Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Midweek Musing

The weather, its more of the same here in Derby, warm with showers.  Sunday those showers made my drain covers travel off the drains, there was so much rain.  Once the water had subsided, I found them up the drive and in the garden, phew, it sure did come down quickly.  Yesterday, the rain just never came, lets see what happens today.

Did you know the price of milk has gone up?  no nor did I till yesterday.  I went to co op and they charged me £1.39 for 2 litres?  I went back and asked if it was right, oh yes it was right.  Sainsbury is £1.29 and Asda is £1.00 tut tut

I am on garden duty this week, as well as everything else that life throws at you.  Monday was easy, I just went and checked all the gardens I am looking after, nothing overflowing, flowers under awnings were watered, job done.  Yesterday, all was well too,  so fingers crossed that there isnt too much to do today.

Unfortunately Mum in Law has been in the wars again.  She is okay now and is taking things easy but it is such a worry, bless her.

Its Derby Dabblers this Friday.  Fancy coming along to try your hand at making a couple of different types of boxes and a gift bag.  Nip HERE and find out all about it, even if you just come for a cuppa, a natter and stamp out some images, it would be lovely to see you there.

Here is a card that I made recently.  I am trying to get to grip with bottled glitter, made by all sorts of companies but SU is coming out on top for me.

 a bit of a close up

I shall be keeping this one as a sample.

Thanks for having a read today and I do hope that all is well in your world. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stormy weather

Good morning and who feels refreshed after a lie in?  Me that is who.  I managed to get most of my chores downstairs done yesterday so that feels better.  I dont know what it is but unless I get done, the things I have to do, they stay on my mind for the whole day. Probably an age thing.

It was fun in games in the Anthony household last night and dont worry, you didnt miss anything too exciting.  I went to bed about 9.15, with my usual cuppa so that I can take my tablets.  Oh yes, I am on tablets, keeping the blood pressure down and the statins and ones that make my blood circulate properly but that is another story and definately related to age anyway, I digress.  I am in bed, watching telly, listening to the thunder and seeing the lightening flash through the windows and suddenly BOOM.  Off the telly went, my electric alarm clock and I think goodness, we have been hit by lightening.  So I lay there and saw that my hall light was still on?  Something wasnt right. So up I get, look for the slippers, put on a robe and yep, the lights work but not the the telly nor clock.  Maybe a switch has tripped on the fuse box so off I trundle, down the stairs (which I should have cleared but that is todays job).  Off to the fuse box, goodness I still have that card stand in front of the fuse box (must get that on ebay today), and sure enough, one of the switches had tripped so I push it back up, no, it would go.  I tried again, pushing it up, no.  Ohhh so I have to try and find out what has tripped the fuse, fix it, then go back to the fuse box to put the little catch up and then I can go to bed.

I searched all around the house for a good 15 minutes and then it hit me, it was in shed!  It was hailing, thundering, lightening, I was in pjs and I had to go outside?  Could it wait till morning?  Apparently not because all the sockets in the kitchen were connected to the same fuse box and they werent working, including my fridge and freezer.  Grabbed a tourch (yes I could put my hand straight on one of those) and off I went, into the storm.  Okay, so it was only a few feet away but got to make it sound as dramatic as it felt.

Swithed the alarm off the shed, armed with my brolly to keep me dry, a brush as all the switches are so high up I cant reach them and the key.  I discovered it was the fish pond that had the problem.  Something had made the pond switch"TRIP" which in turn had "BLEW" the fuse box in the shed and in turn that "TRIPPED" the switch in the fuse box in the house.  It is now half past 10, I am pushing switches up and down, running wet through (on my recently mopped floor) through the house to the fuse box and I cant get them all to stay on. Not one to be beaten I had to make a choice, fridge and freezer, or fish pond.  The fridge and freezer won.  So for the last time, I pushed up just ONE of the switches in the shed, came into the house, pushed the fuse box switch and it stayed on.  Left it at that but felt guilty.  I went to lock up the shed and thought I had best just check the fish (what was I thinking, well I probably wasnt thinking by this time, just a soggy wet mass),  the pond was overflowing due to all the rain.  OMG.  I thought about taking some of the water out but I can assure you, it really was just a fleeting thought.  I locked all the doors, hit the shower and finally got back into bed at 11.20. 

