Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesdays Twitter

Good morning on this Tuesday, which I feel is going to be a good one.  The sun is shining and although I have a few aches in my right wrist and elbow today, I can cope with it.

It was Beth's birthday yesterday and she was 16 years old,  where does the time go.

She is really into her trainers at the moment so I thought this card was quite apt. It is a woodware stamp and the little money envelope is made with a penny black rabbit and of course the SU envelope maker. 

We had to have an emergency appointment with the doctor yesterday and Christiana is now on antibiotics so I hope that she picks up over the next day or two, it is such a worry especially with everything else she has to deal with.  The receptionist at the doc said there were no appointments until Thursday even though I said it was urgent.  Oh well, at least we got sorted.

We dont have a lot is happening today except  I hope to spend some time in the craft room this afternoon.  I still have lots of tomato plants so I thought I would put a sign on the gate selling them for 50p each to see what happens, as suggested by friends.

The workman are expected in about half an hour and they have already warned me that there will not be any water for most of the day so I do hope I have filled up enough bottles.

This is my conservatory at the moment.

Well worth it though.

Although the garden isnt great at the front, we do have lots of flowers coming through.  I picked these yesterday

I will see if I can find a few more today.

Paul and I need to spend at least an hour a day on the garden but at the moment, with my hands being the way they are, I dont want to overdo thing.

Well I had best get a wiggle on and sort myself out. Thanks for having a read and dont forget about calling in for a cuppa on Saturday x

Monday, May 23, 2016

Merry Monday 21

Good evening.  I had intended sorting this post out this morning but at 7.30 our new bathroom turned up.  I know I said early but really, that early?  So chappie had to unload it all into the conservatory...now a bathroom showroom.  It is a good job Paul was at home to help sort it out.

Yesterday was a mixed bag of a day.  Christiana has been feeling not so good for a few days, sore throat, sore ear and headache.  She has had this before but a few pain killers and it past but not this time.  She has been in agony all night so we went to the walk in center, which was very good.  They saw her within the hour and told her no infections so just pain killers.

Then Paul took us to Sawly Marina for some fresh air, bless him.  This was followed by some greenhouse work and a TV evening with Britains got talent.  Today she was a lot worse so we made an emergency appointment at the docs.  She has an infection and needs antibiotics ....poor thing.  So we got her those and Paul took us to the crem for some fresh air and to put a few flowers down for Mum in Laws birthday.  The sun was shining and it was really refreshing.  Unfortunately my right hand has been playing up today so I havent managed to do a lot.

At 8.30 bathroom chappies arrived, all 4 of them, gulp, we wasnt expecting that.  The have ripped out my old bathroom, literally.  There is still the door into the bathroom from the kitchen and the previous owners had even tiled over a mirror that was on the door.

We then discovered that one of the joists under the bathroom floor is rotten. 
It has just crumpled away so we have to have a new joist and a new bathroom floor, something we werent expecting at all. They are due back again tomorrow.

As it is Merry Monday, here is a card I received from Pauline

Thank you mrs, it is lovely and sparkly.

Tomorrow is another day so now it is time to organise some food and I think I will put on my pjs and hopefully I will wake up and my hand will be a lot easier.

Thanks for having a read and I do hope you can manage an hour on Saturday for a visit.  I am getting lots of help which is wonderful, thank you ladies, I couldnt do this day without you all. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunny Sunday

Good morning and what a lovely morning it is outside.  The sun is shining, very little wind and it is so peaceful and quiet, wonderful.

A few aches and pains today, fingers, 3 toes and right shoulder but I think I can cope with those.  I am hoping to go out for a walk with Paul and Christiana to the Crem, to get some fresh air, put a few flowers down and blow off the cobwebs.

Here is the peg bag that I made for my sister as part of her birthday presents.  Thanks to Alyson for showing me how to make these.

 The Anniversary card for my sister and brother in law as they celebrate their anniversary on the same day as sister's birthday.

 A bit of an update on my tree,  the long stemmed flowers have started to appear and it is looking lovely now.


