Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Midweek Musing

Okay, so now its cold out there, time to wrap up and I have lots of lovely scarves to wear.  Hat, yes I have one but I have had it a few years so maybe a new one from Santa would be nice.  Warm boots, lots of them and a thermal vest, sorted.  I am now at an age where comfort and warmth are more important that fashion and high heels and wondering why I didnt bother about it previously, another age thing I guess.

Have you heard about undefined from Stampin' Up!?  Well have a look at this, you may have to click on it to see all the details

I was so lucky that at convention, I got to play with this little piece of kit and whilst it takes a bit of getting used to, I can really see the possibilities.  If you would like to find out more, give me a call on 01332 721877 or send me an email and we can grab a coffee and have a chat about it.  If you would like to place an order and get this delivered to your door, just click on the Shop Now banner or I can get it for you.

Another Christmas card YEAH

This wasnt made by me but by Nadine Weiner from Germany and I got it in a swap last weekend, lovely.  It is a spinner card and the Santa spins round.

And this was given to me by a member of my team OH WOW, isnt it cute.  I really must get to do more crafting.  I would love to have a stack of these bags all ready, stamped to give out as when a birthday came along, one day I will be organised.

Would you like to be a part of Stamperettes Series 12?  This is where 10 people, usually ladies but it doesnt have to be, agree to purchase at least £15 worth of products every month, for 10  months, plus 50p p+p delivered to me.   During this time each person will be a hostess on one of the months and get all the hostess benefits i.e. at least £25 to spend, no mess, no preperation, no cleaning up afterwards and still get rewarded.    Everyone will receive all publications, catalogues etc. etc. FREE of charge for the 10 months plus, who knows what else.  Ideal for a Christmas present and its a great way of building up your Stampin' Up! collection of goodies over a period of time, even though we all want it now.  There are a few places available and as this is the 12th one I am doing, I can assure you, it works.

Thanks for popping by for a read today, I hope your Wednesday is a lovely one

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesdays Twitter

Goodmorning and just a very quick post before I set off for another morning in the office, if you havent been out yet, wrap up warm and give yourself a few extra minutes, my car is all iced over so I have to go and do a de-ice.

I was sooo goood yesterday, honest.  I managed to wrap some presents up and sent them off to Santa as well as.  I did most of my washing as well all the chores downstairs so today, should be a lot easier.  I do like it when plans all come together.  I am convinced that by the time I put everything away, I will still have lots of time to get ready for Christmas and my 11 visitors, yes 11?

Now, did you know that the envelope punch board is not just for Christmas oops I mean for envelopes.  You can do lots of things with it and, before we all sit down to crafting during crafty week, I am giving a little demo on it and, you can have a play yourself.  This really is something you would like to ask Tracey ummm Santa to get you.  Just give Santa my phone number or email details and ask him to get in touch (if you didnt know, the grand children have found my blog and are reading it nudge nudge wink wink).  You too could have one of these under your Christmas tree on 25th December. updated to clarify that it is an envelope punch board that you could have under your tree, not one of my grandchildren although.....

Here is one of the swaps I received at the Stampin' Up! Convention, this lovely little bag made by Tracy Lipscombe.  Tracy also put all the instructions on to the back of the bag so that I can make it again, how thoughful. Inside the bag is a small almond cookie as well.  Thank you Tracy

Another Christmas card but not made by me. This stunning card has been made by  Lindsay and it is another swap that I received last weekend.  I love the colours on this one, very cleverly made
Thank you for having a read, I am off to brave the cold weather brrrrr.  Have a warm day.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Name Day Katerina

Today is Katerina's name day.  My youngest daughter, who is studying in Preston is the one on the left.  Yesterday she went to see the Coco Cola lorry.  Are you off to see it when it comes to Derby?  I know I am but I am going to have to take someone with me cause I want my photo taken with it.  Fancy it?

That is my stint at work done for a Monday morning, I may have next Monday off, one way to avoid that Monday morning feeling.

Yesterday I managed to get my bags unpacked, (suitecase is nearly done).  I did a load of washing but still more to do and I pawed my way through all the wonderful swaps I got WOW.  I am feeling so very inspired and hope that this continues.  Lots of ladies coming today, its Crafty Week so I dont have too long this lunchtime.  Just got to have my soup that I made yesterday (getting better) and for tea tonight its chicken, syn free chips and salad (really must lose the lbs I put on over the weekend eating mars bars).