After a lie in this morning, I have been to try and sort it and I cant get the pump working on the pond so, fingers crossed, the fish will have to manage for two or three days until Paul comes home.  phew, what a saga.

Here are a couple of photos of the pond and my poor lupins.  I wasnt the only one battered by the storms last night

And of course, some good news, because we all like a bit of good news, my orchid has flowered suddenly.  That is very good news for me because I thought it had died.  Last year it flowered all the way from October through to June and then that was it, nothing.  This will be going to mum in laws for a holiday in a few weeks.

Now, if you are still with me, here is a card I made a couple of weeks ago. 

and a couple of close ups, the butterflies have crystal effects on them.  I am so impressed at how quickly this dries.

Storms are forecast for Derby for today so I am off out this morning as I need a few bits from town.  This afternoon its a bit of ironing and maybe, just maybe, I will get to play in the craftroom. 

I shall be putting a Stampin' Up! order in this evening.  If there is anything you would like, maybe an inkpad, a stamp set, a pack of papers or even a pot of glue, just give me a ring on 01332 721877 or send me an email and I will get it ordered for you.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you enjoy the rest of the day.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another sizzling Saturday

LAST CHANCE to join series 11 of Stamperettes.  This will be starting tomorrow and there are still a couple of places left.  If you would like to spread the cost of your Stampin' Up! wish list by spending £15 a month (or more if you wish), plus 50pence p+p for 10 months, you can get all your crafting items bit by bit, get the catalogues and any other brochures free of charge.  This is as well as being able to spend a  minimum of £25 during one of the 10 months. You dont need to live in Derby to join this so please, give me a call on 01332 721877 or send me an email, to find out more.

I had a wonderful day yesterday catching up with a couple of friends, after finishing my week at work of course.  I had a drive out, went to somewhere I had never been before and spent a few hours of crafty chat, sat down in the sunshine.  I need to do this more often.

Then after a quick tea of home made burgers, syn free chips, mushy peas and salad, I spent another few hours sat outside in the dusk, chatter away.  It was lovely.

Today it is chore day.  I am off to do my shopping first thing and then I shall get stuck in to all the washing, cleaning downstairs and generally trying to catch up with paperwork and emails.

Just look at these wonderful 12 x 12 core dination card, all in the new colours.  I cant wait to get my mits and scissors on these.  I have a few ideas.
 Here are some more 12 x 12 envelopes that I have been making.  There are a stack of them now, all ready for the next Stamperettes order, umm ladies, today is 27th cough cough

 I made a couple of these cards, because I could.  I have embossed them, and coloured them with SU colours and daubers.
 And here is a matching tag

I hope you manage to stay dry if the storms we are promised happen.  Thanks for having a read and have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. A

Good morning and what a damp one it is today.  Did you hear the rain in the night, goodness, it did fall quite heavily and the forecast for today, more rain showers but quite a high temperature, so that's okay.  I will try and do a little more in the garden this afternoon to keep on top of things but, I am missing being in my craft room.

Paul came home Monday evening and as Tuesday was our 2nd Anniversary, it was even more special.  Unfortunately he left again yesterday but that's okay as I have a busy few days ahead of me.

Here is the card I made for our Anniversary.

 And this was on the envelope, dead soppy I am really.

But WOW just look what he got for me, the inside says something about different styles but perfect pairs.

Not only that but the envelope had a wonderful tissue liner (how did they do that) and a little gold seal.  Now that was so special for me as I know it is not easy to buy a card for a card maker so fellas, if you are reading this, take note. I also got a new beach bag and some Vera Wang Perfume called Anniversary, spoilt or what.  So here I am, sat here having my morning cuppa smelling of Anniversary perfume.

Just a quick post as I have a few bits to sort out before I go to work.  Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day.....stay dry

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Midweek Musing

Well I missed Tuesdays Twitter as well as the new start of the week on Monday but never mind, I am here now.

It was Mum and Dads wedding Anniversary on Sunday and here is the card that I made them..

I dont usually do 8 x 8 cards but I did enjoying making this one.

