Monday, October 1, 2012

Manic Monday

I got up yesterday and had a real problem walking, my legs were all stiff first thing in the morning and it took a good half an hour before I could walk properly.  Then, every time I sat down and tried to stand up, I had the same thing.  I must have walked a little too much on Saturday but even so I had a wonderful day and I am so sorry that I missed my visitor oopps.

I put all the boxes away from Saturdays Stamping Session.  I cant tell you how many there were but I do think its better to have lots of light boxes than a few heavy ones.  Perhaps I bit go a bit OTT though but it doesnt matter cause the afternoon was just lovely.

I also did a bit of ironing.  I am sure you will be thinking that is boring but, I ironed my brown paper again.  Then I stamped it and now it is all ready to wrap up.......umm, not sure what I have to wrap up, but at least it is ready.

If you would like some brown paper, un ironed, sorry I cant be doing your ironing too, just let me know as I have lots and lots and lots and, I shall be getting more very soon as well.

Do you remember jubliees?  Well I made some for Saturday and I have been asked to show a certain person how to make them so, at Derby Dabblers on Friday night I shall show everyone how to do these.  We will also be making a baby card chest too so, if you are free and fancy some crafty chatter, in Derby, please feel free to come along.

Off to do a days work now, ohhh, I am part time as from today YIPPEE.  Have a lovely day and thank you so much for having a read.  If you could leave a comment that would be great, if not, no problem, its just nice to know you have been

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