Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Christiana

Its my eldest daughters birthday today.  Christiana is now 27 years old and is still my baby, do our children ever change from being our babies?  Or is it a mother daughter thing?  Not sure but would be interested to know what you think.

Here is the card that I made for Christiana and took to Cyprus, she said that she likes it, phew.

We made something similar to this yesterday at the Stamping Saturday. 

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon ladies and I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.  There will be another one on 27th October in the afternoon at St. Martins Church Hall.  If you fancy an afternoon of stamping, just let me know and I can send you the details.  I didnt take any photos of yesterday but Buffy and Mawgan did so I will post them as soon as I have them.  Today I have a day of putting everything away and trying to find a flat surface lol.  Everything is covered with one thing or another.

I hope you have a great day and thanks for having a read today.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The weekend is just about here

Oops what happened to my posts this week?  Did Mr. Blogger eat them?  No, I had everything ready to post for 2013, what am I like.  I think its a case that I have been doing too many things at once, silly me.

I hope you have managed to stay dry this week.  I have got soaked going into work a couple of times and by the time I get dry, it has been time to come home again, never mind.  I have my brolly ready for today.

I managed to do some more shifting and moving things out the way and wow, feel so much better for it.

I have a Stampin' Up! event tomorrow.  The kits are all ready and there are still a few places available if you would like to join us.  I received an email from the venue saying that the cellars are flooded, it smells, there is no electricity and the gas works that are taking place in the area cant be completed, due to the flood.  I am not really in a panic but I was I can tell you.  I have found another venue, at short notice and I am so pleased.  I shall let all those that have booked know where it is,

I have been having a little play with some new products from the Autumn/Winter catalogue and they are lovely, I will take photos as soon as I can.

For now I shall leave you with another Christmas card I have made, which I will be making a lot more of.

Thanks for having a read and I will be back in a couple of days.  Have a lovely evening.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday's Miserable Weather

A wet and dismal start to the week, just as it was said on the weather forecast. 

Here is a card that I sent out recently.  I love the brightness and cheeryness of it, (is there such word)?

And I have been making up some very lovely parcels.  All my stamperettes will get one of these over the next few days.  Stamperettes series 9 still has a place or two left if you fancy joining.  I am so pleased with the way the parcels turned out. I get quite a lot of brown paper so I have been saving it. Before I could stamp over it I did have to do a bit of ironing (I didnt iron Pauls shirts but I did iron brown paper?)  and then it was ready to stamp on.  Once the ink was dry I wrapped up the mystery parcels.  I really dont know if I have gone a bit o t t on this but I enjoyed doing them and I am sure the recipients will enjoy opening them. It cant be o t t  if I enjoyed it can it and yes, I know I have other things to do but hay, I had fun.

It's Tuesday tomorrow and Tuesdays at Tracey's again.  Dont forget, if you have half an hour spare you are most welcome to nip in for a cuppa and some cake.  I have some SU orders to give out too.

I have been getting rather annoyed, not at anyone in particular but at circumstances.  I wanted to get out the hoover (I dont do this very often) but I opened the door where I store it and OMG, it would take me a few minutes and a few moves to even get to see the hoover.  I have bags and boxes in front of it that have to get shifted first.  How did that happen?  So before I could hoover, it took me a good half an hour shifting bits and pieces. Then I wanted to get out a baking tin to find it at the bottom of a big pile of other tins.  It just seems as though everything that I want to get to is a mamouth task so this week I shall be making sure that all obstacles are out of the way. Life is so much easier when there is nothing in the way, hay that could be my motto for October, just move everything out of the way.

Thanks for having a read this soggy Monday and I hope you manage to stay dry

A weekend in Preston

We went off to Preston Friday night to see my youngest daughter, although Katerina is a twin she is still the youngest but only by a couple of minutes.  It took us just over 3 hours and it was a pig of a journey, the weather was awful, rain, rain and rain, the traffic was amazing, I have never seen so many cars, stop, start, stop, start on the M6 and that was when we finally got on it.  But we got there and her apartment is wonderful.

