Postman has been

Yes that's right, the postman has been and yes, there was an unusual looking envelope for me.
Inside the envelope was this lovely card, well I thought it was a card,

until I opened it and WOW, just look what was inside.

Helen has very kindly made one for all her downlines. Here is mine attached to my craft bag.

Thank yo so much Helen.


A Flower for all Seasons

I have this stamp set but havent used it as much as I should. Seeing the following two cards has given me some inspiration so hopefully, when I am able, I will get this set out.

This card has been made by Becki. I love the way she has used the circle scallop punch with the 1 3/4" circle. I tend to use the small circle and then mat that onto the scallop. A brilliant idea, one that I cant wait to have a go at.
This lovely spring card has been made by Caroline using the same stamp set but its totally different with Poppy Parade, Daffodil Delight and Pear Pizzaz card. I think SU have lovely names for their colours
Thanks for having a read today.


Weddings are in the air. Pauls son is getting married at the end of March and of course there is my wedding to finish organising. We have got some things sorted but still lots more to do, especially finding my dress to wear on the day and decide on the invites that need to be made.

I wanted to share this stunning card that Carole made. I dont know if you can see all the shiny lines behind the image which she has created with the small Stampin Up background stamp, another one that I have and havent used.

Thank you Carole


Punched Card

Yippee its Friday, hope you all feel this way too.

I keep sharing all the cards with you that I have received because I dont have any of my own at the moment. I cant sit and craft as my knee gets rather painful after a few minutes but I am keeping myself busy catching up with programmes that I have recorded, chatting with all my visitors and just pottering. Sleeping is still a bit of a problem as I am not getting a full nights sleep but I am happy to say that my knee is improving.

Here is a card that I got from Lindsey. She has made this using lots of different punches, isnt it clever.

Thanks for having a read


Jackie has given me this card. She has made it using Tiny Tags, Bliss and sweetheart stamp sets. What a very clever idea.

This lovely bright floral card has been made by Helen with the Vintage Vogue stamp set.
Thank you ladies.

Artistic Etchings

At last I have an appointment to see someone about my knee. It isnt at the hospital though its at a place that specialise in knees, supposedly. Lets just hope that I can find out what is wrong. I can say that my knee really is improving, which is a good sign.

It has been lovely to have all the visitors that been in and out, thank you.

Here is a card that Emma has made using the Stampin Up Artistic Etchings set of stamps which is lovely.
Sorry its short and sweet, sitting at the computer is still a bit of a problem for me.

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day


Tuesday Twitterings

Tuesday again where I normally have a twitter about this and that. Unfortunately not a lot to go on about this Tuesday.

So I will share with you a card that Carol made.
Its has been created using the wonderful Funky Four stamp set which I havent had chance to use yet but this is such an inspirational card, so bright and colourful. Oh I cant wait to get crafting properly again. If you would like to see more of the fantastic creations that Carol has made HERE is her blog, well worth a good look through. Thank you for the card Carol.

Have a lovely day today and thank you for having a read


A restful Sunday

Good morning to everyone that visits. Sunday is the day of rest or it should be but how many of us do actually get a rest on a Sunday? I dont normally but today I shall be.

I recently received this wonderful little packet from Elaine.
It was even more wonderful when I took off the belly band (thats the band that goes around the card to hold it shut) to find this inside

A close up of the little verse which is just perfect. Thank you so much Elaine. If you would like to see some more of her creations, just click HERE.

Thanks for having a read.


New discovery

It's the weekend YEAH which means that Paul will be home with me for a couple of days. Whilst I do like my own company it can get a bit monotinous day after day so the weekends are a treat. We are also expecting family to visit this afternoon.

I thought I would show you this little bag and card that I made some time ago. The bag started life as an envelope. I have used Pick a Petal stamp set from Stampin' Up!, one of the very first sets that I got in my starter kit.

Here are a few close ups.

The handle was created by first punching out an oval onto regal rose card. I then used the oval scallop punch to go around the hole and voila. Christiana if you need more explanation tell me and I will put some pictures up for you.
The flower was created by stamping out the image and then cutting it out. I used the small 1" punch for the centre of the flower.

And here is the tag, not very central I am afraid but there is plenty of space to write a little message on the back.

Do you remember some time ago I told you about the glue that I got on a card? I used the amazing eraser from SU and the card was saved.

As I was making the bag, I needed to something to rest the flowers on so that I could use my pokey tool to make a hole for the brad to go through and guess what was to hand, yep, the eraser.

Not only that but I used the large end of my embossing tool to rub the end of the petals so that they would curve slightly and the eraser was perfect to lean on as it is a bit spongy.

