Happy Easter to you all

Today we have the grandchildren, Rob, Nat, Mum in Law and Christiana for lunch.  I am cooking Tava (a Cypriot dish).  The pudding is already made and in the fridge.  Hopefully the sun will stay shining to make it an even better day.

Here are the eggs YEAH

Our trip into town was very nice yesterday although there were a lot of people.  Christiana managed to get something to help her put on her own socks which may not seem like much but to her it was a great big achievement.  She has had to get up in a morning, drive to her grandmothers to get her socks put on which isnt too good when it rains.  Now she can do it herself.  We also ordered something to open cans and something else that will open jars.  These little things will make life a bit easier.  She also came home with the cutest teacup, teapot, saucer set.

Katerina is having a wonderful time in Barcelona, she has done designer window shopping, the stadium, a couple of churches and a monestary.


Sophia is having a ball in Athens and has done quite a lot of sight seeing, eating Greek kebabs (but they are the best) and been spoilt by her boyfriend buying her a couple of things.

I made quite a few Easter cards and do you know what, I totally forgot all about them, really I did.  They are still all ready to be written, oh well, next year.

I hope that you have a lovely day today and that everyone gets to spend a little time with family.  Thanks for dropping in to have a read and I am sure that there will be lots of photos tomorrow.


Shopping Saturday

We are off shopping this morning.  We are off into the Westfield in Derby which isnt too bad but today it is shopping for aides for Christiana.  She struggles to put shoes and socks on so, we are going to see what we can find that may help her.  She is soo excited about it which is good news.  I am also going to take her into Lakeland, she has never been before so that will be a treat and then we shall have a cuppa at Marks (yes I will see if I can get some edible straw from Marks in town).

Christiana is sooooo  cold over here at the moment that when we go out she has about 8 layers on.  She does look all bundled up.  Fingers crossed that Westfield wont be too busy and we can have a chilled morning wandering around.  This afternoon we are going to wash her hair, do some crafting and try and get a little ironing done as well, yaks.

Here is a card that I received from Helen with another bead in it.  Helen is my upline in the Stampin Up world and as I recently got promoted, this is the congratulations card she sent.

Do you like my little roses?  I put this together on Tuesday for Christianas arrival.  They are still looking good.
I must remember to ask my friend Paula, the names of some greenery and flowers that will be okay in my tea cups as I always forget.

Tomorrow we are having Rob, Nat and the girls round for a late lunch/early tea and I am cooking a large Cypriot dish called Tava.  It really is scrummy and we shall have a big salad, lots of fresh bread from birds followed by a Cypriot Coffee Cake and Chocolate Nest Cake.  We can all just sit around the table, eat and chat away, something I am really looking forward to.

I hope that you have a wonderful day today and thank you so much for nipping in to have a read.


Good Friday Feeling

I most certainly have that Friday feeling.  I hope everyone has a Good Friday and that the snow they have forecast, doesnt arrive.

Well I got my eldest daughter from the airport and the trip was lovely.  After a major hic cup  in Cyprus she did get on the plane, oh yes, we had doubts that she would, and she had a lovely flight over.

Katerina and 6 of her friends and Mickey, have travelled to Barcelona and she is loving it.  We are being face timed twice a day with all her news.

Sophia flew out to Athens to see her best friend and boy friend.  Unfortunately her best friend is only there for a couple of days but at least she will have seen her.  Sophia too is having a good time.

It seems that the trouble with the bank in Cyprus is starting to ease but you dont hear about all the hard ships that everyone is having.  The girls have told me how bad it really is.  Christiana is here with no money and, she cant get any money until next week.  As she has a cheque put in the bank, it wont clear for another 5 working days and everyone who has had cheques is in the same situation.  The majoirty of Cypriots get paid their salaries, by cheque.  Fingers crossed that it all sorts itself out quickly.

Yesterday we went to Marks to get some choc easter eggs and edible straw but they didnt have any.  Christiana has not had an Easter Egg in many many years bless her.  She is so looking forward to waking up on Easter Sunday to find an egg waiting for her.  Her favourite are cadbury cream eggs and I hope I can find a large one of these.  In the car park she saw a car she loved so, here is a photo of it.  She adores minis and hasnt really seen too many of them.

Before we went to Marks we had to go to the docs and get an injection, she is so brave.  What I didnt realise was that she is on a very strong chemotherapy injections, yikes.  The docs are very concerned about her so we are making sure that we make the most of every day that she is in the UK for,  as we dont know what the future holds.  Today it is off to Sainsburys and then we have lots and lots of visitors this afternoon.  She loves everyone visiting and talking to different people.

