Saturday, May 23, 2015

Super Saturday

Today is supposed to be the best day weather wise for the bank holiday so I am up early and off to water the garden.  It is starting to look lovely and I dont want the plants to wilt.

After a trip to the bank, grab a bit of shopping its time for home again and I am determined to grab an hour with my book in the garden....bliss.  Then I will make the most of the time in the craft room as I am getting ready for my catalogue launch next week.  I have a full month of events in June too so if you fancy making a card or a few, there is plenty of chance.

Today is Beths birthday, my eldest grandaughter.  She is going to be 15 years old and here is the card that I made her

I saw something extremely similar on our weekend away and just knew it would suit my sis and Beth.  I hope you like it.  I have even been asked to make 2 more for two other special girls.

Have you got your new catalogue yet?  If you have, are there 10 things in there that you would like to purchase?  If the answer is yes then why not join the stamperettes and get those 10 items over 10 months, spreading the cost and getting yourself an additional £15 to spend.   This is  as well as getting catalogues for free and 10 SU parties, all for free?  There are just 7 spaces left.  Come along on either Friday 29th May or Saturday 6th June to my catalogue launch to find out more over a cuppa and piece of cake??  I am in Alvaston, Derby and it would be lovely to see you.

Thanks so much for having a read today, have a great day whatever you are up to 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Dads card

Yippee it is Friday and I am so pleased.  I get the whole weekend at home before nipping off to Preston to bring Katerina back for a few days.

Today I have to start with some chores and then it's in the craft room for most of the evening, how lucky am I?

Here is my dads birthday card, I dont think I shared it with you

 It was his birthday earlier this week and he does like his football.

Here are all the wonderful cards that I received for my special day and I shall take them down this evening and pop them in my birthday box. 

I had some lovely home made cards which are extremely inspirational, thank you ladies.

 I have the new brochures for the 2015 - 2016 SU Ideas.  If you would like one of these let me know and we can get it posted out to you.

Right, off to get some chores done, have a lovely evening and thanks for having a read.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Midweek Musings

We had a lovely time crafting last night, 9 of us in crafty space, a wonderful atmosphere.  Here is one of the cards that we made

I have been asked to make this card again in a class for a few ladies that couldnt make it last night so on Friday June 19th I have a class pencilled in.  We shall use the same stamp set to make a couple of cards, a couple of tags and a bag.  If you would like to come along, please let me know.  If you think that you would like to purchase the Something Lacy stamp it is £12.95 and it is not in the new catalogue, just let me know and I will get one ordered for you.

Its Katerinas last exam tomorrow and she has been reading and reading like mad for it.  I am so pleased that she is coming home for a while and we get to do a few girly things together, before she starts on the next part of the journey of her life.

Sophia still has another couple of weeks of exams and I will get to spoil her when we meet up next time.

Now I have a few days to get ready for the Out with Old and In with the New night.  The first one is on Friday 29th May and it would be lovely if as many as people as possible come along.  We shall have a little make and take, look at a new technique and a browse through the new catalogue.  Of course, there will be lots of bits and pieces for sale too.   If you cant make the 29th May, I am having a In with the New on Saturday 6th June.

Thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a lovely evening xx

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesdays Twitter

Good morning on this Tuesday and it's hi ho, hi ho, its off to work we whistle though as I really cant whistle.

Sunday was another smashing day.  We did a bit more gardening, a bit more weeding, planting and cleaning.  Here is the new cottage garden that I am hoping will grow at the bottom of the tree.

   It didnt take long to whip it into shape and plant the seeds, 4 packets of them and with fingers crossed, there should be a mixture of a few flowers coming up soon.  The only problem here is, how will I know what is a weed and what is a new plant?

For Pauls birthday, my sis and bro in law, got him this lovely yellow plant.  It says its will grow 8ft tall and 8ft wide, yikes.  We shall keep our eyes on it.
 Here are all the other lovely plants that I got for my birthday from Sue......lots and lots of them.  Paul planted them up straight away as these plants had actually come from Sue's own garden, wow.  Again I am watching these carefully, watering them each evening, sprinkling the slug pelletts down and trying to keep the weeds at bay.

Yesterday was rather hectic as it was sisters birthday as well as her 30th Wedding Anniversary.  It was also dads birthday phew, I was out visiting all afternoon.  After a very quick tea it was back in the craft room but I am still not ready for tonights crafty class tut tut.  I am sure I will be though when 7pm comes around and I get ladies knocking on the door.

Here is the Anniversary Card that I made for my sis and her hubby.

I loved doing this as it was something a little different for me.  Diane really liked it too, which I am pleased about.  Its a rather old embossing folder with lots of pearls, well it had to be really as it is their 30th Wedding Anniversary.  I thought that with the pearls, not a lot more was needed.

