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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Butterfly Basic Birthday cards

Good morning.  Mr. Weatherman says 11 degrees, rather cloudy and a lot of rain!  I do hope I can get to have a look at the fairy garden and get it sorted today, I feel so ashamed of how I have just left it!!  Fingers are a little easier so I will try my best to get it looking better.

Yesterday was a bit and bobbing kind of day, Paul spent most of it doing the final course of his wall, which is nearly there.  Next he has to put a false ceiling in.  Wont be long now but I do believe he will be going away again rather soon.

I have a bit of sorting to do in the craft room and a few cards to finish off, if I can, all depends on how the fingers work but if you are in the area, please feel free to pop in for a cuppa and a natter.  Even more things on the for sale dresser too.

Here are some clean and simple cards that I made using the Butterfly Basic stamp. 

I liked the thank you cards that I made for this month so much that I made some extra birthday cards for my box.

There is a little order going into Stamping Up later today.  If you would like to add anything to this order please do get in touch.

Thank you for having a read and I hope you smashing Sunday, what ever you are up to.  Tracey x

Friday, February 24, 2017

Nailed It

Good morning and what a difference a day makes.

The sun is out, the sky is bluey gray and there is no wind.  Also, no pain in knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders nor ankles, wow.  Does this mean it is the end of the flare up or is the medication kicking in?  The hands/finger joints are still red, swollen and sore but nothing like the last few days.  whoop whoop.

Despite the wind and rain yesterday, these little flowers have made an appearance today.

And just look at this amarylis. 

It is nearly 3 years old and this is the first flower head.  I cant wait for it to open.

Here are a few cards that have been made by friends over the last couple of weeks using the 'Nailed it" stamp set which is a great set.

I will share a few more of these next week, lots of lovely ideas.

Now it is time to get ready for the Dracula visit.  I am still having blood tests every two weeks and I have found that the DRI is the best place to go at around 10am. 

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day x

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hang on to your hats

Good morning and it is a very windy one here in Derby today.  Airports have cancelled flights, trains may stop running, the oldest market in Derby is closed as there are high, old windows in the building, parks have closed in case trees are uprooted, vans and highsided vehicles are not allowed on local motorways and the list goes on.  Storm Dorris is currently visiting us, giving her worst weather in the next 2 hours.  I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the fence panels stay put.

Yesterday was a bit of a catch up, a potter and a sort out kind of day.  My usual day for now I think.

RA wise, the sickly feeling was there all day but it went overnight.  Fingers are not the best, like fat little sausages that are all red, speaking of sausages, I must take some out of the freezer.  Paul would like toad in the hole for tea tonight.  The pains in my elbows and shoulders has gone and the problems with knees and ankles is a lot easier so that is all good news.

Here are some cute little curvy keepsake dogs that were made with friends the other night.  Thank you for all your help ladies, it really was appreciated.

If you havent already got your curvy keepsake die I would be very happy to get one for you.  It would also be a pleasure to share some of the patterns for the animals that have been made so far.

Tomorrow, Friday night is birthday card night. If you would like to join in with making some cards please feel free to come along armed with the card, stamps and colours.  The theme for tomorrow is mens cards.  We kick off around 6.30pm for a few hours.  If you would like more information or venue directions, please let me know.

I guess it is time to potter, catch up and do what I can.   Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful day, whatever you are up to.  Tracey x

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Midweek Musing on Wednesday

Good morning.  It is going to be a blustery day today with some rain.  Please keep your fingers crossed that my fence panels stay put.  I have enough to be getting on with without having to run down the road chasing fence panels....dont even picture it.

Yesterday wasnt a brilliant day health wise due to the injection but I carried on and felt much better for having done that.  Last night was a lovely evening with crafty friends and we put the world to rights, made a few little bits and ate cake.  Thank you so much ladies and I hope you enjoyed the night as much as I did.

Today I shall potter as much as possible.  I took my folic acid tablet just before I went to bed last night so I think I slept off most of the yakky side effects.  Today I just feel out of sorts.  Of course my fingers still dont work properly, knees are a little painful and I dont think I can drive but I can cope with all of that.

It is getting to that time of the year again where Baby Cards will soon be needed.  

I have made a few of these, which are in the box and all ready to go.

There is a crafting get together on Friday night.  It is bringingbackbirthdays night where you gather up everything you need to make a few birthday cards, sit down with other like minded crafters to make them.  This weeks theme is masculine birthday cards.  If this is something you fancy joining in with, it takes place in Derby, starts around 6.30pm and you are more than welcome.  Just let me know you hope to come along and if you need venue details, I can pass those on to you.

