Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday at Traceys

Just a very short post as I am on my way to work.

Its Tuesday at Traceys again and I have been baking.  The Velvet cake just needs icing so I will do that as soon as I get in from work but, I used the SU cookie stamp.

These are shortbread and I know they taste okay.  I am happy with the impression and I just need to make sure Paul doesnt eat them before everyone has seen them lol.

To keep him away I made a few Blueberry muffins too.

Hope to see you either after 2 or after 7.  Have a good day

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Beautiful Season Sunday

We had a wonderful day yesterday *waving * to everyone that was there.  It started off a bit traumatic with the table top sale still on.... but everyone did start to clear up when they saw us.  All our tables were put out, the chairs put around them and then, we changed it all around, well you have to dont you.

All set up, present and correct and off we went.  I had a great time, the comments we got back were brilliant and hopefully this week I can catch up with everyone that came along to see if there is anything we can do to make it even better.   The cakes were scrummy, there was a lot of laughter and someone mentioned speed dating.  Unfortunately the photos that I took didnt turn out very well so, I shall be pinching some from Lesley, if she has any.  I just have this one

 We took 100 kits all made up for everyone so the boxes were a lot lighter when we got home.  And you know the chocolates I showed you yesterday, well they were still in the bag that I took them in at 5p.m. so I am sorry if you didnt get one.  I shall have to put them out with the bags next time.
Here is a photo of one of the cards we made using the Beautiful Season stamp set.

We made a matching insert and the stamp set has a tag to go with it.  I shall get everything unpacked, out of the box and show you more of these later in the week.  In fact, I think I shall have a beautiful season week.

We have decided to hold another Saturday Afternoon Stamping on February 2nd.  If you fancy doing something like this, just let me know and I shall book you a place, we do expect this to fill up rather quickly.  More details can be found on the events page.

I know its really cold out there today so I shall wrap up warm.  I intend putting everything away and start to get ready for Crafty Week which starts on 27th November.  If you fancy making a couple of cards using Stampin Up products, give me a call on 01332 721877 and I can tell you more about it.

Fancy having a Stampin Up party at home with your friends?  I have the kits all made up and ready so if this is something you have been considering, please give me a call.

Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for having a read today.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Christmas Card Crafting

It's here, today has arrived.  I shall be spending it with at least 21 ladies crafting the afternoon away, how excited am I. Lesley and I got it all sorted out last night and just a couple of final things to do this morning then that will be it.

This is what everyone will have to give them a little extra boost if they need it later today, I just love the tag stamp set.

It's going to be another cold day so wrapping up is essential.  Have a wonderful day whatever you are up to and thanks for having a read.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Brother in laws birthday

Well what a busy day yesterday was.  It was my brother in laws birthday so we went out for a quick meal, which was lovely.

Here is the card that I made for him, the Man Card.  It has everything on there for a sporty man,

I baked him a cake, it doesnt show up to well here but I think you will understand what it is.


I also got quite a lot packed for tomorrow, had coffee and cake in the afternoon, chatted to all my daughters who are all over the world at the moment and didnt get to put my feet up until half 10, rather late for me.

Today I am baking again, for tomorrows Crafty afternoon.  I do love to bake and then, it will be time to do the weekly chores (hoover and polish and stuff) before double checking that I have everything for tomorrow, this is when the nerves start to kick in.

Well thanks for having a read today and I hope you enjoy the start to what is going to be a cold weekend, wrap up warm.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mid Week Musings

Voting on 15th November for the election of the Police in our area?  What is all this about, does anyone know?  I am afraid I have had no information and am rather confused...progression.

Yesterday was lovely. lots of visitors in the afternoon and then lots more in the evening.  I met Janet and Mel who are wonderful *waving* in case they are nipping in for look today.  This is all that is left of the cake and I had fantastic comments from everyone, I may just have to make this again.

Today it is rather exciting as I hope to finalise everything for Saturday, its always good when plans come together.  There are no more places left, nope not one, we are all full now.  I am sure everyone will enjoy it but on Friday, the nerves will kick in.  There is a table top sale in the morning at the same venue so I will worry in case they havent finished on time, I will worry in case the room is too hot or too cold and generally worry until I am packing everything away.

