Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Morning and Christmas Card No. 8

The weekend went by in a flash again but dont they always. I cant say that I did alot though which is good since I am not supposed to be doing a lot. I changed a couple of xmas present that I purchased for Paul which was very naughty of me but hay, I saved £22.00. Yes £22.00. I got him a couple of things from Debenhams prior to knowing about the sale so I took them back and ordered them again making the saving.
Paul took me to the Christmas Fayre at the roundhouse on Saturday and it was lovely to have a wander round and see all the beautiful things that everyone had made, very inspiring. Sunday was spent at home with mum in law and doing some baking. Yes I baked lol.
I have found this wonderful blog and I am spending hours reading it, its all receipes and cakes and biscuits etc. etc. This got me into thinking that making a cake would be chilling so that is what I did. I made a lemon drizzle cake which Paul and MiL said was lovely.
It was really moist inside but its definately a tea soaker, so of course I had to mash for them both too.

Here is another of Lynns (I thought it was Sues) amazing cards
If you would like to know how to make this and all about the products used, please send me an email and I shall explain all.

Thanks for having a read today and hope your Monday is a lovely one oh, and by the way, I am still a non smoker and so proud of myself. Thanks to everyone who is encouraging me on this "lifestyle change".

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Sue said...

Hi Tracey glad you had a great weekend the cake looks amazing please send me a link to the blog and another oops the card is Lynn's again but still a great card har har Luv Sue x