Right, off to get ready to start my day.  Thanks for having a read x

Sunday, May 17, 2015

My crafting Sunday

Good morning and here it is again, Sunday.  Tomorrow I am back into the office after a week off so I need to get all my work things ready for the week.  Oh yes, I am one of those....need to get 5 outfits ready today otherwise I panic in a morning.  I just can not decide what to wear but if its all hanging in the other room, ready to go, I have a much better day.

I am really pleased to say that I had the last of the steamy sessions yesterday, phew.  Everything is washed, ironed and all put away until next weekend.  Paul goes away today so he has all his stuff ready to just pick out of the wardrobe and put in his case and then he will bring it all back to wash again, such is life.

I also managed to not only clean crafty space yesterday but also to hoover, mop and polish in there before trashing it again getting things ready for crafty week.  So this morning, it is back in there to finish off preparing all the kits before taking a wander into town.

Last Sunday morning I was busy making this card, it is a stepper card using House Mouse stamps.

 Here is the back of it, to write your sentiments

 A couple of close ups to show you the details.

 Isnt it cute?  I really had fun making this and now I am trying to get my hands on a stepper die.  If you know where one is being sold, please please please, do let me know.

Today I am cutting out all the card kits for this weeks Crafty Week.  We make a couple of cards, tags and who knows what else we will have time for.  I have a few spaces on Friday night if you fancy coming along.  The cost of £7 includes all the materials you need to make the cards, coloured project sheets to take home with you, refreshments and cake (I cant say home made as my oven is just burning everything at the moment).  We start at around 7pm with a cuppa and finish around 10pm.  Lots of items for sale, lots of crafty chat and usually lots of laughter too.  The class is held in Alvaston, Derby and it would be wonderful to see you.  Please give me a call on 01332 721877 to find out more and book.

Off to make a start in the craft room, even though it is before 6am.  Hubby is having a lie in so I shall make the most of it.  Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day, Tracey xx

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday all day

Good morning and it is Saturday, yippeee. 

Yesterday I managed to get sisters birthday card finished, Grand daughters started and a spare.  The craft room is still trashed and my first job today is to get in there to get it sorted.  I have crafty week next week and still lots to organise.

I also managed to do all the clothes washing and half the ironing, I still hate ironing.  Dust is settling all over the house again, I cant wait for it all to stop but at least by tonight, I should be all straight, well thats the plan anyway.  Also got chappie popping in to sort out the dates for the new cloakroom installation....more dust, never mind.

I forgot to show you all the little curvy boxes I made to take with me to my crafting weekend last week.

 I cant believe that it was a week ago, goodness.  And here is what was waiting for us when we all arrived.

I have passed the sweeties on to Paul as he is partial to these.

The girls did their exams and they both werent very sure of how they did.  Katerina has another one on Thursday and Sophia mmmm, I dont know.  She didnt say but I am sure she has more before the end of June.

Mum is getting a bit better now.  She is tiring very easily and looks rather pasty but she says she feels better, I shall be keeping my eye on her.

Well I will go and make a start on the crafty space cleaning, all the other housework is already done.  Hopefully I may get to sit outside today with my new book at lunch time, I didnt make it yesterday.

Thanks for having a read and if you are around in Alvaston today, call in for a cuppa and cake, it would be lovely to see you xx

Friday, May 15, 2015

It's Friday

It is exam time for both Sophia and Katerina today.  We wish them lots of luck and I do hope that they manage to get through the exams without too much heartache.  I remember how ill I used to be, bless them.

Weather today is supposed to be better than yesterday but at least we didnt get the rain yesterday, phew.  I was hoping that we could have all sat outside for my birthday but it wasnt to be.  Today it is said to get up to 17 degrees with a few clouds, so I will put some cushions and table cloths out in the hopes that I may be able to sit and read a few pages of my new book.

We all squished and squashed around the dining area and in the conservatory yesterday but wow, what a day.  It was smashing, so many family, friends and little ones, it really was a day to remember.  I got so many wonderful and useful presents that I just cant list them all and cards, ohh I shall share those with you over the next few days.  Full of inspiration and the shop purchased cards are so nice, they have really come up in the world and such perfect verses inside them.  Does this mean that if you can buy a perfect card with a perfect sentiment......I dont need to make them anymore?