Today I also get to bake, it brother in laws birthday tomorrow and he likes my orange and lemon cake so I shall make one and pop it round tonight, after we have had mother in law for tea.

Here is a second card that we made on Saturday, another Michael Powell stamp, I still keep calling him Michael Pallin, opps
Well I must get on with my day, I hope yours is as much fun as mine is going to be and thanks for having a ready.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Jackie

Tuesday at Traceys, that is where I have an open house and have an afternoon and evening of nattering, coffee, cake and catching up, face to face.  You cant beat it.  Oh it may also be a lot of crafty chat too but thats what we all love so why not.

This is what I have baked this week, I didnt have time for the cookies, oh well  I am sure this will be fine

And here is the table, all ready and waiting, so please, feel free to call in.

It Jackies birthday today and this is the card I made for her.
It was one of those rare times that I was actually with Jackie when she opened her card, and loved it.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely afternoon.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tagtastic Monday

Monday is here already and I am fortunate enough to have been to work, done my stuff and come home again, phew.  This afternoon is a busy one for me again and I wouldnt have it any other way.  I have a crafty day on Saturday, as if you didnt already know, so I am putting all the bits and pieces together again this afternoon, I keep remember things that I have to do so I go off and do them.  There are the last couple of places left if its something you fancy. 

Later today I will be baking, ready for tomorrows Tuesday at Tracey's which again, I am so looking forward to.  We all seem to catch up over the phone or on emails but its so much nicer to sit down and chat face to face (and eat cakes and drink coffee).

Do you like my tags?  I have had to make a few as I am wrapping presents up for the girls for Christmas.  U have used odds and ends of cards that I have been saving along with the Joyous Celebration stamp set.  1/2" crumb cake circles, daubed with soft suede and a hole punched through with the crop a dile has made the little hole at the top of the tags.  Soft Suede ink daubed around the edges finishes them off.  I have lots more to make so I will share them as I go along.

If you are free tomorrow for a coffee in the afternoon or evening, just let me know and I will send you my address.

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely afternoon

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wonderful Sunday

Sunday morning and I am up with the birds as we are preparing all the little bits for next Saturday. I am so excited about it, like a big kid really.

Dont forget its TUESDAY AT TRACEY'S this Tuesday afternoon and evening.  I have a cake that has been recommended and if I keep my fingers crossed, I am going to attempt to make some cookies and use the SU cookie die.

Yesterday was a lovely day out, we went on a crafty adventure to Cheshire.  Here is one of the cards we made

And of course we did a little shopping, well a little retail therapy helps.

Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for dropping in for a read.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A crafty weekend

Saturday, the weekend and a crafty one for me.

This last week has been a little busy, visit to doctors, Christmas shopping, lunching out, coffee with friends and getting everything ready for next Saturdays crafting afternoon. So unfortunately I didnt have time to blog.

I recently received this wonderful card, full of sparkle, isn't it lovely.

I have had a play with a few new stamp sets from Stampin' Up! in preperation for next Saturday and I am so pleased with the cards that have been created with them.  If you fancy a few hours of crafting, making 5 Christmas cards, please get in touch as there are just a couple of spaces left.

I have also managed to get my craft room sparkling clean again so when I ran out of Christmas tags it was such a pleasure to nip upstairs and rattle a few off, now all I have to do is keep it like that, as if.

Today I am off to Cheshire for a crafty day out and I am just hoping that the fog has gone away.  Thank you for having a read and I hope all is well with you.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mondays child is full of grace

Good morning and what a chilly start to the week. I havent seen the forecast this morning but fingers crossed that it gets a bit warmer.

Yesterday I got through lots and lots of little jobs that had been put on the back burner and am really chuffed with myself.  The ironing basket will be empty by the end of this week too as I did quite a lot of that and, sorted out the study, filed all the papers, charged the phone, the camera and the i pad, all those things that get forgotten until last minute.  I even washed all the covers off the settee and cushion covers so its looking lovely in there.  I would like to find some new nets this week, so that's my challange.

The Castor Oil plants are coming along too.  They have been re-potted for the second time so that will mean that they will be just about right for Christmas.  I wonder how many people really would like a castor oil plant at Christmas? I think I would.

Here is a card that I made for a friends birthday.  I do hope she likes it.