Here is a card that I was asked to make by Mum for her friends.  We made similar ones during a crafty week.  Speaking of which, Crafty Week will be coming up very soon.  Please do get in touch if you would like to spend an afternoon (yes afternoon), or evening crafting.

Thats it for now but I will be back, when I have a little more time.  Thank you for having a read.

P.S.  I will get round to all the emails, phone messages and facebook messages as soon as I can.  I just want to say thank you for them all, orders, envelopes etc. etc.  Christiana is just taking up a lot of my time at the moment, which I am loving.  Now it Sainsburys and Hello Kitty shopping.....I will tell you about Hello Kitty later 


Merry Monday Morning

Another start to another week, now didnt the last one fly by.

Well its just a couple of days now until Christiana arrives so I am so pleased that the snow is slowly going away.  There is no guarantee that Paul will be home to come with me to the airport so I do need the roads to be clear.

Its a Happy Wedding Anniversary today to Rob and Nat and here is the card that I made for them

The glitter doesn't really show up but I can assure you, there was plenty of the sparkly stuff.

I havent had chance to show you the baby cards that I made yet but there will be plenty of time during the week.

I have an action packed couple of weeks for Christiana including a day making jam, a day making my candles in a tea cup, we have dabblers at the start of April, a trip to Preston, coffee and lunch at the Bullring ohh, lots more too.  I just hope that I can keep up.  I will start by having a busy morning at work.

Thanks for having a read today and I do hope that the snow hasnt spoilt your weekend.


Birthday Girls

Today is Kelly's and Nat's birthday, happy birthday to you both and I hope you have a wonderful wonderful day.



A quick wave to Paul *waving and blowing a kiss*, I hope you lot didnt peek.  So Paul has found my blog on his new phone and can read what I am up to.  He can also see all the cards I have been making in his absence.

So, who braved it and went out of the door yesterday in Derby.  I must admit, I didnt.  Oh no, it was far too cold and far too much snow for my liking but today, I need to go out.  I will take a walk to the shop this morning and this afternoon, I will dig the car out, clear the path to the road and put down some salt as tomorrow, its back to work.  I cant believe how much snow we have had, I wonder if I should build a little snow man later?  I cant open my back door as the door opens outwards, we have had that much snow and, it is still coming down.

So Sale a Bration has finished and its just another few days until Easter is here.  Does anyone do anything special over Easter?  If so let me know.

Thanks for having a read today and please, keep your fingers crossed that the weather improves by Wedensday as my daughter is due to arrive.  Have a lovely day, whatever you are up to


Sew Saturday

Brrr was it cold yesterday or was it cold.  That wind just went straight through you, even if  you were wrapped up.  Today it is supposed to be just as bad but the wind isnt as strong brrrr. But the snow wow, we have had quite a bit of it.

Well, I was hoping to go to the NEC yesterday but because of the white stuff, I didnt go, which saved me a few ££s.  I do hope that all those that managed to get there had a nice time and please, tell me what is new this year.

Earlier in the week some friends and I had a little get together and we made a couple of cards.  Here is one of them.  We had seen Elizabeths card that she had done so we asked her to show us how to do it.  Lovely evening, thank you

As a treat I made my coffee pudding, Tiramisu and here is a photo of that

Well its a day of minor chores and crafting today.  The house is ready for Christiana, wardrobe and drawer space is all sorted.  No washing and you wont believe this but  NO IRONING.  Wow, who has been a good girl so, I guess I can play in the craft room a little.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day.


Happy Birthday Robert

Well, it is white out there, really white and at 4am this morning, the snow is still coming down. But it is Friday and that means just one thing, it's the weekend.

Not only the weekend but in my family its the birthday weekend.  Today is the birthday of Robert and this is the card that I made for him

I do hope he like it.  I just loved making this and want to make a couple more, for the box.

Today is also the very last day for sale a bration and, the last day to get £162.50 worth of products for just £99.  I do hope that if this is something that you have been doing, you decide to do it today, what a great way to start the weekend that would be.

Thanks for having a read and I hope the snow doesn't cause you too many disruptions.


Mid week musing

Middle of a week and what a busy one it has been so far.  Apart from work, there has been the gym, lots of catching up with my daughters and an evening of crafting with friends last night.  The house is clean, the chores are all done and all that is left to do is the never ending ironing.

After Saturday's get together my friend went home and made more cards similar to those that we had done in the morning, here is a picture of it,

I am sure you will all recognise some of the stamps.  It is lovely and thanks for letting me share it with all my blog friends.  Oh yes, I do have blog friends as my blog gets nearly 100 people each day having a look, so thank you.

