Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesdays Twitter

I am starting to wonder if this is the start of 40 days and 40 nights of rain.  It has rained really hard in the night and on top of all the rain at the weekend, it really is bedding in all my new plants but, I want to clean windows and start sorting out the border at the front of the house, never mind.

Some good news, Christiana has received the chicks that I made and here they are, on her everything tree.  Yes she has an everything tree too.

She is off to the shop to buy some yellow ribbon and some yellow eggs to finish off the decorating.

The girls all went out Sunday night together and here they are, a rare photograph of the three of them together.

They had a lovely time and I just adore listening to their tales.

Today is the very last day of sale a bration.  All my orders have been submitted but we can get your goodies delivered direct to your door.  Let me know if you need any help.

Just look at this wonderful egg that I have been given, which is on my everything tree

 Thank you so much Diane its beautiful and it is hanging on my tree, taking pride of place.  I am not sure if any of my family will be in Derby over the Easter period so it could be Easter with just Paul and I and I know where he will be.  His man cave is coming on a treat.  The insulation has been done, the plaster boards are all up and he has cleaned it all out.  It feels a lot more cosy now.  The flooring should be delivered today and then its a case of putting up the lining paper.  I guess over Easter, I shall be painting walls.

I have been having a practise on making my little flowers for a crafty session that I have in a week or sos time. 

We are making a frame next week and this is something new for me in the crafty space. Fingers crossed it will all go well. 

Well I had best get a wiggle on cause the electrician is coming today to move some boxes and bits that are in the bathroom......long story.

Thanks for having a read and, if you would like my newsletter which will go out later tonight, just let me know.  It will tell you what is happening and when.  Have a great day.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Thank you

Rain really did stop play yesterday, typical. Lets hope I get a bit of dry weather before the weekend as I would love to get my windows cleaned before Easter.   I cant believe it is Easter this weekend, the year is speeding past. 

Here is my first thank you card and tag for Aprils orders.  I shall be spending some time this afternoon and evening making a few more.

I have used the Painted petals stamp set, white embossing powder and these I believe are crushed curry.  Different colours this afternoon.

Another day at the office done, just 3 more days left this week as Friday is a Bank Holiday.

Thank you for stopping by today and having a read.  Enjoy the rest of the day, whatever you are up to.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Raining again

Well the windows arent going to get cleaned today either.  It is pouring it down outside which I dont mind as it means I dont have to water the plants today.  I was hoping to get some photos of the new plants, lots of colours, all looking lovely to share with you but, I am not going to get wet.  Maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday flew past in the craft room.  I finished more bunnies, I finished cards and I cleaned all up, ready to start all over again. I shall be making a few birthday cards this afternoon as well as planning my frame class and a petite petals class.  There is also the perpetual calendar dates to arrange too but all done, without pressure.

Here is another card that was made using the moon lake stamp set from Stampin' Up!

We all had a go making something similar in last weeks crafty week.  The colouring in was done using blender pens and the ink pads and I think everyone enjoyed making this.  The little sentiments are from teeny tiny wishes which is one of my most used word sets, it has everything in the set and lots of the words fit inside the word window punch.

SAVE THE DATE -The next Tuesday at Tracey's will have a little sale in the crafty space, as well as a raffle so keep the afternoon or evening free on Tuesday 7th April.  It would be lovely to see everyone and have a catch up.  You may be able to grab yourself a bargain or two.  I will keep reminding you that is taking place and it would be great if you could let me know if you will be coming along.  If you havent been before, come and see what it is all about.

I am placing a little order tonight for Stampin' Up! goodies.  If you would like to add to this order, please let me know before 5pm.  If you need any crafting help, just let me know.

Would you like a blender pen?  Yvonne would like to purchase one of these but as you may know, they come in a set of 3.  Would you like one and share the cost with Yvonne?  If you do, please get in touch. The price is £2.95 per pen.

Off to start my day.  Have a wonderful Sunday whatever you may be up to and thank you so much for nipping in today x

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bunny girls

After a pretty hectic week, the pace slows down today phew.  It has been a lazy start to the day and now blogging with a coffee, bliss.

Crafty week was another success although I think we did too many cards, not a problem, we shall do less next month and ohhhh, what do I have in store next month, lovely spring cards to welcome all that lovely weather that we are going to get.

Back to today.  Its a clean up of the crafty space, a bit of hoovering in there and then getting the orders put in.  Then I start on the preperation of the frame, how exciting.