We decided to go out to eat as it was rather late and have a great Mexican.  We all caught up, chatted, laughed and then headed back, shattered.

Just outside the apartment we saw something just above us, we rushed out of the car thinking it was  a plane on fire, no it was too slow, it was a new firework but it didnt burn out, was a chineese lantern?  We just didnt know what it was but it couldnt be a UFO could it?

We had our cuppa, watching a dvd and at half 12 the youngsters announce right, we are off out now but dont worry, we wont be too late back.  Huh?  did I miss something lol.  So Katerina and Costas went out and Paul and I went to bed.  Saturday morning and I had slept until 9a.m., had a cuppa, showered had breakfast.  What a chilled out morning and the news told us all about the Meteror Shower WOW how lucky were we?  It was there, right in front of us and an experience that none of will forget.

So we packed up, had another cuppa and Katerina and Costas got up and ate breakfast.  They had never been to Dunelm and they wanted to go so that was it.  We eneded up at the Capitol Center wandering around Dunelm for an hour and they loved it.  Lunch was at Starbucks, in the wonderful sunshine and then it was the dreaded trip home.  Can you believe that it took us just under one and half hours to come home?? Less than half the time of getting there.
Katerina in her flat
 It wouldnt be right to put a post on the blog without a card so here is one that has gone out in the post recently.  I am quite taken to making a little background with a template and then stamping on it.

Thanks for having a read and I hope that you have a great day.

Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Friday and the weekend is here

What a lovely evening we had on Tuesday spent it chatting away, looking through SU catalogues and putting the world to rights, it was very nice, thank you ladies.

We also tried my first fruit cake.  A big thank you to Maria, the kitchen goddess for her recipe. It really is a lovely cake, the first of many.  I shall be making two on Monday, on for our Tuesday at Traceys and one to take into work.

I am still putting kits together for a week on Saturday.  Nearly there now though.  There are 5 cards and 5 inserts to make.  Its a Saturday afternoon and its just outside Derby. Still a few places left if you fancy spending the afternoon doing something a bit different.  It really is relaxing because everything is cut out and ready for you, all you have to do is follow the instructions, do a little stamping, sticking together and viola, a card, or two or three or five.

On top of that there will be some homemade cake, tea, coffee and juice,  lots of crafty chatter and hopefully some laughter too.

How about these names, Snow Festival, Festival of Prints, Howlstooth & Scaringbone, Orchard Harvest, just to mention a few.  These are the names of the new Designer Series Papers in the Autumn/Winter brochure.  Have you got your brochure yet?  If not, just give me a call on 01332 721877 or drop me an email at and I will get one sent out to you.  There is tons and tons of fantastic crafting products, all available until the end of January.

I have some of these papers that I have already cut up into 6 x 6's as people like to buy them in the smaller size, to try them out, use them up and then they order the big 12 x 12 size.

Here is a card that I had to make up rather quickly, some friends decided to tie the knot, even though they havent been together too long.

Lighting isnt too good today.

Thanks for paying me a visit and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday's Twitter

Another Tuesday and as usual, it's Tuesday at Tracey's.  If you fancy a cuppa and some fruit cake, which is soaking as I type, you are most welcome to come along to join other crafters as we chat, laugh and look through the Stampin' Up! catalogues and products.  No actual crafting is done, its a social couple of hours and time to catch up with everyone and of course, make new friends.  Just give me a ring on 01332 721877 or email me and I shall give you directions.

Here is a card that I have made recently.  I needed quite a few of them

And a close up of the houses


Well, yesterday afternoon I had a good look at all my plants, do you remember these?

Well they have now become

These are the castor oil plants that I was told I couldnt grow, mmmmm.  I have to do some replanting very soon and then in a few weeks, they will be ready to give away.

I have an orchid which is quite old now but it has flowered continuously since October last year.  Here it is, still in flower and surprise surprise, I have a new shoot.  So that got tied up.

These are the roots of the orchid, all spreading a bit more growth. Not sure if I should be doing anything with these?

I am still getting all the kits ready for 29th September.  Have you booked your place yet?  If not please get in touch as soon as you can.