So Stampin' Up! Convention was wonderful, as if I didnt already tell you.  A big hello to Leenie (Leanne really) and Sandie.  They are from down south, I met Sandie in the lift at Manchester Picadilly station and we tried to share a taxi to hotel but taxi drivers said they were too far apart.  I then bumped into her, outside my hotel as hers was just around the corner.  All over Manchester all you saw were these beautiful white and grey rucksacks that we had all been given by Stampin' Up!, it was amazing. Sandie showed me where to get trams from and I saved a fortune on taxis but, that is another story.

I have got my money box out and I am already putting some pennies in for the next convention in Brussells next October and I can visit my Sis in Law too as she lives out Zoe.

Here is a photo one of the presents I received from Jacquie.  This was the first one out of the bag as it is so delicate and breakable.

I am sorry the photo isnt brilliant but I am sure you get to see what it is.  Thank you so much, it is stunning.  Can you see all the detail on the "shade"

Another Christmas card Tah Dah

I really do need to get a few more of my special ones done as I totally forgot, I have to dismantle my craft room for all the guests coming at Christmas.  Yikes.

A quick update of Crafty Week, I have 3 spaces for Thursday afternoon starting at 2pm and 3 spaces for Friday starting at 7.30.  Please feel free to come along half an hour earlier to meet your fellow crafters.

That's it for this Monday and thank you for having a read.   Have a lovely Monday afternoon and evening

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Phew, I am home

Wow is one of the words that can describe the fantastic weekend I have just had at the Stampin' Up! convention in Manchester.  It was wonderful, awesome,  inspiring, addictive and so many other words that simply take away all the tiredness that I felt.  I went on a tram, ending up walking quite a bit, a few train journeys, met lots of new friends and had time to chat to older friends (hay, I dont mean old in age), saw new stamp sets, played with new toys etc. One of the highlights was that I got to meet Chris, ohhh Chris has just been a voice at the end of the telephone for more than 5 years but I was so lucky as I actually met him, which was quite emotional.   I cant wait for next years covention and if you have been dithering about going to a SU convention, dont dither, just go. 

I have 100s of things to share with you, to photograph and tell you about but, one day at a time.  Today I have to unpack, clean as Paul has been home alone decorating and get some food in too, Paul forgot to shop.  There are SU parcels to unpack, stuff to get ready for work too, never mind about Crafty Week starting tomorrow.  I have just a couple of spaces left Thursday afternoon, Thursday night and Friday night so it isnt too late to join in the fun.

I can share with you the swap I made                  
 I had 70 of these and swapped them all but that does mean that I have 70 wonderful things to show  you over the next few days.  Now how about this for a little chrismasy feel?
 All the trees outside the conference centre were lit up with lots of tiny lights.  This reminds me of Manhatten.  There was a Christmas market, the shops were all decorated and everyone was just so nice and friendly.
I am not sure how well you can see what this photograph is but, there is a flower inside a block of ice WOW.  These were the center piece of our tables on Friday night as I was lucky enough to go to the Stampin' Up! Silver 2 Reception in the Marriott Hotel and meet more lovely people.

Now I must move on to the unpacking and sorting out before the shops open.  I do have one last photograph to share and this is another Christmas card that I made with Gina. Clean, simple and stunning, I hope you like it.

Thanks for having a read today and have an amazing Sunday

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My weekend starts early

Oh yes, today I have my Friday feeling.  I am off to Manchester this afternoon for a weekend of Stampin' Up! and ohhh, how much I am looking forward to it.  I am sure it will be a totally different experience so I shall tell you all about it when I get back.

I get on a train at lunch time and then I am meeting a crowd of Stampin' Up! demonstrators for tea this evening before heading off to a Stampin' Up! reception tonight.  Lots of new faces, new friends and catching up with friends I havent seen for a while.  I do have to go to work first though.

I dont think I have shared this Christmas card with you, another one from last year.


 I really like this one and hope to get another half a dozen or so in for 2013.  Do you like making your Christmas cards? Well in 2014 there is a new monthly club starting in Shelton Lock, making Christmas cards.  By the time Christmas in 2014 arrives, we can all be prepared.  Keep a look out on the events section of my blog for more information.

Thank you for having a read and have a wonderful day

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Midweek Musing

Did you manage to stay warm yesterday? I got my hat and scarf out.  It really was cold and today is going to be the same. Winter arrived.  It is going to be a high of 7 degrees and lots of rain so grab your brollys if you go out.

