Monday, November 7, 2011

Tuesday Twitterings and Christmas Card day 2

For quite a few months now I have been searching for a round tablecloth for my kitchen table, without success. I am looking for something pretty and dainty with a little red in it, as red will match the other accessories I have in the kitchen. If you know of somewhere in Derby that may sell something like this, or if you have come across somewhere online, please let me know. It seems that table cloths are out of fashion.

Another "cigarette free" day yesterday and a big pat on my back for me. I really am proud of myself and I know that Paul and my daughters are all really pleased. I am trying to watch what I eat too but after Christmas I will go on a diet. I would rather be chubbier and smoke free than skinnier and smoking, although I know I will never be very slim...sigh

Here is another Christmas card that was made for me using all Stampin' Up! products, isnt it lovely.
If you would like to purchase any Stampin' Up! items used to make this card, please let me know.
Paul treated me to a new magazine last weekend, no it wasnt a crafting one, well not really
This is really great, the recipes are easy to follow, you get a free little cake stand and other bits. Whilst I am not up to baking at the minute, as soon as I am I shall attempt the little biscuits.
I have received two adorable little cards one from Lesley which is so elegant
and one from Denise and Ros which is so sweet
Thank you ladies, these really brightened me up, its lovely to get something so unexpected.
Well I think you must have read enough by now so thanks for having a read. Have a lovely day x

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Anonymous said...

Love the Christmas card. Karen McB