Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New Weekly Deals

Happy Birthday me.  Yes its my birthday and so far so good.  It started with a lie in, well deserved too.  Followed by a cuppa, cards and pressies.

After a shower, dress up and breakfast, we are off to Heart of the Country and a day out browsing.  From 5ish this evening we are home and I have baked YEAH.  So if you fancy a cuppa and a piece of cake, please do feel free to pop in, the more the merrier,  Boxes are everywhere but hay, its to be expected, we are moving.

I shall share some lovely cards with you tomorrow.

Weekly deals - oh yes another week of deals and some brilliant ones too, loving the ribbon and the price as well as the paper stack.  They just may have to fall into my basket.  The papers I have 2 packs but wish I had waiting a little longer to buy them as they are a good buy too, oh well, some more may have to appear in a box to be sent to the new house.  I shall place an order on Sunday so, if there is anything you want, let me know, FREE P+P to anything delivered to me for yet another week.

No news yet on a definate date but the people in the bungalow hope to have it all nearly completed by Friday *cough* *splutter*'s to hope.

Off to the next bit of my birthday treat, thanks for having a read and have a lovely day

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Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey, so sorry that I missed your birthday (slapped wrist)!
I hope all goes well for your move :o)
Jackie xx