Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Clearance Rack

Tuesday twitter again and another day off work, I do like bank holiday weekends.  Today we are hoping to clear the spare bedroom and pack it up all ready for the moving man.  Then we shall empty the loft well, that's the plan, I shall let you know tomorrow how far we got.

To make life a little easier we have cheated and arranged for shopping to be delivered (with £20 off the cost), it would be silly not to.

Yesterday I managed to shred lots and lots and lots of paperwork which is a job that has been on the go for months but phew all done and dusted.  I also did all the washing as I have to keep that up to date so that when we know when we are moving, i wont have loads of ironing to do, arent I terrible.  Paul has done a few tip runs too, so its all coming together nicely.

Nails, finger nails to be more precise.  I have been suffering with extremely dry cuticles for a few months, they are brittle and on occasions, hurt.  I was told to get almond oil and wow, it really has done the trick.  I put it on twice a day and I am very impressed. My cuticles are softer and they dont dry out and no more pain, something I can really recommend.

SU Clearance rack has had a few more bits and pieces added to it and tomorrow, I shall be placing an order at 6pm.  If you would like to add to this order, just send me an email tracey.rossos2@hotmail.com

I already have a few things in my basket, the embossing folders, a couple of kits as well as ribbon. Too good to miss out on.

Off for my steamy session with the iron.  Thanks for having a read

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