Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Midweek Musing

 Morning and a damp one it is too.  I am off out for an hour this morning so I dont mind what the weather does, any chance of a trip out is a welcome one. 

Here is a lovely card that was made last week using the Happiest of Days stamp set again

The photography on this is not the best as my hands would not do as they were told.  This really is my favourite stamp set currently and once I am able, I shall be making quite a few of these cards to pop into pretty boxes as Christmas pressents.  That does mean a trip to TK Max as they have the best pretty boxes for putting home made presents in.  Goodness, that will mean yet another trip out, yeah.

I just thought I would say a big thank you to the person who got me this candle.  It had a wonderful smell and lasted ages and ages.

It has all gone now but I can certainly recommend it.

Have you got a copy of the Autumn-Winter Catalogue of Stampin' Up! products?  If not please get in touch as I know where there are a few spare.  Orders can be made as from Friday 1st September and if there is anything that you would like to order straight away just get in touch.

Thanks for popping in for a read and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Tracey x

SU Goodies used for todays card
Stamps - Stampin' Up! Happiest of Days
Card - Whisper White Thick and Old Olive card
 Ink - Archival Black
Ribbon - Old Olive
Coloured with Old Olive and Soft Sky markers

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tuesdays Twitter

Good morning, the weather isnt as good here in Derby today as it was yesterday, merky I would call it (gray clouds and dark). However the temperature is still nice at around 17 degrees at the moment.

Lovely to see all my visitors yesterday, I had quite a busy afternoon.  Rather unusual for a Monday as I am normally quite poorly but I managed right up to 9pm last night which is very good.  Got up today feeling a bit off it, headache and not quite right but I know I will perk up after lunch.

Paul is on his way home today phew.  You wont believe the list of little jobs I have for him, I am sure he will wish he was away again, not really.  There are a few things that I cant manage at the moment and I have to try and remember to write them down so that he can help me with them.  Do you make lists or is it just me?

Sunday a few friends came in the morning and we ate sausage rolls and pear cake and had a good natter.  While everyone was here, they had a play with the thumping technique with Stampin' Up! markers to make a few small cards with.

Everyone had a great time and I look forward to another crafty get together with the same ladies in a couple of months.

I received this lovely card from a friend recently.  I just adore this stamp set, thank you Liz.

I think I have caught up with emails, messages and correspondence, it all takes a little longer these days.  I believe it is a combination of having more lovely friends, more time at home and it takes me longer to keep on top of things anyway.   I will never catch up on the housework and chores and things that need doing so I wont even try.  I shall do a bit, rest a bit and just turn a blind eye to what I cant do.

I think everyone I know has redeemed their bonus vouchers now and we are all waiting for Mr. UPS but no sign of him at the moment. I shall let you know when I hear from him.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day, whatever you are doing.  Tracey x

Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday's Make

Good morning.  It is a Bank Holiday here in the UK today which means that all banks and government offices are closed.  A lot of business are also closed, the shops are open for less time and it is the last bank holiday until Christmas day.  For a change the weather is lovely too.

I have no plans today except pottering.  I may sit out in the garden this afternoon and finish off a book I started.  What about you, are you doing anything exciting?

The weather over the weekend has been wonderful too and I have had to water the garden each evening, with help of course.  The first plants we purchased for our new garden last September are all starting to have buds on and a few flowers so its nice to watch the changes.

On Saturday I made this.  It is my Summer themed canvas that was supposed to have been made a few months ago.  I did do a canvas with a group of friends but I was never very  happy with it so I changed it to create this one instead.

It took the whole day as I didnt factor in drying times at all.  I loved making it and I learnt a lot too.   Two days later and it still isnt dry properly so the next one has to be started 3 days in advance so at least the base is dry.  I have discovered new products called Dusty Attic and am exploring all they have to offer....maybe I have too much time on my hands.  The same group of friends are all spending the day together this weekend and we hope to make a canvas with an Autumn theme and I really am looking forward to it.

There are only a couple of days left to cash in your Bonus coupons.  Please dont miss out.  Also, dont forget to check out the Clearance Rack.  Still lots of goodies on offer. If you click HERE it will take you straight to the page.  There are wonderful papers less than £5, enamel dots and even punches.  If you need any help with this please get in touch. My email is  The next order for Stampin' Up! goodies will be going in this evening when I have a little help. 