No washing, ironing, cleaning in the house today, its all done.  I may try and clean some windows though, if it stays dry.  I did say may.  I also have to go on a telephone hunt.  It is out there somewhere.

Here is the bunny we made during crafty week, along with his fluffy tail

 And of course he goes perfectly with all the little chicks.
And here are some of the ladies that made the bunnies.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and thanks for having aread

Friday, March 27, 2015

Bunny tails

Whoop Whoop my weekend started.

I have a lovely day today starting off with the washing and ironing before moving on to the hoovering and polishing.  A bit of food shopping in between, a visit to mum and then a crafty class to finish the day....perfect.

Last night I finished getting everything all ship shape so today should (I did say should) run a lot smoother. 

There are only a couple of days left for Sale a Bration.  Please dont miss out on the offers and, if you are unsure about it all, give me a call and come and have a cuppa with me tomorrow.

Sophia has an exam today and she set off earlier as she has over an hour to travel to uni.  Unfortunately her car has a hiccup and she is parked, quite stressed on the highway (motorway).  Katerina and another friend are on their way to collect her, take her to uni for the exam and then go and see what to do with the car....where would we be without sisters and friends?

It was Rob and Nats wedding anniversary earlier this week, yes I know, they both have their birthdays followed by this celebration in the space of a week.

 Here is the card that I made, I do so much like sweet cards.  And here are the bunny tails that I have been making.
 Well a bunny is not a bunny without a tail is it.
Off to start my day with a steamy session.....ironing.  Thank you so much for having a read and please, do get in touch if you need any help at all.

Have a lovely Friday

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Birthday girls

Oh no, a couple of friends are poorly and cant make it to the crafty session tomorrow so if you feel like making a few cards, please do get in touch.

Happy Birthday Girls....it has been Kelly's and Natalies birthday this week and here are the cards I made for them

A bit late with the Stampin' Up! Weekly Deals but they are well worth waiting for:

My next order is going in this weekend so if you would like anything, let me know. That card offer is one not to miss.

This week has been a little busy with the crafty days and getting things organised so as I cant do it all, it is the blog that suffers.  If I was organised I would get everything planned in advance but that really is being totally organised,  yikes.

I am working in the mornings still and that has been a bit of a shock to the system but I am sure I will soon get into the routine of things again, its all just a matter of time.  Paul left home on Sunday to work away for a while but he turned up last night....the job got postponed so he is here for a few days, always a bonus but I know where he will be.  His man cave is starting to look very good.  Well that's it for today. 

I do appreciate you nipping in for a read and if you fancy a craft class, a crafty chatter or just a coffee, let me know.  Have a lovely evening

Monday, March 23, 2015

Ferry 'cross the Mersey

Good morning and its a lovely start to the week.  A few hours in the office and then back to get crafty space all ready for tomorrows visitors and to bake, great.

Yesterday I promised to show you the scrapbook pages we did on Saturday, well here are mine.  These were taken in Liverpool.

Memories to make me smile.

After a very early start yesterday Paul and I planted up lots of flowers, made a little bit of the garden look pretty and then we went to grab a roast sandwich before a bit of shopping.  All too soon the taxi arrived to take Paul to work for a few days.  I spent the afternoon in crafty space cutting out and making a mess but I had company, so the time soon passed.  Early night as I was shattered, all ready for an early start today.

But when I went to bed I could smell burning.  Up I got had a good look round and the smell was quite strong.  Eventually, I discovered that the neighbour was having a bonfire and outside was really lit up.  I dread to think of the state of the cars after last time.  I am also wondering how my nice clean garden will look, especailly as Paul and I spent so much time yesterday morning making it nice grrrrr.

It is crafty week this week, starting with tomorrow evening, which is already full.  A couple of spaces still available on Wednesday afternoon and 2 spaces available on Friday night so if you would like to spend some time crafting, do get in touch.

Oh well, best get a wiggle on.  Thank you for having a read and have a wonderful Monday 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Rob

Up with the larks today, I think I have got into that cycle of getting up around 5am, so going to bed around 9pm.  Not complaining as I am feelin' good.

We had scrapbook day yesterday and put the world to rights at the same time as making a couple of pages.  I will share these with you tomorrow, I havent taken photos yet.  Then it was a night out with Robert and Natalie and the grandchildren.  We tried the newly refurbished Crewe and Harper in Swarkstone and it was a very lovely meal out with everyone.  Back home and bed for 9pm.

