Tuesday, January 15, 2019

stunning skies

Good morning. Can you believe that we overslept? How can you do that ? Well we did.  We had to pick Sophia up at 9am but we didnt wake up till after 8.30am, ooops. Oh well.

Yesterday was another good day.  We went out for morning coffee and this is the view on the way to the cafe

We then had to go and do sone official things for Christiana which wasnt easy as we were given a whole list of places we have to visit for her.  Then it was back to the apartment for more sorting.  We are doing quite well with the sorting and hope to be finished earlier than anticipated.  But I will keep you Posted on that front.

We made our daily visit to the cemetary yesterday but it isnt getting easier.  I sorted out the wreaths, made sure the candle was lit and put more flowers into vases.  Sophia came with us too.  My sis in laws went earlier in the day and her father would have gone for a visit at some stage.

Last night the weather turned wet, windy and we had thunder and lightening storms.  I borrowed this picture.

It was amazing.  The streets were flooded and I cant tell you how many folk called us to tell us not to go out of the apartment as the news had given “yellow” warnings.  So we stayed put.

Thanks for having a read today. Tracey xx

Monday, January 14, 2019

Strange tea pots

Morning, sun is out so going to make the most of it.

Sophia took us to Nicosia last week. She had a meeting so Paul and I put on our coats, gloves and hats and spent 2 hours in the ‘old Nicosia’ or within the walls as it is sometimes called.   There is one street called Ledra St and it is quite long with lots and lots of shops, cafes, bars etc. Well there were a crowd of folk so we followed them at a slow pace, all snug and warm but after 20 minutes they all stopped.  We had only gone and reached the border. Before Sophia left us her parting words were “dont walk too far or you will come to the border” oops.  Well we decided if we go again we will take our passports and see what is on the other side.

Paul walked me down some seedy streets I can tell you.  We got lost  a few times but all roads lead back to rome, so to speak.  I did find this one strange shop with some pretties.

Today it is a lot more sorting and dropping bits off.  More advertising of free items and hopefully dinner with the girls this evening.  Thanks for having a read and see you soon x

Sunday, January 13, 2019


Good morning and I am pleased to say we slept a bit better last night.  The sun is trying to come out and the temperature is forecast to be around 17 degrees in the day but dropping to around 3 degrees tonight.

When we came to the apartment lots of things skuttled across the floor when we put the light on....... we soon discovered that there were 100s of tiny cockroaches not only on the floor of the kitchen but everywhere in the kitchen.  We spent the next 4 hours killing as many as we could......yaks.  We are still spraying horrid stuff and killing them all the time but we dont know where they are coming from.

Today we have made our list of what needs doing, where we need to go and what we have to buy.  I do have to keep to lists as I still find that I achieve a lot more with them, than without them.

Here is a card that was made at our last get together using some of the new products from  the Spring Summer catalogue as well as from the Sale a Bration brochure.

Thank you for having a read and I hope you enjoy your Sunday xx

Saturday, January 12, 2019


Good afternoon from a rather chilly Larnaca.  We had a lovely morning with blue skies, sunshine and a high of 17 degrees

but now it is very windy and only 5 degrees. We have just been out and had to put coats, hats, scarves and glooves on as it is so cold brrrr.

We said goodbye to Christiana on Thursday and whilst everything went according to plan, I think it was one of the worst days of my life.  I dont know how I will ever get over the loss I feel or how long it will be before this pain subsudes. In the meantime I will spend as much time as I can with Sophia and Katerina here in Cyprus.

Today we sorted out one of the bedrooms, tomorrow it will be the bathroom.

I wanted to share this lovely wreath with you which was made by Sheila.  It has been made using the Sprig Punch, isnt it lovely.

Right, off to put my feet up.  Thank you for having a read. Tracey x

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

On our way.....

Good morning.  A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone that came to visit on Saturday, oh my, so many wonderful friends.  I cant tell you how blessed I feel to have you all in my life.  We had a lovely afternoon of crafting, chatting, drinking and eating cakes.

