Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Healing Hugs

Good morning, can you believe that the milkman woke me up at 5.15am and I dont have a milkman.  I heard a voice outside my bedroom window followed by a crash.  I believe the milkman was on his phone walking up my path to the front door.  He must have dropped something and then I heard his electric car/van go down the street.  I havent yet ventured out to see what fell or where it fell, I shall wait for daylight.  Never mind I am now sat with a cuppa in front of the computer.

Some great news.....mum is home.  Father in law in Cyprus has returned home.  Fingers crossed that they both get back to normal health as soon as possible.

I was sat in living room (very rare for me) with feet up and a cuppa watching Bake Off.  Did anyone else see it?  oh I do love that programme.

Here is a get well card that I made for mum.  I used the new Healing Hugs stamp set.  They are advertised as photorealistic stamps and goodness me, I can see why.  The leaves are just one stamp but the rubber has so much detail in it that you can see all the veins of the leaves and the two leaves are even different colours, even though it is just one stamp.  The detail on the flower is amazing also.
I must admit that the ribbon I used is a retired one but it went so well with the card. I think I will be showing you more cards made with this stamp set next week.

The inside of the card just had to have the the same flower and leaves.  I cut a piece of card at 5 1/2"  x 5  1/2" and stuck the leaves and flower overhanging the corner.  Once the glue was dry I just chopped the corner off making the insert 5" x 5"

I was inspired by a card made by Tenele who is a wonderful creator of pretty things but changed mine around.  I loved all the different stamps used on this card and I had forgotten how nice it was to add all that depth.  Usually when I do this it looks a mess and ends up in the bin but I am extremely pleased with this one.

I shall make the most of my early start and try and do a few chores.  Can you believe that I am still catching up from my holiday, I just dont have the energy to do so much each day but there is no rush.  Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a lovely Wednesday. Tracey x

P.S.  The Autumn/Winter Catalogues are due today.  If you would like one, please get in touch and I shall arrange to get one to you as quick as I can.

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Monday, August 27, 2018

More Happy Post

Good morning and I hope you had a nice weekend.  Mine was a quiet one but that really is just what was needed.

I received some more Happy Post

I think that this is so pretty, thank you Helen.  As I already have these very pretty sheets and cards it has inspired me to get into the craft room and make a few ready for the end of the month, which isnt too far away.

Have you seen all the details of the limited time Colour Your Season Collection

This is a great way to get those co ordinating stamps and dies and dont forget, when you spend £45 during the month of August you will get a £4.50 voucher to spend in September.  Do let me know if you like some more information.

This week is Crafty Week which means that we shall have a get together on Thursday evening and Saturday morning. 

 There are a couple of places available on Saturday.  Kettle is on from 10am and we start crafting at 10.30 for a couple of hours.  Do let me know if you would like to come along.

Mum is improving each day and there is talk of her coming home tomorrow, goodness me.  Christiana is in a pickle as her carer walked out.  She said she wanted to cook Indian food and we explained at the interview that she cant cook food with spices as Christiana coughs with strong smells.....yikes.  Fortunately she is interviewing another lady as I type this.  The twins have been with her over the weekend.  Then my father in law in Cyprus was rushed into hospital Saturday night.  I think there is a saying "when it rains it pours".  Dare I tell you that my computer is not behaving.  It keeps telling me I cant open certain programmes as it is no longer compatible.  This means that we may have to invest in a new one, I think I had best start looking for a job oops.

I am still smiling despite it all and I hope to be in the craft room this evening for a couple of hours, lots to play with.  My mojo has re-appeared which is great news.

Thank you for getting to the bottom of this post.  Wishing you a wonderful Bank Holiday Monday.  Tracey x

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Notes of Kindness

Good morning.  I was in bed just after 9pm last night (2 hours ahead still) but up at 1.30 and 4.30  (shoulders really hurting and I must have tried to turn over).  I guess I fell into a deep sleep because at 6am I woke up with a start, road cleaners.  Yes road cleaners/sweeper car outside out bedroom window.....sigh.  I will be having a nanny nap from 1pm today *giggling*

Here are some wonderful little thank you cards that I have put together
As you can imagine, being away for so long I have lost my mojo.  Stampin' Up! kits really come into their own at a time like this as all the planning has been done for you yet you can still create something very pretty.  You get all this in the kit.

Mums op was a success but she is very confused, no hand co-ordination and not quite understanding but she was sat in a chair (lots of pipes, wires, and oxygen).  She ate her tea and had drinks whilst I was with her.  As soon as we left her I burst into tears, perhaps relief after all the worry.  She has to do lots of breathing excercises and the nurses say she is doing well.

Christiana is also doing well and I am really proud of her sisters and all her friends for keeping her busy, helping with food and of course just being there.

That is my news so what is your?  If you are around I shall be in the craft room today. It needs a good tidy up, a sorting out and lots of orders to get delivered so if you can make it today that would be wonderful.  I will try and make us a cuppa but it all depends on how my shoulders are.

Thanks for having a read.  Tracey x

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Terrific Tuesday

Good morning and I am still on Cyprus time which is 2 hours ahead.  This does mean that I am up around 4.30 each morning but by 9pm I am fast asleep.  It certainly is quiet in the mornings, that is for sure.

So yesterday I had the jab.  Ohh it does usually hurt but not yesterday.  I can now keep my fingers crossed that within a few days I can start to move around a bit better, get myself dressed and go and play in the craft room.  Of course I cant drive at the moment either, drat.