Lots of family and friends visited yesterday, which is always nice.  I managed to finish a couple of cards off for the box and also with a lot of help, get a few more things organised for Saturday.

Invites will be sent today but if you dont get one via email or facebook etc. please, do feel free to pop in next Saturday anytime from 9 - 5.  Let me know if you would like the address.

There will be cake, tea / coffee, raffles, a quiz, lots of sale items, samples to look at as well as some crafting. 

Crafting sessions on the day will take place at 9.30, 11.00, 1.00, 2.30 and 4.00.

The raffle prize will be drawn after the 4.00 crafting session.

The new Annual Catalogue will be available to purchase whilst stock lasts or we can place an order on the day. 

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful day, whatever you are up to.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Saw this, liked it so I am sharing it

Bright and Breezy

Good morning on this bright and breezy Friday.  The weather forecaster says it will be bright and breezy so it must be.

Yesterday was an up and down day.  I had to go for blood tests and my arm wouldnt stop bleeding.  I had to have quite a few x rays too but by the end of the day I was fast asleep on the sofa (8pm). 

The electrician returned to finish off work he started last year but guess what, after 5 hours of no electricity, he still hasnt finished.  We do pick them dont we *giggling*.  Well if you dont laugh  you just cry. 

My joints are very achy today but I am managing to potter.  Nothing large, just plodding on as you do.  I will be off work until Wednesday and then I hope to return for Thursday and Friday.

I am not quite sure how it happened but I had an oopps moment yesterday.  Opps, the brother scan and cut just happened to fall into my shopping basket and I am so excited. I think I will be needing all the help I can get with preparing for classes and I am sure that this machine will help me.  Anyone that has the machine please feel free to call in and give me a few tips once it arrives as I am not very good with new contraptions.

As it was dads birthday the same day as sisters birthday this last week,  here is the card that I made for him.
a little bit of a close up.  I used lots of different things on this, SU card, Nitwits papers, Penny Black Stamp, SU watercolour crayons as well as SU dies for the circles and the word window punch.  Of course the twine is SU too.

He said he liked it so that was okay.

I will be in and out of craft room today, as much as I can be.  A bit more sorting out, as I do.  If you are free a week on Saturday 28th, please do save an hour or two for a cuppa, cake and a bit of a craft.  More news to follow about this over the weekend.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a bright and breezy day....it would be rude not to x

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Good morning and what a soggy one, says the forecast.  Never mind, I will just be pottering today.

As it was my sisters birthday yesterday I made her some bookmarks and put them in a little tin, here they are.

I collect tins, I cant help it.  This is one of hoarding habbits but I do use them and I do give them away with albums in them or like this one, with bookmarks.  I have used mainly Stampin' Up! stamps, inks and card.  Lots of different ribbons and wools.  I hope that she likes these.

So yesterday I was at the hospital for over 5 hours.  The consultant I saw was lovely and very considerate.  She has told me we are going to be working as a team for many months, which was nice.  The staff were amazing and very helpful.  To cut a rather long story short, I had an injection of methotrexate and I have to monitor the side effects for the next week and I have been told not to read up about the drug and the side effects, so I havent.  I should start to feel some benefit in a few weeks time so that is good. I have a lot more appointments for various things and I have made them all for the afternoons, just in case I am at work in the morning.  So it is onwards and upwards today, pottering around.

Thanks for having a read and I wish you a wonderful Thursday, whatever you are up to x

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Midweek Musing

Wet and gray but still warm.  That is the forecast for today which is okay by me as it means all my flowers get a good watering and the water butt gets filled up as we nearly emptied it.

Today I am at the hospital, finally.  I hope to find out what I can do to make life a little easier and help get rid of these pains, especially the ones on my feet.  Onwards and upwards as they say.

Today it is my sisters birthday, my dads birthday and my sister and brother in laws anniversary so I have been busy making things.  Today I shall share my sisters card with you

I loved making it and I hope she likes it.

