Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I have just seen this and would like to share it with all my blog friends

Tuesdays Twitter

It is the last Tuesday's Twitter of 2013. 

I have managed to pick myself up a few bargains from Wilkinsons.  They had 24 gift tags for 50p, I cant make them for that amount of money.  Lots of decoupage books at £2, all for Christmas so that I can make a start on 2014 cards and some raised stickers, 8 for 25p, perfect for more tags.  Christmas 2014 will see me a lot more organised than this year.

Teacups, saucers, mugs and teaplates, do you need any?  I am going to be having a major sort out of my teacup cupboard today and I know that I have quite a few of these going spare.   If you can make use of these, please do let me know as soon as possible as I shall be taking the round to the charity shop Thursday.

Just prior to Christmas I thought I had purchased 3 packs of chicken breast so that we could make fajitas with the young adults when they arrived.  Obviously we had loads of shopping (you really cant imagine how much).  When I went to prepare the chicken I could only find 2 packets.  We searched the fridges (yes we kept the spare ones for an extra couple of weeks), we searched the freezers, to no avail.  I went and tipped the car inside out in case this chicken had fallen out of a bag.  I didnt find the chicken but I did find a camera.  The camera is a friends and we had lost it in October.  Despite a search of my car previously, it had buried itself in a little hole underneath the back seat.  Wow, what a surprise this was.  The chicken, well we double checked the bill only to discover that 2 packets were purchased, not three tut tut tut.

Shopping with Christiana yesterday, 3 hours in town which was packed.  We got bustled and jostled but she picked up quite a few bargains and came home a very happy girl.  Then is was a quick cuppa and out to eat again.  That is 3 meals out in 3 days and I feel awful, bloated, full etc. etc.  I shall be so glad to be going back on to SW diet 100% tomorrow and am looking forward to it.  It is also weigh in night tomorrow too, another night out.

TAH DAHs - oh yes here are a few more cards that I dont think I have shared with you.  If I have then opps, never mind.

I wanted to show you this which Santa gave me.  I havent seen one of these before and thought it was a great idea.  Thanks Maria.

When the young adults left last week I found a Christmas card, under my door mat addressed to Christina.  Now I am really sorry but I dont know if it was meant for my daughter, Christiana or Christina who comes to Derby Dabblers?  I still have it here, on my shelf unopened.  If anyone could shed any light on this, that would be great.

I best go and get my shower and make a start on the day, lots to do.  We are off to Dunelm as Christiana fancies a walk around, a bit more ironing and of course, the normal chores.  We dont have any plans for this evening, so far.

Thank you for all your support in 2013 and I wish you and your families a very Happy New Year.  See you in 2014 x

Monday, December 30, 2013

Monster Hugs

I am up today before the morning begins.  I think that I have so much on my mind that it is causing sleepless nights which isnt too good.  Tonight I shall try the old way of writing everything down so that my mind is clear before I go to bed and then, fingers crossed, I can get some sleep.

Do you like this?
When we went to TK Max I exchanged the slippers, that were too small, for this lovely chest.  I know it wont keep my feet warm but I couldnt resist.  It is practical too, honest.

Well yesterday I did lots and lots of ironing but I didnt finish it all.  We still had lunch at the BlueJay, a cuppa with sis before coming home and doing a bit more.  It was feet up time early evening to catch up with some Christmas TV including Dr. Who and Downton Abbey, both smashing.  I couldnt find the Christmas edition of the midwives??? I will have another look for that tonight.

I am off into town this morning with Christiana to buy a few bits and bobs.  We only go down for an hour or so at a time as it is very tiring for her and for me.  Then for a change, its tea at the Blue Jay, a good job its back to Slimming World on Wednesday and then its 2lb a week off jobby.

I have lots of birthdays coming up and fortunately I have found my craft room, YEAH.  I was in there for an hour yesterday and hopefully I will be back in there for another hour today.  Preparing for my next three months of classes which I am looking forward to, making birthday cards and generally having a sort out.  I was lucky enough to get a few crafty bits for Christmas so I am busy putting those away.  Because I have got some new bits it means that there are some other things that need to be sold, so that I do not get the shelves so crowded but I never know the best way to sell things.  I shall start with Derby Crafting Marketplace on Facebook and then try e-bay.

I have also been trying to have a clean up of my emails.  I have 100s of them, sat in my inbox and I just dont know if I should delete them or put them all in folders?? What do you do with your emails?

Here is a monster hug, just in case you need it
If you would like to get your hands on some Monster Hugs (perfect for birthdays, valentines or any time), they are £5.50 for 18 monsters, 18 hearts and 18 eyes to create your own, have you seen the back side (excuse the pun), cheeky.  They also come in pink

Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Steamy Sunday

Today I have a date with the iron, oh yes lots and lots to do but as soon as I have drunk my cuppa, I shall get on to it.

