Sunday, June 30, 2019

A wedding Card

Good morning

Katerina asked me to make her a card for her to take to a friends wedding so this is what I made.

She loved it.  A stamp from my stash and colouring in, as usual, with my Stampin' Up! inks.

Thank you for having a read.  Tracey x

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Birthday cards

Good morning

I do try to send handmade cards to all my friends as I know how special it is to receive them. I often forget to showcase them here on my blog but I thought that whilst I didnt have access to my craft room for a while, I would share one of these with you today.  It was P.Ann's special birthday last month and this is the card I sent her.  A sweet card for a sweet person.  I do love making this type of card and hope to make more and more of them, as my hands allow.

Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a smashing day.  Tracey x

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Some more Hugs from Shelli

Good morning, I do hope you are not fed up of seeing the Hugs from Shelli kit
I think the colours all look lovely together. You get all the embellishments in the kit too.  Please do let me know if you would like one and I shall get it ordered.

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 If you do shop online in my little shop I will
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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Happy Anniversary

Good morning.  Its still very warm and sunny here.  After having a very lazy day yesterday we are going to venture out to a beach later.  Last night we met up with the girls after they finished work and had a great meal.

This card was made for my sister and brother in laws wedding anniversary

The stamp set is from my stash but as usual, I coloured it all in with my Stampin' Up! colours.  I think it will make a great engagement card, well I hope so as that is what I am using it for next.

Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a great day.  Tracey x

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Happy Birthday Ollie

Good morning and it is a Happy Birthday to Ollie today.  Ollie is my nieces eldest and I really cant believe that he is 8 years old already.
I do hope he has a lovely birthday.  This is the card that was made for him.  I am sure he will love it.  I have also left a little something for him to open.

We are up and about early as we are off to church and then the cemetary before going back to Daddys house with the twins.  It is memorial day today.  The twins have said the afternoon is being spent at the apartment we are staying at this week as the pool is a nice one.  The cleanliness of the apartment has a lot to be desired but the owner is coming this morning with a cleaner to clean it properly......

Thank you for having a read today and I hope you have a lovely day today too.  Tracey

Friday, June 21, 2019

Happy Birthday Jayne

Good morning and I hope it is a sunny morning for you.

Today is Jayne's birthday and I hope she has a lovely day.
Here is the card that I made in very bright sunny colours.  I do hope she likes it.  Unfortunately this stamp set and die from Stampin' Up! is no longer available but I am keeping my eye out on the Stampin' Up! Clearance site.....just in case.  I cant be with Jayne today but I hope she has fun opening the pressies.

Thank you for having a read and I hope you too have a great day.  Tracey x

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Wish you were here

Good morning and I hear that there has been even MORE rain in Derby.  A little birdie tells me that there is some warmer weather to come which is good news.  We are sat in 30 degrees on the verandah and it is lovely.  This has been our view for the past week.  We have even had baby swifts sat with us and watched them being fed.

Paul has found a new beer he likes, he belives it was made for him.

We have managed the beach a few times and caught up with family members too.  I dont have to tell you how hard it is being here.  I miss Christiana so very much in the UK but in Cyprus it is a lot harder. I visit the cemetary daily and the memorial service is on Sunday. 

I havent managed to do anything crafty at all.  I have looked through the new catalogue though and ohh how wonderful the samples are.  So many inspiring colours and patterns.  If you havent had a new catalogue yet please do let me know so that I can arrange to get one to you.

Katerinas apartment is starting to look good.  It will be finished in a few weeks so it is getting exciting for her, which is good.  We went out for lunch yesterday and on our travels we saw this dinner set.  It is so beautiful and of course, I had to buy it for her. 

Well we have to pack up and move on today to the other side of Larnaca.  This apartment has been nice although no pool as it is broken.  Its a 35 minutes car journey into Larnaca and a 10 minute car journey into civilisation.  We have had a nice time and are excited about our next apartment.  
Thanks for having a read. Tracey x

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Congratulations No. 1

Good morning

A card made for a wonderful couple.  They are getting engaged after being together for quite a few years.  Evanthia calls my mummy and is like a sister to the girls.

Hoping you have a lovely day and thank you for having a read.

Tracey x

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Birthday Wishes George

Happy Birthday George and I hope you have a lovely day.  I do have lots of birthdays in June and for a change, I was all ready and prepared for them.  I do know that I will miss one or two and I am sorry for this.....I cant remember everything.  I think I need to get rid of a bit of information in the old brain and make room for some more.

Here is a card that I made.  A stamp from my stash and lots of Stampin' Up! colours.

Not too sure what today has in store for us yet but I am sure it will be a great day.  Thank you for having a read.  Tracey x

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Fathers Day

Good morning and it is the weekend.

Fathers Day today and I am not with my dad today.  I have left him a few things to open as well as some fresh fruit which I took round earlier in the week.  Here is the card that was made for dad which lots of people have already seen.

Of course it is lovely as a tree stamp set from Stampin' Up!  I do actually have two of these stamp sets so if anyone is ever in need of one, you know where to look.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday and thank you so much for having a read.  Tracey x

Friday, June 14, 2019

Happy Birthday Mum

Good morning.

Today is mums birthday and we cant be with her today.  Here is the card that I made using Wishing you Well stamp set which I just can not part with.

I have left quite a few presents for her to open and wish her a lovely day.

Thank you for having a read and I hope you too have a great day.  Tracey x

Thursday, June 13, 2019


Good morning.  We will be on the motorway first thing this morning and looking forward to a lovely trip.