The new Stampin' Up! catalogues are here WHOOP WHOOP.  I am going to do another Stamperettes Series 14 (dont want to do a number 13).  This is where 10 ladies commit  to spend £15 each and every month, for 10 months.  During this period each lady (or gent), with be a virtual hostess (with a difference).  When it is your month to be the hostess, you get an additional £15 to spend in the current catalogues.  On top of that you get the annual catalogue and all other publications over the 10 months, free of charge and, you get to go to an actual Stampin' Up! party each and every month too, free.  You can take family, friends, neighbours or anyone else you wish to the party as well.  Would you like more information, just give me a call.  If this is something you would like to take part in, get in touch.  There are only 10 places in total and 2 of those have just been taken.  It all starts on Monday 29th June with Monday Make, the first Stampin' Up! Stamperettes 2015 party.

Another card from my last weekend away.  Isnt this lovely?
I discovered a new little trick of shading whilst leaving a little white border all the way round.  I had a wonderful time making this card, it was a great start to a great weekend.

We have the new boiler YEAH.  The chappie left yesterday mid morning, the house is warm, the water flows through so I think that big job went well.  Next we have to get the toilet put in the little room (I am going to call it my downstairs toilet), well, it doesnt matter.

Off to start in craft room before nipping in and out with the washing and ironing.....these things have to be done.

Have a wonderful day and YIPPEE, its Friday xx

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesdays Twitter

I have just read that we shall be having showers around 8am and again around 12 noon but the afternoon will be lovely and warm.  Its a good job because I am freezing.  We dont have any heating at the moment brrrr.  The boiler man came yesterday and took the old boiler out.  The new one has all the pipework being put in place, the holes have been drilled in the wall and fingers crossed the boiler will go in today although chappie thinks he will finish on Thursday lunch time.  The dust is back grrrr.  I cleaned it all away yesterday but it must like living here.

Here is a card that we made on Sunday afternoon during my weekend away.

We did this with the very talented Chris and to be honest, it is the only card that I have that is totally finished from the weekend.   The circular piece has been made using a Jelly Plate and brayering the colours on to it.  Not used a jelly plate in this way before and I just love the card.  Its an 8 x 8, again, not my usual sized card but I think I may have to do a few more this size.  Do you see the crochet details?  Chris had already prepared these for us which is a good job as I cant crochet at all.  Thanks Chris it turned out to be a very stunning card.

I didnt manage to get in the craft room yesterday so hope to do so today, lots of bits to put away, crafty week to prepare for and lots of goodies have arrived that need packing away, sorting out and thank you cards being written.  Fortunately, I am off work again today WHOOP WHOOP so I should get it all done. 

We did managed to get a couple of hours out in the front garden yesterday and will do so again today.  It certainly does look a lot better, although we do need to get quite a few ground covering plants.  I dont know a lot about those but I will do a bit of reading up on pretty, flowering ones.  We also planned the front garden yesterday, all we need now is someone with the know how to come and do it.  If you know of a gardener that can undertake such a big task, do let me know please.

Do you fancy making a card or two next week?  I have a couple of spaces available on Tuesday nights crafty night and quite a few spaces left on Friday night.  Do get in touch if you fancy coming along.

Right, I had best get a wiggle on and get a cuppa made for Paul as he has to go to work today.  Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day, dont forget your brolly.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Monday

Good morning from a Derby that is supposed to be sunny with a temperature of 20 degrees.  I have just read we may get a few rain showers but that wont dampen my spirits.

I have just had an amazing weekend in Peterborough with some amazing ladies, some of them I wont see again until October boo hoo. 

Our Friday started off with the usual visit to the range, a drop of bags at hotel and then on to some serious crafting.  A wonderful evening making 2 stunning cards.  A good nights sleep before we spent the day making an album, from scratch.  A meal out, bed by 10 and then an early start yesterday making another couple of beautiful cards.  A little shopping and travelled home, shattered but elated.  I shall share all my projects with you over the next few days.

And here we are again on a Monday morning, the big difference being, no work for me YEAH.  We have a boiler man coming in at 8am to take out the old boiler and bring in the new.  I am told everywhere will be dusty and mucky but worth it in the end......I am sure it will.

It is our nephews youngest daughters birthday today and she is going to be 5.  Here is the card I made her.

I am hoping to see her this afternoon to take a few presents round and catch up with mum with dad.

Stampin' Up! Catalogues have been ordered and they are on their way, 191 wonderful pages of Stampin' Up! goodies, colours such as Cucumber Crush, Delightful Dijon, Mint Macaron, Tip Top Taupe and Watermelon Wonder our new In Colours.

Stampin' Up! back orders are being filled and Alison, if you are reading this, I have your card....well worth the wait.  The Stamperettes order has arrived as well as the orders from the last crafty week.  I shall get them all sorted today. 

There are some lovely Stampin' Up! project out there on the internet that some ladies have created with some of the new stamp sets and the new in colours, I dont know how they get their new things so quickly?

