Saturday, May 31, 2014

The weekend arrived

 The weekend arrived. I cant believe that I only worked for three days, it feels a lot longer.

With the year coming to an end for the Stampin' Up! Catalogue, lots of things are retiring.  If there is something that you would like, below is a link of all Stampin' Up! products that you wont be able to purchase once they have sold out.  This link will take you to a full list of stamps and accessories and has pictures of them all.  Its great for any crafting friends birthdays or if you are an early bird like me, its never too early to get the Christmas presents.


I shall be placing an order tomorrow night should you wish to add an item or two to this, Sunday, 7pm and if the order reaches the minimum for hostess gifts, 3 lucky ladies will each get a hostess stamp set mind you, you can actually buy some of them from the retiring list.

Today I am skiving off tut tut.  Hopefully tomorrow I shall have a crafty photo or two to share with you.

Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful Saturday.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stampin Up Cataloge Anyone?

Would you like a Stampin' Up! Catalogue?   I have a few at home that I am happy to give away if you want one.  There are lots and lots of great projects in the catalogues, colour ideas as well.  Just give me a call on 01332 721877 and I can arrange to get one of these to you.  If you would like me to post one out to you, I am happy to do so at cost or, FREE with a £30 order.

I have been making a few more thank you cards with my new favourite stamp set, Peaceful Petals. 

 I say new favourite as most stamps that I use are favourites, until I find another one.  This is very versatile though and I have a class all ready to go with this stamp set.  Cant wait.

Well the rain is here again today but it isnt dampening my spirits.  I have a wonderful afternoon of a few chores at home before tea and then coffee with friends this evening as well as a little more packing.    The rain is also doing wonders in the garden

These are about 4 weeks late to flower but the heads on them are so big, another plant to add to my wish list for my new garden

Great news, Christiana is out of hospital.  She completed her treatment and went home this morning.  She is extremely tired but the house is clean, she is clean and she is just going to rest today.  It seems as though she has lost a lot of weight in the past week so we shall work together on menus for a few days to build up her strength.  Sophias first exam is today, so I am wishing her lots of luck.  Katerina has moved in with boyfriend for the last couple of days before heading back to Sunny Cyprus.

All is well in the Rossos/Anthony household today and I hope the same can be said for yours.
 Have a lovely day and thank you for having a read

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Midweek Musing

Midweek musing and the first day back at work after a long weekend off.  I will be glad when this weekend comes round, I can have a rest.  It does seem to be never ending packing but I am so excited about being able to open all the boxes the other end.  The decorating of each room, planting the flower cuttings we have taken, generally, just moving on for a new start.

As from today, and only for the next four weeks, you can join Stampin' Up! as a demonstrator.  There are two offers at the moment.

For the price of £50 -You get to choose £55 worth of products as well as getting business materials for free.  If you already have lots of Stampin' Up! goodies, this is great.

For the price of £99 - You get to choose £130 worth of products as well as the business materials for free.

Give me a call on 01332 721877 and I will happily tell you more about it or we can arrange to have a coffee and a chat. 

I hope you have a lovely day, thanks for having a read

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Clearance Rack

Tuesday twitter again and another day off work, I do like bank holiday weekends.  Today we are hoping to clear the spare bedroom and pack it up all ready for the moving man.  Then we shall empty the loft well, that's the plan, I shall let you know tomorrow how far we got.

To make life a little easier we have cheated and arranged for shopping to be delivered (with £20 off the cost), it would be silly not to.

Yesterday I managed to shred lots and lots and lots of paperwork which is a job that has been on the go for months but phew all done and dusted.  I also did all the washing as I have to keep that up to date so that when we know when we are moving, i wont have loads of ironing to do, arent I terrible.  Paul has done a few tip runs too, so its all coming together nicely.

Nails, finger nails to be more precise.  I have been suffering with extremely dry cuticles for a few months, they are brittle and on occasions, hurt.  I was told to get almond oil and wow, it really has done the trick.  I put it on twice a day and I am very impressed. My cuticles are softer and they dont dry out and no more pain, something I can really recommend.