I was asked to make a card by one of the ladies at my slimming club for another member and this is what I created.  It took some time but the receipient is a baker, she makes the most wonderful cakes and slimmers world meals.  Her name is Jodie and if you want to check her out on facebook, look under Boston's Bakehouse, she even delivers meals.    I used a very old Tilda for this card and it was all coloured in using Stampin' Up! colours.  I still love the clouds.

Thank you for having a read today and I hope your day is a lovely one.  Tracey x

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Happy Birthday Jodie

Good morning and another wet one.  Mr. Weatherman says it is going to be wet for quite a few days but after tomorrow, I am afraid I shall be having lots of sunshine, ooppsss.  It is also very windy out there today so I will have to wear a big rain coat again as it is the hospital visit this morning and I cant tell you how many other places I am expected to go.  Just to say that I will be taking a packed lunch out with me.

If anyone would like to call in to collect any crafting goodies, could you please get in touch today please.  I shall be in the craft room this evening having a major clean up and it would be lovely to see you.

It is a Happy Birthday to Jodie today.  Here is the card that was made for her.

Jodie is someone I met at Slimming Club, a lovely lady who I hope has a lovely birthday.  I lost a little bit more weight yesterday which I am very pleased about, it is all heading in the right direction.

Thank you for having a read today and I hope you too have a great day.  Tracey x

Monday, June 10, 2019

Hugs from Shelli to start the week

Good morning.

A new start to a new week and as usual, for me it starts with a weigh in.  I have had a very good week food wise so I am sure the scales will be good to me and if they arent, there is always next week.  After the weigh in we go for a lovely breakfast together which is so nice as I get chance to talk to people that I dont yet know.

The weekend soon sped past but we did so much.  Saturday was in the garden of course, some of the plant pots have plants in them now.  They are also on the gravelled area and Paul has even managed to set up the watering system so that they will get watered when we are away.

I managed to get ALL my orders completed (everything that the twins asked for), with a little help of course.  The craft room is utterly and totally trashed but that will get sorted today (fingers crossed).   And then I packed, just a few little bits to pop in.  Katerina asked for towels for her new apartment, which we ordered on line.  Paul and I nipped into town yesterday to collect them and they were NOT there ARRRGGGHHH.  We were told that due to the Derby Marathon, the lorry couldn't get to the store so had to return to the distribution centre.  That didnt help me though.  I now have to go back to town tomorrow after the about last minute.  Katerina also wants sheets and quilt covers from Dunelm and both girls want flip flops from Primark.  I will get it done in the end as I always do.

This picture is not as clear as I would like but I am sure it is fine enough.

Another of the Shelli with hugs kit.  I am still impressed with it and loved making this card up.  I just adore how the envelopes match and this was another of the May thank you cards.

Well I had best go and get showered and ready to start the day.  Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful start to the week.  Tracey x

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Sitting pretty

Good morning and the sun is out again which is great news.  This means we can do a little more gardening and then rest a little on the new garden seats.  It took over 3 hours to get the garden furniture right yesterday.  They chairs came packed and wrapped and then cling filmed.  They were certainly well protected but boy it took some struggling to get everything free.



 I was pleased to say that by 5pm we were sat on the chairs, under the umbrella (no we didnt need it but nevermind) drinking prosecco and eating cheese with biscuits.  Well we had to celebrate some how.  We are mad.

Then the afternoon just sped by.  A few major jobs had to be done, cleaning the oven and cleaning the washer and I am pleased to report, it all got done.  The evening was spent in the craft room.

I managed to have a play with the Paper Pumpkin kit from Stampin' Up! and how impressed am I.

The kit comes complete with everything that you need to create 12 very nice cards and a stamp set that you can use again and again.  It is also very fortunate that this kits co-ordinates with the brand new Bird Ballard suite from S.U. in the 2019 - 2020 catalogue.  Here is just one of the cards that I made and the matching envelope.  I have given this card out as one of my thank you cards for this month.  These kits are still available so if you would like one please, do get in touch.

Thank you for having a read today and I wish you a lovely day.  Tracey x

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

all change

I am sorry I havent been around much but life has become a little hectic and my health hasnt been the best.  I went off to a craft show for a wander on Sunday, as much as a wander as I could with my legs.  It was a lovely time and the company as usual, was smashing.  Speaking of crafting, we have had a wonderful few craft events together, thank you so much to everyone who has been along.  Here are one of the cards we made using Wonderful Romance Stamps and Dies

We used a variety of colours with matching ribbons and blending pens and I think everyone enjoyed making this.  Unfortunately this was in the old catalogue but I know a few folk are hoping to get their hands on the dies if it comes on the discounted page.

We can now order from the new 2019 - 2020 catalogue and it is WOW.  I have received so many positive comments on this.  If you havent already received your copy please do get in touch and we can arrange for you to have yours. I shall get to update my blog with the new catalogue as soon as I can, I shall add it to my to-do-today list.

The gardeners have left and they have done as much as they can do.  Now it is up to us to pull out the plant pots, get them filled with plants and start to decorate the lovely canvas we have.  We get new garden furniture this afternoon so all we need now is the weather.

The before photos are on the left

And then there is this

As well as

Then there is


A big change and one that we are really happy with.  You are more than welcome to visit, just let me know when so that I can get the kettle on.  I can certainly recommend Brightday Gardens, Gary and William were exceptional.

Paul has returned home from his job out of Derby and this may have been his last trip before he retires, we dont know.  We shall just have to see what happens.  He will go onto Gardening Duty as it is called, working two and a half hours a week for the months of August, September and October and his official retirement date is 1st November.  I have asked him to have a small party but he says no.

Off to start my day and thank you for having a read.  Tracey x

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