Last one for 2014

Its my last post for 2014 with the new year just around the corner. 

We are having a busy few days as we have just about finished our bedroom.  We have been painting and glossing, turning up nets and still looking for curtains.  New bedding on the bed, new decoration bits and pieces out etc.  We have discovered that the wooden window sill in so damp, mould growing underneath it that I will have to clean it all down, every other day for a few weeks until it is all clean but never mind, I can do that.  One of the window panes have 'blown' but it will have to stay like this until we replace the windows in the sitting room.  Just got to put up a few more pictures and clean the carpet and it will be done.

Christiana, in Cyprus, has been baking which is so difficult for her.  I am hoping to buy her a mixer to make life a little easier, something like a kenwood on a stand.  At the moment these are 400 euros so she is looking for something else.

No. 29#MY100HAPPYDAYS is this wonderful ornament that I was lucky enough to receive this Christmas.  Thank you so much Ruth, it is stunning and will be going on my tree for many years to come.  I just love this idea.

No. 30#MY100HAPPYDAYS is Paul as he has made me so happy spending hours with me getting the bedroom ready to decorate. 

No. 31#MY100HAPPYDAYS is the feeling I got when this was all finished and ready to go.  It is a birthday card for my neice.

I received another handmade Christmas Card that was hand delivered?? Not too sure how I got it but its lovely.

Fancy a day of Scrapbooking in the Alvaston, Derby area?  Not sure what it is?  Why not come along and see for yourself.  Do you have a scrapbook started and would like to do a few more pages?  Saturday 3rd January 10ish till 4ish come for the morning, for the afternoon or stay for the day.  You will need to bring all your own card, photos etc. with you.  I do have a big shot and lots of dies if you would like to make some additional embellishments.  You dont have to book but please, do get in touch if you need details of the address.  Its just £1 per person for the tea and biscuit kitty.

Thanks for having a read on the last day of this year and I hope you have a wonderful day, what ever you are up to.


Monday's Catch Up

It was -3 when I got up this morning at around 5.15am  I dont know why I was up so early but it has given me chance to catch up with a bit of paperwork and to realise that I havent shared a few of my 100 happy day photos with you, which I shall do now.

All the reindeer food delivered ready for Rudolph and his friends.
Paul and I taking a walk to my parents.  We had to wrap up really well as it was cold outside and what a pair we look with our silly hats....but we was warm
All ready for Santa, its a lovely feeling knowing that you have done all you can do
My new radio so that I can listen to music, without all the interference, in my crafty space, thank you Santa.

The view from our garden, covered in snow.  It really was lovely to look at but not to go out in

Need I say anything about this empty box.....perfect

Cant wait to get this up in my crafty space, I love quotes that I can hang up, wonderful


 I have to get all my #MY100HAPPYDAYS in an album on face book apparently as I haven't been doing it correctly.....

Today is a day of decorating.  Once I have got the chores out of the way, we are decorating our bedroom,which is always exciting, so its a day at home today.

It is Scrapbooking / project life this Saturday, in Alvaston, Derby, if you fancy a go. 10ish till 4ish and you bring all your own bits and bobs as well as your lunch.  Tea / Coffee and cakes/biscuits are provided and its £1.50 for the day.  If you would like more information, all my details are on the right hand side, do please get in touch.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you enjoyed all the photos.  Have a lovely day


My favourite day

I woke up this morning thinking, what day is it?  I honestly didnt know and I was rather worried when I got up.  Made a cuppa and then saw the image above and realised, it doesnt matter what day today is does it?

Yesterday was an at home day which was smashing.  Got a lot of chores done and today I shall be doing a bit more.  The weather is very cold outside, its -1 at the moment so all that snow we had on Friday / Saturday has turned to ice, yikes.  I hope you all stay safe.

How about these bobby dazzlers,

The ends sparkle like anything, thank you so much Santa, they are brilliant.

I was fortunate enough to spend all afternoon and early evening in my crafty space, I put lots of bits away and made a start on a few New Year cards, as they need to be posted tomorrow.  I also have lots of birthdays in January and I hope to get all those cards ready by the end of today, nothing wrong in getting ahead.  Hubby came into crafty space around 6ish and asked if I was peckish, when I said I was he replied good, dinners on the table.  How sweet was that mind you, I am not sure how much more turkey I can eat.....

I know that January is going to be a busy month crafting and I cant wait, as the kids would say, bring it on. Are you into journaling? Something that you would like to try?  How about these

Season of Style Journal, Season of Style Stickers and Season of Style Tags.....the whole lot for £7.57 (only while stocks last) , a great way to save your memories of this Christmas?  Let me know if you want a set of these and then why not come along to the crafty space and join me for an afternoon or evening on filling up your journal on the second Thursday of each month? 

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day. 


This is where the magic happens

We had snow

 fortunately it is melting now but it was pretty frightening coming home last night in it.  The roads had not been treated at all and we lost control a couple of times.  We made it safe and sound though phew.  I dont mind looking at the snow but I am not confident in driving on it.  We had been told it was going to arrive but nothing was done to the roads?  I do hope that no one had serious problems in this last night. 

