Sunday, February 22, 2015

All change

Good morning on this very cold Sunday and thanks for having a read of the blog.

 Well time ran away with me towards the end of last week having Katerina with me and I didnt get time to blog.  I didnt do any crafting just some reading, correcting, putting the world to rights oh and a little shopping, cooking and cleaning, usual stuff.

I also managed to get a lot of boxes emptied, oh yes, 8 of them to be precise.  I put things away, took things to the charity shop, a tip run and now I am selling bits and pieces on various internet sites phew. 

We also managed to get a lot further with the spare bedroom, which Katerina has called the "extra room".  Christiana has called this the 'Everything Room' and I love this name so, this is what it will now be known as.  It really does have everything in it from storage, to study, spare bed, coats etc. etc.  Here are a few photos of before, during and after.

 I have to continue painting the room cream and change the curtains but I am so pleased with it.  

I had a few birthdays last week and here is one of the cards that I sent.

It is using a retired Stampin' Up! stamp and I loved making these, speaking of which, today I am in the craft room.  I shall spend the majority of the day in there doing some cleaning, some setting up for crafty week and sorting more bits and pieces out.  I have quite a few retired stamp sets to sell and I have been in a quandary about selling them but I made the decision and looking for new homes they will be.

If you would like anything from Stampin' Up! I have a little order going in on Tuesday, just let me know and if you would like to do some crafting using Stampin' Up! products, please get in touch as it is crafty week next week.

Wishing you a lovely day and if you fancy a cuppa, want to look through the brochures or just feel like a natter, you know where I will be today.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Midweek Musing

Continuing on with the walls in my crafty space, my first dresser is the next item along the wall where you walk in.  It has lots of bits and pieces for sale that not only I am selling, but others are selling too.  Boxes, plasters, books, ribbons, little magnets, cake testers etc. etc.  Always something new on there so please, do call in and have a look around. Do you make items, would you like to sell your items on the dressers? If you would, just let me know.

 Next to the dresser I have all my MDF bits in the tubs on the bottom shelves, stickles, glitters, ribbons and lots of other knick knacks that I use all the time on this unit and that, is the end of wall one.
 The corner shelves have my non SU cards, buttons and bows, 6 x 6 papers, 8 x 8 papers and brads.
 On the the first shelf on the back wall there is all my painting bits and bobs, copics, SU writters as well as halloween, easter and chrsitmas bits.
 This is then followed by my sewing pieces and recipe books.  As well as the start of my cards for sale and gift tags. 
I will continue with the back wall tomorrow and, its a great excuse to get things cleaned up, dusted and sorted out.

Here is a card that I have started playing with, this is from World of Dreams stamp set.  I have done this in browns and creams. No sentiment as yet as not sure what occasion I shall use it for.

Yesterday Katerina and I did Dunelm for an hour, mmmm, got curtains and quilt cover for new girls room/study.  Curtains have to go back today, too long.  The short ones are too short, the medium ones are too long so I am going to get floor length and paul is going to change the pole for me.  I currently have a curtain pole but want a track, why is nothing straight forward, so a track I shall have at the weekend.

Its the weekly deals out today, if you would like anything please do get in touch.

Now I must get a wiggle on as I need to try and coax Katerina out of bed, not an easy job before mid day.  Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine, while it is here. x

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday's Twitter

Good morning and thanks for nipping in for a read today.

Before I forget, if you want to do any crafting with me next week, do get in touch.  If you are not at work  on Wednesday afternoon for a couple of hours there is no football traffic to get stuck in, how about a lovely relaxing time crafting with like minded people, with everything cut out for you, all prepared into 3 kits, homemade cakes, lots of tea / coffee and a raffle as well.  If you are busy Wednesday afternoon, there are a couple of spaces left on Tuesday night and Friday night.

Here are a couple of cards that I was commissioned to make

If you need a card or two or even three I have lots and lots all made and ready to go, call in for a cuppa and a browse.

I  have Katerina with me today WHOP WHOP and she is here till Friday.  She eventually arrived at half past 4 last night, bless her and we ate a lovely tea.  She then relaxed in front of telly watching footie while I watched TV in the bedroom, kids.  I love having her around as she really lifts my spirits and we put the world to rights.....constantly. Mind you, I dont expect her to get up till afternoon but I dont mind, its just lovely her being here in the new bedroom.  I must take photos for you.

I have been asked, quite a few times, to share my crafty space on my blog so bit by bit, I will do that this week. When you walk in this is the first unit on the left that has my SU paperwork, next crafty weeks bits and pieces and unfinished cards.  There are little nick nacks on the top and my ever ready gift bags with the bow.  How did I survive without that little bow punch?  Not got yours yet, come round and have a play with mine to see what all the fuss is about.

 Then there are the two baskets with my wrapping papers, my decopatch papers and the brown paper.  I try and wrap everything in brown paper (which I iron first).  If you need some brown paper let me know a couple of weeks in advance and I will save you some from the parcels I receive but i wont be ironing it for you....
 Then there is my cutting and embossing area.  Three drawers from Ikea full of bits and pieces but on the top of the drawers lives my big shot with all my dies, embossing folders, stencils etc. I dont use these enough and must grab more time to play.
 My ladder unit is next with lots of useful bits and pieces that I am forever going to.
I will take a few more photos for you today for a tour around a bit more of this wall and share it with you tomorrow.

Right I had best get a wiggle on, washing to do this morning, Katerina brought it with her.  Have a lovely day and dont forget, do get in touch if I can help you with anything, 01332 721877 or send me an email, 

Have a lovely Tuesday x

Monday, February 16, 2015

Soft hands

Hello and thanks for popping in.

