Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Hollie

I went back to the docs yesterday, blood pressure is still a bit high, oops. A little more exercise and a bit better eating will hopefully get it sorted. He also gave me some additional tablets. I am a little dizzy so taking things easy. He said that I can drive again YEAH but wont go out till I feel a little better.
Today its Hollies 5th Birthday, wow she is growing up quickly. Here is the card that I made for her
This is what I put on the back
She is really into Hello Kitty so she had lots of little bits to open this morning. She is one of the lucky ones who was able to go to school today, what with a lot of schools being closed due to the strike.

Thanks for having a read and hope you have a lovely day

Monday, November 28, 2011

Chilly Monday Morning and Christmas Card No. 11

I got up this morning (10.30) to a very chilly, and late, start to the day. It was only 5 degrees outside brrrr and not such a lot warmer inside. So it was a quick shower and clean bedroom to get myself warm, it did the trick.
We had a lovely weekend, lots of friends visiting and wishing me well. It is now 4 weeks since my mini stroke and I think I can breath a BIG sigh of relief. We have known that it was likely that I would have an other one within 4 weeks if I didnt take drastic action and that has been playing on my mind so much. Well I have taken drastic action by stopping smoking, trying to take a walk out each day even though it has been a slow walk, purchasing a shopper on wheels so that I dont carry anything and trying my hardest not to eat anything fatty. I have been drinking lots of fruit juice yakkss and eating a lot of fresh veg, more yaks and a lot less coffee, biggest yaks. Of course there has been all the medication too. My blood pressure is still rather high and I am suffering from hypertension but its off to the doctors tomorrow to see if he thinks I am fit enough to go back to work.
Unfortunately, due to lack of concentration I havent been spending much time in the craft room which is rather surprising. It has had a few little tidy ups but I did make this card for Katerina's friend, who had her birthday yesterday.
Not a brilliant photo as we just havent had very good lighting but I am sure you will be able to see it clearly enough.
Today I have a few visitors popping in to see me this afternoon which will be lovely and I hope to do a little pottering and putting bits and pieces away.
It's getting to be a bit of a struggle to remember what Christmas cards I have put on here and which ones I still want to share with you but I am sure that you havent seen this one yet
Another masterpiece that was made for my demo day quite a few weeks ago but one of my many talented friends (I am sure you have guessed that I dont know if its an Anne, Sue, Lynn or Elvie card lol).
Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely start to the week.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Name Day Katerina

In Cyprus, all children are christened with the name of a Saint. Every saint has a name day and today is Katerina's name day so happy name day hon. This is the card that I made for her which I hope that she has received.

I am told that she is off to Manchester for the day but as she hasnt answered her telephone yet I presume that she is still sleeping, oh to be a student. They do keep strange hours, up till 3 -6a.m. every day but not waking up till gone past mid day when there are no lectures. At least I know that she is having a nice time, she is doing her studies and has made new friends.

It's Friday YEAH but I dont have that Friday feeling just yet. I did wake up a lot earlier today and have done some pottering around. After coffee I shall continue putting bits and pieces away and hopefully get to make a card or two. Can you believe that we are just one month away from Santas visit ooopps.

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely weekend

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday and the 3 C's, Christiana, Cakes and Christmas Card No. 10

The weather yesterday didnt do a lot did it. Was damp and chilly all day long, a bit like me really but we cant always be happy all the time can we.
Christiana, my eldest daughter in Cyprus who suffers from Schleroderma, Raynards and other bits, went to the hospital yesterday. The good news is that her lungs and blood tests are all good again, well done to her. Unfortunately the mobility in her fingers is still very bad but from today, she is going to be doing her own physiotherapy, arent you tana? She reads my blog daily and I know that she is going to try really hard to get her fingers moving again. Tana also makes cards which are wonderful. There arent too many places in Cyprus that she can buy goodies from so mum likes to send a box over now and then full of little bits but now that her craft room is full (and a mess) she cant get anything else in there so I have a nice little pile of goodies here waiting until she has a bit more room. She shouldnt worry about her crafting area being a mess should she? It will be interesting to read your comments about the state of your crafting area, go on, leave a comment so that Christiana can read it.
As I mentioned yesterday my hand mixer broke boo hoo. Paul, bless him, (we all know how good he is) took me to Sainsburys at half past 7 last night so that I could get a new one. Sainsburys was empty, it was lovely to walk around and have a look at the new things they have got for Christmas but I was good. I only got a mixer and some frozen peas oh, I did treat my best friend to a little something but she will have to wait until tomorrow night to see what it is, arent I a tease lol.So today I may make a few more little cakes, if I am up to it. These are the cakes I made when my mixer broke
Diddy carrot cake. I got the carrots ready but I would love to make my own. Does anyone know where I can get a little mould from? Hoping you can help with this (oh I am still on the table cloth hunt by the way).
Now onto Chrissmassy bits
I know that Sue made this fantastic Christmas Star card. Its so shiny and so lovely, thank you Sue. Here is a link to her blog HERE to see all the other wonderful things she makes, a very talented lady.
Well I have had a lie in this morning, it was gone 10a.m. when I got up so its off for a shower and to start my day, a little, okay a lot, later than normal. Have a great day and thanks for having a read.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Christmas tag and cakes