Mum had her op, it took more that 6 hours but they did manage to do it keyhole.  Dad stayed at the hospital all day and was able to see her for a short time last night. She was chatting to him and drinking water.  It seems she has tubes going in and out of her body as well as monitors bleeping away and a nebuliser mask on.  We know she still has a long way to go to recover.  I shall be there later this afternoon as Paul is going to take me.

During the flight home I read a really good book so I thought I would recommend it to you.
As I have read this, if you would like to read it and pass it on please let me know and I will give it to you next time I see you.  If you have a good book, what I call a happy book, easy reading then please, do let me have a borrow.

Here is a card we made a few weeks ago.
We punched out holes, added different coloured card behind the holes.  Stamped and coloured the images from "A Good Day" stamp set which you can still purchase from the shop if you wish.  There are lots of images that can be used for all occasions.

My fitbit is back on my wrist.  Lets see if I can get those number of steps increased bit by bit each day.  I am still sitting a bit, then moving as it hurts, standing a bit then having to sit.  But I shall just take one day at a time, as you do.

Well than you for popping in.  I wish you a terrific Tuesday and hope to see those that live local, very soon.  Tracey x

Monday, August 20, 2018

Happy Post

Good morning and thanks for popping in for a read today.

Yesterday I managed to catch up with quite a few things but not everything.  I didnt get emails read, sorry.  I realise that I have missed birthdays, evenings out, afternoon garden parties plus more.  Lots of cards and present buying will happen later this week, tut tut.  Then hopefully lots of get togethers at the end of the week and next week.

Here is a card that was waiting for me upon my return, happy post I am calling it.

We all need something to cheer us up and this did the trick, thank you Helen.  It is from a friend in our Stampin' Up! family. Helen runs a scheme for some of her members and I was lucky enough to earn a voucher and this is the card that came with it.  Some of the products used are listed below but the Stamperatus helped make this card.

We are off to the Derby hospital first thing this morning for my jab and hopefully that will kick in within a few days.  I am not much use to anyone at the moment, I cant even make a cuppa, get dressed on my own or walk many steps.  Then we shall go to Nottingham where my mum is having her op, to be there for Dad as I believe that he needs us at this time.  We have already been told we cant see mum today but as long as all goes well, I dont mind waiting until tomorrow. She had bowel cancer last year and was lucky enough to have it diagnosed very early.  Within 7 weeks she had had an operation and made a slow recovery.  She now has lung cancer.  Again it has been found early and today they are going to remove half of her lungs.  Hopefully this is going to be done with keyhole surgery, which is the plan and we are told that within 3 - 5 days she could be home.  Once the operation starts and if they find they cant do it this way and have to do it in the more traditional fashion, she will be in hospital for around 5 weeks.  Obviously, I dont care how long she is in hospital for, as long as she comes home.

Christiana had another day with a houseful of visitors which is positive.  Katerina cooked salmon and mash for her which I am very impressed by as she says she cant cook.  The friends are all helping with the jigsaw and she sounded very happy last night.  Obviously today is a work day but I believe that a trip to see the youngest members of the family is planned for this afternoon.

Fingers crossed, I will get in the craft room tonight just to put a few things away and get all the packaging done for those folk that are waiting to play with goodies.

Have a wonderful Monday.  Tracey x

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Catching Up

Good morning and phew, I am home.  After I have been away for nearly 7 weeks we landed last night with a bump.  Yes the plane bumped down the runway and goodness what a walk around the arirport to get through to passport control too.  But we arrived safe and sound.  Obviously it is very sad to the leave the girls again, it breaks my heart each time I say goodbye.  They will take good care of Christiana for a few weeks until she comes home too.  So I have plenty of news about my time in Cyprus but that can all wait for another day.

My cases are still in the hall so today I must get those sorted out.  Tomorrow I am off for a jab at the hospital.  My Rheumatoid Arthritis is back with a vengeance.  I have struggled the last few weeks to be honest and I even tried to get "the jab" in Cyprus 2 weeks ago but the "we will ring you tomorrow to arrange it" never happened sigh......not a problem as Paul is here for a couple of days to help me.

I have so much Stampin' Up! things to look at, go through, sort out that I am excited about that. Hopefully I can catch up this afternoon and of course, check out the craft room.  I shall go through emails and messages later today too.  Lots of things came through to Cyprus but not everything.

I am really pleased to say that I managed to get booked onto the S.U. Onstage event in November.  I had to take my ipad to breakfast on the morning to book it as we were staying at the hotel at this time. The internet connection was great but the folk around me did look at me rather strangely. I didnt care and nor did Paul
Here is a card that was made some time ago that I didnt get to share with you.  
It has been made using the animal outing stamp set and Stampin' Up markers.  I would be very happy to show you how to make this, just let me know when you are free and we can arrange a get together.

Dont forget that BONUS DAYS are still here for the next few days.  For every £45 you spend in August you get a discount of £4.50 off your products in September.  If you get in touch I will be very happy to explain in more detail.

Well that is it from me today. Thank you for visiting and having a read.  I hope you have a lovely Sunday.  Tracey x

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Good Morning

 Good morning,  hoping you are managing to stay cool. We are cool (we as in Paul and I).  Paul returned to Cyprus, we checked into a hotel and although I dont know what relax is, it is nice not to think about cooking, shopping and cleaning for a while.   I am also connected to the internet which means I can see what is happening outside Livadhia.
The weather is extremely hot but we are managing to stay cool.
Because of my leg wound I cant go in the pool or the sea but I can paddle. Which I hope to do later today.
If any of my local friends would like any tomatoes or cucumbers please do nip to the greenhouse and help yourself. Have a quick look round the place for me at the same time, please.
Here are some little boxes I made that were used as favours at a Christening recently.

Thanks for having a read and wishing you a lovely day x