Here is one of the cards that were made

The new Spring/Summer catalogue was handed out as well as the Sale a Bration brochure.  I believe that everyone was happy with the contents of both of these as everything just co-ordinates beautifully and there are such of a variety of products that I am sure that there is something that everyone likes.  And of course, there are all the carry over items from the Winter Catalogue too.

Not to mention the FANTASTIC joining offer that is available.....did you know that if you join Stampin' Up! you pay £99 and get to choose £170 worth of products.  Not only that, there is a second option of joining Stampin' Up!  For £125, you still get £170 woth of products of your choice but in addition, you get the absolutly, pretty, stunning and perfect carry tote as well, which means it is costing just £26.

If you would like a bit more information and you dont already have a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, please do get in touch with me as I would love to help.  You dont have to be local to Derby either.  My contact details are just on the right hand side.

I am currently sat in a bar, with a coffee on my way to see the girls.......it is going to be a very hard visit but we will all be together and that will help.  We have an hours delay so lets see if we can get a grip with instagram.....any tips welcome.  Thanks for having a read today, Tracey xx

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Crafty Afternoon

I am having a crafty afternoon today.  I woke up at 4.30am all excited and then Paul told me to have an other hour otherwise I would be tired later.  He was right so I did but it was another 5 hours goodness me.  Its a good job the craft room is more or less ready.

If you have some time free this afternoon please do call in.  If you need directions, please get in touch.

Wishing you a lovely day.  Tracey x

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy Anniversary

Good morning and tut tut, who went to bed at 10pm but didnt get up until after 10am.  Hands up that would be me.  The last time I did that I was poorly but I am not poorly today.  So hubby has made me a lovely cuppa and now I am off to start my busy day.

The craft room got a couple of boxes sorted out last night.  Clearance Rack items arrived but I am still waiting for two boxes......hope they come soon as I really really do need them for Saturday otherwise it will be plan B, (can someone let me know what plan B is)?

I did get to play last night too, well it would be rude not to, (and I did put all my bits away after I finished as well).

I have quite a few Anniversary cards to make over the next few months so I made a start.  No inserts done yet but I will do that this evening at some stage.  The stamp is a free one from a magazine, do you know how many magazines I have, unopened with pretty stamps on them?  Well I must work my way through.  I have used a brush to give the sky a bit of a blue haze.  The clouds are dies and the sentiment stamp is another free one from a magazine. 

I have FINALLY taken out my perpetual calendar so if you would like a birthday card, please let me know when your special day is and I shall add it to my calendar.  I just need Paul to add a few more nails into the craft room wall to hang up all the Christmas presents, the calendars and a few other bits.......he will do it tonight.

Yesterday we had lots of lovely visitors, thank you so much.  It really does help us each day as we have learnt we like to be around other people.  We do enjoy being the two of us, dont get me wrong but at this time, it eases the pain and it is so appreciated.  We are so lucky to have so many wonderful friends. 

Off to get myself ready for the day, thank you for having a read and I hope your day is a good one.  Tracey x

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

And so 2019 begins

Good morning and I hope you had a lovely evening.  Paul and I didnt do much except be together, which was plenty.  I had a sit in a chair that I borrowed from my sister and watched a bit of TV.  It is a reclining chair that also helps you get out of it.  It is on loan to see if I like it or not and if I do, I will buy one that will match our new living room furniture, when we get round to buying some.

Yesterday was a bit busy with hospital visits,  our anual cobweb blowing off at the crem and a wander around town.  We had a lovely dinner courtesy of Mr Mark and Mr Spencer.  Then we stayed up past the bewitching hour and watched the fireworks in London, oh my, they were wonderful.

This morning we opened our pressies and WOW.  Thank you to everyone, I have been terribly spoilt by so many wonderful gifts.  Everything will be treasured and individual Thank Yous will go out over today and tomorrow.  We are also cooking our Turkey Lunch today so that we can have turkey sandwiches tonight, turkey and chips tomorrow and turkey pie after that.  Yes we like turkey.

No crafting bits to share today but hopefully there will be tomorrow.  Thank you for having a read and thank you for all your support during 2018.  We couldnt have gotten through the last few weeks without our friends, really.