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a great day.  Tracey x

Friday, August 25, 2017

Dont Forget

Good morning and what a lovely morning it is, so far.  The forecast is 20 degrees with sunshine and clouds so it should be a really nice day.  I guess I shall be watering the garden at tea time tonight as I dont want to loose any of the flowers that are starting to appear.

I am going to have to take advice on what plant to put in the little triangle at the front of the house.  We still havent got round to digging up the pansies and replacing them but this will be a task for next week when Paul returns. 

I am up a lot earlier today as the dustbin men were so noisy.  I am really happy that they come round every week but there was a lot of shouting this morning which woke me up with a bit of a start.  Never mind as it means I get an extra couple of hours today to try to do things.

Dont forget to redeem your Bonus Coupons.  This offer of £4.50 will run out in less than a week.

Something else that we all have to swap is the old £1 coin.  I couldn't believe that we have to hand all these in within the next 8 weeks.  I have lots of little bags of these coins saved up and now I have to take them to the bank to get them changed or I guess I could pop a few coins in my handbag and spend there is an idea.

If you visited the blog on Wednesday you would have read about the bonfires.  We have a neighbour who has recently moved in (although I think they are working on the house and not living there).  This gent has had bonfire after bonfire and it isnt just a little one.  It is a big fire, plumes of black smoke and a smell that is awful.  This smell gets into my house so that when I wake up in a morning, I can smell it. On Wednesday at around 11am the smell was back, the smoke was sky high and you can hear the crackle.  So I pulled up my big girl pants and went round.  Knocked on the door and very politely said that if he didnt stop the bonfires, I would.  I came home and the bonfire was put out. We havent had another bonfire in the last couple of days so fingers crossed that another little problem has been solved.

I have become rather addicted to Stampin' Up's Happiest of Day stamp set and the Eclectic papers.  Here is a card that is rather different from the ones I usually like but I do love this.

The ribbon is so soft, the colours are so vibrant and the Lemon Lime Twist coulour, well, I am in love with it.

Today it is a visit to the hospital, some help with baking a cake and an evening with some wonderful friends. I am really looking forward to the whole day.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a fantastic Friday

P.S. Did you know that you can get ribbon by the meter rather than a whole reel?  Did you know that you can get half a pack of 12 X 12 papers? How about a few sheets of coloured cardstock rather than a full pack? Get in touch for more details.

SU Goodies used for todays card

Stamps - Stampin' Up! Happiest of Days
Card - Whisper White Thick and Soft Sky card
Papers -  Naturally Eclectic 12 x 12 designer papers
Ink - Archival Black
Ribbon - Soft Sky Chevron Ribbon
Stitched Shaped  Framelit Dies
Coloured with the 2017-2019 In colour markers and Soft Sky marker

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mid Week Musing

Good morning.  Rain is forecast today, yes rain.  The temperatures are supposed to be around 21 degrees though so that is good. 

We have had to spray weedkiller all on the path around the front of the house so I hope it has been down long enough to kill the weeds before the rain comes.  I hate the pesky little weeds that are starting to come up but this is caused by the birds dropping seeds or by the wind blowing them and they fall in between the cracks of the path. 

Here is a card that has been made just using SU colour smokey slate and the envelope as well as the insert all matches too.

I thought it looked rather nice and I am very pleased with it.

I have a few boxes to sort out today as Mr. UPS man came to visit yesterday, exciting.  As soon as I get a visitor to open them up I will let you know, its a bit awkward to open and empty these boxes when Paul isnt around but I know someone who is due around 10am today, phew.

Thank you for having a read today, if you would like to know more about the Get Well Card please get in touch and I am always happy to craft chat.  I hope you have a great day, whatever you are up to.  Tracey x

Items used for todays card
Stamps - Stampin' Up! Flower Shop and Hopeful Thoughts
Card - Whisper White Thick, Whisper White normal card and Smokey Slate card
Ink - Smokey Slate

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tuesdays Twitter

Good morning and a bit of a colour change on the blog today.  It is supposed to be Summer  so Summer colours are needed, I thought.  Mind you the weather doesnt look to be the best, thick white clouds here in Derby.  It was very foggy this morning but the temperatures are still good, 18 degrees at the moment.

