Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Morning Hello

Good morning and here we are again, another start to another week.  Let's see what this week brings us.  Up a little later than usual and cant believe the temperature.  I thought the thermometer said 2.3 degrees when I got up but Paul said I needed my glasses as in reality, it was 12.3.

I hope you had a lovely weekend, I did.  Friday afternoon Pippa went home.  She was so well behaved and such a wonderful house guest, she can come and stay anytime.

Paul came home and so that we could catch up, he took me for a ready prepared meal at the top of the street.  It was nice to walk out with him, grab some fresh air and share some lovely conversation.  

Friday night a few crafty friends came over and we had a really lovely evening.  Saturday more crafty friends came for the day and we all helped each other make a frame.  Mine isn't finished yet but I promise to share a photo with you as soon as it is.  It was a lovely day and the fingers were not too bad, not too good either and I did suffer Saturday night.  We also got to see Rob, Nat and the grand girls, all growing up so very quickly.

Sunday was a family day.  I am trying to ensure that we see some members of the family each Sunday.  Paul helped me cook a Sunday lunch for Mum and Dad.  Mum is making a very slow recovery.  It was lovely to see her out and about but she is struggling with walking, forgetfulness and lots of other little things.  We face timed Christiana so that they could have a chat with her which was lovely, we think modern technology is great.

I then spent an hour in the craft room putting bits away and scrubbing the tables, oops.  I had a little play too and managed to get a few inserts in cards that needed to be finished off.  I like finishing off cards.

My box of cards is now 5 boxes of cards so if you need a card or two please do call in, have a cuppa and a gander through the boxes.

This was was started in Peterborough last November when George took me out for the day.

It is wash day today, I shall just do as much as I can. It is also 'THE JAB' day which I shall do straight after lunch.

 Thank you so much for having a read and, if you are in the area today or early evening, (Alvaston, Derby), why not pop in to say hello. x

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