Today I am getting the crafty space ready for crafty week.  Tuesday is fully booked, Friday has 1 space left but there are a few places on Wednesday afternoon if you fancy crafting.  We are making 3 cards and a little bunny box.  2 of the cards wont take too long to make.  Lots of crafty chatter, laughter and a new trick or two to learn.  Kick off is at 2pm but everyone is welcome at 1.30 to meet fellow crafters.  Quite a few bits and pieces for sale as well as tea/coffee and homemade cakes.  Please get in touch if you fancy doing this, I am in Derby.

Well its Son's birthday today, Happy Birthday Robert. I hope he has a smashing day, which I am sure he will.

Here is the card I made for him which is a LOTV stamp coloured in with Stampin' Up! inks.  Loved making this and feel a few more similar ones being made, to add to the box.

Paul is off to sunny Scotland this afternoon so I have 1001 jobs that I want him to do before he leaves, isnt it always the case.

 Just to remind you that I have lots of crafty bits and pieces for sale in the crafty space.  As well as hand made cards there are little gifts too, bookmarks, candles, dishes, boxes etc. etc. 

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday and Time Flies

Good morning on this chilly Saturday morning.  I am up very early today but that was the plan.

Yesterday I went to the NEC by train, it was wonderful. I got to see all the sky go dark but not the eclipse but never mind.  Last time I was on a beach with my daughters and we froze, hopefully I will be around for the next one.

Yesterday I met lots of people I knew, caught up with people I havent seen for a couple of years and made a few new friends, who could ask for more?  I also had a good nosy at the new Big Shot Plus mmmmmm.  Those that know me know that I ponder over things for quite a while before I purchase something major and I am pondering.  It looks good, the price at £129 isnt too bad but do I need it?  not sure so I will ponder.

I have been following a lovely lady, Kath, on her blog for many years and I saw that she was doing workshops so what did I do, I put my name down and went and sat for half an hour to make this.

Kath is as lovely as her blog is and if you havent visited Kaths blog, what are you waiting for?  She makes some stunning projects and she always fills me with inspiration when my mojo has gone on its hols.

Here is my first little curvy box bunny which I think is cute, hope you do too.

This morning I have a few chores to do, a few plants to plant up and then its scrapbooking for the day with Stencils.  I got some hints and tips yesterday and some new gunge to play with.  It seems that a big tip is to have some warm soapy water to hand to wash out the stencils straight away.

The crafty space has had a new addition, goodness you think, she cant get much more in there.

Lets see how this little lovely flask works out, we have just got to give it a go.  But I didnt bake OOOHHHH.  We have lots of lovely biscuits at home so we can nibble on those today.

If you fancy a cuppa, a natter, collecting an order or placing an order, please come along today, Crafty Space doors are open all day.  Not long now till the end of Sale a Bration either. 

Best get a wiggle on, thanks for nipping in today for a read x

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Buds

Up earlier today after yesterdays rush, no messing about, off to work on time and a bit more organised, I hope.  Katerina leaves UK today for a couple of weeks and she was on the train before 6am this morning.

Paul and I managed to get a few plants in the garden last night (after a scrummy sausage and mash with onion gravey) and look, this just proves that Spring is just about here.
 You may have to click on the photo but there are lots and lots of buds on my acer, which was a present I received last year.

 I got a few new plants and hopefully, I can get a little bit done each day and by the time Summer arrives, it will all look lovely.  Mind you, I could do with going to a bazar or local fete as the price of plants is very expensive. 

Today we have a new weekly deal

If you would like anything, do please let me know and I will get an order sent off on Sunday tea time.  The card stock and all the ribbons are a great saving.

Saturday is Scrapbook day with Stencils.  Hands up all those that hope to be here????  Having not used stencils a lot I am hoping that someone will be able to show me what to do.....well I can hope.

Here is another little card that I made using the Moon Lake set.
Right, I am off to start my day at work, I hope you have a lovely day, what ever you are up to and thank you so much for having a read.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesdays Twitter

No time to get blog done before I went to work.....why does it take me an hour and half to shower, wash and dry hair, get dressed and eat breakfast??? And that was a mad rush too.