Today I have come home to a heron in my garden with a fish in its mouth.  Oh I went mad at it, the heron flew off and droped the fish.  I gently picked it up and put it back in the water but do you know, I am not sure if it is one of my fish as it is soo biiiigggg.  I now have to see if I can put the netting over the pond again, with Paul being away, it is going to be a struggle.  And my fish, well I couldnt see too many of them oh oh.

The events section of my blog has all the dates on for the next few months so, if you fancy a night or afternoon of crafting, let me know.

There is only 2 and a bit days left of Sale a Bration - dont miss out.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely week


Baby Card Week

Here we go again, another week begins.

As usual I have my busy morning at work (lots of meetings on a Monday morning) and then this afternoon I will be out all afternoon.  This evening I am making Tiramisou Cyprus style, I do hope I can remember how to do this.

Well yesterday didnt turn out as planned but then hay, does it matter.  I did make a couple of very important birthday cards.  I did spend 3 hours correcting a couple of assignments.  I did spend a few hours on skype with my eldest daughter.  I did scrub the bathroom, tidy lots of things away and get an early night so it was a lovely day, just not what was planned.

Hay, did you nip over to see the events page of my blog?  I am going to be a very busy little bee, do you fancy a crafty session.  Why not join me and make a couple of cards and meet some lovely ladies.  I have started with an afternoon class during crafty week in the hopes that all those people that want to come on a Saturday morning will fancy this.  Saturdays are always booked up first so its a trial to see how things go.  I am also doing a one off stamp set class at the beginning of May, which should be good fun.  Not everyone wants to make cards for children (or big kids) so I thought this would be nice.

5 days left for Sale a Bration.  If there are two or three of you in your group why not put a collective order in and grab a freebie?  If 4 of you spend £11.25 each you could get 3 lots of ribbon and a wonderful pack of buttons to share between you.  01332 721877 is my number. If I am not in please leave a message and I will get back to you in the evening.  Just give me a call on the same phone number to ask any questions you have on joining my wonderful team.

Well my camera has been playing up, the computer is playing up and my dryer has packed up....great start to the week.  It can only get better YEAH.

I have been asked for a few baby cards so I thought I would spend this week playing with little additions stamp set from SU.   Here are my first attempts, clean and simple.

Hope that you like them.  Did you know that I do commissions, oh yes.  If there is a card that you would like me to make for you, please do get in touch.  Also, if there is a card that you would like to make with me, we can arrange a date and I am happy to come to your home to show you how to make it.

Well, have a brilliant start to another week and I hope the weather isnt as bad as they say it will be.


Snow on Sunday ???

A snowy Sunday has been forecast to follow the soggy Saturday.  I just hope that they got the forecast wrong.

Well yesterday was lovely.  I had lots and lots of ladies nip in for a cuppa, some cake and biscuits and to make a card or two.  It is so nice to catch up and thank you to everyone that came along, for a little me time.

I have managed to finish off the rest of the card kits that I had prepared and here they are.

I received this lovely little card in the post, thank you.

Today I have a bit of putting craft stuff away from yesterday, a little ironing and lots of me time.  I had planned on going into town but a certain person needs some help with her assignments.  She has written them, finished them and they need to be handed in on Tuesday but a few mistakes with the English language and who can blame her, English is so difficult.

I expect you have heard the news about the plans that Cyprus have, to deduct money from everyone that has money in the bank.  This is awful for everyone but especially for my daughter.  She doesn't manage on a monthly basis as it is as she can not work due to her disabilities and to have money taken out of her bank before she can get to it may affect her terribly.  We are not sure yet if it is money that is going to be taken from every account in the Cypriot banks or from savings accounts.  It is an awful situation for everyone.  Moan over.

It is the final week of Sale a Bration.  If you would like a party, let me know quickly, if you would like to place an order, call me on 01332 721877 and if you would like to sign up and get £162.50 worth of Stampin Up products, plus lots of office supplies, get in touch and I can tell you how.  If joining Stampin Up has been something that you have considered in the past DO IT NOW.

Thanks for having a read today and I do hope that the snow doesn't make an appearance.


Soggy Saturday

The heavens really have opened this morning and it has poured it down.  I guess the best place for me to be today is home, where it is dry and warm and I shall be playing with a couple of Sale a Bration stamps. 

It would be great if you could join me, try your hand at making a card, look at some of the items available during this last 6 days of sale a bration over a cuppa and biscuits.   Quite a few people have said they will be calling in throughout the day so please, do feel free to join us.  Drop me a line or give me a call on 01332 721877if you need my address and I shall give you directions.

Here is one of the cards we will be making in regal rose, the same but different to the pool party card that i posted earlier this week.