I think we all know the saying "red sky at night shepherds delight, red sky in a morning shepherds warning" well the sky was soooo red this morning. Wonder what the weather will do today, I know its cold cause I have been out for my walk already.

I have been for my freshstart appointment, smoke free for more than 3 weeks. I am so pleased and then I went to the shop and saw all the cigarettes lined up for sale....but I didnt buy any. I got some boring milk and bread instead.

Last Friday whilst I was waiting for Paul to come home I had a play with some pastry cutters and made all these
All I needed to to them was to make the cakes, which I did and here they are

I just used a normal fairy cake receipe, a creamy cheese icing topping and decorated them, can you see all the glitter. I promise you that they were tasty, now I still have lots of decorations but my mixer broke oppps. Sandra came to the rescue to lend me hers but I still need to go and get myself a little mixer and make a few more cakes to use up the rest of the decorations.

How about this for a Christmas Tag
Lovely isnt it? I must admit that either Sue, Lynn or Elvie made this for me and I know that in a few hours I will find out who it was.

Off for a little more chilling now, thanks for having a read and have a great day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Twitterings and Christmas Card No. 9

Do you ever check that you get the right amount of boots advantage points? It might be worthwhile if you do. I recently purchased something and whilst I got a £5 discount, and 340 additional points I only got 100 points instead of 240 that I was entitled to. Now I know you may think that because I got the discount and additional points why moan about the missing 140 points but that is £1.40 that I would have lost. I got in touch with boots who checked out my complaint and the wonderful lady added 700 points to my card, £7.00, so its worth checking that you get what you are entitled to......moan over.

*waving* at my new follower, thank you for signing up and reading the blog, its always lovely to know that people do actually read what I write.

Now who has made this Christmas card? I think it could have been Elvie and I know that Sue will correct me if I am wrong
The colour combination is lovely.
UPDATED - Phew at last we know who did it, Anne Made It lol. She used the colour coach (which really is a must have) for the colour combination. Thanks for letting me know Anne.

Yesterday was a quiet day and a lovely evening with friends. I did a few jobs around the house but I watched quite a bit of tv too. Now that the tv has been fixed I am catching up with the second series of misfits, do you watch that? I think its great. Paul cooked a lovely steak for tea, how pleased am I that he is home. Today I am going to attempt to spend some time in my craft room, chilling and sorting, not sure that I will come up with a card or not but at least I will have a relaxing time. What are you up to today?

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Morning and Christmas Card No. 8

The weekend went by in a flash again but dont they always. I cant say that I did alot though which is good since I am not supposed to be doing a lot. I changed a couple of xmas present that I purchased for Paul which was very naughty of me but hay, I saved £22.00. Yes £22.00. I got him a couple of things from Debenhams prior to knowing about the sale so I took them back and ordered them again making the saving.
Paul took me to the Christmas Fayre at the roundhouse on Saturday and it was lovely to have a wander round and see all the beautiful things that everyone had made, very inspiring. Sunday was spent at home with mum in law and doing some baking. Yes I baked lol.
I have found this wonderful blog and I am spending hours reading it, its all receipes and cakes and biscuits etc. etc. This got me into thinking that making a cake would be chilling so that is what I did. I made a lemon drizzle cake which Paul and MiL said was lovely.
It was really moist inside but its definately a tea soaker, so of course I had to mash for them both too.

Here is another of Lynns (I thought it was Sues) amazing cards
If you would like to know how to make this and all about the products used, please send me an email and I shall explain all.