Here is the winter card from the Sheltering Tree stamp set

 Loved making this and there will be a few more made for Christmas.  I just adore it and it is so quick and simple.  If you would like to make some of these with me, give me a call and come over to the crafty space next week.

During Christmas card and chatter night last Friday, I began to make these.

I shall finish them all off, get the matts and envelopes ready and put them to one side until the end of November, that will be a few more added to my stash

Last Thursday Sophia got the news that she had failed one of her exams.  She called me in tears, it was worse as the call was on facetime and I could see how heartbroken she was.  I cant tell you how much she has studied, read her books, gone to lectures etc. etc. she had tried so hard but, this was the only lesson she had a fear of failing.  Once she had calmed down we spoke and she said she was sure that the mark she got was incorrect as she had double checked all her answers when she got home and believed that she should have had 75% rather than 30%.  The failure could me that she had to spend another year at uni to do it all again, another €1,000 as well as possibly have to give back the €3,000 grant she had been given to study in Athens.  I suggested that she went to see the professor today, after the weekend and after she had calmed down.  Well she went to day and asked the professor if she could see her exam paper as she wasnt too happy with the result and could the professor show her where she went wrong.  The professor was happy to do this, got the papers out only to discover that the marks on one side of the papers had not been added to the total score. SOPHIA HAD PASSED but the professor had made a mistake.... what is it all coming to?

Anyway, I have been and had a wonderful treatment on my hands and nails this morning, talk about pamper time, it was wonderful,  They are so soft and my nails so shiny.  Thank you EliteSpa Derby.

Well I had best get a wiggle on, Katerina is coming today and that will cheer me up no end. 

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day x

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Catch Up

I have had a busy few days getting sorted at home and with having Pippa here too, its been a bit hectic, so what I have we been up to.

Lots of baby cards got made and sent, here is one that I didnt show you as mum forgot to ask for a card for the new Grandma and Grandad, ooops

 Lots of laughs with Pippa have been had, here she is after a visit to the craft room

 I didnt know Paul had put her breakfast out and here is me, emptying the dishwasher.  Pippa's bowl of breakfast was under the diswasher door, oops

 We just caught her coming into the house after she had been digging, in the rain, oops
 And here she is with her lead on and her bed, all ready for her trip home, oh I do miss her, but that feeling with soon pass.

I have been doing a little baking too as we had Chrsitmas Card and Chatter night last Friday.  It does the soul a world of good sitting there colouring in Christmas images and chatting away.  A lovely evening as usual ladies, thank you.

 Not so many cards put together but quite a few sold in the last couple of days, its always nice knowing people like my cards.

Right, I had best get on with the Sunday lunch, roast beef and then, we have visitors this afternoon and evening.  Paul is staying in his garage putting the new ceiling in and I shall just 'get on with it'

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely Sunday

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Midweek Musing

Today I have an extra busy one and looking forward to it.  We had new wardrobes fitted the last couple of days so I have to hoover, dust and wipe down.  Pauls has started to put the carpet back in the room and he will finish it tonight.  New carpets and curtains to be purchased later next week for both our bedroom and the girls room.

My neighbour had a fire on Monday night and all day Tuesday, just look at the mess of my car.

The sills of the crafty space are filthy as is everything else out the back of the house, tut tut

Its the new weekly deals and if you have been pondering after the magnetic platform, its on offer this week.  And what about the mustache die???? A good few bargains this week again.  My next order will go in late on Friday night so if there is something you would like, just let me know.

A few cards for the new babies, all added to my basket to sell.

Right, off to get a move on as I also want to make a start on a few mens cards today too.....I just need an extra couple of hours.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesdays Twitter

Tuesday has more or less twittered without me.  Where did the day go?  Well I have had company with the wardrobe people all day and they are still here.  We have Pippa who is in and out all the time but she is a bundle of fluff and has just decided to have a nap, oh I wish I could too.  Sis came to visit but I was out, had to visit the docs.  So sis had a cuppa with mum, who was house sitting, dog sitting and wardrobe men sitting for me this morning and then all of a sudden its lunch time.

After a mad dash around Sainsburys I came home and made wraps, to eat that is.  Oh how I love the warbaton wraps full of salad and either tuna or ham.  I sit for half an hour with my knife and fork, a diddy can of coke and have a proper lunch break, well I think you should.  Then it was 5 inserts for cards, in between feeding Pippa, letting her out, letting her in and upteen cups of coffee for wardrobe men, phew, what a day.

Another couple of cards added to the box.  I may need to get more shelves soon to put all these cards on.

Right, off to clean down the new wardrobes, have a lovely evening and thanks for having a read.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Housefull on a Monday morning

Another start to another week and this week its a bit different.

To start with we have Pippa staying

She is usually so good but so far, 4.30 this morning she jumped on the bed to say goodmorning.  We were all up at 6am and Pips, well she is fast asleep in her bed.

The wardrobe men are here putting wardrobes in the girls room/study. That means that hopefully tomorrow, I can start to empty boxes, phew.

An electrician will be here shortly to look at some work we need doing too.

I have to nip to the post office this morning as there are a few birthdays this week.  Here are a few of the cards that I shall be sending out, the others I will have to wait until the day as I know that a few people read my blog.

All my daughters seem to be okay at the moment, Sophia is in the middle of exams, so reading lots in Athens.  Katerina is in the middle of her big disatation, so lots of meetings and presentations about that.  Christiana is still not 100% well but trying to cope the best she can.

Right, off to start my day, a bit later than normal but as well as all the workmen around, I have Paul at home this morning, so I wont get too much done.

Have a great Monday