Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mince Pies, Lemon Cake and Vanilla cakes

Saturday is here at last.  I baked yesterday, ready for today's fuddle

Hope to see some lovely ladies later today, the more the merrier. If you are reading this and fancy coming along, then please do.

Well, I totally forgot to share the bag, tag and card I made for Tracy's wedding earlier this week

I got so much pleasure out of making these that I cant wait for the next special occassion to make more.  I used a very retired stamp from Stampin' Up!, one that I purchased when I became a demonstrator and one that I just cant part with.  I would like to use this on a scrapbook page early next year.

Pippa is coming over for the day tomorrow whoop whoop, do you remember Pippa, we had her for a week last Christmas. 

Well tomorrow its for the day but in a few weeks, she will stay for 5 days, cant wait.  I love dog sitting as I get my little fix and then hand her back.

I am off to the hairdressers first thing and then I have a few treats to make.    What are you all up to today? I do hope you have a lovely day

Friday, December 19, 2014

Now that's what I call Christmas

Well its Friday and today I am baking.  We are having a fuddle tomorrow lunch time so, if you are in the Alvaston area, please feel free to pop in around 12ish for a crafty chat, a bite to eat and a lovely time, I have got a new Chrsitmas CD for us all to sing along to.  It would be great to see you.

My number 18 #MY100HAPPYDAYS is my new CD, oh it has made me really happy to listen to it.

 Another lovely handmade card, thank you Jackie.  It has lots of glitter and sparkle on it but unfortunately, my photograph hasnt captured this.

Paul came home whoop whoop and whisked me off to the Blue Jay for dinner, oh it was scrummy.  I had turkey and all the trimmings, I still feel full this morning.

Right, off to start my day.  Hope you have a wonderful Friday, what ever you are up to and thanks for having a read.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Things that go bump in the night

Its really warm outside this morning, makes a lovely change.  TAHDAH, another stunning home made card

Thank you Leah, its lovely.  I have a few my 100 happy days to share with you, as I havent been on the blog for a few days, here is No 15 #MY100HAPPYDAYS
I went for lunch at Patisserie Valerie and my friend Elizabeth walked in so we spent a lovely time catching up.  It was wonderful company and really made my day

No 16#MY100HAPPYDAYS is the beef stew and dumplings that I cooked.

It was very scrummy and made me realise that really, it is the smaller things that make me happy.

No. 17#MY100HAPPYDAYS was these fantastic strawberries which mum and dad gave to me yesterday

It means that I get to have at least another 3 days of breakfast with fresh strawberries.  These are harder to come by now.
I have had a bit of a later start to the day today, I slept in as things went bump in the night.  It was 12.15 and the alarm was going off.  Oh no, I am home alone in my bed and the alarm is making a right racket.  I wake with a start and know that I can not just lie there.  I get up and do you know what, I dont have any weapon at all,nothing that I can take with me to protect me.  Santas list, baseball bat for under the bed.  I got up and went to the alarm box in the hall with my telephone in my hand having already pressed 99.  I keyed in the secret numbers, the house alarm was unarmed yet still, I could here an alarm going off.  Oh no, it must be the shed alarm, the box for this is in the utility room and of course, it was echoing as it is inside the conservatory.  I get the key, check my phone still has 99 on it and open the conservatory door, no.....the shed alarm isnt flashing but still, I can here the alarm.  I lock up, walk down the hall and the noise is coming from the bathroom, I go in, put the light on and in the bath is the radio alarm!!! It had fallen off the wall, hitting the panic button and was upside down in the bath........false alarm.

Do you like these

They are from a new stamp set in the Spring/Summer catalogue, out on 6th Janaury.  I am just waiting for my catalogues to arrive and then I will let everyone know and you can grab your own copy.  There are lots and lots of things in this and I cant wait.  This stamp is called Love is Kindness and at under £8 I think its great value.  There is a sentiment attached to the stamp but I just snipped it off so that I can use it on other projects too.    I do hope to have another little play later today.  I shall be using these as my December/January thank you cards.

