Thursday, all day

Woke up to rain this morning, it will save me a job later with watering the plants.

Off into town as soon as I finish today to get my toes dressed.  I do like having them polished so that I can wear open toe shoes.  I am then spending the afternoon in the crafty place to get it all clean and sparkly.

I thought I would enter a colour challenge, something I havent done before only to find out that the closing date was last week and not this week.  That is how long it takes me to get round to doing things these here is the card anyway.

As its the last day of the month I shall be sending out a "whats on in May" newsletter tonight, if you would like a copy, please let me know. 

I shall also be placing a little order so if there is anything you want from the Annual Catalogue, Spring Summer Catalogue, Clearance Rack, Weekly Deal or the Retirement list, phew, happy to order it for you.

Now to get a wiggle on and get into work.  Have a lovely day and if you fancy a cuppa this afternoon, I will be home  xx


Midweek musing

Unfortunately it was back to work for me this morning but as it will only be a 3 day week, I coped well with it.

The everything room has had its makeover and I am so pleased with it all, new curtains up, walls decorated and wall art finished. A little photo

Now I am in the process of putting the study area of the dining room, into the everything room and hopefully, when Paul comes back, we can move the computer and printers over, that will give us a lot more space.

We have to move the washing machine before the boiler arrives but it doesnt fit in our kitchen too well.  The drawer unit (the one and only drawer in the kitchen), has to be removed as it is too big with the washer next to it.  A new drawer unit (smaller) has to be purchased.  So we take the old drawer unit out and put a new drawer unit in, where the freezer is.  The freezer has to move into a space in the dining room and therefore, I have created a space for the freezer.  Goodness, it does get complicated.  Once the boiler is in, we get to put the downstairs toilet in and then.....tah dah, the bathroom project begins.  Of course on top of all this life goes on, the chores get done and I have to try and sort out the gardens, loving it.

Here are this weeks weekly deals

I have a cheeky little order going in tomorrow night to stampin up.  If there is anything that you would like, please do get in touch.

Right, off to continue the evening.  Thanks for having a read and have a lovely night.


Tuesdays Twitter

Good morning on this cloudy day.  The forecast is for rain later today so I will get as much done outside as I can before the rain arrives.

Didnt yesterday turn out wonderful, weather wise.  It wasnt so good on the painting front.  When we put the second coat of paint on the walls, the first coat of paint came off on the brush?  The roller looked as though we were artexing the walls as it left little tiny patterns and patchy, goodness.  I was not pleased at all and telphoned B and Q and told them so.  They have offered me a refund and I shall be going to change the paint pots over.  All that time painting  and the room still isnt finished.  Dont bother with Value B&Q paint, it isnt what it used to be.  Having used this paint for years, we shall not be using it again.....moan over.

Well not quite moan over, there is no more natural ivory card.  This is on the retired list and it went within seconds of being published.  I am saying no more on the subject but if you know of another card similar to the natural ivory card from Stampin' Up!, please do tell me about it.

Here is a photo of my winter flowers *giggles*.  My sis gave me some lovely winter plants for Christmas but we have discovered that they are Spring plants.

Lovely arent they, glad they survived the winter.  I now need some more to fill the rest of the border, guess  what I would like santa to bring me this year sis?

A little squashy box.

Something else we made last week during our crafty sessions.  This uses 12" x 6" piece of patterned paper and can hold all sorts of things.  You can get addicted to making them though.

I am off work today and we were supposed to be spending the day in Bakewell but the weather forecast is awful.  I think Paul wants a day in his man cave so that is what it will be. 

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day, what every you are up to.


The green room becomes a cream room

Lots and lots of rain yesterday, its a good job we spent most of the day indoors. The forecast for today is a cloudy day with temperatures up to about 13 degrees, which will do me thank you very much.

Paul came home with this, it is a wireless Dyson that is lightweight.

I have wanted one for ages and he found a bargain whilst he was away.  I am hoovering all day long now as it is just so handy and no trailing wires.  As the Dyson needs to be mounted to the wall, the place I want to put it is in the everything room, just behind the door.  But this room needed painting so, it had its first coat of paint yesterday.  The walls were pale blue and bright green

Now the walls are starting to look cream but they may need two or three coats.  I have some wall art to put up when its finished and hopefully, I can get the new curtains up and in place before next weekend.  Then that will be another room done.  Oh carpets, not going to change those until I know Paul is home for a while as we will have to take beds down have carpet laid and then put bed back up.  It will be a whole days job as I would have two bedrooms done at the same time.
Paul  managed to get some more joins sealed in his man cave as well yesterday and I have said that I will help him paper and paint that.  As he is only here for a few days (leaves on Wednesday), we will just get as far as we can with that project.  Craft room is exactly the same as it was Friday night oops.  I will get my finger out and get it sorted for tonight, it is a mess.