Thanks for having a read today and hope your Monday is a lovely one oh, and by the way, I am still a non smoker and so proud of myself. Thanks to everyone who is encouraging me on this "lifestyle change".

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Feeling and Christmas Card No. 7

Friday already, it really shouldnt be but it is. My days are just wizzing by and I must admit, that I am still not doing a lot but only because I cant. I have cleaned another cupboard or two and happy to say that I havent thrown anything out cause nothing was out of date, this time. Have you ever discovered food so out of date that you cant believe that you still have it in your cupboard?

I finally at last found 2 lovely tableclothes for my kitchen table. I was so happy, did you note the was? mmmm they are too small, drat. It is my own fault as I should have measured the table before I purchased them so, the hunt is still on.

*waving to Paul* He is still away but due home today YEAH. Then he will come home with all his washing, yaks. Its not the washing I mind because to be honest, I only have to put it in the machine and switch it on, it is the ironing that I really dont like. Why cant men just wear black bin liners with a belt? Life would be so much easier, its all those shirts and shirts and even more shirts.

Well I havent been on here for a few days as the hours have wizzed by but, I did promise you some photos and here they are, some wonderful cards that I have received from Alyson, Paula, Diane and Trace.

Paula came to visit with these wonderful roses, I have never seen colours like it

Here is a close up of one of the bigger flowers, isnt it lovely. I am watering it regularly as I want them to last and last and last.

And how about this beauty.
It is my 5 year old orchid. I dont know if you remember but after it flowered for the first time I was going to get rid as I thought they flowered and died. Lesley told me how to look after it during the time it just stayed dormant and each year it comes back, thanks to Lesley. Well this year it has the biggest flowers ever, even if it has flowered a few months earlier than normal, I wonder if its due to the warm sunny weather?

And just for a change, a Christmas card of mine.
Pam was making some Christmas cards using this stamp and I just had to stamp out a few images, isnt it cute. Thanks Pam
Here is a close up. I coloured it in using copics, cut it out and layered it on top of the original image. Hope you can see all the glitter.

Thanks for having a read of this long post. Hope you have a lovely start to your weekend.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Card No. 6 and a lovely weekend

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and arent we being lucky with the weather. It's hard to believe that its the middle of November and I have been out without my coat, lets hope it lasts, yikes, hope I havent jinxed it. Katerina spent the weekend in London, she is certainly travelling around quite a bit, lucky girl.

Friday I spent a lovely few hours chatting to crafting friends and doing a little colouring, very relaxing and theraputic although I am sure some with think that I am quite sad. I even managed to sort out a cupboard or two over the weekend but not a lot more.Had lots of visitors which was lovely and I received some wonderful get well cards and presents, thank you so much, they really cheered me up and are so appreciated. I will get photographs taken today so that I can share them with you tomorrow.

I didnt manage to get into my craft room boo hoo but it is still there waiting for me for later today. The grandchildren came round to visit (they are keeping an eye on me whilst grandad is working away). They like to get creative (and it keeps them busy) and I found this table covering for my dining table (I am still looking for a round kitchen table cloth that is pretty)

Here is another one of those smashing Christmas cards from Sue......... I made an ooppss. This card has been made by Lynn but its still a super smashing card, thanks Lynn
Again this is with the Everything Eleanor set which is on my wishlist, she has teamed this up with Old Olive and Cherry Cobbler, its stunning.

Today I believe that I shall be having a few visitors so its a chilling morning for me just pottering, who knows, I may tackle another cupboard as its so rewarding when its done. Thanks for having a read and I am sure that I shall be doing some blog hopping throughout the morning.

A lie in and Christmas Card No. 5

The oops is because I didn't get up until gone 9.00a.m., unheard of for me, all I can say is that it will be a very slow start to the day. Today its a bit more pottering and I am hoping to sort out a cupboard or two in the kitchen, nothing strenuous, just a sort out, wipe down and put things away in some sort of order. Of course I shall chill and relax in the craftroom for an hour this afternoon, well you just have to dont you.
The hunt for the table cloth is still on. We weren't successful yesterday but I am not giving up just yet. I did manage to get (wait for it) yet another little cake stand but this one is different, its for Christmas as it has santas on it, how sad am I. I had a lovely few hours out but I couldnt believe how tired I was last night, obviously I am not completely recovered yet.
Another Christmas card below, again from the talented Sue