I had a lovely telephone conversation from Ann yesterday, Ann is in Ashby de la Zouch and does all kinds of crafting and is mad about owls so its a quick *wave* to Ashby de la Zouch and I hope we get to meet up in the near future.

We are off to Preston this weekend, we are guests of my youngest daughter, Katerina.  I am taking her a few things, she is trying to make her new flat more homely.  This is going to be a first for us all. I will take lots of photos to show you.

STAMPERETTES series 9, there are only 2 places left for this.  We shall start on 28th September and I have everything that you need to place your first order.  If you are not sure about Stamperettes, this is where 10 ladies commit to spending £15 each month plus p+p.  You build up your Stampin Up stock bit by bit.  You will get all magazines, catalogues, minis and not so minis free of charge.  Each of the 10 ladies will be a virtual hostess during this time and they can order the much sought after hostess goodies in the current catalogues.  As demand is extremely high for the Stamperettes (I wonder if the ladies have had a sneek peek of the new catalogue?), I may start Stamperettes Series 10 at the beginning of October, depending on the number of ladies who are asking for this, phew its all go isnt it?

Off to bake that fruit cake now, before visitors arrive.  Thanks for having a read, have a great day and, if you fancy fruit cake and a cuppa, just let me know.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chilled out Sunday

The weekend is here and its been such a busy one, not complaining.  Weather was lovely yesterday. Got up with the larks and off we went to Melbourne.  It is the Melbourne Festival this weekend and we had a wonderful time, wandering around the houses, seeing everyones wares.  The architecture of the buildings really wowed us, I dont think we knew that Melbourne had so much history.  Obviously we both want to move there now, typcial.  We bumped into Alyson and Paula who were selling the most wonderful cards.  The idea is that people open up their own homes and invite you inside.  Once inside you see the work of the home owner, or local artist etc. etc.  Never been to something like this but, if you are free today and have a few hours to wander, its wonderful.

On our way back to the car we stopped and had a cuppa and a sausage sandwich in a cafe, naughty but very nice then, we found the most fantastic Christmas presents for Paul's brother and Paul's son and its still September.

Unfortunately the housework didnt get done, it will have to wait.  I did lots and lots of ironing and I still havent finished.  I also did lots and lots of cutting out.  Why you may ask well, if you didnt know, there is a Saturday Stampin' Up! event on 29th September.  Still a few places left, just give me a call on 01332 721877 or drop me an email at to book your place.  Five cards, five decorated inserts, refreshments, project sheets and lots of new items to look at from Stampin' Up!.

I also broke a tooth YAKS.  I just sneezed and my teeth bit down so hard together that one of them has split. Hopefully I can get into the dentist next week and get it sorted. And for some good news, I lost 3lbs last week YEAH.  Such a happy bunny.  How did I do it well, I had a proper breakfast, not the orange juice, cereal, toast and jam and tea that I had been having in Cyprus.  No chocolate at night time and no bags of crisps. Fingers crossed that I can do the same again this week.

Here is a card that I made yesterday using the mixed bunch stamp set and punch, which are both lovely.  The photo isnt too good but I am sure you get the idea of it.  The flower sits on the main card and the patterned pieces open up.  I used textured very vanilla card and it was a bit tough trying to go through two layers with a fold in the card too but I am so pleased with the result.

 I think I will be adding a bit of bling to the centre of the card.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a great day today.  I shall be staying home doing more ironing, more kits for the 29th and generally having a chilled out day at home.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Will

Another birthday so another card, hope I am not boring you with all these posts.  Nephews birthday and here is a card that we made in one of our classes, its all from a set of flower stamps
Will is in his late 20's, or it could be early 30's and I am sure he will love this card.   It's Thursdays already how wonderful, so close to the weekend.

Katerina is settling down in Preston, she has had a few hic cups but feels quite independant.  I cant wait to go and visit her.  I havent heard how Sophia is doing in her new flat, must try calling her again tonight.  Christiana is busy sorting out her craft room and putting lots of things in their place in her apartment so all the girls are busy, which is good.