Christiana, I will be sending you one of these as I think that it is a must have, does anyone else want one when I put my order in next week?
I can offer free p+p on this item for any orders placed over the next week if you are local to me or there will be just a £1.00 postage fee for me to post this out to you.

Sorry its been such a long post, it has taken me even longer to type it all out bit by bit. Thanks for having a read and have a lovely weekend


That Friday feeling

even though I am off work, I still have that Friday nice.

I have been very lucky to get one of these wonderful broaches that Caroline made.

She has used the owl from the FREE stamp set in the sale a bration offer, we should be getting the punch to match this in just a couple of months time. Caroline's owl has been highly glossed with crystal effects (from SU) and its just lovely. To see what else Caroline has been up to, please visit her blog HERE. She is one very talented lady.

And what about this bookmark from Donna?

Donna has used the Love you much stamp set along with I (heart) hearts on Marina Mist card stock. Thank you Donna. To see more of her fabulous projects, just have a look HERE.

I shall be putting both of these into my album and hopefully when I am able to, I may have to make some of my own.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day



Look what I received....

Some good news, my car passed its MOT. Paul took it for me a couple of nights ago and YEAH, no problems. I do have to purchase 2 new tyres though a.s.a.p. and have you seen the price of tyres, wow, some shopping around to be done that's for sure.

I received this card from Germaine, isnt it adorable and so many punches have been used to create this.

Thank you so much, it has certainly given me some inspriration, if only I could do a bit of crafting. No news from the hospital yet but fingers crossed I will get seen soon.

Only 11 days left for SALE A BRATION. Have you already managed to get one of the four free stamp sets? If you would like more information on how you can get your hands on one of these, give me a call on 01332 721877.

Thanks for having a read of this quick post this morning.


Catching up

I thought I would show you a Christmas card that I made recently but forgot to post it on here. Its another one for my box. No sentiment as yet, I will put that on nearer the time but its one less to worry about in December. I have used Stampin Up! lovely as a tree stamp set for the branches, this set really is so versatile, along with my favourite Old Olive card stock.

I am not able to do too much, sit down for a while, get up and walk around for a while and then its lazing on the settee with my leg up to rest it. Getting tedious so I hope the hospital get in touch soon. I am still getting up during the night time and brrr its so cold and so quiet. I just have a walk around, make a drink, move my leg a bit and then go back to bed but in the morning, I am shattered.......

This picture is for Christiana, its a cake that I made. It was a normal victoria sponge but I punched out 3 stars from the Stampin' Up! star punch and put them on top of the cake before dusting it with icing sugar......another use for the punches.

Thanks for stopping by for a read today. Looking forward to reading your comments later. Have a lovely day, whatever you are up to.


Tuesday Twitterings

I know I said I was going to cut down on posts but I didnt mean that I wouldnt be posting at all, I cant believe that a week has gone by, doesnt time fly....but we have had the 'time' topic before. Thank you to everyone for all your concern over my knee, which still is quite painful. I haven't heard from the hospital yet and the doc wont let me go back to work until I have been to see a specialist. The swelling has gone down but I have a strange lump on my knee and it looks all out of place so it's feet up for another few weeks. I shall be pottering each day doing a little of this and a little of that.

Valentine's day yesterday and Paul gave me a lovely box of chocs and a really funny card. He cooked a fantastic tea last night, garlic mushrooms, steak and all the trimmings, scrumming. Its back on the diet today though, if I am sitting around I don't want to be undoing all the hard work I have put in with the diet and put the weight back on.

What do you think of these little treats? Aren't they wonderful?

I was lucky enough to get one from Monica, another Stampin' Up! demonstrator who creates the most amazing projects and cards. Thank you Monica.

I have been getting quite a few bits and pieces and here is another wonderful card that Ali made using the Printed Petals stamp set, so bright and vibrant and I just love the colour scheme, melon mambo, tempting turquoise and daffodil delight.

Thanks for taking the time and having a read.

Tuesday Twitterings

Not a lot of news for you on this brrrrr cold Tuesday morning. How fast the weather changes, going from minus freezing to a bit of sunshine, lots of rain, lots of gales and now back to very cold. Spring really has to be just around the corner, doesnt it.

I havent done a lot of blogging as I cant really sit at the computer for more than a few minutes (due to knee) but I am back at the doctors next week. I am up two or three times in the wee early hours having to have a walk around but fortunately, being off work I can have a snooze during the daytime and catch up on my sleep.