Here is a card that was made recently

 I think that this is just perfect card for most people.  The parcels were stamped onto a Whisper White piece of card.  These were coloured in and cut out.  They were stamped again onto a card front.  This was then stuck onto piece of Lemon Lime Twist card and matted onto the card base.  The cut parcels were adhered with dimensionals.  The sentiment was stamped onto the bottom of the card.

We had some builders pop in last night to see what works needs doing to get the kitchen ready to have the units installed.  I will let you know how we get on.

I seem to have cracked the parking opposite our drive issue.  The very nice notes I put on the windscreens have stopped people from parking there which is good news.  Now the next issue is how to stop bonfires.  We have had 5 bonfires in 8 days from the same person.  They start around 5pm in the evening and go on for 3 -4 hours and the smell is awful.  It means that all the windows have to be closed.  On Saturday they started in the afternoon which meant that the washing had to come in, I dont think it is fair.  The air is awful and causes me to cough.  I think I shall have a look at the local council website to see if there is anything on there.

Christiana has just about finished her last (again) wreath. It just needs trimming and a ribbon putting on it to hang.

Thanks for having a read today.  I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday whatever you are up to.  Tracey x

Items used for todays card
Stamps - Stampin' Up! Happiest of Days
Card - Whisper White Thick, Whisper White normal card and Lemon Lime Twist card
Ink - Archival Black
Coloured with the 2017-2019 In colour markers and Daffodil Delight marker

Friday, August 18, 2017

Sailing Ships

Good morning and what a blustery one it is today.  I have been told that it will get up to about 18 degrees so that isnt too bad.  It will stay windy all day though.

The craft room was nearly tidy yesterday but I found something, had to have a look at it and that was another hour gone, what am I like.  It will get finished this afternoon, really.

Here is a card that was made with a group of lovely ladies last week.   No stamping and no scissors at all.  It was all done on the Cut n Scan

Quite nice isnt it.  I am looking forward to our next get together and a big thank you for all your help.

Thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a fantastic weekend.  Tracey x

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Christmas robins

Good morning and a quick *wave* to everyone that is reading that I havent seen for a while.  It really would be good to have a cuppa and a catch up with you so why not call in sometime today to say hello?

The weather yesterday was lovely, not that I got out in it much but it was warm and a blue sky for most of the day.  We had a drizzle at around 7pm for an hour but it didnt turn cold at all, in fact it was 24 degrees outside.  Today is supposed to be just as warm with a bit more cloud so hopefully my washing will get done, once the rain stops.

Did the craft room get cleaned yesterday?  well the answer is no.  I got so tied up with other things, cups of coffee and chatter, distracted by crafting bits I found and sad at some items that were broken that it didnt get as clean as it should but I am not worrying about it.  I shall plod on this morning as best I can.  I really do need to get it done today.

Lots of goodies have been added to the SU Clearance Rack.  Please click HERE  for a look at what is there.  If you need any help, just give me a call.

Here are the cards that were made at the last Christmas Card and Chatter evening, with a little help.

The next one will be on September 8th.  If you would like to go to this you are more than welcome. 

Thanks for having a read, hope you have a lovely day. Tracey x

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Midweek Musing

Good morning.  The sky is rather cloudy but the forecast is for a temperature of 21 with rain showers in the afternoon. 

There have been a few birthdays and here are just a couple of cards, the same but different, that we sent out this weekend to two very special friends

I got to use this stamp last year at a craft show that Georgina and I went to.  We did a 'make and take' using the set and I didnt purchase it.  Well a few weeks later I could have kicked myself and then life went on.  I realised a few months ago that I needed the stamp set but couldnt find details of the 'make and take' to discover who made it.  Georgina then came across the details and I was able to purchase it and, with some help, these cards were made.

Christiana also made another wreath.

Another lovely one. She is desperate to start her Christmas wreaths, goodness knows what the craft room will look like once she starts.

