and it is doing so well, oh I do hope I havent jinxed it now.

Lots of birthdays in the family coming up very soon so I shall also be putting finishing touches to cards, pressies and other things that you do.....the bits that I like best.

If I dont go and get showered and dressed, my day will start and end at the computer...opps.  Thank you so much for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. x


merry monday 11

Good morning and brr it is a bit chilly here in Derby.  At the moment it is 4 degree but by lunch time that is supposed to go up to 11 degrees.  Some sunshine but mostly cloud is the forecast but that will do me lovely.

I am pleased to say that the right hand is doing a lot better this morning.  I am now able to close it and straighten it and most of the swelling has gone.  It is still rather painful but nothing like it was.  I may just have to put the ironing off for yet another day or two.  As I was concerned about using my right hand to do some big shot dies, I used the left one.  Today I am in agony with it, same pain as I had in the right one.  At least I know what the cause of it is and there will be no more die cutting for a while, ooops.

I have made some Easter baskets (all die cut of course), filled them with straw and chocolates ready for Thursday afternoons crafty get together. 

There is just one place available on Thursday if you would like to come along.  Please get in touch to reserve your place.

Would you like some straw for your Easter project?  I have lots available.

As it is Merry Monday, here is another Christmas Card that we received.

This is from P.Ann and its stunning.  Our Christmas card and chatter night on Friday was another very productive night and I really enjoyed it.

Right, I had best get a wiggle on, hubby is home today for a short while and I have 101 things to do before he arrives.  Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day x


Poorly hand post

Good morning and today the weather is supposed to be nice, really nice.  Fingers crossed that this is the case.

Well I went to the doctors yesterday, it took 51 telephone calls in the morning to get through, really.
He doesnt know what is wrong, he thinks it is rhumatoid arthritis. mmm, I am really not so sure.  I have to go and have blood test and I have to totally rest the hand.  I dont know how to do that.

I didnt make it to sewing class last night, well I couldnt because I cant cut material, I cant carry my machine and I cant use the wheel so it was a night in feeling sorry for myself.

All the little orders for SU have been placed and there are only 22 days left of Sale a Bration.  Dont miss out on FREE stamps, papers, project life goodies.  If you would like to sign with Stampin' Up! get £160 worth of products for £99 then please, give me a call and I can tell you more.  Or better still, why not pop over for a cuppa.

Here is a card that I have made recently

I am just so sorry that you cant see all the glitter that is on the card.

I still havent cleaned the craft room, I am still not ready for crafty week and I am not in a panic at all.  I have just 2 places available on Thursday afternoon, 1 place on Friday evening and 1 place on the following Tuesday.  For any crafty week evenings booked in April, a £5 deposit will be required by everyone, tough decision but a necessary one.

It is Christmas Card and Chatter Club tomorrow night, I am soooo looking forward to this.  Its lovely to have a get together with lots of like minded ladies, if you would like to join us, please let me know.

Well, I had best go face the world on this wonderful warm morning.  Thank you for stopping for a read this morning, hope you have a lovely day.


Midweek Musing

Yesterday was another late day at work and I guess that today will be too.  Never mind, at least I can cope with it.

I came home to wonderful sunshine on Tuesday so I cleaned down the area outside the backdoor, did a bit of cutting of dead stalks, swept up, sorted a few plant pots out and then started on the white steps/doors and window sills.  Was at it for nearly 2 hours and feel a lot better for doing it.  After tea I spent a couple of hours in the craft room, on a clean up mission though.

The moving of the greenhouse was started last week, the base has been laid and yesterday, the slabs were put down ready for the greenhouse to be screwed in to the slabs.  The next step is to put all the glass in it and then it will be ready.

This is so exciting for me.  I shall be able to grow lots of things and somehow I must find all these extra hours to do it, oops.

I am not too sure what has happened but I have had a pain in my right hand for a couple of days well today, my right hand doesnt work.  It is not only painful I cant close it, it is swollen and very white.  The pain is now in my wrist and lower arm too.  I shall be calling the doc at 8am.  It is especially concerning as I am half way through all the prep for the craft classes next week, opps

Stampin Up have some new weekly deals and, I shall be putting a little order in tonight.

If you would like anything, do get in touch.

Here is a card I was asked to make recently.

Loved making this and I have since been asked to make another one, similar for another wedding. Its a pity you cant see all the glitter on the bands.

Right, off to get ready to make that phone call to see if I can find a doctor today. Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day x