I managed to get my swaps done yesterday and my little gifts so I can show you those towards the end of the week.  How about this little card

We made this at SS a year ago and I love it.  It is all ready in the box to go out in a couple of weeks. I found that Stamp and Deliver are starting on 2nd December so I will make sure my cards are ready to to be sent by then.  The cost is 25 per stamp, it is only for two weeks so you had best get prepared if you use this.  I think it is brilliant.

We have started the gloss painting of the skirting board.  Next the carpet has to come up so that I can finish the rest of the gloss painting but at least we can get painting the wallpaper.  Paul told me about his working away from home from now till Christmas, I guess I am going to be very busy, as usual. What with the shopping, the wrapping and the merry making, lovely.

Right, I had best get in that shower and get to work.  I have to go to charity shop, railway station and then come home and pack. 

Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Teeth chattering Tuesday brrrrrrrrr

Good morning and its back to work for me today for a few hours, I shall have to wrap up warm as its only 2 degrees out there brrrrr.

 Then I have my daughter in law coming over in the afternoon for a cuppa.  Paul and I will go and get the carpets ordered as we didnt get chance to do it yesterday, where do the hours go to?

I managed to get all my ironing done, the majority of the card kits ready for crafty week and all the wall papering finished, phew.  There really are only just 3 spaces left for Thursday afternoon (28th), 1 on Thursday evening and 2 on Friday evening.  If you would like to come along, please book as soon as possible.  If you would like some more information about crafty week, give me a call on 01332 721877.

Having never been very good at turning up trousers, my mum can confirm this, I am now getting to be a dab hand at it. That is 3 pairs I have turned up in 2 weeks, I must be shrinking.

We went to visit my nephew, Simon, who had his birthday and just look at this cake we ate.  His mum made them, they are sooo nice.

Well here is another embossed card that I have ready for Christmas. 

I loved making  a few of them and they will be posted out very soon, as soon as I get the nod that the scouts are delivering again this year.  Have you heard if Stamp and Deliver is going to go ahead?  Last year the shop where I take my stamp and deliver cards told me that it was the last year the scouts were doing this, I do hope she was wrong.  I have just a few 'happy couple' cards to make now and I think, that they will all be done.  I also have to finish off my little team gifts for convention this weekend and label up my swap items.

Best get myself sorted for my morning at work, thanks for having a read and I hope you manage to stay warm today.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Simon

A new start to a new week and no work for us today, that is why the banners are out.  We took the day off to finish the wallpapering, get the paint and order the carpet, all in time for Santas visit and all the other 11 teenagers. Cant wait.

Yesterday was colder than normal without hot water.  Oh yes my boiler has broken, I am wrapped up in lots of layers and the man who can fix it will get in touch sometime this week to see if he can help brrrrr.  Paul is going away at the weekend so I do hope it is done before he leaves brrrr

Happy Birthday Simon.  It is nephews birthday today and here is the card I made for him

Yesterday I managed to get to the roundhouse but, my heart wasnt in it.  I had to go back to Toys r Us first as my delivery from internet order came and one of the boxes was badly damaged.  They changed the product and off I went to the Roundhouse after a half hour wait in traffic.  As I was alone it just wasnt quite the same without Paul and mum in law.  I managed to purchase one small item and that was that but I did discover a new shop that I will go and pay a visit to next week.  More on that another time.

I must go and put the final touches to the kits for next weeks class, if you fancy an afternoon or evening of crafting, there are a couple of spaces left Thursday afternoon, Thursday evening and Friday evening.

I hope you have a lovely Monday and if you didnt know, I am off to Stampin' Up! convention on Thursday in Manchester.  I also hope to spend some time with Katerina on Saturday evening, how wonderful.

Thanks for your visit today and I hope you have a lovely Monday.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Santa tag Sunday

Goodness where did yesterday go?  It seemed that as soon as I got up, cooked a couple of meals, ate them and it was time to go back to bed.  Gone in a puff. Lets hope that today lasts a little longer, it should do as I have been up since 5...silly me.

The decorating is well under way.  One and half walls papered and mess cleaned up.  I did manage to get out to buy a few bits that we needed, as well as some bits that we didnt need but I havent been to the roundhouse yet, that is for today.

Here are a few more tags that I have made using the Best of Christmas Stamp set, did you get this?

 If not get in touch as I have an extra one here at home, (someone purchased it twice) or you can go straight onto the ON LINE SHOPPING and order it to be delivered straight to your door.  If you need help with online ordering, please give me a call.

