Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesdays Twitter

What a hectic weekend.  Paul came home and he had to put a new roof/lining onto his shed.  It had leaked whilst he had been away, well that isnt a problem for me is it, you would think not.

Bless him he was shattered by the end of Sunday evening with a very sore back.  He has spent hours on the roof (cat on a hot tin roof comes to mind but dont tell him).  It seems as the leak was my fault!  I am growing a jasmin plant up the side of the shed which is ohhh about 8 years old now.  This plant has worked its way up onto the roof.  Because there is so much plumage (is that the right word), growth on the shed, the jasmin has sent little spurs under the roofing material, making holes in it and then coming through the other side.  As there are holes, the rain has got in, gone through and rotted the wood, causing a leak.  So my jasmin has been cut back as far as it could be.

I have been on kettle duty (mashing all day), chef duty, cooking all the food and general sweeper uper, you cant believe all the bits he kept bringing into the house.  I put my foot down eating sunday lunch watching a money spider on his head though.  I made he go outside and rub his head to get the thing out, Paul just said oh well, if it falls off I will put it out YAKS.

No Tuesday at Traceys tonight as its crafty week but if you fancy making a couple of cards, there are a couple of places left.  All the details on on the Events section of my blog.

Here is a card I made which is a copy of one I made a few months ago, with the bunting inside the card.

I love doing these cards and find it so relaxing sitting there colouring in....just a big kid really.

Thanks for having a visit today and I hope you have a lovely day in your world. 


Buffy said...

Hi Tracey,
love that card it's gorgeous.
Have you decided not to do tuesday afternoons (2pm-3:30pm)anymore?
Speak soon
Buffy xx

Tracey said...

Hi Buffy, ohh of course I will still be doing Tuesday afternoons. Its just that last Tuesday was crafty week and the next Tuesday I am at the dentist, then it will be coffee and cakes in the afternoon as well as the evening.x