Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Ruth

Friday I spent most of the morning out and about, doing chores as you do and the afternoon was at the folks, battling with their internet.  I am so pleased to say that after a few hours, I got it sorted, phew.  Dad can now switch on his WI FI printer and print off receipts, tickets and wot not.  All the phones and ipads are connected to phew, that is a job worth doing.

Yesterday was Scrapaday Saturday and a day was spent making a mess, getting everything out and lots of chatter.  At the end of it I had my two page layout, all my scrapbooking things sorted out and a feeling of achievement. 

Today, being Sunday, I get to hoover, mop and dust the crafty space.  Now that Paul's garage/workshop is up, he wont mind.

We also have to have a good sweep out all around the outside of the hedges, I am not quite sure what has happened but its so messy, dead leaves, rubbish and the worse thing, dog mess.  How can someone let their dog make a mess in the middle of the pavement and just walk away from it, YAKS.

 Its a happy birthday to Ruth today and here is the card I made for her

I have put Sheltering Tree away for a while but I do have the Christmas Card I made with it to share with you later next week, I didnt take a photo of it.

It is Christmas Card and Chatter Club this Friday night which is something else I have to look forward to.  If you are planning on coming along, do let me know. 

I had best get the veg on now, beef is in the over, washing machine is on and I am on a mission today.  Hope you have a great day, whatever you are up to and thanks for having a read.

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Lesley said...

great scrapbook pages of Paul's birthday treat in Venice - lovely memories for you both best wishes Lesley x