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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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Good morning and the sun has got his hat on.  The sky really is a lovely blue with some fluffy clouds.  I do hope I am able to get outside for a little bit today although my right hip and right knee are not the best to day tut tut.  Lets hope they improve. Of course being Tuesday I have the usual yakky symptoms too but I know that they will definately improve.

Yesterday I did manage a potter but the craft room got a bit messy, I dont know how I manage to do it but I do.  I have such a large working area and yet every bit of space is covered with something.  Lets hope I get it sorted today.

Christiana has made another Summer wreath, even though she said she was moving on to other things.

*waving* at you daughter cause I know you read this.  Today is a bank holiday is Cyprus and the girls are all off out for lunch with the rest of the family.

Another card added to the box
I think that this is a lovely birthday card.  Lots of glossy accents and glitter on it although it doesn't show up too much. 

The kitchen saga continues.  We have decided not to have the oven and hob where we first wanted them as they are going to cause so much more work to install, cutting through the ceiling, a pipe up through the loft, tiles removed from the roof and a new kitchen extractor/chimney fitted.  The washing machine is not going to move across to the other side of the room due to the re routing of the water pipes which seem to be an issue and it does mean that we dont have to dig up outside and make new drains to be channeled into the existing sewer.  The new patio door, kitchen door and conservatory windows are to be installed on 31st August.  So now we have to return to both kitchen manufactures to change plans and get an update of cost.  We have been in touch with a couple of builders that were recommended and waiting to hear back from them so we are moving along, I think the saying is one step forward and two backwards.

Thanks for having a read, wishing you a wonderful day and lets hope that sun stays out.

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