I am in the process of getting everything ready for the end of the month Stampin' Up event.  I shall just keep going on about it until the day and I get so excited.  I love getting all the kits ready and typing out instructions, coming up with a little idea for the tables etc. etc.  A big kid really. 

So what was that wet stuff yesterday?  Someone said it was rain, huh.  I hope the weather today is a bit better.

Well thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Amy

Happy Birthday to Amy (neice not grand daughter).  It's Amy's birthday today and here is the card that I made for her.  This is one of my most used Stampin' Up! sets and I love making this type of card, it is so sweet.  I think I will make a few more of these tomorrow, just to put in my box.

Fancy an afternoon of crafting?  Well on Saturday 29th September you can craft the afternoon away at a Saturday Stampin' Up! event.  There are a few places available.  Just give me a call on 01332 721877 or send me an email to  There are some more details on my events section.  We will make 5 cards and decorate 5 inserts.  It will be a lovely afternoon so please, check your diaries to see if you are free.

I got a telephone call yesterday from EON electricity.  Phone rings, I answer it, recorded message "Hello this is EON electricity, am I speaking to Tracey Rossos, if so please say yes"  I said yes.  Recorded message continues "I am sorry all our operators are busy we shall call you again later, goodbye"  HUH, what is the world coming to?

Had lots and lots and lots of visitors yesterday afternoon and evening and it was fantastic to catch up with everyone, oh how I have missed all the chatter and laughter.  Cant wait for next Tuesday, when we do it all again.  There is a little bit of cake left over so Paul is pleased too.

I had another delivery of SU goodies yesterday afternoon oh my.  Some things are just to die for so later today, I shall be creating (craft room still to be cleaned up).  Perhaps by the weekend it will all be clean and tidy as I have lots of things to put up on walls but Paul cant get in to do it, hay ho, we like a challange.

Well, I must get ready for a busy day, work this morning and off to Shepshed this afternoon for an hour, mum in law coming for tea etc. etc.  Thanks for taking the time to come for a visit and I hope you have a great day too.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesdays Twitter

Going back to work yesterday wasnt such a shock to the system.  My office has moved to a new building so it quite nice to unpack my box, set up my desk and catch up with friends.  In fact, going into work today isnt daunting at all, now that is a positive step.

Yesterday I was also very careful with what I ate and drank.  I have decided to go back to Slimmers World when I am ready and I can find a meeting in my area, again, another positive step.  I did bake yesterday though, well it would have been rude not to.

Two cakes, the chocolate fudge is my friend Jacquis recipe *wink*

And the St. Clementines is from the Godess of the Kitchen Maria.  HERE is her blog and well worth a visit.

Yesterday I also went and said a big thank you to my neice who is my neighbour, Kelly for looking after the house and fish whilst we were on holiday

Can you believe that the gas board decided to dig up our street when we were on holiday, they had to switch our gas off, then put it on, then check it so poor Kelly was running between my house and hers sorting everything out.  I did bring her something nice back from Cyprus as well as give her this card.

Today I am sure to be getting a visitor or two to sit and talk about craft, craft, craft and Stampin' Up!  So if if you are in the Derby area, fancy a slice of cake (while there is some left) and a drink, please let me know and I shall give you directions.

If you would like to find out more about Stampin' Up! and joining up with my little team, it would be great to have you on board.  Just give me a call on 01332 721877 so that we can arrange to meet up.

Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day.

Monday, September 10, 2012

I dont like Mondays

The start of another week and I still dont like Mondays.  I wonder how many people do like them?  I used to but hay, that was in a previous life.

I got on the scales last night, now why did I do that?  I know I ate on my holiday but didnt realise that I ate THAT MUCH.  So here we go again, back on a diet.  There is also the fact that I stopped smoking 11 months ago, yes that is right, it has been 11 months and I think I substituted chocolate instead of cigarettes but never mind.  I shall let you know how I progress, I can hear my tum rumbling already.

Yesterday I managed to sort out all the SU orders, cook Sunday lunch and defrost the freezer.  I am afraid I had no choice with the freezer cause a certain person didnt close the door properly Saturday night, I am mentioning no names of course but it wasnt me.