I am placing a Stampin' Up! order later this evening.  If you would like anything please do let me know before 8pm and I shall add it to my little list.  Lots of things still in the clearance and retiring products are around for the next couple of weeks.  I am busy getting things ready for my crafty day on 28th May.  More details to follow but please, do keep an hour free to pop in for a cuppa and some cake.

My green fingers are still green, here are the potato plants that are SO big 
We even have a little flower bud.

The peony tree has done amazingly well
The flower heads are so very big but not sure if they will last in the rain and the wind.

We took the tulips and daffodils out of the planter and changed them over for these wonderful little plants
I do hope that I haven't put too many in the pot, time will tell.

I have lots and lots of tomato plants so if you would like some, please get in touch to let me know.

I will go and get a wiggle on and get a few chores done before I go to the hospital.  Thanks for having a read and I hope you manage to stay dry today x

Monday, May 16, 2016

Merry Moday 20

Good evening, I have had a busy day at work today. As I havent been there for a couple of weeks  I was quite looking forward to going in.  I am being all positive and taking one day at a time.

As usual for a Merry Monday, here is a lovely card that we received at Christmas from Julie
Thank you, its stunning.

I have been asked by a couple of ladies to go through the cards we made last month so on Tuesday, 24th May I shall have a couple of hours making these cards.  If you would like to come along to make them please let me know and I shall make sure that I have enough bits and pieces cut out.  We shall start at 2pm and finish around 4pm.  There will be the usual laughter and chatter and a cuppa with cake at the end of the  session. 

Christiana and I are nipped to Asda for an hour today to return a few bits before coming home via Swarkstone, Aston on Trent, Weston on Trent and Elvaston.

 I have a few special birthdays coming up and cards that need to be finished off as well as those that I need for the next Goodbye old catalogue and Hello new catalogue so I shall spend an hour or two in the craft room, when I have done a little weeding

The Goodbye - Hello Launch is going to take place on 28th May and you can come along and purchase the latest catalogue which is bigger and better than ever, honestly it is.  Make a card, take part in the raffle, have a go at the quiz and sit and natter over cake.  I am hoping it will be a busy day and look forward to seeing you.  If any of my crafty friends feel like demonstrating a small card on the hour, each hour on 28th May please get in touch.  I could do with a bit of a hand on the day.

Right then, I had best get a wiggle on.  Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful evening, whatever you are up to. x

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Birthday Weekend

What a smashing birthday weekend I have had. It all started yesterday morning and will end around 9pm tonight.  I got up yesterday with just a few aches and pains but managed to open all these.

Who is a lucky lady, thank you all so much.

We then had a trip out to Bakewell, somewhere I have never been before and it was a lovely day, not warm really but still nice.  Got home to cake with the grandchildren before settling down with Britain's Got Talent and then Eurovision.

Today we have had pippa for the day and I cooked a Sunday lunch whilst Paul has spent the day is the bathroom.

The little bit of wall has gone, plaster work has been done and the ceiling is now boarded up.  All ready for the next stage on Thursday.

After a little bit of pottering in the greenhouse shortly we shall have a bite to eat and a chilled out evening in front of the box.  Tomorrow I am at work.

Not a lot of crafting over the weekend but I shall be making up for it tomorrow.  After my morning at work Christiana and I shall nip to Asda and then I shall be in the craft room for a few hours and I am really looking forward to it.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely evening.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Fridays Post

Good morning from a rather cloudy Derby.  The temperature is quite nice but it is a little windy.  Today is my last day off work as I will be hobbling back on Monday.  All I can do is give it a go and try not to let it beat me.

Yesterday was another day of pottering and I did make a start in the craft room.  It isn't quite finished but it should be later this afternoon.  Christiana and Paul spent the afternoon in town, birthday present shopping.  It is the first time that Christiana will be with me on my birthday in many years so we are looking forward to it.