I didnt get to tidy the craft room yesterday.  I didnt pick up at all and had a very off day.  I am pleased to say that today is another story and am feeling a lot better.  Lets hope I get it cleaned today.

If you are out and about today and fancy a cuppa and a chat (and you dont mind me sorting out the craft room best I can) please pop in.  You may end up making the drinks though.

Thanks for having a read, have a smashing day.

Tuesdays Twitter

Good morning and the sun has got his hat on.  The sky really is a lovely blue with some fluffy clouds.  I do hope I am able to get outside for a little bit today although my right hip and right knee are not the best to day tut tut.  Lets hope they improve. Of course being Tuesday I have the usual yakky symptoms too but I know that they will definately improve.

Yesterday I did manage a potter but the craft room got a bit messy, I dont know how I manage to do it but I do.  I have such a large working area and yet every bit of space is covered with something.  Lets hope I get it sorted today.

Christiana has made another Summer wreath, even though she said she was moving on to other things.

*waving* at you daughter cause I know you read this.  Today is a bank holiday is Cyprus and the girls are all off out for lunch with the rest of the family.

Another card added to the box
I think that this is a lovely birthday card.  Lots of glossy accents and glitter on it although it doesn't show up too much. 

The kitchen saga continues.  We have decided not to have the oven and hob where we first wanted them as they are going to cause so much more work to install, cutting through the ceiling, a pipe up through the loft, tiles removed from the roof and a new kitchen extractor/chimney fitted.  The washing machine is not going to move across to the other side of the room due to the re routing of the water pipes which seem to be an issue and it does mean that we dont have to dig up outside and make new drains to be channeled into the existing sewer.  The new patio door, kitchen door and conservatory windows are to be installed on 31st August.  So now we have to return to both kitchen manufactures to change plans and get an update of cost.  We have been in touch with a couple of builders that were recommended and waiting to hear back from them so we are moving along, I think the saying is one step forward and two backwards.

Thanks for having a read, wishing you a wonderful day and lets hope that sun stays out.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Another start to another week

Good morning and here we are, the start of another new week.  The weather isnt quite so nice this morning as it was last week as it is very overcast and gray in Derby.  We have had a few drizzles and it isnt the warmest start of the day.

We had a wonderful weekend.  Lots of visits to and from family and, as Paul was around, we did so much in the garden (the royal we that is).  The garden is changing all the time and the plants we purchased a year ago for the newly finished front garden are starting to get buds on them, which is great.  

A few cards made it into the finished box last week, thanks to a little help.  Here is one of them which I may need as there are quite a few birthdays coming up later this month.

A stamp from my stash coloured in when my hands weren't so bad.  The sentiment is a Stampin' Up! one.

We seem to be getting an awful lot of cars parking all around our house over the last few weeks.  They park half on the pavement and half on the road.  I have been told that as the cars are taxed and insured it is not an issue for the local council.  Even though the cars are blocking access to pushchairs and mobility scooters, the police say that there is not a lot they can do as the cars are moved after a few hours.  It got so bad last week that the cars that parked opposite our drive on Lilley Street caused a problem for Paul reversing his car out and then putting it back on the drive again later that day.  We have also discovered that the pub up the road has stopped local businesses parking in their car park, meaning that these people have to find somewhere else to park.  So I have started to put a nice little note on the windscreen of the cars blocking our access in the hopes that they are a bit more considerate when parking. 

It is a potter for me today as aches and pains seem to be setting in.   I will also catch up with all emails and messages as soon as I can. I also hope to be spending an hour or two in the craft room as well as more crafting items are to be making their way onto the dresser, looking for new homes. I will let you know how I get on tomorrow.

Well thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day.  Tracey x

Friday, August 11, 2017

Soft Sayings

Good morning and yet another sunny day has been forecast for us.  Mr. weather man says rain around 6pm tonight though so that should water the gardens.

Lovely day yesterday, lots of pottering.  Cuppas and lots of chatter yesterday afternoon, what more could you ask for.

Christiana has made a wreath for Halloween which I think is great.  I may have to make something similar when she arrives.

