Monday, November 26, 2018


Good afternoon.  It has been a rather hectic couple of weeks.  Christiana is still in the hospital and is on a slow road to recovery from her pneumonia.  At the moment I am at the hospital from around 7pm until 11am daily and then I come home, have a drink and bite to eat and sleep for a few hours.  Up, shower, eat and back to the hospital so not a lot of spare time at all.  We are still taking one day at a time. Her dad is here in Derby and Sophia arrived for a couple of days.

Mum is doing well with her Chemotherapy and is also visiting us at the hospital in a morning.  As Christiana is in a side room visitors can come and go and they please as long as we are all quiet, well yeah, right.  Last night there were 8 of us in her room, a bit of a squeeze.  Mum only has another couple of sessions left but her magnesium levels are being topped up most days.

Here are some special swaps that I received at the last Stampin' Up! On Stage get together

They were all lovely and I am so sorry that I havent yet had time to investigate even further.

Did you know that Stampin' Up! have a sale on, well I am sure you do.   If you nip over to the website you may find one or two things you fancy.  I shall be putting in an order towards the end of the week (may not make it in time for the sale items so would suggest you order these yourself, just to be sure you dont miss a bargain).  If your order can wait, please let me know what you would like and I shall get it arranged.

Thank you for having a read today and I will be back soon.  Tracey x

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Hearts come Home

Good morning and hello weekend.

Another swap that I made (with the help of Sheila and Sallyann) using the wonderful Stamp and co-ordinating dies from Stampin' Up! called Hearts come Home

But this time, instead of popping them on a card or a scrap book page, they were put onto a shadow box with wonderful lights behind.   I just adore these and if you would like to make something similar, please do get in touch and we can arrange a date and time to suite.

Christiana didnt get discharged from the hospital as she was told she would as, in fact, there was no plan for her to come home and someone spoke out of turn grrrrr.  We now have a coming home date of next Tuesday so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this happens as she is struggling so much after being in hospital for so long.  She would love lots of visitors if you are free, she is getting fed up of telling mum the same things day in and day out.  It isnt a physical struggle but a mental one.

Mum is having problems with her magnesium levels due to the chemotherapy and is at hospital having blood tests and then infusions of magnesium.  She is struggling with this but soldiering on, as you have to.

Me well, what can I say.  I went to the hospital on Thursday to start my new treatment (for the third time) and was turned away (for the third time).  I am now back on an increased dose of steroids and a two week course of very strong antibiotics as this leg wound is just not healing. 

However my new car is in England and in just 9 days I am picking it last.  I was told everything comes to those who wait.

I am up early so I can get some bits and pieces finished in the craft room as next week is CRAFTY WEEK.  Thanks for having a read and I wish you a smashing Saturday.  Tracey x

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday

Good morning and I am up early today but not silly o clock. 

Yesterday I shared the swaps that I made to take to Stampin' Up! On Stage at Birmingham last weekend but just look at the general swaps that I received.

We have a swap box here in The Craft Room and I shall be adding these swaps to that box as I think its wonderful for us all to share our ideas.  I know that we will dismantle the boxes to see how they were made, start taking measurements and replicate all of these lovely projects.  So every time you come to The Craft Room, dont forget to bring your swap.

It is Christmas Card and Chatter night this Friday.  Kettle should be on from around 6.30pm as I am hoping that Christiana will be home.  This will be the last Christmas Card night for 2018 but we shall start again in January 2019. 

Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.  Tracey x

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Going crakers on Tuesday

Good morning.  Lots of catching up to do and I am sure I will get there in the end.  All emails, personal messages and texts will get answered later this afternoon.  I am so sorry but time has just run away with me and I have been so overwhelmed with so many wishes. 

Friday was spent in Birmingham with Elvie and Wendy and we had a treat of lunch in John Lewis, oh how I do like that shop.  I managed to get some treats (hotel Chocolate ones) for the girls before going off to the Stampin' Up! Center Stage meal.  This is a special treat for all demonstrators who are Silver Elite or above and boy what a treat.  The meal itself was scrumptious but we got a stamp set and bone folder, lots of pretties on the table and to top it off, I discovered that I am in the top 50 UK Demonstrators (no. 42) wow, how did that happen.  So a big THANK YOU  to everyone who has been supporting me for the last 10 years.

Saturday was the main event On Stage and lots of lots of demonstrators were there for the day.  We received so many gifts, swaps, hugs and kisses as well as some sneek peeks at what is to come in Stampin' Up! world.  It is so wonderful to catch up with friends that I have met over the years and be a part of this Stampin' Up! family. 

I had been very busy over the last few weeks (with the help of others) making my swaps for the event and here they are, pretty crackers

I had lots of fun making them and they are ideal for table favours for Christmas or little treat boxes.  I am sure this is not the last that you will be seeing of them.

I also received lots of swaps and I shall be sharing these with you over the next few days. 

If you would like to find out how you can come to come to the next On Stage or how to join my team I would love to tell you all about it over a cuppa and a crafty chat.  Just get in touch so that we can arrange to meet up. 

Just to let you know that Christiana is doing okay.  She had her op on Tuesday which was a success but she was very poorly (from the op) on Tuesday and Wednesday and I was with her all day.  Thursday she improved in the evening which meant that Friday I could go to Birmingham to the Stampin' Up! On Stage event.  Obviously her dad, Kiriaki and Paul visited lots over the weekend so she was in safe hands.  I got home 7.30 Saturday evening and went straight to the hospital for a couple of hours.  As you can imagine, I dropped into bed around 11pm but at 5am we had to rush back to the hospital.  Christiana took a bit of turn and was quite poorly but by 9am she was fine again.  So it was off home and to start cleaning.  Paul had a few nanny naps.......mmmmm maybe grandad dozes and we managed throughout the day but an early night was had.  Yesterday she was fine and the good news is, they are about to discharge her!!!!!! 

