Monday, February 9, 2015

Housefull on a Monday morning

Another start to another week and this week its a bit different.

To start with we have Pippa staying

She is usually so good but so far, 4.30 this morning she jumped on the bed to say goodmorning.  We were all up at 6am and Pips, well she is fast asleep in her bed.

The wardrobe men are here putting wardrobes in the girls room/study. That means that hopefully tomorrow, I can start to empty boxes, phew.

An electrician will be here shortly to look at some work we need doing too.

I have to nip to the post office this morning as there are a few birthdays this week.  Here are a few of the cards that I shall be sending out, the others I will have to wait until the day as I know that a few people read my blog.

All my daughters seem to be okay at the moment, Sophia is in the middle of exams, so reading lots in Athens.  Katerina is in the middle of her big disatation, so lots of meetings and presentations about that.  Christiana is still not 100% well but trying to cope the best she can.

Right, off to start my day, a bit later than normal but as well as all the workmen around, I have Paul at home this morning, so I wont get too much done.

Have a great Monday

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Buffy said...

Lovely little cards Tracey. Glad to hear your girls are alright.
I hope the electrician showed up on time!
Buffy x