SU Clearance rack has had a few more bits and pieces added to it and tomorrow, I shall be placing an order at 6pm.  If you would like to add to this order, just send me an email

I already have a few things in my basket, the embossing folders, a couple of kits as well as ribbon. Too good to miss out on.

Off for my steamy session with the iron.  Thanks for having a read

Monday, May 26, 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

Another Monday and whilst the banks are on holiday, I am not.

I would like to do a million and one little tasks today but if I just do one of them, that is one less to do tomorrow.  I had a bit of a lie in and I have had a really slow start to the day but today I am home all day. I started with cleaning the front door.  I seem to get a little whirlwind of dust, leaves and rubbish all around my front door and I know that we are leaving the house soon but to me, its always important to have a clean door.  The roses around the door are in bloom, with greenfly tut tut so I have sprayed them, trimmed them and hopefully, they will bloom for many more weeks.

My legs havent quite recovered from Preston (no I didnt walk there, it just feels like it).  We cleaned Katerinas apartment from top to bottom, emptied every drawer and cupboard and packed everything up.  All her household goods are being stored in Preston so in a couple of months, we have got to reverse the process yikes.  We also packed her suitecase for her trip back home later this week but today, she is doing her last minute revision for the last exam tomorrow.  So proud of her. 

Sophia is also studying hard, she has lots of exams starting on Thursday and continuing for a whole week.  She is also running around for Christiana in hospital.  I am not sure about having all those pigeons on me but hay, she loved it.  Another one I am proud of.

Christiana is still in hospital in Cyprus.  She went in last Friday for some treatment that should help her over the next few months.  She still has another 3 or 4 days of treatment left but she is being very brave and the nurses and doctors are treating her extremely well, thank you.  Obviously it is a very worrying time for us and I do hope its not too long to see her.  She has said that she notices a difference in her well being already which is great news. Her skin feels softer, her body doesnt ache quite as much and she just feels a little better although, the mosquitos are liking her too, her poor foot. Proud of Tana as well.

I have made a few thank you cards, with limited supplies at hand.  My SU ink pads have all been packed away so I am using my refill bottles and babywipes, its working well.

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely bank holiday, even if it is a damp one.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Time in Preston

Greetings from Preston. We came yesterday to help Katerina pack up her home as she is leaving next week. Her last exam is on Tuesday. The place needed a good clean but in the end, we got it sorted. We also got a parking fine, but we shall appeal tut tut. Long story about that.

I received this in the post this week, thank you so much Liz.  It really brightened up my day and put a smile on my face. I love everything about it and it is now brightening up my box city.

Flowers in the garden really have come early this year.  Some of our plants have never flowered before and now they make an appearance.  We shall be taking a lot of plants to our new home.....when we get the date.

The picture below is the jasmine that is in bud, when this flowers the smell is amazing.
I have never had flowers on this plant below
Below is the potato tree that we thought got killed by the frost a couple of years ago.  We kept it planted as the birds liked to sit on it and now look, wonderful
My mock orange is another one of those plants that got damaged by frost.  We moved it last year and look, a single flower with lots and lots more to come
Have a wonderful Sunday and thank you for having a read

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday Showers

Box city has been made a little bigger after last night but the good news is that the outbuildings are just about packed and ready to go.  That means that over the next few days, we can finish off the inside of the house and whoop whoop, just waiting for that date.  Our solicitor has gone on holiday for two weeks but surely, that doesnt mean that everything has to stop until she comes back, does it?

Thursday I spent a lovely few  hours catching up with friends.  It isnt too often I go out for lunch but I do enjoy it when it happens. Then a little retail therapy, good for the soul.  I will be doing it again later this week, naughty me.

Last weekend was my sisters 50th and I had a lovely decoupage kit that I wanted to play around with so, play around with it I did. 

Page 1
 When you lifted the bottles and potions up, this was page 2, with sisters name on it

These two show it a bit better

I got complimenting papers and put these inside the card, with a lovely verse, which sis loved
 And then I made a box to put it all in. 
She loved the card, plus all the little presents that I had been gathering for her for nearly a year well, you do have to be spoilt on your 50th. 

