Saturday, February 28, 2009

Its the weekend

and what a busy one its going to be for me. Got to get the chores out the way this morning, which I dont mind doing then I have a stampin up party this afternoon. Really looking forward to that. I am hoping to spend the whole day tomorrow in my craft room as got a few orders to take care of

Here are some pictures I took at the last Derby Dabblers meeting of Claire's amazing project, she is certainly one of the most talented ladies I know. This wasnt quite finished when I took the photos.

It was lovely to see you Claire and look forward to the next time.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

No lie in

I was hoping to have a bit of a lie in this morning but no, I'm up at the crack of dawn again. I shall make the most of it though and try and catch up with some things.

Thought I would show you some more of the cards that I made at the recent workshop.

They were both using hero art stamps (if I remember correctly). I could be wrong because you know what age does, or maybe you dont.

To put the tiny beads on the card I used some superglue gel and oohhh what a find. Thank you so much to Gina for introducing me to this gel, and for her scrummy cake).

Thanks for looking and hope you have a great day, whatever you are doing

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not enough time the day over the last week or so. Dad went into hospital for a new knee (I'm sure he is going to become the next bionic man). Unfortunately he has had one complication after another and as you can imagine, working all day and hospital each evening hasn't left a lot of time to keep the blog up to date.

Hopefully dad will be home today or tomorrow so we can all get back on track again.

Thought I would show you a card I made at a recent class I went to at Sir Stampalot in Peterborough with the talented Chris. We made 6 cards in a day and had a great time. A big thank you to Chris.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Derby Dabblers Cards part 3

Hope you arent getting fed up of seeing the cards that Derby Dabblers have come up with.

Another card from Sandra

These cards were made by Liz

Some images that Lesley did on the night

A couple more from Jackie

Monday, February 16, 2009

My new craft room is ready

Do you remember these pictures of my Ikea bits arriving at the beginning of January? They were all pieces of units and bookshelves for the new craft room that Paul had offered to create for me, as long as I helped him. How could I refuse.

And these were the pictures of the room that was going to become my craft room? This has the bed in it all in pieces and my daughter's favourite wallpaper.

Then there are these pictures of Paul building the units. He finished work every night, had tea and then went straight into the room to do more work for a few hours. He has said that he loved doing this for me...and before you ask, the answer is no LOL

My desk has been put in on this picture. Do you know it took us ages to work this one out as it just seemed to be so low. We got there in the end. It was a "seconds" from a timber merchant but exactly what we were looking for. Once it was cleaned and waxed it came up a treat.

This one shows the deep purple wallpaper below the rail now painted a softer shade and new wallpaper up and painted pink. I wanted a pink room and thats just what I got.

The shelves were on offer from B&Q, a bargin not to be missed. A surprise from Paul when he brought me a flat screen TV, for background noise so that I don't feel alone upstairs.

It has taken me well over a week to start putting things from my 3 stash places downstairs, into my new room and I still havent finished.

This is it, so far. These are views from when you walk in

This is a picture I found that I knew would look just right in the new room

Pauls tools have now been put away, all my ribbon is hung up and the desk is just crying out for me to play

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cards from Derby Dabblers part 2

As promised, here are some more amazing cards from the Derby Dabblers.

These were made by Jackie

These were made by Sandra

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cards from the Derby Dabblers 1

Thought you might like to see some of the wonderful creations made by the Derby Dabblers. Some of them dont yet have blogs but the cards that everyone makes are too nice not to share you with you all.

This is Lesley with her card using one of the level one hostess set from Stampin UP

We shall be meeting again at the beginning of March. Please let me know if you would like to join us or find out more about Derby Dabblers.

Here is Christine with the lovely cards that she made on the night

Pauline with her images, Alison with her images, Alison with her cards and Steph being creative.

I shall be adding more pictures of the ladies and their cards over the next few days. All comments are welcome and we look forward to reading them.

If you fancy joining us in March, please get in touch as we always welcome new faces

Friday, February 13, 2009

Derby Dabblers first 2009 evening

At last the Derby Dabblers met tonight, the first time since the beginning of December. I had a great evening and the hall was warm, always a bonus.

Not only did we have people making cards (the theme was garden insects) but we had a few ladies updating their scrapbooks as well as a play with the cricut machines. There was lots of catching up to do which was done in between all the teas/coffees and cakes. I must remember to take more cakes next month.

Debbie brought in her Yankee Candles and the hall smelt lovely as soon as you walked in the door. Pam and myself had a bit of a clearout so there were plenty of bits and pieces given away.

Thank you to everyone for making the evening such a great one.

Here are a few pictures of everyone crafting away

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wedding Anniversary Card

Just had a lovely evening with mum. She has been having problems with her laptop and we have spent the evening getting it sorted. Hope it all works now.

I have added my blog to her favourites so I hope she will be nipping in to have a look at the cards I have been making.

Here is a commissioned Anniversary card that I made this week. It was a struggle to do it as I have half of my craft stash in my new craft room and the other half scattered between three other rooms, oh I will be pleased when its all in one place.

I have received yet another order from Cyprus. Cute birthday cards for a 15 year old. Just waiting to know how to spell Ellenas name properly so, Sophia and Katerina if you read this, PLEASE LET ME KNOW how to spell her name.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grandaughter or Granddaughter

I was asked to make a card for a Granddaughter - Grandaughter. Which was the correct way to spell it. Lots of people were torn between the two.

I just hope I got the right one, which is exactly as the grandma had spelt it on her order to me.

Just a little cutie...

I hope that the font on this is readable. Please let me know if it isnt. I think I must have had a problem with the font, as Pam mentioned. Thanks for letting me know

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Derby Dabblers Update

Last Friday we had to cancel the first 2009 Derby Dabblers night, due to the weather which was really disappointing. The good news is that the hall is not being used this Friday so, if you fancy a night of crafting with a group of very sociable ladies, please let me know.

Its for cardmakers, scrapbookers and any other crafting hobby you may have. It takes place from 6.00 - 10.00 but you dont have to be there at the start of the evening nor do you have to stay until the end.

For more information, just email me at

UPDATE - I have just had an email saying that you cant read this post? How strange, has anyone else had a problem reading my posts?? Obviously everyone is having a problem reading it, well at least 4.

Anyone got any ideas, that is if you can read this??

Workshop Card No 3

Did I say that normal service would be resumed?? Oopss sorry, but you can blame it on the new craft room. I never expected it to take so long and I still haven't finished it. I have started to put all my things on the shelves but there is still so much to go in (will it all fit?)

I have also been busy making cards, I cant tell you how long it has taken to make a card, I have all my essentials around me but then I have to go on a hunt to find the right colour card. No chance of finding pretties, I have put them somewhere safe so that I can put my hands straight on them...but where was that safe place? Hopefully by the end of the week I will be organised again.

Here is another card that we made at the workshop using the blooming with beauty stamp set. I teamed it up with bashful blue cardstock, ink and stampin writes.

Thanks for having a look.