Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday

Morning, again an early one today but it was the pain in my hands that woke me.  I am not sure if I hurt them when I moved them or slept on them but boy it did hurt.  That does mean that the day can only get better.

Another card recently made, I do like the clean and simple cards.

Mr. weatherman says we are to have around 10 degrees today with some rain later.  I do need to get some more fresh air today so hopefully I will be up for another walk again.  I didnt get into the greenhouse yesterday as I hoped, I managed to iron 4 shirts instead.  I have a pile of ironing but if I do a few at a time, the pile will eventually vanish.  The greenhouse can wait another day or two.

Off to start my regime of getting ready for the day, lets hope it doesnt take me 4 hours today.

Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful Wednesday. Tracey x

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