As a treat, we are going for an early lunch at Blue Jay, I will need the treat after all the ironing.

So Pippa left yesterday which was very sad and now the house feels so empty.  I guess that is just what happens but, we are really really pleased to have her again if her folks go away. It was lovely to dog sit.

Mum, Christiana and I nipped up to TK Max yesterday and Christiana managed to find a few bits to take home with her, a jacket, leggings and a bag that she didnt buy (it was a tad expensive).  As TK Max was next to Hobbycraft and mum hadnt been in, it would have been rude to walk straight past so, we went in.  Some wool at wonderful prices was on sale so as Christiana wanted a hat or two, I purchased the wall and a pattern and mum got her knitting needles out last night.  I think mum may have started something.

It is Happy Birthday to Leah today.  Leah is Paul's nephew's wife and here is the card I made her.

The photograph isnt too good as it was taken in a rush but I loved making these little 4 x 4 cards, so bright and sparkly.  You cant really see the sparkle here though.

Unfortunately, Sophia has had a telephone stolen from her when she was in Tesco in Preston.  It was taken out of her pocket but it wasnt even her phone.  She had borrowed it,  from one of the boys as it had an English sim card in and if she got lost, she could call her sister to find her way back home and some one just put their hand in her pocket and took it.  How awful.

Off to start all that ironing (I didnt mention all the quilt covers and pillow cases that I have yet to wash).  Have a great day and I hope you stay warm.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The world map

Hello on this Christmas Saturday. 

All my visitors got home safe and sound, in the end.  The train they went for, didnt run WHAT?  that was after the phone call to check, after the internet updates etc. etc. but hay, it took them 4 hours, 3 train stops, 4 trains but they made it.  They got on one train in Manchester and after sitting on it a few minutes they were told that the driver wasnt available to take them.  After another few minutes, lots of loudspeaker announcements looking for the driver, they were asked to get off the train and get on another train......the driver actually went missing, opps.  The house is empty without them.

Today I am off to kingsway with mum as I had a pair of slippers that we are going to change.  Christiana will be coming with me, of course.  Pippa will be leaving us today, I think.  It has been great having her and we shall miss her but I still dont want a dog.

I shall be submitting an order today to Stampin' Up! so, if there is anything you would like to order, please let me know before 6pm.


I received this card in the post and think its wonderful, thank you.  I adore the world map stamp and cant use it enough.  Fingers crossed that I can get in my craft room later today.  At the moment it has an airbed in it that has to be let down and then I can get cracking with the next 3 months projects for all the new things that I have been asked to get involved with, such an exciting time.  I am making a note to myself though - not to take on too much.

Dont miss out on any of the clearance rack products you might want to grab and dont forget, Sale a Bration will soon be here.  I am organising a Sale a Bration Stampin' Up! party and am waiting for venue dates.  How exciting.

Happy Birthday Panayiotis.
This is the card he would have received, if Sophia had remembered to take it with her.

Thanks for having a read and have a great day

Friday, December 27, 2013

That Friday Feeling

Good afternoon and I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas so far.

Unfortunately my daughters and their friends didnt make it to Derby on Monday as was planned due to the poor weather conditions.  They got here nice bright and early on Tuesday morning and what a busy time we have all had.  We have shopped, chattered, played, laughed, watached TV and eaten, goodness have we eaten.

Santa came and I must have been a very good girl because I got spoilt rotten.  Thank you to all my friends for all my wonderful presents, I really do feel blessed.   The girls and their friends also gave us gifts which we all loved.  I still have some bags of goodies to give out so fingers crossed, next week I can enjoy some catching up time with everyone.

Here is a photo of Pippa, on Christmas eve
 This is a picture of all the wonderful young adults we have had to stay over the last few days, from left to right Maria (school friend from infant school), her boyfriend totis who is studying in Newcastle, Costas, Katerina, Christos, Sophia, Andrea, Panayiotis and Christiana on the stool, phew

Again, due to the windy weather conditions, we had a mad 15 minutes rush this morning packing bags, suitecases etc. etc. as the one and only train that was guaranteed to be leaving Derby to go to Preston was leaving at 11.42 and the group just had to be on it.  No one could say if there would be a later train so, off they went.  The house is now quiet with Paul, Pippa and Christiana catching 40 winks in the living room while I try and find my study.  The study has been used as a cloakroom, a bag room and a store room for the last few days so I havent been able to get on the computer at all.

Paul and I gave Pippa a bath today as she just looked like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards.  She has been so good, sleeping all night, playing with everyone and getting lots and lots of cuddles.  We shall miss her when she goes home but I am still convinced, I dont need a dog.


Here are all the boys playing snakes and ladders with three of the grandchildren when they came round for tea last night.....there was a lot of food for a lot of us and it was fun.