Here is a bit of a closer look at one of the cards from the Soft Sayings Kit from Stampin' Up!
I just love all these In Colours together along with some twine, washi tape and a bit of gold sparkle.  This kit really is good value for money and I am so pleased that I have this and I am working my way through it, with a little help of course.

Dont forget that tonight is Christmas Card and Chatter night in Derby.  If you would like more information, please get in touch.

Off to start my day of pottering.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for having a read.  Tracey c

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Seaside Wreath

Good morning and what a lovely sunny morning I have woken up to today.  It certainly puts a spring into my step (kind of), I am sure you know what I mean.

I am pleased to say that all those ladies in the pen club have packages ready for collection, how exciting.

I am hoping to get the washing out on the line today (with a little help of course). It seems that everything I do these days I have help with which is wonderful.   

Dont forget your bonus coupons.  There is a little order going in tomorrow evening/Saturday morning if you need anything from Stampin' Up!  and want to cash in your couplon. You can always give me a call and arrange to pop over for a cuppa and a chat.  Or why not join in the Christmas Card and Chatter evening tomorrow?  Always lots of space.  Just let me know.

Christiana has been busy again

This has been hung in Cyprus and I think it looks lovely, love the blue.

Well thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Midweek musing

Good morning and what another wet day we have in store however, mr. weatherman said it will dry up and become sunny later this afternoon.  The girls in Cyprus are so jealous of our cool wet weather as it is really so very hot over there at the moment.

All this rain is doing wonders for my garden and we have lots of unusual flowers in bloom.  As soon as the sky clears I shall nip out and take a few photos to share with you.

Pipa is really lazy.  She gets up for her breakfast and then she goes back to bed for another couple of hours, talk about a dogs life. She goes home in a couple of days.

Hubby arrived home safe and sound YEAH.  Kitchen man came for a visit and he cant do all that we have asked for.  We now need builders so if anyone knows of any builders that they can recommend please let me know.  I am still hoping the kitchen will be done this year but it is starting to look a little bit tricky now.

On a positive note just look at this pretty bottle.

My friend Irene in Cyprus gave it to me. Irene and I have been friends since 1985 and when we met I couldnt speak or understand Greek, Irene understood English but wasnt confident in speaking it in case she made a mistake.  We spent many hours of silence, nods, smiles drinking coffee and getting to know one another.  She is still a wonderful friend today although both her English and my Greek have improved.   She is making quite a few of these wonderful bottles to sell to raise funds. Irene and a group of ladies have been given a house in a little village in Cyprus. This village is called Anafotia.  This house is a meeting place for all ladies of the village so that they can get together and spend time in each others company.  The ladies are of all ages and they sit and have coffee, play bingo, knit, crochet and make things to sell, to raise money to equip this house with tables, chairs, coffee making facilities etc.  They go out for meals, trips and generally do lots of things together, which are paid for by this non profitable organisation.  To help Irene and the other ladies I am sending out small 3D items every couple of weeks that they can be used to decorate bottles.  We hope to go with Irene to visit the village on our next trip to Cyprus. 

Thanks for having a read today and I hope your Wednesday is a good one and that you dont get too wet. 

Tuesdays Twitter

Good morning.

I managed a bit of a potter yesterday and believe it or not, my ironing basket is empty.  Whit Whoo, just in time for Paul to bring some more home after 10 days away.  Oh well, a little bit at a time and with a little help too, it will get done.

Yesterday I went for my blood test and I cant tell you how nice the nurse was.  She not only understood my fear, she told me that I have a very delicate vein and the tip of the needle only just needs to go into it for the best results.  She did take a lot out and I didnt feel a thing, nothing at all.  She even put a proper plaster on my arm. Lovely lady.

I had to nip to Sainsburys then to pick up tea and I only had a couple of bits in my trolley.  A very kind assistant came over and said dont queue, come over to the express checkout tills and I will put the bits through for you, packing my bag as she went (there were only 4 items though) but I cant carry a basket.  So another lovely lady.

Then it was home to a well earned cuppa.

The Daisy flower display is finally finished.  A big thank you to everyone that helped.

I really like this and have ideas to do another couple of projects with it.  If you would like to see it or want to know how please get in touch.

Right, off for a bit of tidy up as best I can.  Thank you for having a read and wishing you a wonderful day.