I have my eldest daughter coming to stay over Easter and I cant wait.  She has been though a bit of a tough time recently so I am looking forward to spoiling her.  We are trying to plan lots of things to do during her stay so, if you know of any events that are happening, please let me know.  So far we are going to spend a day making jam (she doesnt know about this yet), she is going to Blackpool with her little sister and perhaps Liverpool too.  Unfortunately she cant walk too far so there are going to be lots of coffee/hot chocolate stops.  She is looking forward to seeing all the shops that she normally uses on line, top shop, new look etc.
I have used 3 of my wonderful little bottles for a few flowers today, love my little bottles.

Best get a few chores done and nip out to buy that newspaper as I suspect a few gents will be wanting to read the paper while their ladies make a card.I do hope you can make it later, have a lovely day.


Stampin Up Sale a Bration Stamping Saturday - try saying that after a glass of wine or two

I looked outside the window this morning and everywhere was white over, with ice so it must have been a very very cold night last night. But I braved it, went to work and came home to do a few more chores.  I am pleased to say that I have had lots of coversations with lots of people today, it has been lovely.

Here is a card that I made a couple of days ago after seeing something on the internet.

I just love the colours and the simpleness (is that a word).   Do you fancy making this little card this   Saturday, or how about a mans card?  You could have a look through the books, have a cuppa and a biscuit, catch up, place orders etc. etc? I am having an open house, a very informal, stampin up sale a bration stamping Saturday, free event.  It would be fantastic if you could call in, any time from 8.30a.m. for the early birds right up to 6pm for those that fancy an afternoon cuppa.  I have some of the sale a bration products to show you, some new things from the Spring Mini.  If you have thought about signing up to get the fantastic offer (£162.50 worth of goodies for £99) I can tell you more about that.  My number is 01332 721877, just give me a call if you need directions.

Please do bring a friend, mum, mother in law with you if you wish....the more the merrier.


Midweek Musing

Here are some of the tulips that mum got for me.  We had a pretty awful time at the hospital recently, things did not go according to plan so she got me these as a thank you, along with lots more flowers.  I just thought they looked nice on a day when Spring was supposed to have Sprung.

Here is the last project we did at our SS weekend

What fun it was. I ran out of time to finish this on the day but managed to get it done yesterday.

Do you fancy £162.50 of stampin up goodies for just £99.  Its the best bargain that I know of and, no catches.  Just let me have your phone number or email and I will get in touch to tell you all about it.

Well I am a little late for work today so got to get my skates on.  Have a wonderful day and I hope you manage to stay dry from the snow that is expected, the rain that we are due to have oh, and dont forget the thunder storms that are due.....can  you tell I listened to the weather forecast this morning?  I dont know why I bothers.


Cute, clean and simple card

Goodness what strange  weather we had in Derby yesterday, snowing.  Then the snow stopped and the sun came out only to be followed by snow again.  And the wind.  I was really afraid yesterday afternoon by the wind, the noise of it and I wasnt sure what damage would be caused.  Never mind, it is a lot calmer this morning and I havent heard the forecast for today, perhaps just as well. We do have snow on the ground though, which is a bit yaks to drive on so I will go in a little early and try to avoid the rush.

Well Monday went by very quickly, full and busy morning at work, afternoon sorting out SU orders, lots of them, cleaning up the mess my husband and my youngest daughter left (still got some bits to do) and finishing off a card or two for the box.

I managed to file a couple of things away, sort out more stuff to GIVE AWAY and generally have a really good old potter.  Bed early with the drama, are you watching Broadchurch?  I watched Mayday which I enjoyed, trying to get into Shetland and am making a point of sitting down at 9a.m. each evening to watch tv.

Here is one of the cards that I finished last night.

I do like to do cute, clean and simple cards.  A little watercolouring on this one but no glitter.

Well thanks for having a read today. I hope the snow doesnt cause you too many problems.


Another Monday Morning

There isn't long left for Sale a Bration.  If you would like a last minute party, get your hands on freebies and just craft the night away, let me know and I shall come armed with everything you need to make it a lovely crafty evening including a raffle, a couple of cards to make and lots of answers to your questions.  You can even sign up, on the night and join my wonderful team that is going to have a little get together, very soon.  Give me a call on 01332 721877 and we can sort out your crafty event but dont forget, it all ends on 22nd March.

For those that have been following my blog, you will know that I have decided to have 12 KEY words for 2013.  The first word was ONCE and I am so pleased that I did this one first.  It means that I can find things when I need them because I put everything away immediately, handling it only once, I dont have my little piles everywhere and life is just a lot easier.  In February the word I had was GONE.  I have thrown away a lot of things, given away tons and sold quite a bit too.  I shall make sure that I keep up with the 2 words throughout March along with the new word for March which is ME.  March is going to be a ME month where I am doing as much as I can for myself, my health and my wellbeing.

