Monday, February 16, 2015

Soft hands

Hello and thanks for popping in.

Here is the winter card from the Sheltering Tree stamp set

 Loved making this and there will be a few more made for Christmas.  I just adore it and it is so quick and simple.  If you would like to make some of these with me, give me a call and come over to the crafty space next week.

During Christmas card and chatter night last Friday, I began to make these.

I shall finish them all off, get the matts and envelopes ready and put them to one side until the end of November, that will be a few more added to my stash

Last Thursday Sophia got the news that she had failed one of her exams.  She called me in tears, it was worse as the call was on facetime and I could see how heartbroken she was.  I cant tell you how much she has studied, read her books, gone to lectures etc. etc. she had tried so hard but, this was the only lesson she had a fear of failing.  Once she had calmed down we spoke and she said she was sure that the mark she got was incorrect as she had double checked all her answers when she got home and believed that she should have had 75% rather than 30%.  The failure could me that she had to spend another year at uni to do it all again, another €1,000 as well as possibly have to give back the €3,000 grant she had been given to study in Athens.  I suggested that she went to see the professor today, after the weekend and after she had calmed down.  Well she went to day and asked the professor if she could see her exam paper as she wasnt too happy with the result and could the professor show her where she went wrong.  The professor was happy to do this, got the papers out only to discover that the marks on one side of the papers had not been added to the total score. SOPHIA HAD PASSED but the professor had made a mistake.... what is it all coming to?

Anyway, I have been and had a wonderful treatment on my hands and nails this morning, talk about pamper time, it was wonderful,  They are so soft and my nails so shiny.  Thank you EliteSpa Derby.

Well I had best get a wiggle on, Katerina is coming today and that will cheer me up no end. 

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day x

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