Well I am off into the craft room now for a few hours.  If you are free and fancy a cuppa, a crafty chat, feel like doing a bit of die cutting or helping me clean up in there please please feel free to pop in. 

Thanks for having a read and have a terrific Tuesday

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Feathers and Frost on a Tuesday

Good morning and what a good morning weatherwise it is.  We have 11 degrees in Derby at the moment and it isnt 6am yet.  The weatherman says we shall have a high of 15 degrees which is wonderful, I may have to get some washing washed.

I am still unpacking from my weekend away, it does take me some time but obviously going to the hospital twice a day takes a very large chunk of my day and I think that is why I get up at 5am, to try and keep on top of things.  Anyway, Christiana had quite a good day yesterday.   Today she is having an operation to put a tummy feed in.  This is to help her gain some strength and weight so that she may be able to fight off any bugs, germs and infections that come her way.  The Scleroderma has spread to her bowels, gullet and esophogus so eating is rather difficult for her but she is eating as much as she can and to be honest, she has started to eat more the last few days than she has in many months.  

I wanted to show this card that Trisha has made with the Feathers and Frost Stamp Set, isnt it wonderful.

I just love the way it has all gone together and thank you so much for sharing it. I do hope you dont mind me popping it on the blog *waving* .

Off to get hubby out the door to work so that I may continue with my 101 little jobs before going to the hospital.  Thank you for having a read and wishing you a lovely Tuesday.  Tracey x

Monday, November 5, 2018

Dashing Along on a Monday Morning

Good morning *waving* I hope you had a good weekend.  We have 7 degrees in Derby at the minute (now that Paul has put new batteries in the weather station I know exactly what is going on out there).  In fact Paul has has a very busy weekend fixing this,  mending that, shopping, ordering and generally catching up bless him. 

My weekend was spent with 12 lovely ladies, 2 very special hosts and 4 crafty tutors.  I went away for the weekend and had a wonderful time.  We made 7 Christmas cards and a wonderful album that Christiana and I will complete.  It has done me the world of good and I feel able to take each day as it comes again.  I shall show you my makes over the next few days.

Christiana is looking wonderful, her cheeks are back, she has colour and she is so chatty.  She has had a good weekend although late last night she had pain in her glands and a sore throat which I hope wont come to anything.  She has put weight on over the last week and is tolerating all the medication and nightly food. This is all great news and I am so proud of her.  I am off to her at lunch today to wash her hair and make her feel a bit more human. 

Here is one lovely little treat that we all had on our desks when we arrived.  Such a lovely and thoughtful idea.

 Some wonderful new 12 x 12 papers are now available from Stampin' Up!

If you dont already have a demonstrator and would like to order these or anything else Stampin' Up! please, do let me know.  If you fancy a crafty chat or would like to collect a catalogue I shall be in the craft room this morning and you are most welcome to call in.

The Craft Room Derby is hosting it's Christmas Fuddle on 7th December.  If you hope to come along could you please let me know please so that we can start getting prepared.  There will be a secret Santa to the value of £5,  a game of crafty bingo and a little make and take.  Of course there will be the photographs with props, lots of laughter and singing of carols.

Thank you for having a read today it really is appreciated.  I must now go and start a few chores although the heating is already on in the craft room.  I am making some bits and pieces for On Stage next weekend.  Have a great day, Tracey x

Friday, November 2, 2018

Fantastic Friday

Good morning.

Just a flying visit to Christiana this morning to have a cuppa with her and then I am out for the day with some crafting friends.

I baked a Halloween Muffin for Christiana and put it in this box, isnt it pretty.

She didnt eat it so I must bake again and hopefully she will be tempted this time.  Of course I shall use the same box.

Stampin' Up! have a wonderful new promotion for Christmas and the rest of the year.

These stamp sets and accessories are only available during the month of November or, whilst stocks last.  If you need more information or fancy a crafty chat about this promotion or anything else Stampin' Up! please, do get in touch.

Thank you for having a read and wishing you a Fantastic Friday.  Tracey x

Thursday, November 1, 2018

White Rabbit White Rabbit

Good morning and a damp one it is too.

Did you get lots of tricks and treeters last night?  We didn't as we were at the hospital until rather late so I took our treats there and Christiana shared them with her roomies and the staff.

We did manage to get the decorations done though, which I must take down this morning.
One of the last Wishing you Well cards from me for now as there are other things for me to play with as soon as I get the time.

This is a Christmas card and so lovely to make.  It was very easy and although I still want to do more with this stamp set, I will come back to it.  If you havent already ordered your stamps I would be very happy to get them for you.

Christiana is still stable which is great news and I am off to see her again later this morning as well as tonight.  She will be having the feeding tube removed at the beginning of next week but it will be replaced with a stomach feeding tube instead as she is just unable to keep all the good bits from her food herself.  She is also getting more hungry each day so fingers crossed, a little more weight may have been gained but we wont know until the weekend.

Well, I had best get those Halloween things put away otherwise they will be staying out for the year.  Thanks for having a read and if you need any help with anything crafty please, do get in touch.  Tracey x

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