Thursdays Moan - sorry

Who would have thought that the weather would have turned so cold so was nearly 30 degrees last weekend and today we are lucky if it will reach 12 brrrr.....although I know that Jackie will be happy. Knee is still painful and I am fed up of hobbling around and I expect Paul is fed up of me asking him to do things. How we all take little things for granted such as putting shoes on, bending down, walking up and down stairs, making a dash for the phone. Sorry for being grumpy about it but it does get me down...moan over.
At least the craft room is staying clean as I cant use it...thought I would show you a few cards I made a couple of weeks ago during a playing couple of hours

Thank you for having a read and have a lovely day


What's on your Workdesk Wednesday 51

Yesterday I was having a flick through blogs whilst having a cuppa and stumbled across this amazing Wednesday session, which is just for fun. You need to take a picture of your work area on a Wednesday and share it with others so I thought I would join in for the first time today.

As my workspace is an L shape, I have taken one picture to show the layout and then the following 2 photos so that you can see what is on it.

Nope, I didnt clean it all up for the photos, it has been like this for a week as I cant sit to do any crafting at the, what do we have, envelopes are out as I have lots of envelopes this size and need to make cards to fit. I have found that I keep making 4 x 4 cards or C6 cards and I have ran out of that size envelope, typical...then there is the x cut paper crimper that needs to be returned, it has a lifetime guarantee but mine is broken (dont ask), stamps for cleaning and a stamp that I purchased and dont like. Then there are cards that require inserts and images that I have stamped ready for colouring and mounting. Hopefully this time next week I will have been able to do some crafting.....

Thanks for having a read.


Tuesdays Twitterings

the weather man has said it's going to be 18 degrees in Derby today, still lovely. I do feel for all of you who are reading this that struggle with the heat of the summer...personally I love it when it's hot....must be all those years I spent in Cyprus.

Went to see the doc about my knee, nothing broken urhh but I knew that. He got me moving it all around (I sure did wince a lot and I think I pulled a few funny faces)....the verdict is that he doesnt believe there is any lasting damage but as its so swollen he's not 100% convinced about it. I have to rest it, try to potter on it and have it elevated at night time....carry on taking the painkillers and if the swelling and pain have gone down I can go back to work Tuesday of next week, if not I have to go back to see him. I may need to have physiotherapy once it has gone back to it's normal its another feet up day today sigh.....

Here is a little bag that we made on our morning with Kelly. I didnt put in a link yesterday for Kelly's blog, sorry but here it is KELLY

I hope you all have a lovely day and I will catch up with the comments over a cuppa later. Thanks for taking the time to have a read.


Melting Monday

....phew its a bit warm this morning. So did you manage to sleep last night?

No work for me today, I am going to visit the doctor. Fingers crossed that I can get an appointment today. Sometimes we have to wait a few days before we can get an appointment, this time though I may tell them that its urgent.

Last weekend a few of us SU demonstrators went for a get together at the super talented Kelly's. If you havent visited her blog you must....she is amazing. Anyway we had a wonderful morning with her and this is one of the cards she showed us how to make using the carousel notes.

You get 4 so saffron, 4 pretty in pink and 4 mellow moss notes in a pack with 12 chocolate chip envelopes. The price is £9.25 plus p+p but well worth it. If you would like some please let me know by 28th as I shall be placing an order on this date.

I have been doing a bit of redecorating - do you like the new look, let me know what you think, is it too bold, a bit bright or do you like it? UPDATED The decorating refers to the blog page colour/layout, sorry for not being clear...oops

Have a great day whatever you are doing and dont forget, drink plenty of water and use the sun lotion. Thanks for having a read


Scorching Sunday

...and that just the evening. Currently it is 22 degrees in Derby and it's was 29.6 just after lunch time. Today has been hotter than Cyprus and the girls are laughing about it.