Today I hope to bake a cake or two for a visitor or two tomorrow.  If you fancy a cuppa, some cake and a crafty chat, just drop in to my home any time between 2.00-4.00p.m. or after 6p.m. tomorrow.  I have a few bits from the new Autumn/Winter Catalogue to share with you.  If you want any card, ribbon or anything else, just let me know in advance so that I can have it ready.  My craft room is a bit of a mess (understatement). Takes me ages to find anything at the minute, opps.

It's Aunty Vals birthday today.  This card was made by a wonderful lady and I just had to copy it.  I know that Aunty Val will love this.  I have used Everything Elenor Stamp set from Stampin' Up! and lots of glitter but I dont think it will show up too much here.

I hope my girls are all okay, that is my daughters.  Christiana reads the blog each day and I miss them all so much.

Well thank you for having a read, hope the start of your week is a good one and if it isnt, it will get better.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunny Sunday

I managed to get most of my washing done yesterday but the ironing, well that will have to wait, I shall do it bit by bit over the next week, or two.

Paul opened a letter yesterday telling him that he had been zapped speeding.  It looks as though he is going to be getting a fine and points or, he can attend an advanced driving course, not sure what he will do yet but I have no sympathy I am afraid.  If there is one thing that I do not agree with that is driving faster than you should but I cant moan about it too much.

Katerinas Blackberry packed up on Wednesday night.  This was just days before the warranty expired.  After frantic phone calls to the UK, a facebook communication with Orange and lots of people trying to help, no one could tell me what I should do.  So yesterday I went to the Orange  shop.  I was told that even though the blackberry was purchased from Orange and has Orange written on it, because I dont have a contract or pay as you go sim with Orange, they couldnt help me.  Umm do they think I am daft?  I knew there was a reason that helping Katerina with her spelling and her English on her uni course would come in handy.  Only a few months ago she did a great big assignment on purchasing law.  I just quoted the Sales of Good Act, fit for purpose and the warranty period and later today a brand new Blackberry will be delivered to me at home.  Sometimes.......

Did you know that as from next month, if you live in either the Netherlands or Austria, you can purchase Stampin' Up! products from me.  Even better, you can join my team of Stamperettes and the SU family by becoming a demonstrator yourself.  I think that this is fantastic news and, if you would like to find out more, just get in touch on 00441332 721877 or by email

Yes my email got sorted out and I have replied to all the emails I received, sorry it took so long.
Yesterday I saw this and just had to purchase it, so sad arent I?  It is a whole book it notes lol.  I just love post it notes and pretty things and this just fit the bill.  With the front saying "Today was made for all sorts of fun" I thought that I would say that each morning.

 Here are a few cards that I made for this months Thank You cards

 And here is a bit of a close up
 This is from the Easy Events Stamp Set, one of 8 stamps.  I inked the stamp up with SU Black ink and then a few hours later (in between washing and putting away), I went and coloured them in using the SU pencils.  Lots of scrap card was cut up for the matting but it was lovely just to sit there and do them.

More SU News about new stamp pads

With the introduction of the 2012-2013 annual catalogue, Stampin' Up! 
has made a very big change to the Stampin’ Pads. They will be 
introducing firm foam pads and these will change your stamping 
experience for the better.
These new pads will  
Provide better ink coverage for your stamps! 
Light-tap stamping produces flawless images! 