The diet is going well, I will be going back on the scales next week.  I dont want to do it daily because all it is, is a number.  If my clothes fit, it means I havent put on and if they get bigger, it means that the weight is coming off.  I dont want to beat myself up over it.  I have done so well with the smoking, or lack of and getting other things on track, that the weight is just another little thing to work at along the way.

No Tuesday at Traceys tomorrow  I am afraid but I do hope to catch up with everyone soon.

I didnt get a card from Katerina and the girls yesterday for Mother's day but, I did get this

I hope you manage to stay warm and dry today and thanks for having a read.  


Happy Mothers Day

Wishing all mummies a very happy Mother's Day.  A special wish to all those mum's and children who are watching over us.

Well, here are the cards that I made for mum and mum in law, I did two the same and I do hope that they like them.

Well I have got a lovely ornament from my girls, I collect willow and Katerina really put a lot of thought into the new addition.  I received flowers and card from Rob, Nat and the girls and, as Katerina is still in bed, I suspect that she may have another card lurking at the bottom of her case.

Yes, that's right, Katerina is here.  We met up on Thursday afternoon in Birmingham at the train station.  We had a bite at Debenhams then did a little shopping before returning to Derby by train.  It was a lovely afternoon out.   I cant tell you how wonderful it is to know that she is in the house, to do things for her and just sit and chat.  Unfortunately she is going home this morning but I am so pleased we got to spend this time together.

On Friday we went to Next Home and I got her a vase.  Its the same as mine, the tea cup and saucer one, as above.  Now those that know Katerina know how things just happen to break when she looks at them, honest.  It is never her fault lol.  Therefore I decided to get this delivered to Preston, can you image her trying to take it on a train, yikes.

Then we nipped to post office to pick up some 12 x 12 pads that had been delivered (please note Jacquie, Lesley and Pam, they are here).  And then, for the icing on the cake, we went and got Paul from the train station.  Bless him, he came home just to spend a few hours with us.  He was here Friday night, all day Saturday, fixing another leak in the kitchen, and then back to Plymouth again first thing this morning.

Right, off to spend Mother's day doing chores, in craft room and pottering.  Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a great day


Tuesday cuppa at Traceys tonight

Yes its open house tonight so if you fancy a natter and a coffee, please feel free to call in at any time from 6pm for a couple of hours.  Not sure what cakes we shall have, I will see what ingredients I have later today or nip to the shop.

I am still so excited about the last weekend.  When we got there on Friday, Janice and Andy had the hot water and the coffee waiting for us, which we needed as we had stopped off in a couple of places, the Range in Peterborough and also Hobbycraft.  I can certainly recommend the Range for a walk around but Hobbycraft, mmm, didnt have a lot in.  They do seem to have gone very " material and sewing " but it was still nice to walk around and see these items.

So Friday night went so quickly and before we knew it, Saturday arrived.  Our first port of call on Saturday is Morrisons, oh yes its a Morrison breakfast, stock up on all the items we forgot (dont you always forget something) and then back to SS for a little more crafting.  Well when I say a little, I mean a lot, we made this.

 I am not too sure what it is called but it was SEW nice to make and now I know how to make others.  It took us all day but we had a wonderful buffet lunch with the now famous fresh fruit salad and fresh cream. 

After class we went out for a meal which was super with the company, how could it not be?  We laughed a lot, moaned a lot and by the end of the evening, the world was put to rights (hugs to you know who).

I have already done a full mornings work so its a few chores, a trip to the shop and gym and get the spare room ready for Katerina who thinks she may come a day earlier, bless her.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you manage to enjoy the sunshine that we have this afternoon


Another Mondays Post

Derby is supposed to be a warm and sunny place this afternoon, 9 degrees and all cloud gone...we shall see.

What a busy week and fantastic weekend I have had.  I shall not bore you with all the mundane stuff but WOW, the girly weekend at SS was FAB.  The company is second to none and I want to say thank you to everyone who made it special.  I have lots of photos of the weekend but I can show you those later.

We made this on Friday night

a close up of the flowers

a close up of the little girl, not a brilliant photo

and here are the drawers at the bottom.
It has four little drawers underneath the card and it was such a pleasure to make.

There are two weekends being organised for later in the year.  If you fancy going, just let me know and I will give your details to Pam, who is organising it.

I may have purchased a stamp set or two and cant wait to have a play.  Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful day.