Super Saturday

I knew that today was going to be a super day, despite what the weather may bring. I didnt have to get up early, although I did. I dont have to go to work so I am off into Derby City Centre to buy some bits for my girls. I may nip into a certain shop to have a browse around and then I am going to see a friend who will be at her MIL shop, for a coffee. The afternoon will be spent in a certain little room, no not that little room, my craft room. I have to have a hunt for just has to be hiding in there somewhere.

So imagine my surprise when the sun came lovely. And then I find this

you may have to click on it to make it bigger

Wow what a start to the weekend. I cant believe that we have all these fantastic colours and papers to match and that ribbon......yummy. I shall be placing an order over the weekend as the 12 x 12 designer papers and ribbon are only available whilst stock last. If you want to add to the order just give me a ring 01332 721877 or send me an email If the order reaches the minimum I will put all your names in a hat for the hostess gift, £15 worth of goodies as well as some card and some ribbon. That means that 4 people will have the chance of getting some wonderful extras.

Here are a couple of cards that I dont think that I have posted. I was given this brilliant, but very old, stampin up set from my bm.

Thanks for having a read today. Please let me know what you have planned for the weekend.

Tracey x

Soggy Sunday

A soggy start to Sunday with rain.....I am sure it wont last as it's so warm outside.

During my craft room sort out I came across a card kit that purchased *** years ago. Yes I too have stuff that I have purchased and not done anything with....curious as to who else has done the same thing..... anyway I sat down and pushed out those cut images, stuck them to the card and then added the glitter. Not so very taxing but extremely theraputic (is that how you spell it?)

A couple of weeks ago I spent a lovely morning with other Stampin' Up! demonstrators at a training session. It was lovely to meet everyone and we learnt a few techniques. I showed the group how to use the stamp a ma jig to do a reflection and this is the card I demonstrated.

Yesterday was a day out in the garden and I expect many of us were out there. We swept, trimmed and then the exciting bit, I got to spend a couple of hours with the pressure washer cleaning all the stones, I cant tell you how much I love doing that. What I dont understand is that I was out there for a good 4 hours, in the sun happily cleaning away. Paul comes out for an hour and he catches the sun on his face and I dont??? Today we are cleaning the area down the side of the house and I just hope that the weather stays nice for it.

Whatever you are up to today, I hope you have a lovely time.

Thanks for stopping by for a read


Sunny Saturday

and the forecast is for a lovely weekend...keeping my fingers crossed that it stays nice as we are going to be busy giving the garden it's annual makeover.

The stamperettes is due to start on 28th April and there is still one place remaining. If you fancy building up your Stampin' Up! collection over the next 10 months, please read the post above to get more information.

One of the ladies due to come to the crafting evening has had to cancel, if you are free and fancy a night of crafting, laughter and leaving with a couple of cards please get in touch.

Now where have I been you may be asking....nowhere is the answer but I have been catching up on sleep, odd jobs around the house and paperwork. I think that all the crafting I did just before the holiday and all the crafting I did on holiday just left me crafted out. I have spent a lovely evening in Ilkeston at the craft club and it was so nice to catch up with everyone. Last night I had a drink with other crafting friends (non alcoholic) but apart from that, not a lot.

So now I am looking for my mojo, inspiration or whatever else it may be called.

Have a great day


Wednesdays musings...

My craft room is just full to bursting of all sorts, stamps, ribbons, dies, papers the lot. So over the next few weeks I am having a major overhaul of everything. When you first start crafting you buy all the peel offs, the rub ons, the little bits and pieces....then its everything to try all the techniques that are out on the market. After a few years you realise what type of mediums you like to colour with, what type of stamps you like and yet being a just cant discard all those things you purchased in the beginning. Well I am going to be strong, tough and heartless and let everything go that I no longer use. If you are starting out crafting and would like a bargin, please send me an email. Obviously lots of things will be finding their way to Cyprus but some items I just cant send.

Here is a picture of a wonderful bag that I was lucky enough to receive at a the recent Stampin' Up! Experience......

It was made by Ann Willis and uses the Vintage Vogue stamp sent that can be found in the new mini catalogue. Ohh I just have to case this as it's stunning.

