Happy Birthday Leah

Good morning and it is a late one today as I had a lie in, a well deserved one too.  I am so pleased to say we still dont have any snow.  My heart goes out to those that do, especially with all the other problems it brings, no electricity, not able to get out etc. etc. 

Yesterday lots and lots of wonderful friends came to visit and we had a lovely relaxed day in the craft room.  Thank you so much for coming round and keeping me company.  Quite a few calendars were made and we discovered just what you can do with the memories and more packs that Stampin' Up! sell.  More about those tomorrow.

It is Leah's birthday today and here is the card that I sent.  The stamp was a free one from a magazine which was stamped once onto the card and once onto Stampin' Up! Shimmery White card which was coloured in (that card is wonderful to water colour on).
It is always difficult to know what to buy for people who have a birthday just before or just after Christmas so I do opt for a gift voucher so that the birthday girl has a year to spend it on what ever is needed.

Today is tidy day.  We have moved so many things from there to here and from here to there for over a week, so now it is time to put things in their home otherwise I will be struggling to find something I am looking for.   Paul is also putting some cupboard doors onto my units in the craft room and I need to decided which 5 items I shall be selling today. 

Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a Fantastic Friday.  Tracey x


Last of the Christmas Cards

Good morning and with a temperature of 0 degrees brrr it is cold.  No snow and non forecast phew.  I am pleased about that.

I think this is the last of the cards that I have sent out for Christmas 2017.

The robin stamps have proved to be a hit and next year they will all be tags for presents.

Yesterday we had a stroll around the crem and boy was it cold.  I mean really cold. I couldnt walk to fast and my ears were burning from the cold wind.  It was a wonderful sight to see, all the wreaths and floral tributes everywhere.  I dont ever remember it being so colourful and it was still so peaceful.  This was followed by a lovely lunch and then a stroll around Ikea.  Dont ask lol.  The Craft Room will be undergoing some subtle changes over the next few weeks.

Today the kettle will be on from10am and if you have some free time, it will be lovely to see you in The Craft Room.  Pop in for a cuppa and a catch up as well as having a go at making a calendar.  Whether it is for half an hour, half a day or the whole day.

Short and sweet this morning as I have a few bits and pieces to do.  Thanks for having a read and I wish you a terrific Thursday.  Tracey x


WOYWW - 447

Good morning and whilst it was forecast for snow last night, we have woken up here in Derby to rain, phew.  I really dont like the snow.

It is such a long time since I have posted in WOYWW that I thought that this week it was time I changed that and here is my desk this morning, all ready to continue creating.  There are some new stamps that happened to drop into my basket and ready to mount up,  a few cards that need inserts (lots of birthdays in January) and a tub of cards that need just a finishing touch.
What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday is the day where we can all nip around the UK and other parts of the world into the craft areas of fellow crafters to see what they have on their work spaces, all courtesy of our host, Julia.  If you would like to find out more, just click HERE.

After a rather strange week I realise that I am fast running out of days to share the last of the Christmas cards made, before it is the New Year.  So here is yet another little fellow that made it on to a Christmas card this year.  Around 10 of these got made.
Again my lack of photography skills dont show his beak, eyes and legs shinning in crystal effects. Loved making these cards and hope that another 10 or so will get made over the next year.

Today is our day to go and lay some flowers for some very special folk that couldn't be with us this Christmas.  We shall get the cobwebs blown off, as they say followed by a pub lunch.  I hope to be in the craft room for an hour this evening, just having a potter as you do.

Thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday.  Tracey x


Boxing Day 2017

Good morning.  The weather has changed already, yesterday we woke up to 11.1 degrees and today it is 4 degrees but I am snug as a bug in a warm house with a cuppa and no plans today, so I don't mind.

How was your Christmas Day?  A big hug to all those that are not feeling to well and I wish you a very speedy recovery.  Our day was lovely although I didn't take one photograph. We had a lazy morning opening presents.  A massive THANK YOU goes out to everyone, I feel utterly and totally spoilt by all the lovely gifts I received.  I adored my secret santa present too, mind you it took us ages to figure out who the gift belonged to, just a present under the tree on its own with no named tag,  silly me.  Then it was out to Sisters for a wonderful Christmas lunch.  I even managed to drive home which was a great feeling, not having driven for quite a while.