Knee is still causing me a lot of pain...sleeplessness....and generally getting a bit fed up with it. I can sit in one position for about 10 mins and then I have to move but, to move it hurts. I shall be going to the docs tomorrow to get his opinion as I cant keep living off the pain killers.

Today we had a house full, which was lovely, started around 10.30 with MIL as its her birthday today, then Son IL came with other half and the 4 children - it is the eldest granddaughters birthday today as well, cousin and family came. In the afternoon Sis and BiL turned up so its been a busy day catching up with everyone.

Here is my first princess card which I made for Bethany

The idea came from a smashing card I received from Paula

A bit of a close up - Bethany came today in her sparkly shoes
so the card was just right.

I put lots of glitter on the flower before making it all up

And the box again with the flower.

Hope you manage to keep cool this evening and get some sleep.

Thanks for having a read and looking forward to your comments


Sunny Saturday

And here are the rest of the cards I promised to post. Wasnt I lucky?
It was another sleepless night last night...well I must have dozed on and off but quite a lot of pain with my up this morning and its so stiff and sore. Another day with my feet up I think.

Thanks for having a read today and sorry the post is a short one, maybe tomorrow I will be able to sit on the computer chair for a bit longer.

Enjoy the day and dont forget the suntan lotion....its going to be a scorcher


The weekend came early

yep, the weekend has arrived a little earlier for me this week. I had a bit of an accident at work yesterday, slipped on a wet floor. My feet went from underneath me and I have hurt my knee, my ankle and my bum. Not managed to get much sleep so here I am, uploading photots and catching up with the internet, since it seems to be working okay but sussshhh I dont want to jinx it.

The last box arrived in Cyprus earlier this week so a big thank you to everyone who has given me lots of things to send to Christiana. I think that 2 more boxes should get the rest of the items to her. It was tricky trying to explain to her how to use chalks....but we shall see what she comes up with. I put a few pairs of sandles from Primark in the box and they loved now I have to go and get some more to send out.

Here are all the wonderful cards that I received for my birthday. I have very proudly had them displayed for a week so now they are going to go into my box of treasures

oh, for some reason I cant add more pictures to this post so I will do another post later today.


Lots and lots of pictures

A big thank to everyone for all the fantastic birthday cards and gifts that I have received this weekend. I promise that during the week I shall photograph all the cards and put them on my blog to share as they are all wonderful....and wow, what a weekend.
It started early, Thursday night, with a 40th birthday party of an old friend of Paul's. He saw people that he hadnt seen for nearly 20 years. Friday MY BIG DAY was lovely. I received so many gifts and cards that I was really overwhelmed. The evening was spent at my sisters 25th Wedding Anniversary Party amongst lots of family and friends. Saturday I had a lovely morning with Kelly and other SU demonstrators and again, it was a truly memorable experience. We made 3 projects, all stunning. THANK YOU KELLY.

It was then time for lunch, more coffee, cake and a bit of shopping with friends. I was given a present and told to watch my eyes as I opened it. Well, here I am opening it up

very timidly as I was really frightened of what it could be

off it went, up in the air
it is a portable light studio so that I can take decent photos of my cards. Thank you Paula and Alyson. The whole thing just burst into life and shot straight up into the air and I think we caused quite a stir in the cafe....oppps.
Today it really was a day of rest....I have spent most of it in my craft room giving it a clean and a sort out...not finished it but made a great start.

Here are a few pictures of the big party Friday night and the book/card I made for my sis

One of the cakes (there were over 150 people at the party)

This is Diane (sister) Lois (diet lady) and Carla

The happy couple

box lid

and sidesfront cover of book
opened out
a view looking down on it, so that you get a better idea of how it looks

page 1
page 2

page 3 and 4

page three
last page
Well its another start to the week tomorrow.....apart from sticking to my diet I think that each evening will be insert night. Just got to get all those cards finished off.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the internet connection lasts long enough for this BIG POST to get posted.

Thank you for having a mamouth read today and I look forward to reading your comments.