There are some new Weekly Deals and here they are

If you would like to order anything DIRECT, you can call in at my on line shop anytime of the day or night or, you can tell me what you would like and I will pop it on the next order, which is due to go in on 28th December *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink* to all those stamperettes out there.

Right then, I am off to do some ironing before giving everywhere a quick hoover, hubby is coming home this evening and I cant wait.  Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Birthday girl

Good morning from a chilly Derby.  It isnt as cold as it has been which is good as I shall be going out early this morning, if I get a wiggle on.

This is what made me happy on Sunday, for my number 13 #MY100HAPPYDAYS.   There is a chocolate inside and they are just a perfect little treat for Christmas. 

I made this bag for my friend Pam, who had her birthday yesterday (not a brilliant photo)

It is using a new punch that is in the Spring/Summer brochure coming out at the beginning of January.  It is so easy to use, start saving those scraps of pretty papers as you can use them up with this punch.

Pam celebrated her birthday by going to her best friends wedding and I went to along too.  It was lovely.  Here are the happy couple. This was the moment for my number 14 #MY100HAPPYDAYS

Today is the last day that you can get your hands on some weekly deals, before the new ones come out tomorrow.  I shall be placing a little order this evening, if there is anything you feel you want, give me a call.  But dont forget to check out the CLEARANCE items here.

Here is another handmade card that I was lucky to receive.  Thank you Ruth, it is stunning.
Hope that you have a happy day today, whatever you are doing, I know I shall.  Thanks for having a read

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Penny Black Challenge-Special Occassions

Good morning, a rather late start to the day for me today but that is okay, it is Sunday and it is the day of rest.  Today I am going to have a quick flick around the house, its very clean and tidy so doesnt need a lot doing to it.  Then I am going to go for a wander into town.  There are a couple of Christmas presents I would like to buy so I thought that I would grab those before coming home to do a little crafting, as a girl must.

Here are the card and bag made for Elianne who was 12 yesterday.  I am going to enter these into a Challenge for Penny Black as I used Penny Black Stamps.  Here is the link, so that I can be entered into the challenge, silly me forgot to add it.  Penny Black.  Thank you Linda

 And here are the complete sets of them together, just perfect for twin girls.

 This was my No. 10 #MY100HAPPYDAYS as it made me very happy to see them and I got such a great sense of achievement.  

My No. 11 for #MY100HAPPYDAYS are these
 The wonderful little paper bags make me go oooooohhhhh.  I have enough handbags to last me quite a few years so I cant purchase more. I have so many shopping bags that earlier this year, I actually gave loads away but I am still very girly liking now its paper bags, what am I like.  What am I going to do with them? I dont know, maybe when I sell a little stamp set, I can put them in these bags?  or just leave them in the crafty space to be pretty

My No. 12 #MY100HAPPYDAYS was our crafting session yesterday with the grandchildren.  We were all in crafty space for more than 4 hours making cards, bags and crackers and I had a wonderful time, I think they did too.  There isnt just one photo for my No. 12, but a photo of all 4 girls, below.

 Time to get a wiggle on and hit the shower.   Thank you so much for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Joy and Wonder

I am getting myself extremely organised for the future.  I know it might seem a bit sad for some but I like nothing better than being able to put my hands on something I am looking for at home.  Living out of boxes for so many months this year has made me appreciate the 'being straight' feel.

Yesterday I went to buy a present for Paul only to find that it was the wrong item, good job I didnt purchase it.  Accounts went to accountant, cards and presents went to aunty, cards went to in-laws and then these were delivered, ready for today.


This is just one of a pair, I will show you the other tomorrow.  Twins are 12 today.

Then I had a wander around Asda, off to Wilkos, the post office and stamp n deliver shop.  After this time I was shattered, hungry and thirsty so I nipped to Zan Fish and got a fish super to take home.  Once I ate tea, chattered to Christiana, had a conversation with Katerina there was a knock on the door and it was my mate and her mum.  Time to chill for an hour over coffee....phew.