Here are some sweet treats that I made recently using lots of bright Stampin' Up! card (some of it retired) and the Heart and Star Punches. Inside is a little love heart chocolate.

I hope that this will do for Pauls Valentines Day pressie as I cant get out to the shop to buy him anything else.

Chritiana is crafting 'yeah' and she is going to send me some pictures to share with you.

It has been lovely the last few days catching up with lots of friends, old and new.....thank you to everyone for all your help whilst Paul is away, it really is appreciated. MIL is on the mend too. She went back to the hospital and has to go again this week. If the xrays are okay this week then they will leave the plaster on for 4 weeks and hopefully, it will all be mended.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a great day whatever you are up to.



I got up yesterday morning to find plants, table and chairs all blown down the side of the house and plonked against the shed wall now I know that it is windy out there but this has never happened before. For the past couple of days the wind has howled all around which I dont mind during the daytime but its a bit spooky at night. On the positive side, the temperature outside has really shot up and its 12 - 13 degrees, spring is on its way.

I struggled to put plants, table and chairs to rights slowly but it felt really creepy outside. I had a feeling of being watched. Okay so the neighbours windows look out onto the side of the house but it still didnt feel right. A little later I went upstairs and out of the corner of my eye I saw something move on the roof of the garage, which is behind my house. Imagine my surprise when I saw two foxes playing. If you click on the photos below to enlarge them you can get a good picture of what I saw.

I watched them for a while and to my horror I saw one of them jump from the garage roof onto my shed roof and walk around. I am now wondering, was there a fox on the shed roof watching me when I was putting the table and chairs straight earlier in the day.....creepy.

I have a few more baby cards to share with you.

And in a bit more detail

I have used lots of SU pinks, greens and blues to make these and the fun fast note set from Stampin' Up!. With 8 stamps in this set it really is good value for money and so versatile. Instead of stamping the whole image with the words underneath the image, I stamped these seperately and then used the word window punch and large lable punch for the sentiment, finishing them off with little hearts which again is a SU punch.

Thanks for having a read this morning. I hope you have a lovely weekend


Anne made these

Good morning from a quite mild Derby. I have been looking for cards to share with you that you havent seen before and here are a couple of cards that Anne made, arent they lovely. She did these a few months ago for one of the events we attended, I think it was the papermax show.

Do you remember the lovely little plant that Anne gave me ohh way back before Christmas? She told me that the flowers would last for 21 days. Well it lasted longer than that but it was such a cute little thing I decided to keep it on the kitchen window sill and water it. It has remained green for weeks and I have had to remove a few leaves that died. My efforts have paid off because look what is just peeping through.

Not the best of photos but in the middle of all that greenery are a few white buds sticking through.

I have been told that Christiana is returning to her craft room today YEAH. After a week spent in the hospital and a week at home recovering today will be her first day to make some cards. We shall have to figure out a way of putting some pictures of her cards onto the blog so that I can share them with you.

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day.


Mid Week Moan

Moan I hear you say, yep a moan, sometimes its good for the soul. I am moaning about my knee, it is swollen, painful and I just cant get comfy with it. I went to the docs and he is referring me to the hospital, there is a lot of fluid behind the knee which is a concern to him. The system for referrals has changed. The doctor no longer sends a letter to the hospital which results in you getting an appointment, oh no. The new system is the dr faxes the hospital, okay so thats quicker. You then get a telephone call from the hospital about your appointment which means that you have to stay at home to get the call. In my case that's fine because I cant go out if I wanted to but I just think its a strange, no letters?? I think its called progression or something similar....moan over.

MIL is doing really well with her broken wrist. She has been back to the hospital and had it all set. She told us that it took 4 doctors/male nurses to get it right but she didnt mind cause they were all dishy (MIL is in her 80's). I will see her this evening as Paul is going to pick her up and bring her home for a couple of hours.

I cant do much crafting at the moment because I cant sit down for very long, I have to keep walking around, then sit for few mins and then rest my leg on the settee which all gets a bit tedious but hay, I want to get the problem sorted out and get rid of the pain so I will do as I am told. I am off work for a couple of weeks so at least I will get some pottering done. The major problem for me is that once I go to bed I sleep for a few hours and wake up in pain. I know it's because my knee has been in one position for so long it hurts so I get up, come downstairs and have a drink and a walk around. I am up for a couple of hours and then go back to bed. It also means I need a nap in the afternoon too. But its so strange being up in the middle of the night.

I thought I would share this card with you, it was made a few weeks ago, clean and simple.

I am sorting out lots of cards that I havent shared with you before.

Thanks for having a read and listening to my moans, have a lovely day