Are you off to the sales today?  I know a few folks are and if you are one of them, good luck.  Today I shall be having another relaxed day with hubby, investigating the presents a little more and finding homes for all my smashing bits and pieces.  I do hope to get into the craft room at some stage too.

Here is another of the Christmas cards that was sent out

One that was made during one of the many 'Christmas Card and Chatter Evenings'.  These will be starting up again for 2018 and the first one will be on 12th January. 

Christmas cards are wonderful to receive and I often wonder if everyone receives the ones that I send out.  If they are given by hand then you know for sure but Paul and I spend quite a few ££'s on 'Stamp n Deliver' as well as the Royal Mail each year.  I guess all I can do is keep my fingers crossed.

Thank you for popping in and having a read, I wish you a lovely Boxing Day.  Tracey x


Its the season....

Good morning and what a difference a day makes, well a steroid injection really.  I am pleased to say I am practically pain free and my feet dont feel as though I am walking on pebbles all the time.  I slept so well so feel like a different person today.

Last night was wonderful, we (that is the royal we). were able to cook for mum and dad and they spent the evening with us. We dont get to do that very often so it was nice. 

Here is a tree that I purchased last year, in a rather broken state.  It had been reduced 5 times and I managed to get it for less that £5.
It was carefully put up in the loft when I purchased it and this year I repaired it with lots of TLC.  Not the best photo but you are more than welcome to come for a cuppa and view it.

Last weekend Pam took me to a lesson on how to make a door hanging wreath.  Well with a bit of help I managed to make one and whilst it isn't the best I am so pleased with it.
 I have even booked in to go again in December 2018 but I will have a bit more knowledge.

Paul is taking me into town this morning and this evening we have the family round for a bite to eat, just buffet this time.  So it will be lovely to see what the grandchildren are up to.  Of course, that leaves all afternoon to go and play in the craft room, a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

It is wonderful and warm again today, just the way I like it, hope you do too.  Thank you for nipping in for read today and I hope you have a smashing Saturday, what ever you are up to.  Tracey x


Fantastic Friday

Good morning and it is still morning (but only just).  We have had a busy few days with visitors (which is fantastic).  I never so no to having visitors.   Paul has also taken me out and about in the evenings to see all the family as I have missed seeing them, this is due to me not being able to drive.  The Steroid injection I had in November wore off so quickly and has left me in quite a bit of a state.  It was so bad this morning that I couldnt even walk very well.  Never mind because I am still smiling and able to do a few bits and pieces pottering but today, at 9.30 to be precise, I got another Steroid injection, 5 weeks earlier than I should but that will kick in by Sunday and I get a few more weeks of being pain free and nights where I can sleep, phew.

For the rest of today we are home, pottering around as you do and I have such a lovely feeling of being 'about there' for Santa.  Paul is going to take me out for a drive tomorrow to hand deliver a few cards and then that is it. 

Here is one of the Special cards that have been made.

I have been asked a few times to explain how to make this so I shall attempt a video, oh yes.  I have had a few practices and whilst Paul is off to help me, I shall have another go.  This is using Stampin' Up! Colours with a very old Stampendous stamp and some White Cosmic Shimmer Glue.  A lot of crystal effects and glitter which doesnt photograph too well.

Thursday, 28th December is a perfect day to share the new Stampin' Up! Spring Brochures, to tell you about the Sale a Bration and to make the Calendars for next year.  Please do pop in at anytime from 10.00am.  There will be some kind of cakes, lots of refreshments and a lovely day spent with friends.  If you want to come for the day, you are more than welcome.

Off to find some lunch, thanks for having a read and I wish you a fantastic Friday x


Birthday Girls

Good morning and whoop whoop, a little more movement in the fingers today.  What was worse was that yesterday, my right knee wouldnt behave tut tut.  Feeling much better today, not perfect but better than yesterday.