Wishing you a Happy 2019 xx

Monday, December 31, 2018

Piece of Cake

Good morning.  Well I did manage to sort out the craft room yesterday.  It just needs a hoover and a good mop of the floor.  I will get that done today in between lots of visits  and calls that we have to make this morning.

I sold my car.  Yes the Honda Jazz went.  We took it to "we buy any car dot com" in Derby and it was a very easy thing to do.  As hobby craft was just around the corner I walked over to buy just the one calendar for 2019, you know the one where you tear off the months, just so that I can make myself something for the craft room as I do every year.  Well they didnt have any, I couldnt believe it.  So I had to buy something else.

What bargains I found.  Stamps and die sets for £3, half price card and envelope packs and canvases at £1.  I was well pleased with myself and Alison is letting me have a calendar as well so I will get my fix too.

Thank you for the visit yesterday Alison, it was lovely to see you and your cake mmmmmmm.  It is so yummy, Rob and the grandchildren loved it too. Thank you.

Whilst I was in the craft room I did have to have another little play.

Do you like this?  No sentiment as yet as I am not sure who it is for but I loved making it.  I may have to do one with a blue hue later today.  This is from a new stamp set called Piece of Cake and it has 21 stamps in it.  This will be available in just 3 days time whoop whoop.  And as a bonus, it has a matching punch too.

Dont forget to come along to The Craft Room for an hour or two on Saturday afternoon.....it will be lovely to see you.

Thank you for having a read today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Tracey xx

Sunday, December 30, 2018

By the Bay Bird card

Good morning and it is still quite mild outside, I do hope that it lasts.

I went to clean the craft room yesterday but didnt do it, instead I ended up making this.

It is from a new stamp set that is available on 3rd January, just a few days away.  On this date Stampin' Up! bring out a new Spring/Summer catalogue as well as a Sale a Bration Brochure.  For every £45 you spend with Stampin' Up! you get to pick something FREE from the Sale a Bration Brochure.  If you would like to collect this catalogue and brochure from me please do let me know.

I am still keeping busy and it is helping, really it is.  I am determined to get that craft room cleaned once and for all today.  I will let you know how I get on.

On Saturday afternoon there will be a get together in the craft room from 1.00 - 4.00pm  If you would like to pop along, have a cuppa and have a go at making a card please do.  It will be lovely to see you.  There should be cake, a few samples of projects for you to look at as well the new brochures to pick up (while they last). 

Thank you for having a read today and I hope you have a smashing Sunday.  Tracey x

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Sending a Note

Good morning and the weekend arrived.  I was up at 5am but was in bed by 9pm last night so I have had enough time in bed.  I am not too sure if it is too early to go into the craft room.....to tidy of course.

Do you like this?

It is just one of the stunning noteletts that are available in the Sale a Bration starting next month.  You get 8 in a pack and you dont need anything else to create these, they are all in a kit with everything that you need.

Yesterday I managed to get all the washing done which means I have the pleasure of ironing it all today.  I really am keeping myself busy and that helps so much.  If you are around please do call in.  I am not too good with the quietness and the not knowing what I should be doing so company is always welcome.

Wishing you a great Saturday and thank you for having a read x

P.S.  I am putting a Stampin' Up! order in today.  If you would like anything, please do get in touch.  If you dont have a demonstrator local to you, let me know and I will get copies of the brochures out to you as soon as I can. xx

Friday, December 28, 2018

A bit of a brayer

Good morning. Yesterday I kept myself busy and the day just wizzed past.  We had quite a few visitors in the morning, which was lovely and in the afternoon I managed to have a little play with one of the Sale a Bration sets coming out at the beginning of January.  I was in the craft room to try to clean it but that didnt happen.

I did some brayering with the sponge brayer and 3 different inks.  Not sure if the colouring of the actual scene is right but it kept me busy and that is just what I wanted.

Which means that later today I have to go and clean up the craft room, not only the mess that was in there but also the mess I made whilst making this card tut tut.

Thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a lovely day.  Tracey x