It has already gone 9am and I am still sat in pj's oops.  Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day.  Tracey x

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

More Sale a Bration items to choose from

Good morning.  I wasnt expecting the rain yesterday tut tut.  Although the temperature was over 15 degrees in the afternoon, that wind didnt make it feel that warm so I didnt get out in the garden.  Not sure about the weather today, so it will be a surprise.

Lovely to see so many friends yesterday and to catch up on everyones news.  Lots of exciting things are happening for some folks which is always good to hear. We all like happy news dont we?

This morning I am shifting stuff around in the craft room as I am expecting a few crafty friends tonight.

Here is a card that I really cant remember if I have shared it with you.  Note the Happy Birthday sentiment.  It has been made using the wonderful stitched framelit dies which are very versatile.

Stampin' Up! news.....MORE SALE A BRATION ITEMS  Yes, SU have brought out an additional 3 items that you can get for FREE when you spend £45 on products.

Some lovely looking bits.  If you would like more information about these SAB items, please let me know.

Thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a lovely day, whatever you are up to x

Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Morning Hello

Good morning and here we are again, another start to another week.  Let's see what this week brings us.  Up a little later than usual and cant believe the temperature.  I thought the thermometer said 2.3 degrees when I got up but Paul said I needed my glasses as in reality, it was 12.3.

I hope you had a lovely weekend, I did.  Friday afternoon Pippa went home.  She was so well behaved and such a wonderful house guest, she can come and stay anytime.

Paul came home and so that we could catch up, he took me for a ready prepared meal at the top of the street.  It was nice to walk out with him, grab some fresh air and share some lovely conversation.  

Friday night a few crafty friends came over and we had a really lovely evening.  Saturday more crafty friends came for the day and we all helped each other make a frame.  Mine isn't finished yet but I promise to share a photo with you as soon as it is.  It was a lovely day and the fingers were not too bad, not too good either and I did suffer Saturday night.  We also got to see Rob, Nat and the grand girls, all growing up so very quickly.

Sunday was a family day.  I am trying to ensure that we see some members of the family each Sunday.  Paul helped me cook a Sunday lunch for Mum and Dad.  Mum is making a very slow recovery.  It was lovely to see her out and about but she is struggling with walking, forgetfulness and lots of other little things.  We face timed Christiana so that they could have a chat with her which was lovely, we think modern technology is great.

I then spent an hour in the craft room putting bits away and scrubbing the tables, oops.  I had a little play too and managed to get a few inserts in cards that needed to be finished off.  I like finishing off cards.

My box of cards is now 5 boxes of cards so if you need a card or two please do call in, have a cuppa and a gander through the boxes.

This was was started in Peterborough last November when George took me out for the day.

It is wash day today, I shall just do as much as I can. It is also 'THE JAB' day which I shall do straight after lunch.

 Thank you so much for having a read and, if you are in the area today or early evening, (Alvaston, Derby), why not pop in to say hello. x

Friday, February 17, 2017

Pain Free Friday

Good morning and what a difference a day makes, really.  Today I am pain free, for now.  I had my fresh air boost yesterday although walking was a bit of a struggle but I did it.

Mr Weatherman tells me it is going to be 10 degrees with a lot of sunshine this afternoon so I shall try and get some chores done this morning, get the craft room looking all neat and tidy and then I shall try and do a little in the garden and check out the greenhouse.

Another very clean and simple Beautiful You card.

This is still one of the most popular and versatile sets that are out there at the moment from Stampin' Up!, in my opinion.

If you fancy making a couple of cards tonights in Derby, there are still a couple of places.  Just let me know and I shall let you have more details.

The weekly shop has already been purchased and put away, there are two tea loaves in the oven, I made one for mum and one for any visitors today and tonight.  I hope to make another couple of bits throughout the day.  I do hope I remain pain free, it is a wonderful feeling.

Thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a lovely Friday. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Falling Petals meets Beautiful You

Good morning and Mr. Weatherman has 11 degrees for us today with periods of sun and clounds.  I will try and get myself to the park for an hour for a walk in the fresh air.

My company isnt much company.  She stays in bed till late, has breakfast and visits outside.  Then she goes back to bed till lunch.  After lunch she has an hour or so outside before her afternoon nap.  When I go in the living room to sit and watch tv, as soon as I pull the blanket on she is on my knee, really is a dogs life.

I managed to put away nearly 30 cards for the box yesterday.  You know adding an insert here, putting a sentiment on there and then dropping the cards into cello bags, very proud of myself.

I dont think I shared this card with you

Beautiful You and a wonderful new embossing folder.  It is supposed to be falling petals but looks like little hearts to me. It is a 6x6 with very vanilla ribbon to finish it off.  I shall be placing an order this evening so if you would like anything, please do let me know.