Did you know that on  28 May you can become a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. For four weeks only, new recruits can join Stampin’ Up! at one of two great prices. SU will continue to offer the traditional starter kit priced at 129 €/£99 (175 €/£130 product value), but for four weeks only SU will also be offering a reduced priced starter kit at the low price of 65 €/£50 (70 €/£55 product value.) I will let you have more details as soon as I get them but wow, this could be just what you have been waiting for.  Please do get in touch if this is something you would be interested in.

The weather forecast isnt too good for the weekend but we shall be making the most of it.  Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weekly deals

Midweek musing and its wonderful outside (not all of us like the heat though, so thinking of those that prefer it a little cooler).  I have all the doors and windows open and there is no breeze at all, I had best make the most of the heat as we may not be going to Cyprus this year.

So why didnt I put the weekly deals on the blog yesterday?  Because yesterday was Tuesday and not Wednesday.....its an age thing.  So, weekly deals this week are here.

Ohhh those envelopes will come in handy, as will the buttons and brads but wow, ribbon, tut tut me.  If there is anything that you would like, I shall be placing an order on Sunday, lots of time to have a browse through the catalogues and mini. 

As promised, here is the card that I made for dads 70th Birthday
I still have some supplies out to craft and I am using things I havent used for a while, which is good.  I have my grand daughters card to make this evening.  So proud of her as she got selected to go for an interview at Rolls Royce today for a school scheme.  If she is successful she will go to school for 4 days and Rolls Royce for one day.

Even more boxes today in box city but I have to leave all those behind and get on with a steamy session of ironing.  No boxes in the bedroom fortunately.  Thanks for having a read and, if you would like to place an order for crafting products, please get in touch.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Birthday

Tuesdays twitter and a happy birthday to an extremely close friend, P.Ann.  I hope that you have an amazing day.  This is the card that I made

You remember Pippa, my little foster dog *snigger*, well she stays with me now and again.  When we have been sorting out the garden, we found this

it is one of the water pipes that connects the whole garden to the watering system, Pippa obviously liked this oppps.

Christiana is in the hospital today for a test, she is having a camera put down her throat to see why she cant eat food anymore!! This is one of the side effects of Schleroderma which she suffers from.  She will have to be heavily sedated but not put to sleep?? Obviously I will be on edge all morning until I can talk to her when I get home from work.  Here she is in a photo from last Saturday night with her dance school. Oh yes she goes dancing as often as she is able,

Christiana is on the middle row, second one in from the left.

Our hectic weekend was due to birthdays and here is a photo of dad at 70 and sis at 50

These are some cakes that I made to take to sis BBQ on Saturday.

I shall share the cards that I made with you tomorrow. 

Unfortunately this weeks "Weekly Deals" are not shown so I will let you know all about those later today. 

Thanks for having a read and I hope you manage to miss the showers that are due.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Busy, busy, busy

Monday again and at the moment I feel as though I am on one of these.  Each day is going by in such a flash.

It has been such a busy, packed week and I am loving it.   I have been making some lovely cards, going to party after party but  today I must stay home and do a little cleaning, hovering and polishing as well as ironing.  All ready for another hectic week.

Here are two more wonderful cards that I received over the weekend.  

Thank you so much, the are lovely. I am just sorry I wasnt in to see you when you called.

We went to see the bungalow yesterday and its getting more and more exciting.  Box city is growing and growing and we have a plan for when we move in, all we need is a date.

Sophia nipped over to Athens for a few days and she went on her first ferry ride to a little island,  When they got there (4 of them) they hired mopeds at 20 euros for a couple of days.  As the island was so lovely, they all decided to stay the night at 6.50 euros each in a hotel, amazing.  I told her I wasnt happy that she was on a moped and did she wear a helmet. She said yes mum, I did but the others all laughed at me but I know you want me to stay safe.... bless her

Next SU order going in on Wednesday, once we see what the offers are tomorrow.  Dont forget, Weekly Deals and free stamps with every £60 order.  Still free P+P if delivered to me with all the weekly deals.

Thank you for having a read and have a great day.