Mind you, I then set too and cleaned the house from top to bottom, well from West wing to East Wing so to speak so that today I am ready to hit my crafty space this morning.  It needs a good tidy up, put away and finish off ready for the grandchildren coming round this afternoon to make cards and crackers.  Photos will follow tomorrow.

It is not only just starting to look a lot like Christmas, maybe its start to FEEL a bit like Christmas too.

As promised, here is another home made card

Thank you Sue.  Let me know when you are free for a coffee and a catch up

Wrap up warm today, if you fancy a coffee (I have doughnuts and coissants too), just call in anytime but be warned, you may end up being roped in to help either with the cleaning of the crafty space or making crackers with the girls.  Have a great day

Friday, December 12, 2014

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens etc. etc.

 I went to put the blue dustbin out last night and I got absolutely drenched.  I put a rain coat on but even so, the rain was just pouring down.  I waited and waited for the rain to ease off but it didnt and I know the bin men arrive before 6.30a.m. so I didnt have much choice.

Yesterday I spent another day doing accounts and paperwork, it is a job that I dont mind doing, once I get into it but the telephone just never stopped ringing so of course, I kept loosing my thread, making the job take a lot longer but never mind, its just about done now. I have to go and purchase a file to put the papers in and take them to the accountant.  Oh yes, I do the books each year because you have to keep things fair and square with the taxman.

The postie has started to call each day with a few handmade cards and to me, there is nothing nicer than receiving a card that someone has taken the time and trouble to make.  This was the first one, thank you so much Diane.

Today I shall be out and about once the concrete has been poured down, ready for the garage base.  The builders should be arrive about 9am and hopefully done quite early as I would like to do a lot of little things today, well thats the plan but we all know what happens to my plans.

Being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, I am so lucky to be able to get my hands on crafting products before they come out in a new brochure.  Well I got a few bits for some exciting things coming your way in 2015.  Fingers crossed that I get into my crafty space this afternoon for a play.

Well thanks for having a read today, I do hope you manage to stay dry.  Have a wonderful Friday

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Some photos on a Thursday

Brrr, it really is extremely cold out there this morning, the wind makes it feel even colder and goes straight through you. Yes I was out there bright and early as we have a couple of chappies here at the moment putting down the base for the garage (Pauls Garage).  So I am on skivvy/tea duty and boy they drink some.

Here is yesterdays progress.

And my photo for yesterday, number 9 in #MY100HAPPYDAYS is this

It was purchased 7 months ago and it got lost during the house move.  Fortunately we had put it in with the Christmas decorations and I think it wonderful.  I got it for Katerina to use when she is here with me, she hates the water that comes out of the tap and I thought this would put a smile on her face.

SU have some lovely project life albums and at £ 8.95 (plus 0.50 p+p for total order), they are a brilliant idea for Christmas Pressents too.

I shall be placing an order at 3pm today and if you would like to order one, two or three of these, please do let me know.  Of course, if there is anything else that you would like, I am happy to order that too, dont forget to check out the weekly deals and 80% OFF Items.  If you click on the links below, it will take you straight to the goodies


I am trying to sort out drawers today, office drawers etc. and a bit of paperwork.  My mind doesnt stay very focussed for too long so we shall see how far I get. 

I do believe that the pen fairy has followed me from our previous home or they have all had baby pens in the drawers?  If you are short of a pen or two, just let me know and I will pass some your way.

Its all change for my daughters again today,  Katerina has flown home to Cyprus to be with her Cypriot family for Christmas - do you remember last Christmas when I had the girls, their friends and the Cypriot students, it was bliss.

Sophia has flown to Thessalonikii for the weekend.  She is taking the opportunity of exploring Greece and the islands whilst she is studying in Greece. (Sophia is the one in the hat)

This is Sophias photo at 6am this morning as she was leaving the airport.

Christiana is having a few problems with her hands these days and I keep calling her to cheer her up.  At least Katerina will be around for her for a while.

This one was taken earlier this year
 With all the girls in Cyprus this year, our calendar  over the festive season is rather blank, boo hoo.

Well thanks for having a read, wear some heavy boots and clothes today so that the wind doesnt blow you away.