This is a spring type card, it springs up.  We made this one with Gina some time ago and this is going to be going out this Christmas.

Right, best got on with a few chores before helping Paul again.  I will get to the roundhouse today, by hook or by crook.

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The wallpaper table is out

How is your weekend going so far?  Mine is as busy as ever, just the way we like it.

Had a lovely coffee and catch up yesterday afternoon, just what I love best.  Then after a quick clean up (no floors done cause of decorating), it was washer on, heater on and tea on.  Then I went and picked up mum and we went to the craft fayre.  I got a few things for Santa to deliver and I had my nails done, nice surprise.  I saw lots of loving things that I would love to know how to make....if only I had more time sigh....

Today is decorating, wrapping up things for Santa and off to another craft fayre.  Tonight it will be a well earned rest with feet up watching x factor.  That reminds me, I must get some tickets as I usually get some for Pauls Christmas Stocking.  I am thinking of going to see the X factor show in Ireland this year, we have never been to Dublin!!

Here is another Christmas card that just needs a sentiment.

I have embossed onto wonderful foiled paper and love the result, I hope you do too.

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely Saturday

Friday, November 15, 2013

My weekend just started

It is Friday and the weekend for me has arrived.  I am so looking forward to it as I am getting to spend it with my hubby, decorating.

Okay so in between we have to do the food shopping, go to a crafty fayre tonight and an event tomorrow.  Sunday sees us visiting family and on Monday, we hope to have finished. 

Last night I met up with a lovely bunch of ladies for a crafty session and I made some wonderful things, well, they are nearly made.  I just need to finish off a few bits and then I can show you.  But, not to let the Christmas cards down, here is another.  All made with SU products apart from santas sleigh.
Sorry its just a quick post but got to answer a few emails, take some bookings for the card making class and talk to my daughter.  Have a lovely Friday and thank you for having a read today

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursdays Christmas Bits

A frosty morning was forecast for today but it looks quite mild out there.  The temperature is over 8 degrees, I think someone got it wrong.

I had my flu jab on Tuesday.  I didnt know I was going to have one, the doc just said oh, while you are here, would you like the flu jab because if there is an epidemic, you will be protected.  Of course I said yes, especially with Christiana coming over.  I dont want to give her the flu but goodness me, my arm is like a balloon, bright red and painful,

Thankfully it is Thursday and after today, there is just one more day at work, phew.  We have a busy weekend of decorating so, if you fancy putting on your overalls and giving a hand, you really are welcome.

Last night I lost another 1 and 1/2lbs, way to go.  My sister, Diane , won the Miss Slinky Award and I am so proud of her.  She has lost 2 and half stone but, she is always there for everyone, helping them out.  She deserved the award and I have told her. 

Tonight I am off to meet up with some crafty friends to make a couple of cards for a couple of hours, its always nice to do that. I shall be leaving Paul with the plaster yikes.

Here is todays Christmas card, a little different but loved making this one
 And another little tag, I really am loving the kits that I am using up.  All making a little more space in the craft room.
Well thank you for having a read today and I hope you have a great day.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The scales

Hello and thank you for visiting, you know what today is?  It is weigh in day at Slimmer's World tonight and I am hoping that the scales show how good I have been this week.  If they dont, I shall just be good for another week.

I had a lovely afternoon and evening yesterday, saw lots and lots of friends.  If you didnt make it, sorry but hope to see you very soon. *waving to everyone who had a cuppa with me*. 

Isnt he cute.  I loved this little stamp when I saw him and I knew that I had to have him for my collection of Christmas stamps.  This collection is far too large now but hay, it doesnt matter.  At the moment my craft room can take the many Christmas Stamps that I own. 

We have begun the decorating and guess what, Paul has to go away again soon. So its skates on and trying to do as much as possible before he goes.

Its going to be Derby Dabblers Christmas fuddle on Friday 13th December.  Derby Dabblers is a craft club that has been running for a number of years and it would be lovely if everyone could come along.  We shall all sit and make some last minute Christmas tags as well, if you want to that is.  Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a great day, the weather is forecast to be nice

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday at Tracey's

Good morning and its going to be a lovely day today, it's Tuesday at Tracey's.  I am hoping to get a bit of baking done, get the kettle on around 2pm and then it is an afternoon and evening of siting down to chatter, crafty chatter of course.  You are most welcome to call in and, if you need directions, give me a call on 01332 721877.