Life has got a bit busier as I have been spending lots of time in the kitchen, cooking.  Yes, even in this heat I am cooking but thats a good thing as I am on a diet...AGAIN.  I have joined slimmers world and, fingers crossed, I should lose at least half a stone before I fly out to see my daughters in Cyprus.  I am doing very well so far and enjoying eatting but to be honest, I cant remember the last time I ate so much.  As long as it works that is the main thing.

Stamperettes Series 11 still has a few places available.  The next new group should start this weekend so PLEASE, do get in touch if you fancy giving this a go by calling me on 01332 721877.  It really is the best way to build up your collection of crafting goodies over a period of time.  If any of the series 10 stamperettes are reading this, could you start looking through your new books please and, if you havent got one yet, just give me a call and I will get one to you.

I hope everyone managed through the storms.  Paul came home on Monday so Monday evening we sat and watched the lightening show, it was amazing.  Mind you Tuesday morning I got soaked going into work....the heavens just opened as I got out of the car. I cant remember a time that I have ever been so wet and boy was I glad when my day finished as my trousers were wet through up to the knees.  But at least it was an experience.

Well thank you for having a read.  I am off to do a few chores and then get outside for an hour to repair some of the damage done by the wind and rain.  Have a lovely afternoon and evening.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bundles of Bundles

It rained.  It is cooler oh, how lovely to get up this morning (at silly o clock) and find that it was only 15 degrees and everywhere outside looks clean and tidy from the rain.  The forecast is for another very warm day but not a lot of sunshine, a bit like yesterday I guess.

Did I do some stuff yesterday. I had 4 half hour stints outside getting all the grooves cleaned, well you just do dont you.  My new toy was just the ticket. 

 I am getting very annoyed by a little fox that has decided to sleep on my flower bed.  My plants are all dying.  I got up this morning and there it was mind you, it didnt half get a shock when it saw me, snigger.
You can make out where it has ben lying  tut tut.

As promised here are details of the bundles in catalogue.  A bundle is where you  purchase two items, at the same time and save quite a lot of money.

On page 12 there is the Chalk Talk Bundle, a stamp set and the Framlits Dies.

On page 32 there is the Label Love Bundle


On page 81 there is the Backyard Basic Bundle


On page 85 there is the Wildflower Meadow Bundle

On page 95 there is the Flower Shop Bundle 

On page 113 there is Beautifully Barque Bundle

On page 123 there is Mosaic Madness Bundle

On page 124 there is Six-Sided Sampler Bundle.  

If you would like to place an order for any of the bundles, either call me on 01332 721877 or send me an email at    to let me know what it is you would like.  We then arrange payment as I have to pay for the items at the time that I submit my order to Stampin' Up!  As soon as the order arrives, we can arrange to meet up to hand over your goodies or, for £4.95 you can have your order delivered to your door. 
Should you need any help in deciding what is best for you, please let me know as I would be happy to help in any way I can.

Off to start my Sunday.  Thanks for having a read today

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Its the weekend and Paul was right, I am up at silly o'clock.  No particular reason but I do want to make the most of the day.  I cleaned all downstairs last night whilst it was a bit cooler.  Washer is on and I will go and start upstairs fairly soon, before the heat of the day.

Well I have had a few days off from blogging but a girls got to do what a girls got to do and, I havent been in the craft room either opps but I hope to have a bit of a play later today.  I have a few birthdays coming up.

Here is a card that I made recently using Everything Elenor and Secret Garden stamp sets.  I havent put a sentiment on this yet as I am not too sure what I shall use it for.  I have quite a few cards all ready to go so that I can add a sentiment at the last minute, to suite the occassion.

This is something that I received from one of my fellow Stampin' Up! demonstrators at the last training I went to with my upline, Helen.  Isnt it lovely?