I have made some cards too but we still have 46 days until the big day so plenty of time to show you mine.
Another little *wave* to Paul who should have a read of this at lunch time. He did call me at half 6 this morning but I think it was the words "lucky you, you can turn over and go back to sleep" that made me do just that lol.
I just saw the date, did you realise that it's 11/11/11, what will you be doing at 11.11a.m. today?
I am being taken out to sit and chat to the ladies at Spondon Dabblers tonight and really looking forward to it.
Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day and...... it's nearly the weekend YEAH

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Its a cracker and Christmas Card No. 4

No luck yesterday at Dunelm with the table cloth but I did find a few little bits, a nice guest towel with Santa on, the grandchildren will love that when they visit. A very pretty little cup cake stand (yes I know I already have a lot but cupcake stands are like shoes, you can just never have enough). 2 pretty little plates to match the cupcake stand, all I need to do now is make cupcakes...when I feel a little better.

How about these two little projects, both made by Sue

These have been made using the Everything Elenor Set, they look and feel very posh.

Off out to another store today, hunting for that table cloth, thanks to Jayne. She is taking to me a shop in Burton. Just so that you know, I still havent you know what lol.

Thanks for having a read and hope you have a lovely day.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Midweek Musing and Christmas Card No. 3

Goodness, I had a lie in this morning, how rare for me. I woke up at half 7 but I am sure I had a bit of a conversation with Paul around half 6, didnt I!

How many of the recommended 5 a day do you have? Now that I have to eat a little healthier I have realised that I wasnt getting my 5 a day at all, especially difficult when you dont like fruit, arrgh I hear you scream, how can I not like fruit. Well it's true but I am now starting my day off with a fruit drink, strawberry and banana (its to hide the taste of 4 aspirins yaks). I dont know what is worse, the taste of the aspirin or the fruit juice but the box says, its 2 of my 5 a day.

I bet you are getting fed up of me saying this but, another smoke free day yesterday, wayhay.
Today I join Fresh Start YEAH. I will see if I can get a little support whilst I am doing my best to stop smoking and grab all the help I can get.

Another Christmas card that Elvie made for meThis is using the Contempo Christmas set from Stampin' Up! She has teamed up Crumb Cake and Real Red, lovely Elvie, thank you.

I know Paul has a read of my blog during his lunch break so *waves* to Paul.

Yesterday was a day spent with the TV and just a few odd jobs. I did venture out to the local shops but it was dark and damp and that was at 2pm, the cars had their lights on. I was glad to get home back into the warmth. Mum is picking me up later and we are going to wander around the local Dunelm, just to look at Christmas Decorations and pick up a few pretty bits for the house (and see if they have any new table cloths since my last visit).

Have a wonderful day and thanks for having a read x

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tuesday Twitterings and Christmas Card day 2

For quite a few months now I have been searching for a round tablecloth for my kitchen table, without success. I am looking for something pretty and dainty with a little red in it, as red will match the other accessories I have in the kitchen. If you know of somewhere in Derby that may sell something like this, or if you have come across somewhere online, please let me know. It seems that table cloths are out of fashion.

Another "cigarette free" day yesterday and a big pat on my back for me. I really am proud of myself and I know that Paul and my daughters are all really pleased. I am trying to watch what I eat too but after Christmas I will go on a diet. I would rather be chubbier and smoke free than skinnier and smoking, although I know I will never be very slim...sigh

Here is another Christmas card that was made for me using all Stampin' Up! products, isnt it lovely.
If you would like to purchase any Stampin' Up! items used to make this card, please let me know.
Paul treated me to a new magazine last weekend, no it wasnt a crafting one, well not really
This is really great, the recipes are easy to follow, you get a free little cake stand and other bits. Whilst I am not up to baking at the minute, as soon as I am I shall attempt the little biscuits.
I have received two adorable little cards one from Lesley which is so elegant
and one from Denise and Ros which is so sweet
Thank you ladies, these really brightened me up, its lovely to get something so unexpected.
Well I think you must have read enough by now so thanks for having a read. Have a lovely day x