In addition, the new Stampin’ Pads
Create wonderfully solid images. The Firm Foam releases 
more ink onto your rubber stamp than the felt pads. When 
using the Firm Foam pad, your stamp will get an even, solid 
covering of ink that you may not have been able to achieve 
with the felt pads. Please note: if you are using the ink pad 
frequently you may need to re-ink your Firm Foam pad 
more often. It is recommended that you purchase a refill 
at the time of your ink pad purchase.
Have a crisply printed, glossy label on the top of the pad 
that is easier to read and that will not fade or chip off!
Comes with colour name labels in all four languages (English, 
Spanish, French, and German)—just choose your language, 
peel it off the back, and add it to the side of the pad for easy 
Use the same patented flip-top case design that stores the 
inking surface upside down, so the pad surface stays moist!
Are available in all colours, including the exclusive In Colours!
Please note: Five ink colours have undergone formula changes 
to improve functionality and colour stability with the new firm 
foam pads. These colours are
  • Basic Black
  • Basic Grey
  • Marina Mist
  • Perfect Plum
  • Tempting Turquoise
All five colours of the reformulated inks have been fully tested 
and approved. While using the new ink formula in the old 
Stampin’ Pads is fine, it is not recommend using the old ink 
formula in these five colours in the new firm foam pads.
Using the Basic Black Classic Stampin' Pad on Whisper White 
or Very Vanilla Card Stock is not recommended. Instead, we 
recommend you use the StazOn Ink Pad.

I bet you cant wait to try these out now can you?

Well thanks for visiting today and having a read, quite a long post really.  Now I must go and write these cards and put them with all the SU goodies that I have sorted out.  Have a wonderful day x

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sunny Saturday at home

Home sweet home. Yes we returned after a 3 week holiday with the girls.  For those that didnt know, whilst I was away I lost access to my email, which was a bit of a catastrophy.  Well fortunately, I have recovered everything since I got home so now I just have to decide what to do with regards to email.  Any tips or advise would be welcome.

Our trip home was rather mamouth, after leaving Protaras at 7.45 (5.45 UK time), we eventually got home at 7p.m. UK time.  The flight boarded on time but a lady broke her seat and so it had to be repaired whilst we were all on board, causing a delay.  We landed at 1.10p.m. and got out of heathrow in extra quick time, less than an hour but it took over an hour to get our car hire sorted out and then we hit the M25 which had so much traffic on it.  Eventually we got to the Derby hire car company office just before 6p.m. getting us home at 7p.m.  So today I am washing, putting away, sorting etc. etc. everything we all love after a holiday.  Fortunately we brought the sunshine home with us.

Here is a picture of a card I made with Christiana, I think she may send this to Katerina

Here is shot I got of Sophia, whilst she was at work

Finally, here are one the hundreds of pictures we took of Paul and his smoothies.  He really loved making them and we all loved to drink them

I came home to boxes and boxes of SU goodies so I will be sorting these out shortly.  I also have some new things to play with too.

I shall be putting in another order this week so if there is anything that you would like, please let me know by Wednesday lunchtime.

Thanks for having a read and hope to hear from you soon

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ayias Elias Church

Good morning from yet another hot and sunny day.  The temperature is due to go up to 38 degrees today meaning that it is getting hotter rather than cooler, I can tell you that my daughters are not too pleased about that.

We are off to the shop early this morning and then its back to strip beds, clean up the villa and pack.  The girls are coming for dinner tonight, our last meal together for a few months.

This is a church called Ayios Elias which is high on a hill. You have to go up nearly 200 steps to get to it but the views are well worth it.

And here is Larry, Paul chased him to get lots of photos

Thanks for having a read and I will post again over the weekend.  Have a great day

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesdays Twitter

I cant believe that yesterday I did nothing AGAIN, it is going to be a big shock to the system when I return to UK and have to do lots of things.  I think I had best get practising today.

When I say I did nothing I did clean, sweep and mop all downstairs and that is a big area but after that, it was pool, pool and pool.

Finished off a couple of cards as well

Christiana and I indulged in waffles at the weekend, OMG they were so sickly, I managed half of mine but Christiana had some help with hers

Paul really is the smoothy king now, how about these little beauties

I am not sure how many calories are in smoothies but I am overdosing on them at the minute which is so strange as I do not like fruit.  Fingers crossed that I shall keep it up when I get home, speaking of which, we only have another couple of days left.  It will be nice to get back into Tuesdays at Traceys, lot of SU goodies to play with and see the rest of the family.

For those that are Derby Dabblers, there wont be a crafting get together this Friday.  So many people are on holiday that we decided to cancel it but, that means lots of catching up to do in October and, there will be a demonstration too.