All being well, it is crafty night tomorrow night and there are a few places available.  If you would like to spend the evening with like minded crafters, please do get in touch and I can give you more details.

It is Random Act of Kindness week or RAK week.  I shall try and remember that when I go out later today.  Thanks for nipping in for a read.  Have a wonderful day x

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

Good morning.  Showers are forecast for later so I am going to have an afternoon and evening in the craft room.

Hands are not too bad today, which is a bonus.  Knees and feet are not the best but I can hobble around.

For Valentines Day this year, I went totally out of my comfort zone, I got messy and inky and loved it.

I know it isn't perfect but I am happy with the result.  The inside says 'And Back'.  I think I will be doing a bit more experimenting in the future.

Pippa and I had a good day yesterday and she was so well behaved last night.  We went to bed around 10pm and she stayed in bed until after 9am today. 

I hope you have a nice Valentine's day and thank you for popping in for a read.  Tracey x

Monday, February 13, 2017

Girly Super Hero

Good morning, Mr. Weatherman says 7 degrees and sunshine.  I am loosing faith in Mr. Weatherman as I am still waiting for all the snow he promised, oh well.

I have company

If you do call in this week, please do let me know first so that I can make sure Pippa is safe and sound.  The back gate is locked.  The side gate has mesh over it and can not be opened so  I do need to open somewhere for you to get in.

Not a lot happening today, reduced the pain killers so I hope I can cope with the day.  It is also injection day, after lunch though.

Here is a girly super hero.

This has been made with the Everyday Hero stamp set which really is a great buy.  Lots of ideas with what to do with these stamps so may have to have a little play later, hands permitting.

I think I have caught up with all the emails but if you are still waiting for a reply from me, do give me a nudge.  Off to start my day with more squash.

Thank you for having a read and wishing you a Magical Monday

Snow on Sunday, or not

Good morning.  It is very wet and windy out there today and cold.  I just took out the rubbish and brrrrr I should have put a coat on.

Mr Weatherman told me last night that this would be our weather today

Not as nice as this picture

Sophia has gone up to the Troodos Mountains and is having a lovely time.

I shall be in the craft room for a couple of hours later, putting things away and doing a few more inserts.  Well what else is there to do on a damp day like today.

I have purchased some new cream, moisturiser from Avon.  I put it on Friday night and all was fine.  I put it on again last night and I have woken up this morning looking a bit like a beetroot.  I am not sure what has happened.  I shall leave it a couple of days to see if it all goes away and then try again....oppps.

It is craft night this Friday evening.  If you would like to make a couple of cards, one a masculine one and the other for a lady, please let me know.  There are a few spaces available.

Here is a card made recently using the Guy Greetings stamp set.

I love the simplicity of it.

Well I had best go and start the veg, with a little help from hubby.  Thanks for having a read and wishing you a smashing snow free Sunday

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Good afternoon. Isnt it cold brrrrr.

Well I havent really been up to updating the blog the last couple of days, had pain in fingers, ran out of time and been visiting mum but today I have picked up so I thought I would say a quick hello.  My e-mails and telephone calls also need to be looked at and replied and I promise tomorrow I will do it.

It looks as though the steroid injection is starting to kick in whoop whoop.  I am still terribly slow in a morning (2 hours to get up, dressed and have breakfast).  But I am feeling brighter for a little longer.

I received this card in the post earlier this week

It is from Helen, my SU leader, isnt it lovely.  I adore the way the word 'celebrate' stands out.

I have been finishing cards off bit by bit the last couple of days, which I shall share on my next post.

Today Lesley, Pam and Nerissa picked me up and took me to the Motorcycle Museum at Birmingham for a wander around a craft show.  It was a lovely time out and I cant express at how happy I am at being out of the 4 walls.  The fresh air, the crafty bits and the company were a real tonic, thank you ladies.

Well it is pjs on early tonight, feet up and a chill in front of the telly with hubby, while he is still here.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely evening.

Tracey x

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesdays Twitter

Good morning and wow, isnt it warmer today.  Mr. weatherman says 9 degrees today with some showers in the morning.   I think I can cope with that. We have got a little tiny white snow drop come up in the middle of the new lawn.  It looks wonderful but I cant bend down enough to photograph it for you.   I do think that Spring is just about here.

Yesterday went in a flash.  Not too many chores got done either as it was a bad day as far as my hands, shoulders, legs and feet went but I managed.  I did have to take more medication last night and I have rang the rhumy people to see if I can have a steroid injection until the methatrexate kicks in (6-8 weeks).  Anything to get by each day....

