Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Midweek Musing

Good morning on this dark morning.  Rather damp out there and I have just read that a friend had to scrape the ice off her car last night brrrr, makes me feel cold just thinking about it.

My youngest daughter is still with me (still in bed of course, well she is a student) but she is helping with her bright and bubbly nature.  Today she is off to have her hair coloured so I hope to take a before and after photo, if she lets me.

I am still not really crafting, just sorting and putting away and looking but I did finish another couple of cards off last week, or was it earlier this week?  Who knows

Both of these were made last Christmas and put in the to finish box.  Lots of glitter, which is what I like.  I guess with only a few weeks left until Christmas, I have to get my skates on and get the box of Christmas cards topped up, otherwise I may have to buy some, yikes.

I hope that all those having a read are well and please, do drop me a comment to let me know that you have been as I will come to visit your blog too, if you have one. 

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Two beautiful cards Tracey, especially the white one :o)
Jackie xx