Today is a day at home YEAH.  If you are around Alvaston and fancy a cuppa and a chat, do please call in.  Be prepared to put a pinny on though.  I am going to be doing a few chores, a bit of cleaning and sorting and selling.  The new house just isnt big enough for lots of items so its a clean sweep, yikes.  Paul thinks I am brave.  The first of the items to go is my vibro plate. 

I was using this daily and wow, it really helped with toning and weight loss but I just dont have room at the moment, with all the decorating and moving things from one room to another, to put it up.  So I am selling it for £80 o.n.o.  It is all dismantled and ready to go so if you know of anyone looking for one, just let me know, it works perfectly.

Fingers crossed that Paul will get the hammer and nails out today to put up my little bits and pieces in the crafty space, especially this little one that Paul asked Santa to bring
He didnt manage it yesterday as we planted lots of plants and a Christmas tree that I got for Christmas.

Best get a wiggle on and get started, thank you for having a read and have a wonderful day, whatever you are up to.  Be careful in the snow


Do more of what makes you happy

 A very good morning from a very chilly Derby.  I hope everyone reading this had a great day yesterday, we did.  I had lots of wonderful presents including quite a few crafty bits and a few things to hang in the craft room, wonder if I can get Paul out with his hammer today?  Here are just a couple of photos of some lovely bits.....then my camera battery died, oopps


Yesterday was spent with Paul's son, Rob and the family, it was lovely.  I think this is the first time I have never cooked Christmas Day lunch.  We spoke to the girls in Cyprus on facetime in the morning and then spoke with them again and the rest of my Cypriot family in the evening.  We sat and watched Dr. Who, Eastenders, Miranda and the Call the Midwife all night long, with our feet up.  A perfect end to a perfect day.

I dont think I am hitting the sales today but if you are,  have fun.   We have a busy day and one I am looking forward to, including an hour in the craft room as soon as it gets light.

Thank you for having a read and I hope you enjoy the day, whatever you are up to.


Postman arrived

Goodness, the postman arrived this morning with a bag full of cards for us and so here they all are

as well as the others that I received on Satruday.  Thank you very much for these, they are all wonderful.  Lots of inspiration for next year too.

SU have another weekly deal on, which is here

If you would like anything, please do let me know as the next order will be going in at the weekend.

I think that's it from me for today.   Have a wonderful day whatever you are up to

Tuesday Twitter

Good morning from a fairly warm Derby.  I have had a rather busy few days, as you would expect at this time of year.

Here is my No. 19 #MY100HAPPYDAYS, I was so pleased to make these cards for the grandchildren.  The look on their faces when they opened them was amazing, they didnt expect these.  Brilliant to make up and I am really happy with the results

Saturday was lovely catching up with all lots of friends and then another surprise meal out but phew, I really must cut back on food.  I have put on over 4lbs in a few days and it isnt quite Christmas.  Sunday we had the wonderful Pippa with us for the day and boy, she loved it. 

Here she is trying to figure out if that is a bird on the bird table and this is my No. 20 #MY100HAPPYDAYS.  She made us laugh all day.  After a mad morning, chasing Paul in the garden, running around the house at half past 2 she just got in her bed and slept for a couple of hours.

Monday was another busy day, a bit of food shopping, cleaning and sorting.  The plumber was with us most of the day as the heating system in this house hasnt had a service for many years and it needed doing so that it can last us throughout the Winter.  Well that is done and now we have plans to turn the little utility room into a second toilet next Spring once we have a new heating system put in. 

The garden has been tided, the gate and fence around my crafty space all painted and protected and the fairly garden has been started.  The vine has been cut back and its all starting to look a little tidier.

Paul, my hubby, made me a little wreath from some lavender that we have growing outside, in fact we have tons of it.

So this is my No.  21#MY100HAPPYDAYS photo.

Here is another lovely handmade card that I received

Thank you Pam.

Off out first thing this morning for a wonderful day.  Thank you for having a read and have a great day yourself 


Mince Pies, Lemon Cake and Vanilla cakes

Saturday is here at last.  I baked yesterday, ready for today's fuddle

Hope to see some lovely ladies later today, the more the merrier. If you are reading this and fancy coming along, then please do.

Well, I totally forgot to share the bag, tag and card I made for Tracy's wedding earlier this week

I got so much pleasure out of making these that I cant wait for the next special occassion to make more.  I used a very retired stamp from Stampin' Up!, one that I purchased when I became a demonstrator and one that I just cant part with.  I would like to use this on a scrapbook page early next year.

Pippa is coming over for the day tomorrow whoop whoop, do you remember Pippa, we had her for a week last Christmas. 

Well tomorrow its for the day but in a few weeks, she will stay for 5 days, cant wait.  I love dog sitting as I get my little fix and then hand her back.

I am off to the hairdressers first thing and then I have a few treats to make.    What are you all up to today? I do hope you have a lovely day