I shall be having quite a few retired items for sale as well as ribbons, ribbons and more ribbon, if that wasnt enough.  If there is a reel of ribbon that you have been after for a while, now could be the time to get it as I am offering 10% all orders of ribbon today.

Well I went back to work yesterday, a bit of a shock to the system but I did it, so I will have to go back again today. I am sure I will soon get back into the routine.

Here is a card I made some time ago, I love that it is just black and white.  

And of course, we need another Christmas card Tah Dah

I am hoping to share a Christmas card with you each time I put on a post on my blog, that should keep me busy.  It may not be a perfect card but I loved making this and that is what making cards is all about, enjoying it.

I do hope that you can make it for a cuppa later as it really would be great to see you.  It may take you a little bit of an effort, it may be cold and damp but you will enjoy the chatter and the gossip. And if you cant make it, maybe next month.  Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day

Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday all day

It's here, Monday, the first day of a new week and I know its going to be a lovely one already.  I am out on 4 days this week and I have 2 nights in with friends so its going to be busy too, just what we need.

It's Tuesday at Traceys tomorrow, you are most welcome to join me and some crafting friends either in the afternoon or the evening.  I have been practicing my cake making tah dah

I worked all the measurements out for Slimmers World diets, got syn values, made the cakes and then realised I had to double the value of syns....I thought that 2 ounces was 25 grammes but it isnt, it is 1 ounce to 25g. Each cake works out to be about 5 syns each, scrummy.  I shall have a few of these out tomorrow.

Here are a couple of cards that I made with Gina Martin.  Gina is a lovely lady who helped so many of my friends and I discover the art of stamping scenes.  I loved making these cards and I do hope that I will get time to make a few more of these in the very near future, but not this week.

Fancy coming along to a card making class? making some new crafty friends?  and a couple of cards of course?  If so, I have crafty week starting on Monday 25th November and ending on Friday 29th November.  Each evening (except Wednesday) from 7.30pm and on Thursday afternoon at 2.00pm as well.  More details can be found be clicking at the top of this blog under events.  Come along, you will enjoy it.

Thanks for having a read on this Monday and I hope you have a lovely day, whatever you are up to.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Frosty Sunday Morning

After such an early start yesterday I have had a bit of a lie in today which is a good job as at 7am this morning it was only 2.8 degrees brrrr, Winter is on its way. It is definately frosty outside.  When I lived in Cyprus (yes I lived there for about 16 years), one of the things I missed was the sound of crunching grass when you walked on it after a frost.

We had lots of lovely visitors yesterday and I am sure we will get more today.  Off out to do a little food shopping (boring) this morning and then hopefully we shall start the decorating this afternoon.  I say hopefully as Paul's man flu has returned, oh oh.

Here is another cheeky little Christmas card, I have made quite a few of these as sitting there colouring in is so relaxing.

 In my final efforts of sorting out my crafting space, I have come across the very first cards I made.  Now a lot of them really did have to go into the bin because they had become unstuck, gone a funny colour etc.  This card has survived and it is the very first card that I ever used glossy accents on.  I was amazed by glossy accents on that evening.
Thanks for visiting today, I do hope that all is well in your world.  Have a lovely Sunday and if you are off to the NEC, have fun.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday and it looks like it will be a rainy day

Yesterday was a bit chilly and very damp but the forecast is for it to be even colder today brrrrr.  The sky has been a lovely red colour this morning oh oh.

I went to Aldi and got a few bits yesterday, again thinking that a walk around, outside of the 4 walls will do me good and again, it did.  So I think I shall recommend this to anyone who is going through any kind of stress to just put your coat on and go somewhere different for an hour.  I went to Aldi last week with mum and discovered a lot of things cheaper than what I usually pay,  milk £1 instead of £1.29, lettuce 49p instead of 89p, bran flakes well under £1 instead of £2.10. I decided to go and get my fruit and veg and some other bits, just to try.  Last week I got a toilet cleaner cheaper than toilet duck and it is a lot better too.

Then I nipped into the florist.  I love flowers as most ladies do but I have gone right off the supermarket ones, mainly because they are all chrysanths at the moment.  So I got these.

After putting all the shopping away and doing a few more chores, it was back to the craft room for an hour, just sorting out, I reduced my 8 year collection of Christmas card bits from this

to this.

I cant believe how things just pile up and pile up but not no more *giggling*.  That means that I have a box of stuff to give away. 