Everything is just about ready for Santas visit whoop whoop.  Today I shall just go through the 'TO DO" list to make sure nothing has been forgotten especially as it is the last day for Stamp and Deliver.  I have another couple of cards that have to be put in the box.

I had a bit of a shock yesterday.  Our home insurance is due at the start of December and we checked the prices, found the company we are with still very competative and renewed.  An email was received to say that the policy was attached and could we just check it.  Well to be honest, I didnt bother with it but Paul being Paul said he would have a quick flick through the 37 pages.  Thank goodness he did.  The insurance company have only changed their values of insurance on out building in case of theft.  It dropped to £1000.  OMG, how could they do this and not tell us.  So last night we spent more than 3 hours speaking with other companies.  It seems that it is a general thing now, if your outbuilding is damaged by wind, fire, flood etc. it has stayed at a high value of insurance but not if there is a theft.  Today is the 14th day of us renewing our original policy, I do hope we can cancel it as we have found a better insurance elsewhere....goodness.
The stamp set Beautiful You never fails.  It has got to be a classic that will go on and on as long as the Lovely as a Tree stamp set.
It was my nieces birthday and as they both love to dance, these are their cards.  They were 15 this year, goodness, time does go by so very quickly.

Today it is The Craft Room day, to go through the drawers, to put things straight and to get it ready to use again.  It is taking me just ages and ages as the hands are not working as well as they should but I do get great enjoyment out of putting it all nice and tidy.

Thanks for having a ready today, wishing you a lovely Tuesday.  Tracey x


Poorly fingers

Hello and only a short post today as fingers are really playing up and its quite awkward to type.  Great news is that Hubby is off work today and we are catching up with the 101 little jobs that need doing.

Yesterday he took me into town to get one or two gifts and we were so fortunate to be is M&S when the tree decorations I fell in love with were knocked down to half price.  Well when he said 'do you want a couple' I jumped at the chance.  As they are glass, got to go and get the green hooks to hang them on the tree with and then of course, I will need a box to store them in.  Well worth it though.

Today I hope to catch up with emails, if I can and clean the craft room.  It is still in 'fuddle mode' yikes.

I completed some cards that I started last year and here is one of them

It is already posted out and on its way but it was rather fiddly to do and I loved every minute of it, then putting all the elements together.  Very pleased with this.

Right, I will get a bit of a wiggle on and try to do what I can do.  Wishing you a fantastic Friday and thank you for having a read Tracey x


Happiest of Days

Good  morning and here we are Wednesday already.  The weather in Derby is a bit better today, with the rain we had last night and the warmer temperature today (3.4 degrees), the snow has almost gone.  I can tell you that the boiler has had a bit of a struggle over the last few days so Paul has been in touch with someone to come out and give us an energy check, to see if there is something that we can do to make the house warmer.

The bi fold doors in the kitchen got fixed yesterday whoop whoop.  This has however caused a problem with the locking of the doors, oh they can be locked but it is hard to the company with be back.  Do you find that this is typical today? One job that gets done creates another one to do?

All my ironing managed to get done yesterday whoop whoop.  There was one shirt washed with lots of other bits but the other bits didnt need ironing.  The shirt got put on the ironing board and the iron went  'blurgh'.  Water just poured out of the holes and it didnt get hot.  So we now have to go and buy a new iron but I wont be in a rush to do it.  No ironing.

Here is another Christmas card that has been made.

I am still loving this Happiest of Days stamp set, for all occasions. The parcels were stamped in Archival Black ink once on the card and once on some scrap pieces.  The scrap pieces were coloured in with the markers and fussy cut then stuck on the card with dimensionals.  The greeting is a new one from Snowflake Sentiments.

I ran out of tags..........I say the same thing every single year and each year I believe that I have made more.  Unless I am just buying more gifts?  Anyway, today the craft room needs a clean up from THE fuddle and whilst I am in there, I shall have to see if there are more tags.

