Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesdays Twitter

Tuesdays Twitter and goodness, I am just running out of time at the end of each day to update my blog, with packing, a few dramas, craft club and family.

It was Enyas birthday on Sunday and here is the little card that I put together for her.  Something a bit different for me

 She went off to Peppa Pig world for the weekend with all the family and, as they were away (they had a wonderful time) we got to look after Pippa for the weekend.

Pippa arrived all fluff and smelling lovely. Opps that didnt last long with our bit of garden and all the rain, she got soaked and dirty.  We loved having her though and cant wait for the next time when, it will be in a bigger garden, hopefully.

Still packing, still waiting for THE date and still crafting, the house is certainly box city now.

Tomorrow I am not at work YEAH.  It is my birthday and Paul and I are going out for the day pottering, as one does when you get to a certain age.  However, I know that Paul has organised a cake so if you feel like a slice of cake, a cuppa and joining us in box city, you are most welcome at anytime after 5.  I have made sure that not all the chairs have been packed away so we can have a sit down.

Best get myself ready for the office, this gets harder each day now......long sigh but not a drama.  Thanks for having a read and I hope you stay dry.

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