My mum has turned a corner, phew.  She is still in hospital but she is sounding a lot brighter, not so much gooblydeegok although she is forgetting what she is trying to tell you.  We had a bit of a laugh over the phone last night so I am a lot happier.  They have taken out the drip that gives her the antibiotics and she has tablets instead.  She has been on oxygen so they are going to try and wean her off that over the next couple of days....what a relief.

Here are the February Thank You cards

These have been made using a free Sale a Bration stamp and an older Butterfly Basic flower in Mint Macaroon.  There is something very similar on the internet and I just knew I had to make it as soon as I saw it, as you do.    These are ready just in time as 'the orders' have arrived whoop whoop.

Off to do a little sorting and to see if I can give the bathroom a good scrub (as much as I am able).  Wishing you a Terrific Tuesday and thank you for having a read.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Hero Monday

Good morning and here we are, another new week.  The weather today is going to be 7 degrees with a little rain in the afternoon.  That is after the freezing fog has gone, here it is very bad. 

What a busy weekend we have had.  Saturday lots of lovely ladies came to visit and we had a right laugh in the afternoon.  Saturday night I ate dinner, sat in my comfy chair and fell asleep, oops.

Sunday was a day of ironing and chores, goodness me I am so slow at ironing. I am struggling to hold the iron and move the clothes around the ironing board.  I think the time is coming to get a little help with chores so, if you know of anyone or can recommend someone please, do let me know.

Mum is still in hospital, as well as the urine infection and pnumonia, she has a hole in one of the valves to her heart.  I went to see her yesterday, wearing a mask and for only half an hour and she does look poorly.  I am very worried about her, which is understandable.

Paul has spent most of the weekend in his studio, continuing the building of the wall..  As soon as this room is ready we can commence work on the kitchen, which I am itching to start.  In the meantime, I will continue to declutter the rest of the house.

Here is a card that has been made recently using the Everyday Hero stamp set.

Heros can be girly as well as men so here is a card for both.  The clouds are from a very old die set.  I loved making these and hope you like them.  If you would like to see more samples from the Everyday Hero set please, do let me know.  If you would like to purchase the stamps, an order will be placed on Wednesday this week.

I had best get a wiggle on and start my day.  Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful Monday x

Friday, February 3, 2017

Beautiful You again

Morning and here we are, nearly at the weekend.

Fingers and knees and feet are still not brilliant but I am coping as best that I can.  Off to do my hair in a minute and that always makes me feel a little brighter.  For some reason I have developed a lot of dry skin on my face so Paul, bless him, has only been in the house for 10 minutes and says come on, lets get to boots to get you some cream.  What a minefield that is, so many creams, so many brands, so many choices.  I decided to ask the sales assistant, I usually have No. 7 so off I went to the No. 7 counter.  One girls was helping someone and another, who had their back towards us was busy too.  So after a quick browse I saw someone with long hair, short skirt and the highest of high heels so I went and asked for help.  Well he turned round.  I was taken aback, he had the brightest purple lipstick, wonderful dark eye make up, rather thick foundation and the silkiest softest hair I have ever seen.  I explained my problem and he helped me decide on what to get.  I left feeling rather happy with my choice and I hope I didnt show any reaction to his appearance when I realised she was a he.

I have had a few conversations with Paul about this.  Paul saying how times have changed and how it must be difficult for him.  Me saying thank goodness times have changed and how wonderful it is that he can dress and look like that with confidence...I think we are getting old.

Here is a card that was made some time ago

I still love this set, beautiful you, so many possibilities.

Unfortunately my mum was rushed into hospital again last night.  I went to visit her and ended up calling 999.  She has pneumonia and a urine infection again.  Fingers crossed that they can help her.  As it is pneumonia she has and is in hospital, I cant go to visit but I am calling everyone all the time for updates. 

Well, I had best get on with my day, thanks for having a read.  Tracey x

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday

Morning, again an early one today but it was the pain in my hands that woke me.  I am not sure if I hurt them when I moved them or slept on them but boy it did hurt.  That does mean that the day can only get better.

Another card recently made, I do like the clean and simple cards.

Mr. weatherman says we are to have around 10 degrees today with some rain later.  I do need to get some more fresh air today so hopefully I will be up for another walk again.  I didnt get into the greenhouse yesterday as I hoped, I managed to iron 4 shirts instead.  I have a pile of ironing but if I do a few at a time, the pile will eventually vanish.  The greenhouse can wait another day or two.

Off to start my regime of getting ready for the day, lets hope it doesnt take me 4 hours today.

Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful Wednesday. Tracey x