I hope to do a few little scrapbook albums for the girls as a reminder of their stay with us at Christmas 2013.

Other news, another TAH DAHs

 I just loved these little slippers that Totis had, so Christmassy
 My little santa box that has travelled backwards and forwards from Cyprus to Derby, to Cyprus to Preston, to Derby to Cyprus and now back to Derby
 Full of traditional Cypriot Christmas biscuits made my cousin in law in Cyprus.  Zoe, they are wonderful and Mum, thanks for organising them.
A reminder to all Stamperettes that tomorrow is the 28th of the month which means....what would you like to order this month.  If anyone else would like to order any items in the Clearance Rack, from the Annual Brochure, the Winter Brochure or any other current promotion, please do get in touch before 6pm tomorrow night.  My number is 01332 721877.

Must continue cleaning my study as I just cant find anything at all.  Thank you for having a read and have a lovely evening.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Stockings are hung

It is almost time for Santas visit, I do hope you have been good.

Pippa is a surprise.  She likes to eat snails, yaks, so we really got wet yesterday trying to get rid of them all.  Here she is when I told her off.

She really is a good dog, very well behaved and sleeps a lot but, she is only 7 months old.

Ohhh, here are the magic keys I made for my neice's little boys...yes they all have different front doors but that is another story.

Although I was up early yesterday, I really didnt get started too well.  It took me hours to get lots done but hay, now it is Christmas Eve and what is done is done, what isnt wont get done.

Unfortunately the young adults never made it to Derby!!!! I was so sad and disappointed after waiting for so long but they did try to get here.  The railway cancelled all the trains but they are on the 7am train today so please, keep everything crossed for me that they arrive.  We were all very sad about last night but I would rather know that they are safe than get caught in the storms.  My heart goes out to all those people that were affected by the weather.

So Paul and I (and Pippa) had a quiet night in with the telly, the tree lights and a chill.  Just what we needed after a busy few days.

A few TAH DAHs for today
I am going to rush down to M&S this morning as I forgot to get Christmas Pudding and that just wont do.  I hope that they have one left.

Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve

Monday, December 23, 2013

Meet Pippa

Goodness, the weather forecast for today is not so good at all.  We are going to experience high winds, rain and winter showers.  Why today?  My visitors are due to arrive and the train timetable is on hold *due to adverse weather conditions expected*.  They are going to get ready to leave Preston at lunch time and try to get here, I hope they make it.

Am I ready for the visitors, not quite but, my first visitor for Christmas arrived last night.
I did say I was having a dog for Christmas and I now have one.  Her name is Pippa and she had a lovely first night with us.  No mess, not a peek, not a sound.  She is just one bundle of fluff and loves giving cuddles.

Here are todays TAH DAHs



I have a few things to get on with this morning before putting my feet up later.  Have a lovely day today and I hope you stay safe from this storm that is due.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Raindrops but not on roses and no whiskers on kittens

Rain has been forecast for today in Derby with a high temperature of 7degrees, brrrrr. I am so pleased it isnt snow (but dont let the grand children know as they really really want snow).

Today is the day that I need to finish everything off so having a lie in this morning is a great help, mind you, it was very late last night when I went to bed.  I was waiting up for the girls to arrive and they landed at Liverpool Airport at around half 11.  I havent spoken to them yet and goodness knows what time they will wake up but at least I know that they are here, in Preston, safe and sound.  They are hoping to go to the Christmas Market in Manchester today, I did say hoping.  Katerina, bless her, has been getting two apartments ready for them and she was so looking forward to their arrival.

I have quite a few odd jobs to do and then to continue with the food shopping.  We went to Sainsburys yesterday but only for half an hour as we had to nip in to the walk in center as Paul has an infection and we dont want that getting worse over Christmas.  I am letting him stay in bed this morning, he needs the rest.

Last night we caught up with The Great Train Robbery from the robbers perspective and then from the police perspective.  I must say it was a really good drama. It was the first time that we have spent a whole evening in our newly decorated living room, together.  What a treat.  If you havent seen these documentaries, I can really recommend them, very good.

I shall be sneaking an hour or two in the craft room later, OH YES.  I need to do a couple of santa keys but I can tell you all about those tomorrow.

TAH DAHs for today are these wonderful cards,

How lucky am I?
Dont forget that there is still a massive clearance of some Stampin' Up! Goodies.  I particuarly like all the 12 x 12 papers at a silly price of under £4.

For more sale items, just click HERE.  If you are struggling or need help with anything please feel free to give me a call as I am always happy to help, if I can.

I hope you have a great day today, if you are out and about I shall keep my fingers crossed that it isnt too busy for you.  

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Valentine promotion and more Christmas cards

Good morning on this Saturday and I do hope that all is well in your world.  Did you hear the wind last night?? Those in Derby will have done it was pretty bad, especially when I was thinking of my daughters flying into Liverpool tonight.  It doesnt sound at all windy now though, phew, good job.