My house is now looking very much like a bathroom storeroom.  All the towels and bathroom bits are in a corner in the living room.  The shower screen is in Christiana's room, the tiles are in the conservatory and the shower tray in the hall.  Later today the shower panels are due, which will also go in the hall.  The bathroom is changing each day. 

Apart from all the writing on the floor as to where everything will go, Paul has taken out the wall remnents that the previous owners left. The wooden support block is still in but this is due to come out tonight.  We have had a new door frame too.  Bless him, he is trying to fill up all the gaps because you would not believe the size of the spiders that are appearing, *shiver*.  Each night we are hoovering and mopping, trying to keep it all clean as we can (royal we...Paul is doing it).

I have had a new punch from Stampin Up

This is my uncles birthday card for tomorrow and I have used the new banner punch on this card.  It has a matching stamp set too and I am just loving this. Unfortunately I cant show you the actual punch on the blog but I know it is going to be a popular one.

Christiana and I have started a fairy garden,

I am just loving creating this with her.  My acer is looking lovely again this year, thank you Jacqui.

Right, off to do a bit of pottering.  I cant sit at the computer for too long, thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Big Bloomers

Good morning, the sun is out and it is looking like a lovely day is to be had.  It is a bit windy but that is fine.

Today I am still struggling to walk so I am wearing my trainers in the hopes that I can manage for a little longer than yesterday. As long as I sit a bit and then stand/walk a bit I am okay. 

I didnt manage to get the craft room organised yesterday, best laid plans and all that.  The pain in my feet was a little bit too much for me so today I hope to get it done.  The good news is that the hospital appointment has been confirmed for next Wednesday so lets hope I can get sorted out.

I sat this morning with a cuppa and.....MY NEW SU CATALOGUE, oh my.  Lots of nice things, lots carried over and the in colours need to be seen, really.  I shall continue planning and making things for 28th May.  Please keep this date free to join me for a cuppa, cake and a browse at all the new products.

With all this lovely weather, Pauls Pioney tree has produced two amazing flowers, they are so big.

Here is my thank you card for May, which I have forgotten to share with you.

I have to write a few out as quite a lot of goodies have arrived.

Thanks for stopping by for a read and I hope you have a great day.  Tracey

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Midweek Musing

Good morning, a cooler one today with rain.  I can cope with that as it is watering all my plants.

I dont know if I should put this but, apart from my feet aching, I have woken up today, pain free *sshh*.  It took a little time to get walking this morning, due to my feet but hay, I can cope with this I believe.

On Saturday night - Sunday morning, the house next to ours was broken into, the car keys taken and the car stolen.  How awful.  We have now added extra security to our house, double checking everything at night time and making sure we are all secure.  I think it is awful.

Not a lot happening in the craft room apart from pottering and sorting out.  As I havent been 100% I havent been making things for the 28th May so, if you fancy a play with some stamp sets, creating a few cards or other products, get in touch to let me know and I shall arrange a play day.  I could do with some help getting display/demonstration goodies ready.

It is Christmas Card Club on Friday night, if you fancy making a few Chrsitmassy bits please, do let me know.

Can you believe the difference in my tree in just a week.  Last week it had some shoots on it and started to look alive but this week, it is wonderful

 My greenhouse antics are doing well.  Here is my bag of potatoes, they are just brimming. 
 All the other veg is doing wonderful but I really do have too many tomato plants.  If you would like any just call in with a couple of empty pots to take them away as I have ran out of pots.

Here is a card I saw on pinterest which I adored so, I just had to go and case it.

As soon as I am able, I shall have a one off evening of Timeless Texture to make a few cards and matching tags. 

Stampin' Up! have lots and lots of retiring products at wonderful prices and not forgetting the clearance rack.  I shall be placing an order in the next few days and if you would like anything, why not pop round for a cuppa and place your order.  The craft room should be clean and tidy by the end of today (Christiana has been in there sorting out a scrapbook).  Lots of magazines looking for new homes, some other bits and bobs FREE too.  I have a few orders that need collecting too so, if you are in the area, it would be great if you could pop in to collect your goodies.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful day.