Work done, then went to a Sainsburys for a quick visit, B&Q to get a few bits and before I came home, Wilkos, Boots and Manor pharmacy as mum is looking for nutrogena lip balm?  If you see any of this, please let me know as no one has it in stock.   Then it was a visit to mum who is still not in pain, just discomfort.  Mum and Dad went on the web and saw a shoulder replacement operation YAKS.  At least she knows what they have done to her now.

So its sitting here with a cuppa writing my blog before getting tea on.....and I want to do a bit the garden too.

Can you believe that yesterday I was in all day, waiting for a couple of deliveries and by 6pm, I gave up.  At half past 7 there was a knock at the door, a lovely young lady asked, could you tell me your name please, I asked why.  She said that she had received some mail at her home, which she thought was mine.  I told her who I was and yep, it was my parcels, a couple of bills and a stamp set that I had ordered.  All gone to the right house number but 3 streets away?  how wrong is that.  I am so pleased that this young girl brought them round to me. 

Look what has arrived

I have quite a few of these  in the crafty space and will happily get more when these run out.

Yesterday I manage to have a play with Moon Lake stamp set from Stampin' Up! and I must say, I am really liking it.  Here is one of the cards I made (I did make 5 but I dont want to overload you).

It is a lovely set at a good price.  We will be using this set during crafty week, speaking of which, there are 2 places left on Tuesday 24th March at 7pm.  Also some seats on Wednesday at 2pm and Friday at 7pm.  Just get in touch if you would like more details.

Paul will be going away this weekend, boo hoo so, to help me with the coffees next week, I have got my hands on a pump action flask and I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it arrives in time.  I really really do need to get more organised. If it doesnt arrive in time, I wonder if there is a kind soul who would like to come along on Tuesday evening and give me a hand?

Right then, off to do a few chores before cooking sausage and mash with onion gravy then hopefully, an hour in the garden.  I do so much want it to look pretty.  Thanks for having a read and hope you have a pleasant evening.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Petite Petal Monday

Good morning and I hope all the mums had a Happy Mother's Day yesterday

 Great news, Mum came home late Saturday afternoon and she was feeling very good about that.  It's amazing that she isnt in pain, just discomfort.  I keep nipping up and see her, how fortunate I am that she is 'just round the corner', its a 18 minute walk and walk I do

Here is the card that I made her and its a pure and honest CASE.

 I have seen this type of card on lots of pages on pintrest and loved it.  I have used a couple of stamps including hardwood and petite petals.  The colours are rose red, pacific point, daffodil delight, pool party and old olive.  Mum loved it. 

I was lucky enough to be spoilt by the girls and Rob and Nat and here are the Mother's day gifts I received.

I finally got round to see my friend with her birthday card at the end of last week too.

I had everything all ready and prepared and was still a few days late, I must get myself organised a little better.

I put in another  SU order last night so if there is anything that you would like, need or just plain want, give me a call ready for the next time that I order. If you need something urgently, you can get all your goodies delivered right to your door. 

I am working a 3 day week this week, on a phased return which is good.  I dont feel stressed and feel that I have an extra day at home, so today I am getting the card cut, the inks out all ready for the next crafting night which is Tuesday 24th.  If you would like to come along to make a few cards and an Easter Bunny box, please do get in touch.  My contact details are on the right hand side of my blog.

Off to make a start, thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day, whatever you are up to.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sizzling Saturday

I was up with the larks this morning, not quite sure why.  I know the saying is that it is the early bird that catches the worm but I didnt want worms!!

I did my morning at work yesterday and I am finding it a little hard to get into a routine but I am sure it will come.  Mum is still in hospital, drat.  We were under the impression that she would be home yesterday but it didn't happen.  Fingers crossed that she will be home today.  She is doing well but in a lot of pain.

Last night was our monthly get together for the Christmas card club.  It is so lovely to spend a few hours with friends, chatting away and making our cards.  Lots of ideas around the table and we always end up doing something different.  I dont make my cards up until nearer the day but here are the few I did last night

Today its a day flitting from home to hospital, maybe to mums and to try and do a little in the garden.  I do have chores in the house but they can wait.

I totally forgot to share the photo of 'where it all happens'.
This is where we all sit and craft.  Its tidy on this photograph but when we all get together it is a totally different story.  And the bowl in the middle of table is always full of sweets, drumsticks, boiled sweets etc.