Have a great day, whatever you are up to and thanks for having a read.


Tuesdays Twitterings

Did I mention that when I returned from holiday that I had a call to say I won the raffle at Sainsburys? Well I went to collect my prize and just look at this.....biscuits, chocolates, preserves, honey, bucks fizz, champers and a lovely basket. So, who fancys a chocolate and champers evening?

The start of a craft room

Yes this is Christiana's room when I left....she has more furniture in it now and today she is spending the day putting all her wonderful things in it....last night she asked "where do I start". Hopefully she will send me a new photograph for me to share with you in a couple of weeks

It has taken me a few days but finally I think I have caught up with all the exciting news from Stampin' Up! I cant believe that I go away for a couple of weeks and lots of things happen, well...where to start.
I guess it has to be all the NEW COLOURS that Stampin' Up! are going to bring out later this year.

It will be a case of 'out with the old and in with the new' which means that we will be losing some colours.

And then of course the new mini catalogue came out on 1st April. Lots of lovely new things inside. If you would like a copy, please let me know and I will pop one in the post to you. I shall be putting a virtual copy in my side bar later this week.

I am still all crafted out so no cards to share today...hopefully after a coffee with crafty friends, opening of a Stampin Up box and a tidy of my craft room I will soon get in there and be creative

Have a good day


I dont like monday's

especially when it means that I have to to back to work today.....not ready for it though especially as I expect that it will be a busy day.

Here are a couple of cards I made to take with me for friends of the twin's. The photos are not brilliant as I took them in Cyprus.

My body is still on Cyprus time so I am up early (4.45a.m.) and will go to bed early (around 9.00p.m) for a few days.

Thanks for having a read today and hope you have a lovely day, whatever you are doing.

Sunny Sunday

The forecast is for sunshine and I do hope that it will nice, warm and sunny....lots and lots of washing to do today but the ironing will get done bit by bit.

I found the Easter cards I was supposed to have taken with me, typical but as I said in a previous post...they will do for next year. This Easter I was so lucky to have been able to give the girls not only their Easter Eggs (cadburys button ones of course) but also a little gift. The twins got a necklace each with Anne handmade for must look at her blog HERE. Christiana got a stamp, what else and here are pictures of them

Sophia with her necklace

Katerina wearing her necklace.
Christianas new stamp.

Goodness what a lot has happened with regards to Stampin' Up! whilst I have been away...the new mini catalogue has arrived and I have been reading about new colours, including IN COLOURS wow. I really must catch up with everything so that I can pass all this information on to you. If you have any questions about all the goings on, please give me a day or so just so that I can get up to speed.

Thanks for having a read and have a great day.


Cards by Christiana

We arrived home safe and sound today. Although we flew back yesterday we stayed overnight as we were too shattered to drive. My ear didnt half hurt when we started the decent for landing....yikes. It is rather painful today and if it hasnt cleared up soon I guess I will have to go to the docs over here.
The next two pictures are cards that Christiana made sitting in the kitchen one evening with me...

From a set that someone kindly gave me to pass on to Christiana. I think she likes making up
the sets most of all.

Made using a stamp that she already had and the Stampin' Up! Punch.

Today she was going off to collect a computer table and a computer to put in her room. She was lucky enough to sell 17 cards earlier this week and I think she was working on some orders this morning, great news for her.

It's Paul's birthday today and guess who forgot to make him a card......He has has lots of wonderful cards and pressies.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the sunshine that I brought back with me.....

Thanks for having a read and enjoy your evening.


Night out with the girls

We had a lovely evening out a couple of weeks ago at aStampin' Up! event. We all met up for a meal and then went on to the event. Here are my photos of the evening. Doesnt everyone look busy.

I was totally shattered afterwards. A big thank you for all those that came and gave Pam, Lesley, Jacquie and myself your support. It really is appareciated.

Have a great day, whatever you are up to.