Before I go, have you thought about signing up with Stampin' Up!  I would love to tell you more about it especially as it's £99 at the moment for £130 worth of goods plus an office pack too.  Just drop me a line at tracey.rossos2@hotmail.com or call me on 01332 721877 and I can give you more details, its something you wont regret doing.

Have a lovely day and thanks for having a read.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunny Sunday (hope it lasts)

Well what a busy week that was, sorry you didnt get to read as many posts from me but time just ran out.  Not quite sure how though, if I am working just in the mornings you would think that I had lots of free time, not the case really.  Never mind, I will try harder this week.

I found my dentist, YEAH, he is in Dorridge, so Paul and I had a trip out to see him last week.  I also went out for lunch on one day and had coffee with friends one night.  Not too much has happened in the craft room either, just what am I doing.  Well, sorting out more cupboards, boxes and drawers which I love to do.  The only problem with that is that I cant find things once I have cleaned and put them away.  Oh and Christmas shopping, yes we did quite a lot of that too.  I know its early but if Paul is going to be working away for a few weeks, I would rather have it all ready instead of rushing around at the last minute as Paul would just get stressed out.  This way, we get to do it at our leisure and anything else we see later, its a bonus.

I had a bit of an accident with my orchid this week.  The new shoot that I had been watching and looking after stuck to my kitchen window, but I didnt know.  I move the plant to water it and *ping* it just broke off.  I am gutted, really, I am angry with myself and quite upset.  Someone has told me that if I put it in a glass of water for a few months, it will make new roots? well I can but try.  This could mean that for the first year in many, I wont have a flowering orchid mind you, having said that, the flowers that I have at the moment have been out since last October, which is great.

Cards, well here is another Christmas card that has been added to my box (second box of Christmas cards now).

I know you cant get Dasher from Stampin Up anymore but there are so many other fantastic Christmas stamps which I am hoping to get to play with in the next couple of hours.

Fancy a SATURDAY AFTERNOON CHRISTMAS CARD MAKING on 27th October?  5 cards, 5 decorated inserts, lots of cakes, coffee, chatter and laughter?  More details on the events section of my blog but give me a ring if this is something you would like to have a go at.  For beginners and experienced crafters.

Thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesdays Twitter

What a hectic weekend.  Paul came home and he had to put a new roof/lining onto his shed.  It had leaked whilst he had been away, well that isnt a problem for me is it, you would think not.

Bless him he was shattered by the end of Sunday evening with a very sore back.  He has spent hours on the roof (cat on a hot tin roof comes to mind but dont tell him).  It seems as the leak was my fault!  I am growing a jasmin plant up the side of the shed which is ohhh about 8 years old now.  This plant has worked its way up onto the roof.  Because there is so much plumage (is that the right word), growth on the shed, the jasmin has sent little spurs under the roofing material, making holes in it and then coming through the other side.  As there are holes, the rain has got in, gone through and rotted the wood, causing a leak.  So my jasmin has been cut back as far as it could be.

I have been on kettle duty (mashing all day), chef duty, cooking all the food and general sweeper uper, you cant believe all the bits he kept bringing into the house.  I put my foot down eating sunday lunch watching a money spider on his head though.  I made he go outside and rub his head to get the thing out, Paul just said oh well, if it falls off I will put it out YAKS.

No Tuesday at Traceys tonight as its crafty week but if you fancy making a couple of cards, there are a couple of places left.  All the details on on the Events section of my blog.

Here is a card I made which is a copy of one I made a few months ago, with the bunting inside the card.

I love doing these cards and find it so relaxing sitting there colouring in....just a big kid really.

Thanks for having a visit today and I hope you have a lovely day in your world. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Its the weekend

Good morning from a chilly Derby although the weather forecast is for a sunny but cloudy day.

Last night was Derby Dabblers, that is the craft club in Derby that has been going for years and years and fortunately, it is still going.  We had a lovely catch up but the 3 hours just wizzed past.  We meet on the first Friday each month so if you are free on November 2nd, why not join us?

