Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mid Week Musings

Voting on 15th November for the election of the Police in our area?  What is all this about, does anyone know?  I am afraid I have had no information and am rather confused...progression.

Yesterday was lovely. lots of visitors in the afternoon and then lots more in the evening.  I met Janet and Mel who are wonderful *waving* in case they are nipping in for look today.  This is all that is left of the cake and I had fantastic comments from everyone, I may just have to make this again.

Today it is rather exciting as I hope to finalise everything for Saturday, its always good when plans come together.  There are no more places left, nope not one, we are all full now.  I am sure everyone will enjoy it but on Friday, the nerves will kick in.  There is a table top sale in the morning at the same venue so I will worry in case they havent finished on time, I will worry in case the room is too hot or too cold and generally worry until I am packing everything away.

Today I also get to bake, it brother in laws birthday tomorrow and he likes my orange and lemon cake so I shall make one and pop it round tonight, after we have had mother in law for tea.

Here is a second card that we made on Saturday, another Michael Powell stamp, I still keep calling him Michael Pallin, opps
Well I must get on with my day, I hope yours is as much fun as mine is going to be and thanks for having a ready.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that is all that is left of the cake lol! It was deeelish :o) Love the new Michael Powell stamp too not seen that one I have the lighthouse one.

Have a great workshop on saturday6
Loretta x