Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Derby Dabblers Update

Last Friday we had to cancel the first 2009 Derby Dabblers night, due to the weather which was really disappointing. The good news is that the hall is not being used this Friday so, if you fancy a night of crafting with a group of very sociable ladies, please let me know.

Its for cardmakers, scrapbookers and any other crafting hobby you may have. It takes place from 6.00 - 10.00 but you dont have to be there at the start of the evening nor do you have to stay until the end.

For more information, just email me at tracey.rossos2@hotmail.com

UPDATE - I have just had an email saying that you cant read this post? How strange, has anyone else had a problem reading my posts?? Obviously everyone is having a problem reading it, well at least 4.

Anyone got any ideas, that is if you can read this??


willow said...

Thats just what I thought!!!

Well possibly if I could read it


Karen said...

Thats all symbols and stuff, no writing..

Love Karen x

Jackie said...

Well now Tracey, if I could understand what it says then I could comment :o)
So looking forward to Dabblers, it's been too long since the last meeting.
Jackie xx

Handcrafted With Love said...

It was as though you had altered your settings or something Tracey but it's all ok now!

Love Pam xx

Jackie said...

It's okay now Tracey, it's readable :o)
Jackie xx