Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Stockings are hung

It is almost time for Santas visit, I do hope you have been good.

Pippa is a surprise.  She likes to eat snails, yaks, so we really got wet yesterday trying to get rid of them all.  Here she is when I told her off.

She really is a good dog, very well behaved and sleeps a lot but, she is only 7 months old.

Ohhh, here are the magic keys I made for my neice's little boys...yes they all have different front doors but that is another story.

Although I was up early yesterday, I really didnt get started too well.  It took me hours to get lots done but hay, now it is Christmas Eve and what is done is done, what isnt wont get done.

Unfortunately the young adults never made it to Derby!!!! I was so sad and disappointed after waiting for so long but they did try to get here.  The railway cancelled all the trains but they are on the 7am train today so please, keep everything crossed for me that they arrive.  We were all very sad about last night but I would rather know that they are safe than get caught in the storms.  My heart goes out to all those people that were affected by the weather.

So Paul and I (and Pippa) had a quiet night in with the telly, the tree lights and a chill.  Just what we needed after a busy few days.

A few TAH DAHs for today
I am going to rush down to M&S this morning as I forgot to get Christmas Pudding and that just wont do.  I hope that they have one left.

Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve

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Lesley said...

Hope the girls arrive safely today Merry Christmas to both you Paul and the family x