Yesterday was a busy one, I was successful in an appeal at work...long story but I felt extremely good about it.  I went to a retiring presentation and then to the pub afterwards.  I didnt do the weekly shop so that is where I shall be going first thing this morning and then I may have to sneak into the craft shop, its no where near the supermarket but hay.  I had a go at decopatch last night thanks to Jayne.  This is the second time I have had a go, the first left me put off this art.  I got sticky fingers, sticky clothes and did not enjoy it at all but last night was brilliant.  I half covered a trinket box that Jayne gave me to do.  When I showed Paul he said it was lovely and when it was finished could he have it please cause the box was the perfect size for his guitar plectrums so I need to buy more papers.  Now I could just go and get another little box and decorate it with music paper, then wrap it up for Santa, that would be one present less to get Paul in just a few weeks time.

Today's card is a simple one for a football fan.  I have a few of these in my box all ready to go.  Most men like football.

Today I also have the dreaded ironing to do, yaks but I shall do an hours worth and then do another hours worth tomorrow.  One day it will all be done.

Thanks for nipping in today and having a read.  I do hope that eveything is fine in your world and as I didnt get any emails about leaving comments, it must just be one or two people that have problems?
 Have a lovely day x

Friday, October 5, 2012

Relaxing one layer card for a Friday

It's Friday again, wow, it soon does come round.  I have a lovely day planned today. Obviously, its work first thing this morning and then I am off to say farewell to a chappie that is retiring. We worked together for years so I will go to his presentation and then we shall go to the pub.  By this time I will be off duty he he but driving.  The weekly shopping needs to be done followed by a quick bite to eat and off to the craft club for a night of crafty chatter and catching up with friends.  When that is all done and dusted, I will be going home to Paul as he is due back from site today YEAH.

How about this for a birthday card.  I do like my one layer cards, just so relaxing to do.

I hear that there are problems in leaving me comments.  Could you please let me know if you are having problems.  My email address is tracey.rossos2@hotmail.com.  I dont know if it is just the odd one or two people (no, you are not odd lol).....you know what I mean.
If you fancy making a card or two or even three, I have a few places available next week.  All details are in the events section of my blog (above).
I am still hoping to recruit a few more ladies to help me with Stampin' Up! so, if you fancy doing a little crafting with just SU products, going to do some parties or just for a discount on goodies, please give me a ring and we can have a coffee and a chat all about it.

Or, fancy a Stampin' Up! party?  An evening of crafting in your own home with your crafting friends.  I will come along armed with everything you need to make a couple of cards.  My number is 01332 721877 and I am happy to travel. I do have most afternoons free too if you fancy crafting in the afternoon rather than the evening.

Have a wonderful start to the weekend, even if it is going to be cold.  Thanks for having a read

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Playing Superwoman

Fancy a night of crafting?  I have a few spaces left for next weeks Crafty Week.  It would be great if you could come along and make a couple of cards, lots of chatter and laughter.  There are some more details on the events section of my blog.

My little Stampin Up team has just increased.  Sue and Elvie have joined up and they are very lucky ladies for getting free papers for 6 months.  I guess I need to organise a team training afternoon/evening now I just have to catch everyone free at the same time, watch out for the emails.  If you would like to join Stampin Up, let me have your phone number and I will give you a call and tell you all about it.

I am still working my way around WOYWW from yesterday.  Everytime I sit and have a cuppa or a rest I go visiting a few more blogs around the world, its lovely.

Here is a card I made recently.  I havent got any glitter on it and I wasnt sure if it needed it, just on the waves?  what do you think?

It is Derby Dabblers tomorrow night, if you fancy a social evening out (half 6 - half 9) you are more than welcome.  More details can be found on the Derby Dabblers Blog which is HERE

I have a busy morning at work and then I come home for an afternoon of washing and ironing, the good thing is that once that is done, I can get back into the craft room.  Thanks for stopping by and having a read.  Have a wonderful day and wrap up warm, the forecast is lower temperatures today.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's on your workdesk 174

Whats on my workdesk, lots of unfinished cards that are getting finished off.  I have quite a few boxes of them and I have been working my way through them bit by bit.  Oh at the back are my thank you cards for October, some of SUs new in colours and a Christmas card or two.  On the left is my colour palate for watercolouring (ok so its a plastic plate but it works) and my water jar on top.  Yes my water jar has a lid which I need.  I have had a coupe of accidents with water on my desk.  I cant wait to go visiting lots of other crafters work areas when I finish work and if you dont know what I am talking about, its where crafters from all over the globe give you a peek at their work area.  Click HERE and Julie will explain better than I can

Well what a soggy day yesterday was.  I had some training in the morning and then went into work for an hour and a half.  Came home to more sorting, yes I was still putting boxes away but the good news is, ITS ALL DONE. Phew, my craftroom is starting to re appear, why do I do it lol? 