Well I am off to start my day, a little earlier again so I hope to have a nana nap later.  Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday x


Another Lovely as a Tree

Good morning but what a bitterly cold one it is.  At the moment it is -3.4 degrees outside and it has gone half past 9am.  I shall be staying in today even though my shoulder is a lot easier.  Too cold to go out.

Lovely as a Tree stamp set never goes out of style

These cards have been created by sponging over the card with Marina Mist and Night of Navy with a softer colour at the bottom, Sarah Sand and Crumb Cake.  Of course the moon effect was masked before any sponging was done.
  I cant tell you how much glitter is on the trees but as usual, I cant capture it too well, this close up shows a little better.  Using this technique means that no two cards are the same and it really is good fun using the sponge.

I did eventually manage to get in the craft room yesterday and how warm and toasty it was.  A few more cards have been put together which I am pleased with.  Today I am expecting the window people to come and replace the bi fold doors but they were due at 9am and nothing yet.  Brrrr it will be cold then.

Thanks for having a read today and I do hope you have a lovely Tuesday.  Tracey x



Good morning.  A lot colder today than yesterday but not as much fun to look at.  Paul got to work okay this morning which was good.  I think all the main roads in our area are fine but, as usual, the little roads are a bit tricky.  It is still minus degrees out there so I shall stay in the house and potter for another couple of hours.  I am thankful that I dont have to drive today but it would have been tricky anyway, left shoulder playing up this morning.

Here are a couple of photos that I think are really nice that we managed to captured yesterday

 As promised here is the group photo from Friday night.  Thanks to Paul who took this for us.

We really did have a wonderful time and I cant thank everyone enough for their friendship over the last year.  Not everyone could make it for many different reasons and you were missed.  I am looking forward to many more years together ladies and also catching up with those that couldnt make it.

This wonderful creation was made by Yvonne using olives and cheeses, tomatoes and carrots.
Very tasty it was too.

No matter how small and item or how large a package, please take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING from Stampin' Up! until 10.59 tonight.  If you place your own order do remember the hostess code and get the items delivered right to your door.  Just get in touch if you need a hand or would prefer your goodies to be delivered the usual way, but FREE.  Another order will be placed around 7pm tonight.
Well for some reason I am 40 Christmas cards short AAARRRRGGGGHHH.  Guess where I will be this afternoon and I have a little help coming too, phew.  I dont mind really as I love everything Christmassy, I just need to be brave and go outside to the craft room.

Thank you for having a read today, stay safe out on those roads and have a Magical Monday.  Tracey x


Pretty Bags

Good morning and it is a very brrrrr morning, -1.8 at the moment.  Of course the first thing I did was look outside but no snow, just a lot of ice, everywhere is frozen.  I can cope with that, I shall just stay inside, nice and warm until it all melts away, no problem.

Yesterday I got the bus!  It was an experience, the driver was dressed as Santa, there was no one else on the bus, really, not a soul. I did wonder to start with if it was a bus to take me into town and I had a bit of a banter with the driver, who was so friendly.   It did take a long time to get into town and it did only go to the bus station in town, not stopping off anywhere else,  so I had a bit of walk when I got off but, I did it and was very proud of myself.  If anyone would like to meet up in town for a coffee, just give me a shout lol.

Last night was the annual crafting fuddle and it was FANTASTIC.  Mmmm, fuddle, let me explain.  It is where a group of people meet up, everyone brings a plate of food and puts it on the buffet table for all to enjoy and boy did we enjoy it.  I cant remember the last time I got to sit down and chat to everyone.  Thank you to everyone that came you made the evening just perfect.  We had a couple of games of bingo but this time, we had a chappie in (on the ipad) to shout the number out.  Of course there was a bit of a dress up and photos of the evening will be following shortly.  I was so sorry that a few people couldn't make it due to other commitments, ill health etc.

Here is a photo of my 'pretties' dresser.  I keep my pretty embellishments on here so that if they are always in view, I will use them and it works.  But I just added some lovely packaging that was made for the pen club ladies.  Each bag has their initial on which has been made using the large alphabet dies.  The bags I used are just perfect.