Christiana, my eldest in Cyprus has been saving up for a long time now to buy a new bed.  Every time that she has the money a bill came in, electric, tyres for the car, battery for the car, etc. etc.  We have all been there havent we.  Well two weeks ago she finally went and purchased THE bed.  The next problem was that the boxes wouldnt fit into her car, I cant tell you how much she had to pay to get in delivered but get it delivered she did.  Oh no, who was going to put it all up for her?  After a couple of weeks wait, the lady that cares for Christiana got her husband to go round and together, they put up the bed. Christiana is so very very happy now and I am happy for her. 

She cant find matching quilt covers in Cyprus at a price she can afford, its a good job we have dunelm here.

Right, I had best get off to start my day, I hope you have a lovely one, whatever you are doing. Thanks for having a read and, if you fancy coming along to a card making class, the next one in on Tuesday, 24th March at 7pm in Alvaston.  There are 3 places available, give me a call to find out more.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Blog post on Thursday (I couldnt think of a title)

Just back from my second morning at work.  I cant tell you how fast the morning has flow by, I guess its because I am so busy.

So its back home, lunch over with and lots of things that are selling.  All the games we had at our wedding have just been sold to a lovely lady from Cardiff.  She saw the things advertised on Gum Tree and wished we lived closer and the very next day she went to work and was told she had to work in Derby for a day OMG.  Fate or what.  So she came for the games, loved them and we filled her car up.  That has made a little more room in the house.

Mum had her op and she loved her card.  She was not in pain last night when we saw her and today she is out of bed.  She is attached to lots of machines, has oxygen and a drip but she is not in any pain (she is also attached to a morphine pump).  We will nip and see her again later today.

Here is a card that I made for Katerina using the Best of Flowers stamp set along with a couple of background stamps.

 She hasnt received it yet but she doesnt look at the blog so no fear of her seeing it before it arrives.  Katerina and her roomie Natalie received a council tax bill towards the end of last year.  Katerina rang them and said they were students so they didnt believe they had to pay the bill, the council said that is correct, thanks for letting us know.  A couple of months ago the girls got a letter - FINAL DEMAND, again Katerina rang, told them they were students, they were thanked, the lady at the end of the phone took details and then told the girls, dont worry, thats the end of it.  Today she has recieved a bill for £700 as the case went to court and these are the fees and the bill will rise, what.  I have to make a phone call in a while to see what is happening as this is awful.  Katerina and Natalie are asking how can this happen?  They spoke to the same person who told them is was all okay.  Why has time been wasted, a court case, an invoice sent and now this?  I said dont worry, I will see what I can do and they said oh, we arent worried, we just find it very unusual......what more can I tell them.

Right, off to start my afternoon, thanks for having a read and hopefully, I will get in craft room tomorrow x

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Normal Service is Resumed....

Today I am returning back to work on a phased return.  I have been away from the workplace for a few months so to be honest, it is rather daunting to go back.  I am sure that tomorrow I will be reporting that things went well so, wish me luck.

Another event today is mum went into hospital this morning to have her shoulder replaced with a new one!!! can you believe it?  I didnt realise that these things happened but at 7am she will be ready to go to theater.  Here is the get well card that I have made her.

I am not sure how long the operation will last but I will be calling dad as soon as I get out of work.  Visiting hours are 6pm - 8pm only.  I will be cooking for dad for the rest of the week as mum is expected to be in hospital for 3 - 4 days, I will keep you posted on her progress.

All is well with my daughters, phew.  Isnt life just full of ups and downs?  Fortunately we are on a straight run at the moment with the girls, which is a good thing.  Katerina is getting ready to fly back to Cyprus to conduct interviews for her disitation and see the family.  Christiana is getting over a very bad cough and cold, she is at docs again on Thursday.  Sophia returned to Cyprus to uni and to sort out her car, it needed a service, 4 new tyres, MOT and tax......I will be pleased when they all start work.

Yesterday was Tuesdays at Tracey's and it was lovely to catch up with lots of friends.  I do find that I have to make time to see as many people as I can and I am so pleased that I make the effort.  I also baked a lemon cake but just look what it is sitting on. I treated myself in the Kath Kidson store in Liverpool, arent I lucky.  Its a good job that I am going back to work to pay for it.

It looks better with the lemon cake I put on it
and of course, I just had to get the matching spoons, arent they lovely.
Weekly deals from Stampin' Up!  I am placing a little order this evening so if there is anything that you would like, please do get in touch.
Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful day. Waving at all the new visitors that have found the blog.