Thursday and last day of hols

Tuesday we got up to lovely sunshine but then it got cloudy, dark and extremely windy. The sun kept nipping out but not too much...never mind, we still had plenty to keep up busy.
We ended up at Ikea and you could have been anywhere in the world. Apart from the store being on two floors, everything was just the same as Nottingham. Here are a couple of pictures of Christiana trying out chairs for her craft room.... purchases were made and then it was strike whilst the iron is hot for Paul and Panayiotis to put up a drawer unit, a table and a chair. Her craft room is coming along nicely.

Back home to continue with the crafting lessons and then it was time for bed.

I didn't think it was possible to be crafted out but me, it is.

Yesterday we stayed very local and went for a lovely walk up to a church. There is a mast at the top of the hill and when we investigated further, we found lots of television ariels attached to the mast. If we followed the leads they went down the hill and into peoples homes, was such a strange site.

Today we have rain mixed in with the wind and the we went for a ride to visit friends. Some were not home but others were. Katerina has had her ears pierced for the 2nd time, ochh. Its now time for us to have a mass clear up and start our packing....where has the time gone.

I had to visit the doctors today as my sore ear has become a very painful ear. I am on double the dose of antibiotics in the hopes that it they start to kick in before our flight tomorrow...otherwise its going to be a painful flight. We are playing the cypriot "lottery" tonight for a jackpot of 11 million. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I have told Paul that if we win I will buy a very big place and have crafting retreats for all my friends.....I can dream.

Have a great day, whatever you are up to


Tuesdays Twitterings

Goodness it's Tuesday already...the days are flying by. Here are a couple of cards that I made with Sophia on Sunday..... well she coloured in actually as that is all she likes to do. She loves copics and I think she wants me to leave mine "cough" umm not this time though.

A Cypriot tradition is to break eggs on Saturday night after church but we were all so tired that we saved this until Sunday. The eggs have all been dyed and some people decorate theirs even more with pictures. Here are the photos of us breaking our eggs, which is a competion, and just look at that sunshine.

Sophia wataching David and Paul
Katerina and Sophia
Christiana watching mummy and Katerina

Katerina and Christiana
Panayiotis and Sophia


This is Millie, Christianas pug. She is just a year old and she came for a visit yesterday


Stampin' Up! Mini Catalogue

Yeah the new mini is fact it came out on 1st April. It is full of new products, stamps, papers etc. etc. and I cant download a copy of it for you to see....drat. I will do it as soon as I get home.

Birthday cards

How nice it is to catch up with all the news on everyones blog and the emails that just needed replying to...well that is what i did yesterday morning. I even manged to get some crafting done with Sophia and Christiana late in the afternoon. It was another full day which started far to early. The sun was out, everyone came for lunch (except Andis who had to return the army), we broke eggs, ate, laughed and then to finish the day, we watched a film I have been trying to see for a long time - "the time travellers' wife"

Here are the pictures of the birthday cards I made for Sophia and Katerina. I first saw this amazing card made by Kelly and I knew it would be perfect for the twins. Excuse the actual photos but I had to put the cards on the sunbed to try and get some light on them to take the photos.

I used a mixture of Stampin' Up! stamps and others from my stash.... it is hard to see that the cardstock is pretty in pink and lovely lilac but it is, honestly. To see a proper picture of how the card looks, you need to have a nip over to Kellys blog...i hope that the link works. She managed to get a perfect photo of the whole card.

Have a great day and thanks for having a read,



Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter.

We have a full day planned with all the family coming to eat traditional souvla and salad which the boys are cooking. Here is a picture of the red eggs that MIL coloured for us.

These are flounes that FIL made for us. This is the first time he has made them and they are scrummy.

The day after THE PARTY I got up early expecting to have to spend the day cleaning up but wow, no mess. They had all cleaned up which was fantastic. We had put the kitchen table next to the dining table so that everyone could sit at one long table and eat together, which is what happens in Cyprus. So when I walked into the kitchen, this is what I found instead of the kitchen table. There was no way I was going to sit on that to eat my breakfast, where would I balance my cup of tea? This is Davids (Sophia's boyfriend) pride and joy.

The sun came out from the clouds briefly so I took the opportunity of doing my chores a la fesco, (well it sounds better than saying ironing in the sun)

Enjoy your day and thanks for having a read. Dont forget to leave comments as i just love to read what you have been up to