Saturday, February 11, 2017


Good afternoon. Isnt it cold brrrrr.

Well I havent really been up to updating the blog the last couple of days, had pain in fingers, ran out of time and been visiting mum but today I have picked up so I thought I would say a quick hello.  My e-mails and telephone calls also need to be looked at and replied and I promise tomorrow I will do it.

It looks as though the steroid injection is starting to kick in whoop whoop.  I am still terribly slow in a morning (2 hours to get up, dressed and have breakfast).  But I am feeling brighter for a little longer.

I received this card in the post earlier this week

It is from Helen, my SU leader, isnt it lovely.  I adore the way the word 'celebrate' stands out.

I have been finishing cards off bit by bit the last couple of days, which I shall share on my next post.

Today Lesley, Pam and Nerissa picked me up and took me to the Motorcycle Museum at Birmingham for a wander around a craft show.  It was a lovely time out and I cant express at how happy I am at being out of the 4 walls.  The fresh air, the crafty bits and the company were a real tonic, thank you ladies.

Well it is pjs on early tonight, feet up and a chill in front of the telly with hubby, while he is still here.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely evening.

Tracey x

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