Do you fancy getting a little something from Stampin' Up! each month?  Would you like to have at least £25 worth of Stampin' Up! goodies FREE?  I am starting a new series of Stamperettes in 8 days and there are a few places available.  Stamperettes is a group of 10 ladies.  Each ladies commits to purchasing £15 worth of Stamping Up goodies each month, (plus 50p p+p).  During the 10 months each person will be a hostess and hold a virtual party, no mess, no visitors and all the benefits.  You get all your catalogues and publications for free.  You can build up your Stampin' Up! collection a little at a time.  Please let me know if you would like to take part in this, it really is a good scheme and as this will be the 11th time I am doing it, that speaks for itself.  You can get in touch by calling me on 01332 721877 or sending me an email to  You dont have to live in Derby either as I can post your things direct to you (at cost).

Thanks for nipping in today and I hope your Saturday is wonderful.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesdays Twitter

I was wondering how long I have had a Tuesdays Twitter so I went and checked, nearly 3 years.  So today wont be any different. I haven't had one each week but still, its a long time.

This is where I twitter on about all sorts on a Tuesday so I shall start with the share page.  There are a few more things added so if you would like a half a pack of something, some 6 x 6 papers or anything that isnt on the share page, just make me aware of it and I am sure others will want the same.  Quite a few things are not even making it on to the share page as two people are getting in touch for 12 x 12 designer papers so they are going as soon as they arrive.  I shall be adding the new ribbons on there soon so please, do keep nipping back to check what is there.

I couldnt take photos of the new poppy or the other new flowers are I got frightened of all the bees. Oh there are lots and lots of them, not sure if I have made a mistake by keeping the nest there?  I think it may be too late for this year but I wont do it again, not so close to the house anyway. 

It really is hot out there, yesterday it was 29 in my garden and 28 in the kitchen, first time ever.  The plants are suffering too.  I cant get them watered quick enough but, I dont want to over water them either.

Today I have Tuesday at Traceys.  Please do feel free to call round any time after 1pm or after 7pm.  I havent baked due to the heat but if you have orders to collect, to place or you want to see what is for sale, what is on offer and what is free, just pop in.  If you want my address, let me know and I shall give you directions, I am in Allenton, Derby.  The more the merrier so please, bring a friend with you.

Here is a card I made with the Wildflower Meadow, I have made a lot of cards made with this bundle and I hope you wont get fed up of seeing them.

This does a lot better in real life and if you pop in today, I can show it to you. As you can tell, I inked the stamp with versamark, put white embossing powder over it and then heated.  I havent put a sentiment on it just yet so it is one for the box.

Someone has pointed out how many bundles there are in the new catalogue so I shall try and get details of them all and put them here for you, it can get quite confusing.

Not got a catalogue yet?  I have a few left and they are £3 each collected.  If you would like me to post one to you I shall be happy to do so but postal charges will be added to the £3.

Off to get ready for work now and I shall call in and get some strawberries and cream for later.  I have a very large umbrella so we can sit outside this afternoon and evening.  Have a lovely day and thanks for have a read.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Another start to another week

What a lovely day again today.  I still have the pleasure of watering my garden in a bit and I noticed quite a few new buds yesterday, I shall photograph anything new for Paul and the girls to see, oh, and of course you too.

Sending hugs to one of my longest friends, we have known each other for about 18 years ish.  We have never met, but I know that the area she lives has tornado warnings today so hugs to JB and I do hope you, your family and neighbours all stay safe.

Yesterday I made my candles.  I have a couple to take to Cyprus, a few orders. a few for xmas presents  and about 6 for sale.  They are £5 each and make a lovely gift for someone.  I can put them in a cellaphane wrapper with a big ribbon on.

I went to work this morning, as you do but it was soon coming home time and what a lovely afternoon I have had.  I have finished off a couple of things I have been working on.

Here is the first project I finished. On Saturday when we went to Leeds, we made quite a few cards but I needed to add some finishing touches to mine.

 and this is what I did to the inside.

 I have been working on a project for a while to show off all the wonderful papers that SU have.  I wanted to keep them together but as I only get them bit by bit, I didnt want to mix them up.  When we made this card a few weeks ago,

it gave me an idea to do this

So I have been finishing this off today too.  This is using all the Gigham Garden  Designer Series Papers.  I just need to label it up now.

Well there is still plenty more to share with you but, I will leave that until tomorrow. 

Thanks for having a read and if you fancy a cuppa tomorrow afternoon or evening, its Tuesday at Traceys but, I havent baked......its too hot