The SU orders finally arrived YEAH.  They are now all sorted and ready.  I shall send out an email to let everyone know.  I love looking through all these wonderful wonderful items.  It gives me so much inspiration.

Well, I had best go and start my day.  I was up at 5am for some silly reason.  Have a wonderful Saturday and thank you so much for nipping in and having a ready today.

Friday, November 8, 2013

That Friday feeling has returned

Good morning and here I am, with that Friday feeling.  It really does feel like a Friday today, maybe its because I am back behind a desk on Monday at work, that it feels like Friday.  Yesterday I was very naughty.  I decided, at the last minute that a wander around the NEC would probably do me good.  You know, get away from it all, change the four walls that I have been looking at, just to do something different so, I went.  I actually caught the train there so that it would be even less stress and I can really recommend it.  If you get a train ticket Derby to NEC the cost is £30 return.  If you get a ticket to Coventry, which has to call through the NEC, the cost is £15 ish.  HUH?  I know but that is what I did.

I met some wonderful ladies, especially at lunch time.  Total strangers to start with but I have found that crafters are usually a friendly bunch who help each other out (okay, I know that there are a few exceptions but non yesterday).  I had a gently wander around the show, took in some demonstrations, had a relaxing coffee and a chat to other ladies and it did me a world of good.  Today I feel so much more positive about things.  *waving to everyone I met and spoke to yesterday*

Here is another tag, I dont really know how many tags I make and use over Christmas normally but, out of curiosity, I am going to count up this year. This one is already stuck to a wrapped up present.
And of course, another kit card.

The man in the brown van is coming today, at last.  I am really not sure why the last SU goodies have taken so long to get here but they will be here later today.  I shall hurry with my chores so that I am all ready for him.

Next week is going to be a good week for me, lots planned already.  Tuesday I am having Tuesdays at Traceys and I am going to be having all my ribbons around me so, if you like ribbon and a bargain please feel free to call in.  I also have a new baking tin so I will be making some little cakes, scrummy.  Thursday I am out crafting with some friends, Friday I am at a Christmas market with mum and Saturday I am going to another Christmas market with Paul....phew.   I hope at the end of the week I will be just about ready for Christmas.

Thanks for having a read today, I hope all the ladies I met yesterday have found the blog and get some inspiration and dont forget, if you need help with anything, just get in touch.  Have a great day

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas, bit by bit

Good morning and what a wet day yesterday was.  I cant believe that we had so much fine rain and drizzle all day long, lets hope it soon goes away.

I thought I would show you a couple of tags that I made recently.

In my efforts to use up all my crafting items and to cut down on costs of Christmas I made these from some decoupage kits that I have had for a few years.   I am also going to wrap up the childrens presents in brown paper (I will stamp on it in bright colours) tI am sure that kids really dont care about the paper, as long as there is something inside that they like.

Here is another card that I made up, from a kit.

 I dont normally use kits but I fell in love with this one and it has sat in a box for a few years. 

So Katerina came and Katerina went.   Here are her before her hair colour and after her hair colour photos, not as orange as she had hoped but still a lovely colour.  Guess who didnt want her picture taking?

She had to rush back last night as she has a lecture today and the thought of getting up early to attend it was a scary prospect for her.  It took us nearly 3 hours to take her to the train station and get back.  The traffic was awful.  She missed one train that she was hoping to get on.  I was late for fat club (1lb put on) but at least we got home safe and sound in the end, even if it was very late.

The NEC starts today, are you off there?  If you are have a safe journey and a wonderful day.

Thanks for having a read today and I do hope that all is well in your world. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Midweek Musing

Good morning on this dark morning.  Rather damp out there and I have just read that a friend had to scrape the ice off her car last night brrrr, makes me feel cold just thinking about it.

My youngest daughter is still with me (still in bed of course, well she is a student) but she is helping with her bright and bubbly nature.  Today she is off to have her hair coloured so I hope to take a before and after photo, if she lets me.

I am still not really crafting, just sorting and putting away and looking but I did finish another couple of cards off last week, or was it earlier this week?  Who knows

Both of these were made last Christmas and put in the to finish box.  Lots of glitter, which is what I like.  I guess with only a few weeks left until Christmas, I have to get my skates on and get the box of Christmas cards topped up, otherwise I may have to buy some, yikes.

I hope that all those having a read are well and please, do drop me a comment to let me know that you have been as I will come to visit your blog too, if you have one.