Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Best Of

In Derby today, they have forecast El Scorchio weather.  Oh yes, we are to expect around 26 -28 degrees.  Now I know that not everyone likes this kind of heat and I do hope you manage to stay cool but me, I really dont mind it.

At 5am the windows and doors were wide open in the kitchen as it was 17 degrees and I have 1001 little chores to get on with before I take our grand daughter, who had a birthday recently, into town.  Paul is still here for a couple of more days which is lovely, I am sure he will be putting the garden to rights, deadheading, trimming back etc. etc.

The white bottomed bumble bee nest is becoming a little bit of a bother.  Where there were just a few bees a couple of weeks ago, there are an awful lot more now

Every time I go out of the door I have to duck or run off quite quickly.  I have been hit by a few of them, not stung, they have just flown into me.  We shall just have to monitor them and if it gets too much, who knows.  And then, I have a wasps nest in the eves of the house, just outside my craft room (bomb site).  Now they do have to go but I need to get craft room cleaned so that Paul can get to open the window, to spray whatever he has to spray, yaks.

It was Derby Dabblers last night YEAH.  It was a lovely evening chatting away, seeing what others were doing and catching up.  I was lucky enough to sit and play with my new SU white clay, moulds and different coloured inks.  I will get the results all sorted to show you in the week.  Do you remember 'pink shrimp sweets'?  The way they had that squashy feeling well, this is what the clay feels like.  I am really impressed with them.

Best of Flowers, do you remember that I told you SU were bringing out a 'Best of' set each month to celebrate 25 years?  Well the first month was best of flowers and the second month is 'Best of Butterflies'  I have used my Best of Flowers set to make the thank you cards for all my Stamperettes and here is a sample of them

Stamperettes is a group of 10 ladies that all sign up to spend £15 a month for 10 months.  During that 10 months they are a virtual hostess meaning that they get at least £25 to spend in the catalogues.  If this is something you fancy, give me a call on 01332 721877 as I have another group starting up on 28th July and there are still a couple of places left.  Its a great way of building up your stamping collection, bit by bit.  

Thank you for having a read today and wishing you a very happy Saturday, whatever you are doing.

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