Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Colourful colurs

Pinks, blues, greens, yellows, purples I have considered them all, for the colour on my walls on my new crafty space.

I finally decided to go with green but then goodness, there are so many shades. I have gone with wellbeing ( bottom photo, top colour) as I think it will be calming and match well with my white units, coloured boxes and I can always accessories with creams, pinks, blues etc.  all will go with the pastel green and, to be honest, you wont see tons of it as I will be having units in front of the walls.

Well the wallpaper is up, the new window is in and today the door and other window are to go in yikes, its all happening.  I hope that the floor and skirting go down tomorrow, Thursday and then Friday its a case of bringing the boxes in from the spare room.  I guess I will be doing that all afternoon Friday and all over the weekend so, if you are feeling strong, you are most welcome to pop in to help move more boxes and I promise to baking yet though.

I have started on the little border outside the new crafty space, next to the vine

I will keep the vine for this year but it may have to go for next year......a decision I dont have to make today. Starting to look colourful.

Talking of decisions, would you like to join Stampin' Up?  Would you like to become a demonstrator yourself, hold parties, meet other demonstrators and get discounted products?  Or how about just the discounted products for you and  your family / friends.  On Friday there is a brand new offer where you can sign up at a discounted price and get extra goodies in  your starter kit.  If you would like to know more before Friday, give me a call on 01332 721877.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cloudy Saturday

Its been a rather busy week.  On top of the day job, I have been painter, seemstress, brickys mate, sweeper uper and tea masher.  Not to mention sandwich maker and washer uper phew, about ready for a rest.

This week has been hectic but lots to show for it.

Uncle Dave celebrated his birthday and here is a card I made earlier, actually I thought his birthday was in June and had it all ready to post, then found out it was in August, phew.

My new crafty space is coming along nicely, we have a new window, plaster boarded out and ready for the plasterer who arrived first thing this morning.
From this

To this

I have to do a tip run some time today as we have so much rubble and I wont let Paul go away leaving the side of the house looking like a builders yard, bless him.

I have had a few nights supping teas and coffees with friends and relatives, so a bit of down tool time as well.  Crafty time, ohhh, lots of inclination but nothing doing, drat.  It wont be long and I will soon be making up for lost time.

A bit of gardening has been done too.

This week, SU have some wonderful weekly deals and the next order, is due to go in on Monday.  I do have quite a few orders here at home and I will be getting in touch with everyone to let them know what is what.  Oh, its so exciting getting something new.

I shall be cleaning the decking and popping a table cloth on the table this morning (as well as getting rid of all the cobwebs), so, if you fancy a cuppa, kettle is on all day today and I will always be in need of a sit down.

Thanks for having a read and have a great day.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Its a very early morning today but thats okay, while I have my cuppa, a catch up on facebook and check out the weather today I can have a peek of the blogs I like to visit too.

The weather is going to be cloudy with a slight chance of rain so the washer will go on in a moment and I shall get all that done before I go out.

Yesterday was hectic and it was lovely to sit down at the Christmas Card and Chatter Club last night.  I wasnt too productive, just the one card but boy, it was good to sit, laugh and chatter the night away, thank you ladies. 
Here is another Christmas card I made and yes, I know its only August but I am determined to get all my Christmas Cards  done by the end of September and then I shall sell the majority of my Christmas stamps on.  This one is another from Stampin' Up! due out on 28th August.  I have the new Autumn/Winter Catalogues and will be getting them to you over the next few days.

Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day today.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Christmas in this heat

A very muggy day today and I am shattered.  It was a bit of a late night and an early morning so I shall be having an early one tonight.

Did my morning at work, had a cuppa with sis and now off to continue with never ending chores which I dont mind too much.

Got a chappie coming round later to give me some quotes, as you do and who knows, I may get another little play tonight.

This is what I was up to last night

I made a few small cards, this one is finished but the rest just need finishing.  These are a sneek peek from the Autumn/Winter catalogue and you can get your hands on this stamp set, and a lot more from 28th August.  If you fancy a Stampin' Up! party in September or October, get in touch as I am taking booking now.

Short but sweet, have a great afternoon and evening.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

Came home from work yesterday, opened all the windows and carried on.  About 3pm I thought oh no, it had been raining for a while ......carpets wet, clothes wet and lots of water everywhere, oopss.  At least the plants will benefit as will the grass seed that I have put down.

Weekly deals, this weeks weekly deal is

I shall place an order on Sunday so, if there is anything that you would like, just get in touch 01332 721877 or email me.

Fancy being a demonstrator?  That can be a gal that goes out doing parties, holding crafting events and building up a team of your own.  Or how about just ordering your Stampin' Up! goodies, at a discount, just for you and your friends?  If you would like to find out more, give me a ring and we can arrange to have a meet up and I can tell you all about it.

Yesterday I showed you the book marks I made for me and my sis, well I then decided to make this

 I shall put a quote or sentiment on it at a later date, if I need to but I loved doing it. Just a pity you cant catch the sparkle of the butterflies.  I think this is going to have to be a must for a crafty night.

I treated myself to a few roses last week and I put some in my cup and saucer, thought it was cute.

Well its raining today and I do have to cut down some more of the holly as the brown bin gets emptied tomorrow....guess I shall get wet.  I went for a lovely walk last night to see my mum and dad and wow, I didnt realise just how big some of the houses are around me.  I hope to take the same walk this evening.

Thanks for having a read, hope you miss the showers and have a wonderful Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesdays Twitter

Tuesdays Twitter, you can tell that Paul is away, I get to use the computer and get lots of blog posts up.  He is home in a couple of days so we get to share the computer again, less posts buy hay, thats fine.

I got to play with some new stamps YEAH.  I cant find my ink pads but I did find a pack of Stamp n Write markers and if you didnt know, you can scribble all over the stamp and use it in the same way as an ink pad.

