Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Feeling and Christmas Card No. 7

Friday already, it really shouldnt be but it is. My days are just wizzing by and I must admit, that I am still not doing a lot but only because I cant. I have cleaned another cupboard or two and happy to say that I havent thrown anything out cause nothing was out of date, this time. Have you ever discovered food so out of date that you cant believe that you still have it in your cupboard?

I finally at last found 2 lovely tableclothes for my kitchen table. I was so happy, did you note the was? mmmm they are too small, drat. It is my own fault as I should have measured the table before I purchased them so, the hunt is still on.

*waving to Paul* He is still away but due home today YEAH. Then he will come home with all his washing, yaks. Its not the washing I mind because to be honest, I only have to put it in the machine and switch it on, it is the ironing that I really dont like. Why cant men just wear black bin liners with a belt? Life would be so much easier, its all those shirts and shirts and even more shirts.

Well I havent been on here for a few days as the hours have wizzed by but, I did promise you some photos and here they are, some wonderful cards that I have received from Alyson, Paula, Diane and Trace.

Paula came to visit with these wonderful roses, I have never seen colours like it

Here is a close up of one of the bigger flowers, isnt it lovely. I am watering it regularly as I want them to last and last and last.

And how about this beauty.
It is my 5 year old orchid. I dont know if you remember but after it flowered for the first time I was going to get rid as I thought they flowered and died. Lesley told me how to look after it during the time it just stayed dormant and each year it comes back, thanks to Lesley. Well this year it has the biggest flowers ever, even if it has flowered a few months earlier than normal, I wonder if its due to the warm sunny weather?

And just for a change, a Christmas card of mine.
Pam was making some Christmas cards using this stamp and I just had to stamp out a few images, isnt it cute. Thanks Pam
Here is a close up. I coloured it in using copics, cut it out and layered it on top of the original image. Hope you can see all the glitter.

Thanks for having a read of this long post. Hope you have a lovely start to your weekend.


Sue said...

Hi Tracey lovely pictures of your flowers what a shame re the table cloths and your Christmas card is great good news Paul is home bad news the washing and irioning but have a good one anyway Luv Sue x

Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey, sorry I did not know you haven't been well but hopefully you are on the mend now! Beautiful cards and flowers and I love your Christmas card :o)
Jackie xx