A wonderful offer from Stampin' Up!  Get free papers for the next 6 months if you sign up in October or November.  On top of the £99 starter kit for £130 worth of goodies plus another £45 of office goodies thrown in, its a great deal.  If this is something you have been considering, give me a call on  01332 721877 and I can give you more details.  I can honestly say that joining Stampin' Up! really was one of the best things I have ever done.  I work my own hours, meet so many wonderful people and get my crafting items at a discount (if not free).  You dont have to do parties if you dont want to. 

I had a chicken and egg situation.  I went to Wilkos and purchased some little envelopes.  I dont know why I got them except that I loved the size.  I used a couple as they are great to put money in but I have 46 of these envelopes

 So I decided to make this months thank you cards to fit the envelopes, what great fun I had

 I did red ones, pink ones and blue ones.  The stamp is from one of the hostess sets in the amazing Stampin' Up! catalogue.  To get this set you will have to hold a party but that isnt so bad, is it?  I have a few dates left in October to have SU parties, just let me know what suites you best

Thanks for having a read today.  The weather forecast for Derby is rain, rain and rain so I will need my brolly, I hope you manage to stay dry.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday at Traceys

Yes its Tuesday at Tracey's again, doesnt the week go by very quickly?  If you are free for a coffee this evening, please feel free to pop round for a drink and a chat, its just an open house for all my crafting friends.

Here is a card that I made to go in with the raffle prize at the weekend.
Paula J won the raffle and was so excited, she said it was the first time she had won a raffle then, her daughter Sally won second prize.  It wasnt a fix, honest.

Yesterday seemed to be a very long day, I didnt get up early I just did quite a lot.  Fortunately I went to bed extremely early and put my feet up.

Stampin' Up! has a new Annual Catalogue out that has over 200 pages of wonderful wonderful things, you can see this by clicking on the sidebar (right hand side of my blog). Please get in touch if you would like your own copy sent out to you, ohhh its so worth it.   I cant wait to start showing you some of the cards I have made with the new products but first, I have to find my craft room.  At the moment it is a store room with no space on the floor and the workdesk is just piled high.  So with this new catalogue I have a few of last years books.  If you would like one, please let me know, they are full of wonderful ideas and colours. 

Yesterday I finally caught up with emails, facebook and lots of other little things (found my dentist that had moved,  got dr appointment and put all my papers away (I now have 2 piles whereas before I had 6 piles).  Oh yes, I am put it in a pile girl but I am trying very hard to stop this.

A big *wave* to Anna who has become my newest follower, I do hope you enjoy reading my blog.  Off for a busy morning at work, have a great day and until tomorrow.........

Monday, October 1, 2012

Manic Monday

I got up yesterday and had a real problem walking, my legs were all stiff first thing in the morning and it took a good half an hour before I could walk properly.  Then, every time I sat down and tried to stand up, I had the same thing.  I must have walked a little too much on Saturday but even so I had a wonderful day and I am so sorry that I missed my visitor oopps.

I put all the boxes away from Saturdays Stamping Session.  I cant tell you how many there were but I do think its better to have lots of light boxes than a few heavy ones.  Perhaps I bit go a bit OTT though but it doesnt matter cause the afternoon was just lovely.

I also did a bit of ironing.  I am sure you will be thinking that is boring but, I ironed my brown paper again.  Then I stamped it and now it is all ready to wrap up.......umm, not sure what I have to wrap up, but at least it is ready.

If you would like some brown paper, un ironed, sorry I cant be doing your ironing too, just let me know as I have lots and lots and lots and, I shall be getting more very soon as well.

Do you remember jubliees?  Well I made some for Saturday and I have been asked to show a certain person how to make them so, at Derby Dabblers on Friday night I shall show everyone how to do these.  We will also be making a baby card chest too so, if you are free and fancy some crafty chatter, in Derby, please feel free to come along.

Off to do a days work now, ohhh, I am part time as from today YIPPEE.  Have a lovely day and thank you so much for having a read.  If you could leave a comment that would be great, if not, no problem, its just nice to know you have been