A new week

Yesterday really was a chilling day and not just the temperature outside. After a lazy start to the day, coffee, reading magazines and looking at some Christmas decorations we purchased, Paul cooked lunch whilst I sorted out some bits for ebay. The afternoon was filled with visitors and well wishers and long chats with two of my daughters, just lovely. I only managed to spend a little time with the grandchildren before my sister came to take me out for an hour. Today will be another day of pottering as I really do need to get my blood pressure down and keep it low although I am not sure how to do that. I am still "cigarette free" but it will get tougher this week as Paul will be going away but I can do it, I know I can.
Sue has made this wonderful card
It all moves as the black lines are really pieces of thread. It looks a lot better in real life, a stunning card, thank you Sue. I am sure that I now have a Christmas card a day to show you, all the way up to Santa's visit.
Thanks for having a read and hope you manage to leave a comment as they inspire me to keep going with the blog.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A challenge for a change

It's still wet, damp and dark outside and the forecast is 11 degrees for the day but I am not complaining, it could be worse (we could be in the middle of a snow storm). I am envious of Christiana and Sophia having 21 degrees in Cyprus though and I know that they are looking forward to the rain, there is just no pleasing us at times is there?

I met up with 7 ladies last night and we had a lovely evening chatting, drinking coffee and doing some stamping and colouring in (yes colouring in, very theraputic), how relaxing, just what the doctor ordered, really he did. I have to get my blood pressure right down so am trying to chill as much as possible, no worries, no stress, I do believe I am starting to feel better already.

For a change, I have decided to enter a challenge today, something I very rarely do but on the Less is More challenge the colour theme is red and orange. I have just finished making some thank you cards so I had the stamp already out on my untidy craft table and this is what I have come up with.
I do hope that when you click on the picture you can see the embossed lines at the top of the card. Now does it need a little bit of glitter or not, mmm, tough question.

Yet another day passed yesterday without a cigarette and I seem to be coping at the moment. Now not being able to drive for the next 4 weeks is going to be harder than not smoking I think so, if you are nipping out for a wander around a shop, going for coffee somewhere or visiting dunelm, a garden centre etc. and would like a little company, please remember me, I may be climbing up the walls and in need of a change of scenery.

Thanks for having a read x

Friday, November 4, 2011

A card from Elvie

A wet and soggy start to Friday but at least it isnt cold.

A big hello to BEE and a *wave*, thank you for joining my list of followers, its always lovely to know that someone has decided to have a read of my blog. I really should say A BIG HELLO to everyone who just nips on every now and again to have a look at the photos, read a little bit but cant leave comments, thank you for nipping in.

I am really sad to say that I shall not be going to the NEC this year booo hoooo, wiping the tears away. This will be the first Christmas NEC show that I will miss for quite a few years. Unfortunately the husstle and busstle of getting there, the crowds and the walking around will just be a tad too much. I have to take things easy for a few days as I have had a scare with my health this week so its rest, rest and rest. Oh but what fun I shall have with the internet shopping I am going to do tomorrow. If you have managed to go, please please please tell me all about it, what did you buy, whats new this year and bring your new things round to show me.

I am really proud to say that I have stopped smoking, yes, I know that some of you will find that hard to believe but I have done it and feel really proud of myself. Any weight that I gain I will soon lose again after Christmas when I have all that yakky nicotine out of my system so, I am patting myself on my back.

I was really lucky last week to recieve lots and lots of cards to display at my demo day. I had lots of help from Elvie, Sue, Lynn and Anne who made such wonderful items which I showed you in yesterdays post but all on the tables. Here is one from Elvie using the Contempo Christmas Stamp
She has teamed it up with the circle punch to make her own baubles and that devine embossing folding square lattice. Stunning card and thank you Elvie.

I shall be sitting on my laurals at Derby Dabblers tonight and doing a lot of colouring in, how relaxing. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

SU goodies for FREE

Yes thats right. Free stamps and free papers which are all extra freebies for hostesses who hold a party between now and 15th December!

You can earn a Paisley Petals Bundle FREE! The bundle consists of a pack of Paisley Petals Designer Series Paper and the Paisley Petals stamp set (wood or clear-mount), worth up to £33.90. if you host a party totalling £300 or more.

This is in addition to the usual hostess benefits. A £300 party earns you £50 to spend anywhere in the catalogue, including the exclusive hostess products. It also earns you the opportunity to purchase ANY item at 50% off!

Here are a few more photos of some of the display tables from Saturday, lots of things to look at

No one has yet come forward with the raffle ticket
if you have this, please get in touch. The Winner of the Treasure Hunt will be announced on Saturday.

Thanks for having a read, have a lovely day x