Here is another card we made during crafty week
 And the inside
Of course we just had to have a little tag to go along with it as well.
We used the amazing Painted Petals stamp set which I think must be another set along the lines of Lovely as a Tree stamp set, meaning that it so versatile and can be used for lots of occasions. The main colour is Rich Razelberry along with greens, blues and yellows.  I made everyone a little cloud template so that they could create their own sky. 

If you would like to order anything from Stampin' Up!, just let me know as  I shall be placing a little order this evening and I am really happy to add items to it.

Thank you for having a read, I hope you have a wonderful day today.


Saturday smiles

Another early start for me but as I have an extra long weekend, I dont mind.  I can have a lie in on Monday morning......

Crafty week was lovely, lots of cards made, lots of ladies visited and lots of laughter, who can ask for more.  Ohh we had extra cakes last night and I forgot to take a photo to share with you.  Kath brought us some lovely looking cakes which everyone enjoyed, thank you Kath.

Here are some photos of the evenings

The get togethers in May are going to be a bit awkward what with 2 bank holidays, children off school and all the birthdays I have, so today I must sit and write everything down, plan the next couple of months and let everyone know what is happening when and where.  Of course we are also having a new heating system put in, the fridge has to move so that the washer can be put in its place.  Then we can start the downstairs toilet as this has to be finished before we can start the bathroom.  It will all come together in the end.

And then, if that wasnt enough,  we shall have the new stampin up cataloge and of course, thare has to be a stampin up party with some make and takes, lots of samples and a lovely raffle.  Any excuse for a crafty catch up, drink coffee and eat cake....... So May will be busy.

Here is one of the cards that we made last week

This is using the corner garden stamp in Calypso Coral colour, embossed with white embossing powder and inked using baby wipes.  The butterflies, pearls and sentiment are also Stampin' Up!
If you would like to call in for a cuppa and a chat about card making, see what the classes are all about or purchase a hand made card or two please, do get in touch.  I am off work for the new few days and it would be lovely to have a get together and, I have cake.....

Quite a few items for sale in the crafty space if you are in need of anything, just give me a call on 01332 721877 to let me know you are calling in and I shall put kettle on.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for having a read.


Pistachio butterflies

Friday and I am up with the larks, actually, it was before them.  I think that I am looking forward to a lovely day from start to finish.  It will be quiet at work as a few people that I work with have gone away for the weekend.  I come home for lunch and bake a cake and then hubby should be coming home.    Tonight of course its crafty night and I believe I have everything all set up and ready, apart from the cake that I mentioned.

Lots of chores being done this weekend but I do hope to grab a few hours in crafty space as May is exceptionally busy for birthdays and I need to get my skates on in making the cards.

Speaking of which, here is one I made last night.  I saw something similar on the net and I thought, mmm, I must make one similar to that one of these days, hang on, why not do it now, so I did

I have used Pistachio Pudding (green) ink, thick bakers twine and card for the butterflies.  The honeycomb hive die as well as the butterfly die were put into action.  I can see a few more of these being made in the next few days in different colours too.

The garden is growing and blooming whoop whoop.  Fingers crossed that the weather stays fine as one day over the weekend I shall be getting the jet wash out and cleaning down the patio.  We shall be keeping it as it is for this year and next year we shall make a few changes to the outside.

Right, I had best get myself ready for the office.  Thanks for having a read, have a wonderful day and if you would like to join us tonight making a couple of cards, please do let me know.


Busy little bee

I have been a busy little bee and just no time to sit and catch up with the blog....until now.

Sunday was a busy day, I dont know where it went?  I spent some lovely time with Daughter in Law and the grandchildren and lots of little bits and pieces got caught up with.

Monday and back to work soon came round but that brought me to Tuesday and WOW, Stampin' Up! published all the items that were not going to be in the next catalogue, it is called the retirement list. There were so many people looking at the website at the same time it couldnt cope.  100's of items got sold in seconds and I failed in getting the items that not only I wanted but also lots of my customers and friend items.  Everything sold out in minutes.  And then we had crafty night Tuesday night and what a laugh, as usual.  The ladies enjoyed the evening and we ate some of this cake that I made.

I shall be baking again tomorrow for tomorrow nights class.

There are a couple of spaces available on tomorrow nights card making class if you would like to come along and join us?  Just get in touch and let me know.

Here is a little card that I made last weekend, I need to practice my colouring a bit more.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely evening.


Christmas card club

The weekend is here.  My weekend started off with the Christmas card club last night.  Here are some photos of the evening and some of my half finished cards

Everyone put the world to rights and as usual, it was a wonderful evening with lovely ladies. 

Today after doing a few chores I am out an about delivering SU goodies.  I am still waiting for some card stock is still to arrive, it certainly was a popular offer but there are lots of other bits that need to get into waiting hands.  I also have a post office trip to make so that will take care of the morning.  Lots of crafty playing this afternoon as I have a few birthday cards to make for May.