I made these bookmarks, one for me and one for my sis.

I used the new Kinda Eclectic stamp set along with Strawberry Slush and Baked Brown Sugar Stamp n Write markers.  Baked Brown Sugar and Very Vanilla Card and Strawberry Slush thick twine.  There is lots of glitter on the butterflies but the photograph doesnt really pick it up.  I would like to use this stamp set for a lot more bits and pieces......and maybe a crafty get together too.

The forecast today is showers so I dont think that I can do a lot outside although I would like to carry on with the painting and sorting the front border.  I may have to get all my crafty bits out instead.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you manage to stay dry today.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Bags on a Monday

I cant stop myself from buying bags, oh no not the radleys, Michael Koors or Guess etc.  shopping bags.  I know for a fact that some of my crafty friends and family members are the same so I am not alone with this addiction.  There is just something about a certain bag that makes me buy one, every now and again.  And of course, friends that know me and my addiction often get me a bag as a gift.  Well, with the move, I have had to put all my shopping bags together, oopps.  I am having to reduce the number I own because I really dont need to use a different bag every day of the month now do I? 

These are the ones that are staying, as well as the Ikea ones oh and the big M&S ones as well and the freezer bag types too *giggle*

These will be in my car in the boot, in case I get caught short (or need to put a few crafty bits in a bag after a shopping trip).

Not forgetting my bingo bag, which has all my bingo things in it.
And here they are all packed in a box, ready to go on a shelf in the new crafty space (when its finished), so I can find one when I need one *cough cough*

Yesterday  I managed to get lots of washing done and putting things away, then spent the evening with lots of lovely girlies, my daughter-in-law and the grand girls.  

Hows about this little vine then!! Paul reckons I need to get the black bucket out, scrub my feet and make wine...yeah right.

Today I have sorted out a few boxes from the garage, the ironing and I believe that something a little crafty will be happening later this evening, well, while the cats away the mice will play. 

All Stampin' Up! orders are in for this week but I do believe that there may be another little one ready to go in next Sunday so, if you would like a treat, get in touch.  No matter how small or large, we can just add all the orders together and, if the order meets £150, there will be 5 ink pads to give away, YEAH. 

Have a lovely evening and thanks for having a read.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunny Sunday

Did you get caught out in the rain yesterday?  I did but had a waterproof with me so I didnt get drenched.  The forecast today was rain this morning and then sunshine but it changed overnight.  It is now going to be up to about 20 degrees, cloudy with sunny spells and a bit of a breeze.  Thats a good job as I have my lines outside full.  Hopefully I will get to play with my new iron today.

Yesterday I went for cuddles with the newest member of our family, this is Charleigh Rae, she is so tiny lol.  Mum and baby are now fine and it was a pleasure to see them all.
I managed to get food shopping done, the bank, post office, keys cut, cuddles with Charleigh, see mum and dad and have a cuppa with Sis, all before lunch time.  Now that was impressive.

The afternoon I spent having coffee with Lesley and showing her round the house, seeing the plasterer who is now booked in to do the ceiling of the new crafty space.  All coming together bit by bit

Then in the late afternoon I thought well, it is the weekend, so I finished off the cards that I started at Dabblers on Friday night.

I used a stamp set that I purchased on the night and I will make a few more cards with this stamp and then sell it on again at Derby Dabblers.

Today I shall be placing an order with Stampin' Up! so if there is anything that you would like to add to this order, just let me know....... the link to the new catalogue is on the right, just click on it, this will open up and you can have a look through all the pages.  If you would like a proper copy of the book, please get in touch and I will get one to you.

Once a few chores are done I shall be having a stamping Sunday.  We used to have these once a month and I am hoping to start them up again in October.  One Sunday a month, we all get together, Stamp the day away.  If you fancy doing this, keep an eye out on the blog for dates and details.

Thanks for having a read, give me a call on 01332 721877 if you would like to place an order with Stampin' Up! today and have a really lovely Sunday.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Soggy Saturday

The forecast for today is wet, wet and wet so if you are in Derby and due to go out, take your brolly.

Its the weekend, phew.  I have a few plans for today but we all know what happens to my plans.  I do want to go and visit the newest member of our family, Charleigh.  She is a few days old and whilst she made a very hectic start to her life, I hear she is a little darling. There is also food shopping, washing and the hoovering and polishing.

Then of course there are the bags to empty from last night.  We had our monthly Derby Dabblers crafty get together and it was wonderful.  Mawgan made this scrumy cake and has been nominated our monthly cakerer.

I made the start of 4 birthday cards and as soon as they are finished, I shall share them with you.

We had a little crafty sale and I think that next month, we shall be having another little crafty sale. Ladies bring in a few items that they no longer need and everyone has the opportunity to purchase a few bits.  Its a great way to build up your crafting collection, use things for a while and then pass them on and to empty a box or two of items that you no longer want.   I will tell you more about it, nearer the time for our next Derby Dabblers get together.  As I am home alone this weekend, I just may have to have a little play with all my crafty bits as I empty my bags and before they get put away....why not.

Here are the Stamperettes thank you gifts for this month.  All the Stamperettes received their own wish list book.

 I used the new craft journals and decorated them with the new templates which are a bargain.  Popped them inside the new dotty bags, cant stop using these lovely little things.  Tied them up with the new thick bakers twine and added a little tag.  Unfortunately, I couldnt get my hands on my SU stamps to decorate the tags but I do have my fingers crossed that I will be able to empty a few boxes this time next month.

Next order is going in on Sunday afternoon.  If you would like a little something or even a lot of something from Stampin' Up! please do get in touch, 01332 721877 or email me  

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a great, (and dry) Saturday.