I dont think I shared these wonderful rosettes that sort came to The Craft Room from Birmingham last month.  Someone at the Stampin' Up! head office has loving made these and now they are on display on my wall.  Thank goodness for 3M sticky foam.

Well thank you for having a read today.  Hope you manage to stay warm and have a great day whatever you are doing.  Today we decorate with Christmas ornaments....YEAH x


Happy Birthday Kirsty

Good morning.  Snow was forecast but there is nothing there, phew.  I dont like snow if I have to go out.

There is a fuddle in the craft room tonight.  If you can come along anytime after 5pm it will be lovely to see you, to catch up and to swap news.  Just bring a something to add to the food table and if you want to take part in the secret santa, a wrapped pressie to the value of £5.00.  As well as the usual friendly chatter, catching up, Christmas music and laughter, there will be a make and take (bring some glue) and a game of bingo with prizes.  It really would be nice to see everyone that can make it.

It was Kirstys birthday earlier this week and this is the card that was made for her.

A sweet card for a sweet niece. 

I have lots of crafting goodies all wrapped, ready and awaiting collection.  I know it is a busy time for everyone but if you are in the area, please do call in. 

Thank you for having a read and I look forward to seeing all those that can make it later tonight.  Xmas headgear is a must x


Colours of Christmas

Good Morning and it is rather good as it is warm outside. Not as warm as yesterday but I would like to do a bit of pottering in the greenhouse, if I am up to it today.

It is time to get the Crimbo cards finalised so with a little help, I shall be doing just that.  It has been wonderful to make a few each month.  I just hope that there are enough made.

Speaking of Christmas, here old meets new on this card.

With Soft Suede, Real Red and Very Vanilla colours I feel that this is traditional.  I am so happy with the new musical background stamp as it is really useful for lots of projects.  The Lovely as a Tree stamp set, which has been going for years is still used on a regular basis and I am pleased that it is still available to purchase.   Now the tree may not be totally straight but hay,  that is fine by me.  I am sorry you cant see all the wonderful glitter on the tree, the photo doesn't capture it.  That could be because I never did get any photography tips.

Thanks for popping in today to have a read and I hope you have a really nice day, whatever you are up to.  Tracey x


A Monday with Sparkle

Good morning.  I expect that life will return to a bit of normality now that my 4 girls have been, had fun and left again.  We have had so many wonderful moments that lots of new memories have been made.  I promised them that I wouldnt do any type of cleaning while they were here and I didnt. Evanthia has been named Miss Primark 2017, I cant tell you how many Primark bags she purchased FULL of clothes.  Their trip to Chester was a great success which is more than can be said for their trip to London.  They got caught up in the suspected terrorist incident, mass hysteria, stampedes and in a 'lock down' for nearly two hours.  They dont want to return to London and I cant explain how afraid I was.  I am pleased that is behind us.
Christiana had a comfy flight to Cyprus, the temperature yesterday was 23 and the evening was 11 so already, she can feel the difference.  Unfortunately her hands are not the best but she is on antibiotics and if we keep our fingers crossed, they will soon heal.  Yesterday she spent the afternoon/evening with her sisters and friends and sisters boyfriends etc.  She is being well looked after.
Stampin; Up! have their year end sales.  Just click HERE and it will take you to the sale page where you can see all the retiring and sale items.  If you would like to place an order just let me know.  If you are going make an order online, please remember to use the hostess code 4VAU4PHE and a little thank you will be on it's way to you just after Santa has been.

Last week was Hollies birthday
 It is a brand new stamp set and there are all kinds of things in the set, knights, dragons, wizzards etc.  It is great for all ages.  Watch this space for more ideas with the set.

Of course, as December arrived, just looked who appeared, I think we may a little fun with this chappie again this year.
And as it is December, just look how this plant is flowering, it looks stunning and is getting bigger each day.

Well I had best make a move because if I dont, I wont be able to as I will have set.  Thanks for having a read today and I wish you a wonderful Monday.  Tracey  x