Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Midweek musing

Good morning and what another wet day we have in store however, mr. weatherman said it will dry up and become sunny later this afternoon.  The girls in Cyprus are so jealous of our cool wet weather as it is really so very hot over there at the moment.

All this rain is doing wonders for my garden and we have lots of unusual flowers in bloom.  As soon as the sky clears I shall nip out and take a few photos to share with you.

Pipa is really lazy.  She gets up for her breakfast and then she goes back to bed for another couple of hours, talk about a dogs life. She goes home in a couple of days.

Hubby arrived home safe and sound YEAH.  Kitchen man came for a visit and he cant do all that we have asked for.  We now need builders so if anyone knows of any builders that they can recommend please let me know.  I am still hoping the kitchen will be done this year but it is starting to look a little bit tricky now.

On a positive note just look at this pretty bottle.

My friend Irene in Cyprus gave it to me. Irene and I have been friends since 1985 and when we met I couldnt speak or understand Greek, Irene understood English but wasnt confident in speaking it in case she made a mistake.  We spent many hours of silence, nods, smiles drinking coffee and getting to know one another.  She is still a wonderful friend today although both her English and my Greek have improved.   She is making quite a few of these wonderful bottles to sell to raise funds. Irene and a group of ladies have been given a house in a little village in Cyprus. This village is called Anafotia.  This house is a meeting place for all ladies of the village so that they can get together and spend time in each others company.  The ladies are of all ages and they sit and have coffee, play bingo, knit, crochet and make things to sell, to raise money to equip this house with tables, chairs, coffee making facilities etc.  They go out for meals, trips and generally do lots of things together, which are paid for by this non profitable organisation.  To help Irene and the other ladies I am sending out small 3D items every couple of weeks that they can be used to decorate bottles.  We hope to go with Irene to visit the village on our next trip to Cyprus. 

Thanks for having a read today and I hope your Wednesday is a good one and that you dont get too wet. 

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