Monday, August 7, 2017

Not all dinosaurs are extinct

Good morning and here we are, another start to another week.  It has started off a bit damp today and Mr. Weatherman has forecast more showers throughout the day.  Well that wont bother me too much.  I have to go for the dreaded blood test this morning and then I will be at home all day pottering.  I seem to be getting quite good at that.  I hope you had a good weekend.

We still have Pipa with us and whilst she is playful she has picked up a few naughty habits since she was last here.

I managed to do a PHD this weekend, with a little help of course.  In crafting terms, PHD means Projects Half Done

These are now finished and in the box waiting for the next birthday to come along.  I have used a fairly old stamp along with the retired punches for the greeting from Stampin' Up! The gray card is SU and the pens to colour in were again SU markers, which I think are brilliant.  If you would like a bit more information about SU products just give me a call.  I will be very happy to help you.

Here is another wreath that Christiana has made, not sure if she is going to be adding to it but I cant imagine what the craft room will look like once she comes home.  I guess she will be spending a lot of time in there making Christmas wreaths.

Well thanks for having a read, I hope you have a lovely day whatever you are up to.  Tracey x

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Friday feeling

Good morning and it is Friday.  I do still get that Friday feeling even though I havent been to work for a while.  I do look forward to the weekends and I dont know why. When Paul is away as the weekend is the same as the week for me but at least it still feels different.

Yesterday was such a lovely day with lots and lots of visitors, thank you all for coming along.  Your company really does brighten up the day.  I am expecting more visitors this afternoon too so if you want to call in, please do.

Here is a lovely card that was made a couple of weeks ago, thanks for everyone's help with this.
It is using the pocket full of sunshine set and matching dies.  It is great for lots of ocassions and I am sure you will be seeing me use this set a little more in the future.

I am pleased to say that I think I have caught up with all emails, letters, messages etc.  If you havent heard from me please send me a reminder.  It all takes me a little bit longer these days.

Well I hope that the weather stays nice for the weekend although we have been promised a little rain, for a change.  If you feel like calling in the please do.  Just ensure all gates are closed as you go through them as Pippa is a great escape artist.

Thanks for having a read and wishing you a lovely weekend x

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thank You s

Good morning and it looks like we shall be having a bit more of the same weather that we have had all week, a little sun, a little cloud and rain, then repeat.

I didnt do a lot yesterday but at least I didnt feel so poorly.  Today I managed a little lie in but dont plan on doing too much.

Here are this months Thank You cards and I have quite a few to give out too.
Lots of lovely colours with the flower shop stamp.  The Thank You stamp is also a lovely one taken from One Big Meaning.

I am expecting a few deliveries today which is always good news.  I have already had one delivery, I have company for a week whoop whoop as Pippa has returned. Should you plan on visiting please be careful when coming through the gates.
Off for a potter.  If you fancy a cuppa this afternoon, you are more than welcome to pop in.  Thanks for having a read, Tracey x

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

This little piggy went to market......

Good morning and what a lovely morning it is.  Up well before the birds start their morning chorus today and feeling a lot better than I have done the last couple of days.  If Mr. Weatherman is to be believed we are going to have lots of showers today but it does save me from watering the plants.  Having said that, all this sunshine in between the rain makes the weeds grow.

Can you believe that August is here?  If you were lucky enough to get one of the Bonus Days vouchers last month dont forget to claim it this month.  I will remind you each week just in case you forget.

Yesterday Stampin' Up! released a brand new stamp set called Carols of Christmas

and there is a video for the Carols of Christmas bundle.  Please CLICK HERE the video to view.  If you have any queries or would like to purchase this set just get in touch.

Here is a card that we made last week.

Thank you for all the help with this.  It is a wonderful piggy stamp that you can do so much with. Here you have a clean piggy card as well as a dirty piggy card.  The set has 9 stamps in it and costs £18. 

You can order this direct with  Stampin' Up! by clicking on the link on the right hand side or you can get in touch with me.

Today is going to be a bit of an easy day with lots of fresh air, love the fresh air.

Thanks for having a read and I will catch up with emails and messages as soon as I can.  Wishing you a lovely day, Tracey x