Off to start my day.  Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day yourself


Happy Friday

Friday and the weekend is just around the corner YIPEE.  I dont have anything planned at all, really, nothing.

Today is an early start as taking the folks to the hospital first thing and then going into work.  We have Christmas card and chatter club tonight, oh how I love these evenings.  We just sit there, make cards, talk about everything and then in a blink of an eye, its time to go home.

I have been getting everything ready for Crafty Week next week.  I have 3 spaces available on Tuesday evening if you would like to come along?  We start at half past 7 but the doors are open at 7pm for a cuppa and then we shall make cards and tags for a few hours.  A lovely way to spend the night.  Let me know if you fancy it.

I have also had time for a little play and I made this.

It has gone into my box ready for the next occasion.  I have used the Painted Petals set for this with Old Olive and Daffodil Delight.

I am expecting an order or two from Stampin' Up! today.  It seems that the card offer was so popular a couple of weeks ago everyone purchased some.  I am still waiting for it to be back in stock plus all the bits that were order last week too.  Fingers crossed I get a bit of something later.  Speaking of orders, I wont be placing an order this Sunday because Tuesday the retirement list comes out.  Do you remember this list, with 50% off lots of bits and pieces.  I shall place an order on Tuesday evening but, if you fancy a coffee and a natter Tuesday afternoon, please nip in.  Not sure where I am?  Its Alvaston in Derby and I will be happy to give you the address if you get in touch.

I had best get a wiggle on, thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day


My pin board

Already half way through the week, that is good as I am ready for the weekend.

Look what I made.

My very first pin board.  It took 3 hours and I loved every minute of it.  I cant wait to make my next one.  I think I have just about everything I need already, apart from the staple gun.  Guess what everyone is going to have for Christmas this year....*giggling*

Here are the brand new Weekly Offers from Stampin' Up!

We dont have too long left to order things from the current catalogue so if there is something that you really like and wish to order it, let me know as soon as you can.

Fancy having a Stampin' Up! party or going to a party - just get in touch and I can tell you more.

For those that dont know, I am based in Alvaston, Derby and I am fortunate enough to have a crafty space ready and waiting to be used.  Lots of events are planned for May but if you would like to have your own crafty event here, please get in touch. 

I can be found most afternoons tucked away in here making something, planning something or having a cuppa and a natter.

I had best get my skates on and get in the shower, I cant be late for work.  Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day


Tuesdays Twitter

Tuesday and it is supposed to be another warm day out there today.  Fingers crossed it stays that way, not too hot but not cold either.

Sunday I spent most of the afternoon helping Katerina correct her 15 page dissertation. Then of course my whole afternoon and most of the evening was spent doing the same thing. So today it is no surprise that I woke up with a headache but never mind, a few pills will soon get rid of that.

I didnt show you the photos from Scrapbook Saturday - these are the work in progress

 These are the finished layouts, without the captions.  The captions are something that I want to think about and with Paul's help, they will be just perfect.

Just to let you know that there are only 3 spaces left on Crafty Week next week, that is 3 on Tuesday evening and 3 on Friday evening. If you would like to come along and make a few cards and matching tags, eat homemade cake and have tea or coffee, laugh the evening away then please, do get in touch.  The evenings are £7 per person and the other things that you need to bring with you are enthusiasm and sticky stuff.

This is what I am coming home to most days now.  The birds are taking the moss off the roof and it falls all around the house.  So each day I have to go and sweep it all up before it gets into the house.  That is a dustpan full daily, yaks.  Its a pity I cant use it to fill  hanging baskets.

A bit more sorting then I can get into the crafty space to have a tidy up and then a play.  Thanks for having a read today. 


Birthdays, Easter and Gardening

A bit of a lie in today.  Well it's supposed to be a lazy Sunday today but my Sunday's never turn out like that, do yours?

It was Pauls birthday on Friday and for the first time in many years, he was working away.  We are going to celebrate with a day out when he comes back and I will do a birthday tea for him at home too.  Here is the card that I made for him.

Another card that I must make more of as I like this one.

Saturday was scrapbook day and it was lovely.  I spent the day in crafty space and did a few chores in the evening.

I spent an hour outside, doing a little bit of gardening, trying to make things pretty.  Spring really has sprung as far as my plants are concerned.

 Here are the two new plant pots that need to be filled next week, I think they are so cute.

 I then had a very rare sit down in front of the TV for a couple of hours, chilling out.  It was so strange being on my own though. 

Katerina arrived back into Preston but not until half past 5 this morning.  I think she will be spending most of her day in bed although it is Easter for her and all the Cypriots have got together and decided to have a b-b-q today.  I am sure she will get spoilt by her friends.

Thanks for nipping in today and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.