Crafty Week next week - it is a week early but so many people are away during Spring Bank Holiday.  If you would like to come along on Tuesday 19th May, please let me know.  I have also been asked to have a night of card making on Friday.  At first I didnt think that there would be enough ladies to come on a Friday but there just might be.  Do get in touch if by the end of this week if you would like to book for either evening.  You can give me a call on 01332 721877 or send me an email

I had best get a wiggle on now to get ready for a day of chores, weeding and crafting.  Thank you for having a read and I wish you a wonderful day x

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Yummy Weeekly Deals

Good morning from a very damp Derby.  We had so much rain yesterday that I dont think I will be watering my plants for days, poor things.  The wind came and bashed them about and then the rain just took away so many lovely buds......never mind, lets hope that I have some flowers left for when Summer does arrive.

Weekly Deals are here.

If there is anything that you would like, do let me know before 9pm tonight as I am putting a little order in (going to get the new catalogues, exciting).

I only realised yesterday that the stamp set Painted Petals wont be in the new catalogue, oopps. 
If you want one of these sets before its too late, just get in touch.  I am still using mine almost daily as it is so versatile. 

Here is a card I made because I could.  I was making my dads birthday card and made another couple for the box, as you do

Its an older stamp set with SU colours and some SU papers, mixing and matching of course. 

We have mum in the hospital at the moment, not doing too well at all.  As you can imagine, life is a little hectic going backwards and forwards to the hospital but as long as she makes a speedy recovery, that is all thats important.

Right, best get a wiggle on and get into the office.  Wishing everyone a lovely day (and a dry one I hope).  Do let me know if you would like to place a little or big order by tonight.  Thanks for nipping in for read, Tracey x

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mondays merry go round

Do you remember this merry go round from last year?It is back again and I am ready to get off it.  I think we all have periods in our lives when we feel a bit like that but as I know I am having a week off work next week, I think I can cope till then.
 The new boiler is being fitted next Monday so lots of mess and moving things around.  I believe the chappie will be here for at least 3 days then on Thursday 14th, it is my birthday.  I dont know if Paul will be here or not so I shall make a large salad, some sarnies and bake a few cakes and other little bits and pieces.  If you would like to celebrate with me please do call in anytime from Thursday lunch time to Thursday bed time.  The weather forecast is supposed to be nice
Fingers crossed and we can sit outside for a change.

Here is a card I made to go on the 'FOR SALE' shelf.
I love this stamp so made the card, just because I can.

I am still making cards for all my May occasions and really enjoying it.  I shall be having a quick tidy up of crafty space and starting again a little later, a perfect way to end a Monday.

I have lots and lots of SU stamp sets for sale.  If you have been looking for something in particular, let me know and if it is in my sale basket, you can walk away with it.  Having said that, there are still quite a few bits and pieces in the clearance rack, the retirement list and the weekly deals.

Waving at Britta, thank you for your online order, postie should be on his way to you soon x

Right then, off to make my dinner now, a chicken salad, yummy.  Thanks for having a read and please, do get in touch if you need any crafty help.  Enjoy your evening

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Soggy Sunday

Good morning from a very soggy Derby.  The rain was so heavy this morning that the sound of it falling on the bedroom windows woke me up at 4.45, guess who is going to need a nanny nap later.  Never mind, it means I can get on with my chores and get in the craft room a little earlier, that cant be bad.

Here is another one of the hexagon hive / butterfly cards that I made, this time in crisp cantelope.
Everyone has given me such lovely comments about this that I think I will do it as an extra card for Mays crafty get together on the 19th.

Yesterday I went out to the Motorcycle Museum craft show in Birmingham and it was a lovely morning.  Once we go there, oh yes, I decided to give out the postcode of an offer that I received rather than the postcode of the venue tut tut.  Not a big place but lots of stalls, lots of inspiration and lots of things I hadnt seen before.  Not so much stamping but die cutting, stencils and other bits.  It was a wonderful morning and I wouldn't mind going back again later in the year.

Sophia has been in Athens for a few days and she sent me this photo.

She couldnt believe it when she saw it.  She is back at uni this week to more tests and more revising.  Katerina is still in Preston for another few weeks but she will leave England on 29th May.  I dont know if I told you that her Masters Degree course has been withdrawn!!! She has a plan B and a plan C so she will be okay.
Christiana is very positive and here she is out trying on sunglasses, as you do.

She has to have prescription ones as she struggles to drive with the strong sunlight in her eyes.

Today after a few chores and a little shopping trip to get my blueberry and apple tea, I am spending the day in the craft room, continuing with all the birthday and anniversary cards I need for this month.

Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful Sunday