Monday, February 2, 2009

For Sophia, Katerina and Christiana... snowy Derby

Rather a long post today, but its a special one. These pictures are especially for my girls, who are in sunny Cyprus

These were taken at 9p.m. last night, you didn't believe we had snow but, here it is. I bet you want to get on the next flight and come home, don't you? I could always send you some snow in the post.
Can you see how big the snowflakes are?

It all started at about 2.00 in the afternoon with a mixture of snow and hail, thats when I telephoned you all.

And these were taken at 6.40 this morning, before we set out for work. Brrrr it was cold.

My car has vanished
Paul starting up his car.

This is what the street looked like first thing this morning, before everyone started the snow ball fights and building snowmen

This is what I came home to at 4.30 tonight. It took me nearly an hour to do a 3 mile trip as the cars were all driving so slowly.

The blackbirds were in the garden and the bird table had so much snow on it. I braved going outside and cleaned the table. I put bread out for them but they didnt come back. Oppps, Paul told me that I had just given the birds the bread that was for our sandwiches for tomorrow. Guess who had to go to the shop to buy MORE bread....Paul.

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