Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sizzling Saturday

I was up with the larks this morning, not quite sure why.  I know the saying is that it is the early bird that catches the worm but I didnt want worms!!

I did my morning at work yesterday and I am finding it a little hard to get into a routine but I am sure it will come.  Mum is still in hospital, drat.  We were under the impression that she would be home yesterday but it didn't happen.  Fingers crossed that she will be home today.  She is doing well but in a lot of pain.

Last night was our monthly get together for the Christmas card club.  It is so lovely to spend a few hours with friends, chatting away and making our cards.  Lots of ideas around the table and we always end up doing something different.  I dont make my cards up until nearer the day but here are the few I did last night

Today its a day flitting from home to hospital, maybe to mums and to try and do a little in the garden.  I do have chores in the house but they can wait.

I totally forgot to share the photo of 'where it all happens'.
This is where we all sit and craft.  Its tidy on this photograph but when we all get together it is a totally different story.  And the bowl in the middle of table is always full of sweets, drumsticks, boiled sweets etc.

Christiana, my eldest in Cyprus has been saving up for a long time now to buy a new bed.  Every time that she has the money a bill came in, electric, tyres for the car, battery for the car, etc. etc.  We have all been there havent we.  Well two weeks ago she finally went and purchased THE bed.  The next problem was that the boxes wouldnt fit into her car, I cant tell you how much she had to pay to get in delivered but get it delivered she did.  Oh no, who was going to put it all up for her?  After a couple of weeks wait, the lady that cares for Christiana got her husband to go round and together, they put up the bed. Christiana is so very very happy now and I am happy for her. 

She cant find matching quilt covers in Cyprus at a price she can afford, its a good job we have dunelm here.

Right, I had best get off to start my day, I hope you have a lovely one, whatever you are doing. Thanks for having a read and, if you fancy coming along to a card making class, the next one in on Tuesday, 24th March at 7pm in Alvaston.  There are 3 places available, give me a call to find out more.

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