Thanks for having a read and have a great day

Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday morning feeling

I still cant see what has changed with blogger?  If you can enlighten me,then please do.

Yesterday was another great day.  Paul goes to pick up the local paper each morning, it takes him a out half an hour and so I thought I would go with him, you know, a bit of togetherness.  Mistake, it really was, not the togetherness bit of course just the stroll.  We left just after 10.00a.m. Cyprus time and went to the local Periptero (shop). That bit was okay, we got newspaper, potatoes and carrots (for the Sunday lunch of course I mean, what an earth does 34 degrees have to do with cooking a Sunday lunch).  Paul then decides to come back to the villa via a holiday village that we used to stay at.  Umm okay, I guess I can do that, even though I am suffering from swollen ankles, and I mean swollen, they have really disrupted this holiday. sorry, I am getting distracted.  So off to the holiday village, a few minutes away.  It is now 10.30a.m. and a bit hotter, the holiday village is not quite as close as I thought,  11.00a.m. and we are just about there phew.  We walk through the village, see our old apartment and then see the pool and the bar well, Paul decided he had to have a beer and how happy was I.  So we sat for a while, I had an ice cold drink and then we set off on our travels again.  It was half past 12 by the time we got back to the villa and I was shattered.  Today I am not offering to go with Paul to get the paper, I will just read it when he gets back.

We cooked Sunday lunch, well the girls wanted yush pud studding so I had to. I dont know what happened but they turned out lovely and so big

 We also had a dip in the pool a few times, I sat and finished off some cards with Christiana

 Sophia came over for a few hours but she slept most of it, she is shattered. It was lovely to see her though.  Last night we went out for a drink with some friends that had arrived and we stayed out till gone 1.00a.m. so I had a lie in today.   More of doing not a lot today, cant wait.

Thanks for having having a read and have a wonderful day

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sundays very early post

Well I switch on my little laptop, go straight to this little blog and I am told it has been updated, lots of new features and I am confused as I dont see anything different, yet.  Oh well.
Yesterday was a relaxing day.  I did spend it at the pool, I didnt cook and in the afternoon Paul and I went to a blues concert, followed by coffee with friends and then dinner out.  Came home and watched a dvd.  I am hoping for something similar today, well I can hope.

I am up with the larks today as I wanted to watch the sunrise and it was spectacular.  There is something to be said about watching that ball of sun come up onto the horizon.  This morning I am going to finish off some cards that I made for Christiana whilst everyone is sleeping and then around 10, it will be a dip in the pool

This is a card that I had a play with earlier in the week.

I hope that everything is okay with you, thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day, what ever you are up to.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stampin' Up! New Catalogue, retired goodies and Happy Birthday to Denise

White rabbit, white rabbit and white rabbit.  Its the first day of September and that means lots and lots happening in the Stampin' Up! world.

There are tons and tons and tons of stuff that is retiring and I shall be really sad to see some things go, especially Dasher.  I was hoping to put a list on here for you to read through but ITS TOO BIG, so instead, I have created some links for you, plus my little laptop just doesnt have enough programmes to cope with all I want it to do but that isnt a complaint, I am so lucky to be able to communicate with everyone.

for the list of retiring stamp sets click HERE
for the list of retiring accessories click HERE 

And dont forget there is a brand new Autumn/Winter catalogue out TODAY.  
New Catalogue out today click HERE

I am keeping my fingers crossed that all the links work.

I am so excited about all the new stuff and cant wait to start creating.  I shall be placing my first order this afternoon as I really want to make the most of those retiring items.  If there is anything that you would like, please, let me know by 11.00a.m.  
The next order will go in tomorrow and then  every couple of days so lots and lots of chances to order what you want, either from retired items or the new Autumn Winter Catalogue

For those that dont know, I have had a problem with my email account so, for the time being, you can get in touch with me on this new one

Happy Birthday to Denise.  The third and final card I made an I am hoping that this one was for Denise although Diane or Buffy could have had this.

Next time I shall be sure to photograph the cards one at a time and make a note of who has what.

Thanks for having a read today, I hope you have a fantastic weekend.