So yesterday I broke up YEAH.   Had coffee with a great friend and then Paul and I  spent a couple of hours in town shopping, which didnt have too many shoppers and then went on to visit Aunt and Uncle.  Not in till nearly 9.  It was a lovely afternoon and evening but today I have a steamy session with the iron.  I dont mind actually even though it is mostly shirts that I shall be doing.

Ready for a couple more Christmas cards?  TAH DAH

Aren't I the lucky one and there are still more to share over the next few days.

You can still order items in the Whole Lot of Love promotion  HERE.  If you want to find out more details about the promotion, give me a call 01332 721877.

Have a wonderful Saturday, I intend to.  Thank you for visiting.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Fridays Post

With all this rain we are all going to end up like this little quacker soon.  I got drenched yesterday.

Well yesterday I was extremely busy at work, I actually stayed an extra couple of hours.  I just dont like leaving things not done so today will be a little easier.  I break up today YEAH.  Paul has already broken up.  Last night he did a little late night shopping for his wonderful wife *taking a bow*.  I enjoyed a lovely couple of hours with my bestie last night, we put the world to rights so I hope you all think its a better place today.

So another couple of cards for you

Sue C, I demand that you share your stamp set and your cutting die and everything that you used to make this card.  I really MUST make some of these for next Christmas lol

I was up well before the larks today, excited I think.  We have the boiler man coming to service the boiler, we need to keep all the young adults warm when they arrive.  Here are just 3 of the boys that will be staying with me tut tut tut, what have I let myself in for? 

 I hope to be doing a little baking tonight well, it would be rude not to as I have extra freezer space.

Thank you for all your wonderful cards that keep landing on my mat, they really are stunning and I hope to get them all on here before the end of the year.

Have a lovely day today and thank you for having a read, 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Thursday

Brrrr a very cold start to the day, hoping that it can only get warmer.

Well its Thursday and I am nearly, very very nearly ready for Santa, the 11 young adults and the dog.  It will certainly be a busy one but the girls have assured me, promised me and shouted at me "they will help me" so wish me luck on that one.

I have received some more wonderful cards, here are a couple.  If I show them to you one by one we will be here for months.

Arent they smashing?
And here are a few little packages that are going abroad for some special children

I am starting to get ready for an extremely busy January and I thought I would tell you what is happening, where and when along with all the different bits and bobs you can get with Stampin' Up! so, in date order

Friday, 10th January Christmas Card and Chatter Club.  The price will be £1.50 from 6.30 - 9pm.  If you are interested in coming along, let me know so that I can send you an email advising what to bring with you. This is already getting busy.

28th January 2014 Sale a Bration will start, there will be a pre sale a bration party on 24th January and YOU ARE INVITED.  You can find out all about Sale a bration, what you get for free, look at some projects, see about joining my team plus lots of time to look through the brochure or two, did you pick up on that?  Venue to be advised but if you fancy it, please let me know.

Tuesday 28th and Friday 31st January Card Making Classes in the evening as well as Thursday 30th January Card Making Class in the afternooon.  This is crafty week, you do need to book and you do need to let me have £5 deposit.  This is where we all get together in Allenton for a class.  You will make at least 2 cards and get everything to make the cards, a coloured project sheet, refreshments, home made cakes all included in the price of £7 per person.

There are lots of products, specials, promotions, clearance items to choose from but if you just click HERE, it will take you straight there, no messing around.  

Off to wash curtains, do some hoovering and get rid of some granny grays....have a lovely afternoon and evening 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Midweek Musing and more Tah Dahs

Wednesday and the weather today is a bit cloudy, hence the picture.

Well you know about the fridge freezer breaking, you know that the phones stopped working, not to mention the boiler (which still isnt sorted) or the dodgy electric well, the next thing to go was Paul's car.  The battery on the car to be more precise and it is only 9 months old.  Well that got sorted but yesterday I felt it was all a little too much so I had the day off from the computer phew.  Today I am up early, raring to go and wondering what, if anything can go wrong today?

TAH DAH number 1.  How about this wonderful Christmas card designed by our own Ruby Fletcher, isnt it smashing and I was one of the lucky ones that got this card, thank you Debbie.
TAH DAH number 2. Now here is another totally diffferent card to Rubys and so lovely, I will be copying this idea next year, that's for sure.
Thank you

Well today is another busy one but that is what we like best.  Lots of items still on the Clearance Rack of Stampin Up Shop, lots of Valentine goodies and lots to tell you about for the Sale a Bration party too but unfortunately, I have to go to work now so I shall be back tomorrow with "whats happening"

Just a few more days till my daughters arrive, who is exciteed most?  Thanks for having a read and have a great Wednesday